I got up late as probably needed the sleep, Lisa had gone to work and a note saying she was seeing friends later so would be late home, I did my usual morning routine and decided to go online and see if any of my friend were on Skype.
I saw that Jeff was online so sent him a good morning message but seemed ages to get a reply so just assumed he was busy; Jeff and I usually chat a couple of times a week and have become good friends.
Jeff finally replied and apologised for the delay but had some personal issues to deal with, he definitely didn’t seem his chirpy self today so I asked him if everything was ok?.

Again it took a while for him to reply and he told me him and Julie had a big meeting later and he was trying to sort out someone to look after his daughter Anna after school, he was not having much luck and was getting frustrated. I told him that if he could square it with the school then I would happily go collect her and he could pick her up from me later, does she like pizza?
“Are you sure?” he typed back, and he called the school to say that her Uncle Frank would be picking her up and he also text Anna to tell her the same although we had never met, I was to pick her up from the school office at 3pm. It was all sorted and he couldn’t thank me enough.

He sent me a picture of Anna so I would know who to look for and told me she would be wearing a blue/white checked summer dress which was customary. I looked at the picture and thought she would be easy to recognise, straight brown hair, brown eyes with dimples on her cheeks. From the picture she was quite small and petite and I would say borderline skinny. I gave him my address and told him I would be there for 3pm.
The school was only 20 minutes’ drive away so I got there early so I could park and with 5 minutes to 3pm I decided to walk up into the office where Anna saw me enter and played her part by running up to me and gave me a hug, “Hi Uncle Frank” she said with a beaming smile and we walked back to the car like she had known me all her life.

Anna was quite a chirpy girl and we chatted all the way home and she was so looking forward to having pizza and she had no issues with how I was dressed in just shorts and tee shirt as she said her dad always dressed like that and sometimes without a shirt so was quite used to it and knowing Jeff like I did I was not surprised however I didn’t tell her that when I have skyped with her dad he often wore less than that .
She had her school summer dress on which had poppers up the front and she actually looked quite smart although I did wonder that the length maybe slightly on the short side.

She was cheerful and saw this as a bit of an adventure, “Do I have to do my homework Uncle Frank?” she asked and I had to put her straight that she did and then we get pizza, “Yippee” she shouted with a big grin and when she smiled her little dimpled cheeks shone.
We got home and straight away she took her shoes and little white socks off and sat on the sofa, “Do you want an orange squash?” I asked and she nodded her head so I got her a big glass as she took a few books out of her bag and placed them on my desk, I told her she can use my desk as it would be more comfortable.

Anna sat down at my desk and made herself comfortable and I put a little foot stool under her feet, she took a big gulp of her squash, “Mmm Uncle Frank, this is nice” she said with a smile. I had to double check that my PC was off as I didn’t want her seeing anything she shouldn’t , she took another big gulp of her squash and settled down to her homework while I sat in my chair checking my phone, I put the TV on low and every now and again would glance over at Anna, the desk was well placed with Anna facing me so I could see her little toes wiggling on the footstall and I noticed that the bottom popper had come undone on her dress and I got a sweet glimpse of her thighs.

“Uncle Frank” she said softly, I looked up from my phone, “Can I have some more drink please?” she asked so I stood up to get her glass and noticed that I had a slight bulge going on in my shorts, my cock swung under my shorts and I am sure Anna saw it but she handed me her glass, smiled and carried on writing. I refilled her glass with my special home made squash and took it back in and as I placed it on the desk I stood next to her on the pretence of getting a book from the shelf behind her, as I stood side on my bulge touched her arm but she didn’t flinch as she took another big gulp from her drink.
She turned her head still oblivious to the fact that my cock was touching her arm and looked up at me, “Mmm, this is so nice Uncle Frank, do you make it yourself?” she asked.

“Yes I do” I said looking down at her, the top of her dress was slightly open and I could see her little training bra hiding her little bee sting 32a’s. As I spoke I intentionally moved my hips so my cock moved across her arm as her question bought me more time, “I use fresh oranges plus a few secret ingredients” I said with a giggle, she took another gulp and I thought I better not tell her about the vodka although it was a pretty weak mixture. I got a book and went back to my chair as Anna continued with her work still wiggling her toes.
“Uncle Frank?” she said softly holding up a little bottle of pink nail varnish, “I love pink, can I do my toes?” she asked, “Please Uncle Frank?” and her face looked so sweet, I looked at her pretty little feet with her toes wiggling and although I have never had a foot fetish they did look cute and as I looked she wiggled her foot and her knee went wider and I did get a quick glimpse of her white cotton panties.

“Tell you what” I said back smiling, “You carry on with your work and I will paint your nails for you” I said standing up again, “Really” she said excitedly. “Do you mind if I take my tee shirt off Anna as I don’t want to get varnish on it” I asked her and she smiled, “Daddy never wears a shirt at home so it’s ok” she said and she watched as I pulled my tee shirt off as I approached the desk.
She handed me the little bottle and smiled her sweet smile, “Thank you Uncle Frank” she said as she got on with her work and I knelt down on the carpet behind the desk. Her feet looked so cute and I placed them about 6” apart so I could work on her nails, I shook the bottle for a good minute.
Her skinny legs were smooth and her knees slightly parted and I now had a great view up the inside of her thighs right up to her little white cotton regulation knickers, Mmm so sweet as I could see a little mound and a slight line of her pussy.
“You have lovely feet Anna” I said and she giggled as she bent down to look at me under the desk, this manoeuvre unbalanced her sitting position and her left knee went wide giving me an almost perfect view of her sweet young pussy. ‘Wow!’ I thought, “Thank you” she said giggling as she straightened back up.

My cock was rising now having a permanent view up her dress and there was no way she wouldn’t notice if I had to get up so I started on her toes, I held the back of her calf softly as I pained each little toe nail, even if I say so myself it did look good. I finished her right foot and moved it to the edge of the footstool which widened her legs to about 9-12” and again held the back of her calf as I started on her left foot, this time I slowly ran my hand up and down her calf and in doing so her legs widened further but this time forcing another popper to come undone, her little white panties we now as clear as day but I don’t think she realized just what a nice view she was giving me, my cock was now rigid.

Again she bent down to look at my progress and again this forced her knee to widen, “Can you see alright there Uncle Frank” and although the light was a bit dim I wouldn’t complain as I had a great view up her dress however I don’t think she meant that, “It’s a bit dim but it’s ok” I said and smiled at her.
She straightened up again and I heard her take another gulp of her drink before bending down again handing me her phone with the torch on, “Ooh, I feel a bit giddy” she said as I took the phone and pointed the light to her feet, as she straightened up I held her calf so she couldn’t move her knee back and then knowing she was buried in her books I shone it up her skirt.

OMG! WOW! I now had a clearer view of the inside of her thighs up to her sweet panties, only one popper left and her dress would be undone at the waist, her panties were nicely bulged and I now had a much clearer view of her little slit, it was so tempting but I had a job to finish.
I finished the left foot and quickly shone the torch back up her skirt for one final look before I got up and still had my hand on her calf which actually was more up to the back of her knee, her legs widened a bit more, her knees were wider than her feet and I swear it wasn’t down to any pressure from my hand.

“All done” I said and moved the torch away as I saw her shift positions and as she looked down under the desk she pushed her bottom forward on the chair which pushed her widened legs closer to me, OMG I wasn’t sure if I could resist temptation but had to, I moved back slightly so she could see her feet, a big smile came across her face and her eyes widened as she focused on her beautiful pink toenails, “WOW” she said excitedly as she sat up and pulled her chair back to have a better look, she could see her dress had come undone but made no attempt to do it up. I stood up and luckily my computer monitor was between her eyes and my very visible erection under my shorts.

Anna was very happy and told me she didn’t have much more work to go, I explained that the varnish was still wet but if she wanted I would happily blow on her toes to dry them while she carried on working, she giggled a bit and said it was a great idea as she didn’t want to put her socks on with wet varnish as mummy would be mad.
She pushed her chair back in and I got back down and parted her feet again, she passed her phone back to me with the torch on, “Make sure you can see ok” she said from above the desk as I bent down and started to blow of her toes, she giggled and told me it tickled, I took hold of her right foot and straightened her leg out widening it slightly as I did so and then holding her ankle with on hand and the torch with the other I held her foot up blowing on her toes, somehow the torch seemed to find its way up her skirt again, it was such a nice sight.

I replaced that leg and took hold of her left ankle and did the same thing and as I straightened it her right knee widened giving me the same sweet view. I could hear her muffled giggles as I blew her toes and then just as I replaced her foot on the footstall I blew gently up her shin to her knee, she giggled but didn’t complain or resist so I did the same with the other leg, again she giggled.
“Finished Uncle Frank” she yelled, “Yay!! Can we have pizza now” she asked and I stood up from my position and again the monitor was hiding my bulge. “Good job Anna, do you want some more squash too?” I asked as I took her empty glass back to the kitchen and called in the Pizza order.
I returned to the lounge and Anna had put all her books away and was now sitting on the sofa, her dress was still partially undone and although I couldn’t see her panties I could see quite a way up her thighs, I handed her drink and sat down in my chair, she must have noticed my arousal but didn’t mention it.
“So what do you want to be when you grow up Anna?” I asked her trying to make conversation while we waited for our food. She giggled and smiled, “My step-daddy thinks I will be a good model” she said with a beaming smile and looking at her I tended to agree.
“Daddy took some pics of me, some of them were naughty” she said with a shy giggle which opened my eyes, “How were they naughty?” I asked and she seemed slightly embarrassed, “He took some in my undies” she said coyly, “Do you think that’s bad?” she asked looking for some reassurance.
I gave her a warm smile, “I don’t think it’s bad, in fact I took some pictures of Lisa in her undies, it was just a bit of fun plus you have seen your daddy and me in just shorts so it’s nothing different plus you are a very pretty girl” I said reassuringly and she gave me a smile, “You do look good in shorts though Uncle Frank” she said and blushed slightly wondering if she really should have said that.

I think the squash was affecting her as she seemed a bit dizzy but was very relaxed, the pizza arrived and we sat and ate it on our laps out of the box which at least hid my arousal somewhat but also hid my view of her pretty legs, I took a sneaky pic of her eating which made her giggle. She loved the pizza and sat back on the sofa feeling full but at least it soaked up some of the squash.
“Do you want to take some pictures Uncle Frank?” she asked, “It was fun when daddy did it” she said giggling so I cleared up the empty boxes and got myself a beer. I returned to the lounge only to see that she had dozed off with her head back and although she tried to open her eyes she was fighting a losing battle. She still had the bottom two poppers undone and I could just see the white of her panties, my cock was rigid inside my shorts and she looked so sweet so I took a couple of pictures of her like that, then being a bit daring I just opened her legs a little giving me a clearer view of her little cotton panties and in doing so the third popper popped open and now I could see the whole of her panties and on closer inspection saw a few fine fair hairs poking out the top, Mmm and the next popper was just above her belly button, only two poppers were now fastened.

I reached forward and undid those and opened her dress right up showing her little white training bra and matching panties. Her little puffy breasts enclosed and I could see the darkness of her nipples through the thin fabric, it looked like her nipples were stiffening. I knelt down between her open legs and took a few snaps of her panties with the few pubic hairs poking out the top, I lent forward and put my nose towards her crotch, Mmm I took a deep sniff and the musky aroma filled my head and this was too good an opportunity to pass up and my tongue came out and I licked around her gusset, she stirred slightly.
Her panties weren’t tight but they weren’t loose either and as I licked around her sweet spot it was easy to move them to the side exposing her outer lips, my tongue flicked around searching and exploring and when I flicked her developing button she gasped and moaned softly, I widened her legs further and pushed my tongue into her wet hole, flicking and exploring her soft insides.

I slipped my hands under her arse and her panties were bunched up in her crack so I squeezed her cheeks pulling her closer which forced my tongue deeper, her eyes opened, “What are you.. ooh, ooh, OOH!, OMG! that’s so nice Mmm” she said softly as my tongue got to work, her body seemed to spasm and my mouth was filling up with her warm sweet juices, she looked embarrassed as she though she had pissed herself in my mouth but all it did was encourage me to lick and suck and swallow her cum.
I reached up and unclasped her bra, she giggled as her little bee stings came into view with her stiffening nipples standing proud.
I licked up her belly up to her little bumps and took each nipple in turn licking around the areola and sucking on each nipple, Anna moaned softly, “He-he, that tickles, daddy says that doing that will help them grow” she said softly and it seemed to work as I could feel her nipples harden in my mouth.

I stood up and looked down at her, her panties were still pushed to the side and her labia lips glistened with her wetness, her eyes widened as she focused on the bulge inside my shorts which was at an angle due to the lack of space, “Do you want to see it Anna?” I asked and she smiled, “Can I Uncle Frank” she answered so I put my fingers in the waistband and slowly pulled them down, my cock sprung out.
“WOW!” she said as she admired the rigid weapon confronting her, I was not totally sure of her relationship with her stepdad but as she looked at it I am sure she licked her lips,
“Do you want to touch it?” I asked and she hesitantly raised her hand towards my throbbing cock, the veins were quite prominent as it was so hard. Her soft hand enveloped the shaft and she pulled the skin back exposing the swollen head, a little precum oozed out from the end hole as she gently squeezed the shaft.

To Be Continued……

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