Lucky Bitch

Londebaaz Chohan

Kelly and Bernard were almost twins, not by age but by appearance. They were no more than a year apart from one another. Bernie could remember the days; couple of years back when both of the brother and sister were coming of age. She would moan and sigh so loud in her room; next to his room that he would wake up and more often than not, shall reach for the lube on the night stand and start masturbating for the whole long lonely night while listening to Kelly moan and rustling in her bed, while repeating her name silently. These fantasies filled nights had been going on for a few years.

He had joined the college but luckily his college was in the very next town easily affording him to stay put at home. They were both blond, had green eyes and very fair skin. Bernie was tall like almost 6’ with sharp features. Kelly had her hair to shoulder length and looked like the water fall, flowing in locks and her features were also as sharp as her brother. She was almost ready to graduate from the high school in about a month and the prom was scheduled for coming Friday.

Kelly was jotting down her memories, grimacing, sniffling and crying softly as she sat in the family room and Bernie sat not far away doodling with the newspaper. He suddenly stopped and called Kelly aloud, asking her if she was fine. “Is everything alright, my dear” he asked, with love. He knew, Kelly telling him some of her concerns some time back about the prom and thought she was over that by now.

She immediately walked closer to him and he knew, something was very serious. She asked, if she could talk to him and he immediately sat up nodding in positive, looking in her most beautiful but hazy teary eyes. She was concerned again about her weight and worried that the boys shall laugh or might as well ridicule her being fat. Bernie smiled but with a very serious look on his face, assured her that she did not look fat or overweight at all. He reached and grabbed her thick thighs very close below her ‘V’ and did not hesitate to mention that he always liked the thicker portions, giving more to hold on to.

Kelly yelled back, telling him that he was also teasing her because in her memory; every girl he was ever serious with for a while, was a perfect 10 for sure and Bernie knew her point was very valid but none of the perfect 10 girls had satisfied him sexually like he wanted. His rising erection in his shorts took the control immediately hoping for a chance of success.

“I assure you, sis; none of those girls were as beautiful as you, nor were they as sexy hot”. With those words, he leaned over to her and kissed on her long beautiful neck with slight sucking too. Kelly was bamboozled for a moment when she muttered to him that he was her brother. Bernie, did pause for a second before asking her, if it felt good. Kelly was blushed but her tone was very mischievous when she confessed that it sure did. She was definitely in a mood to get some pleasure out of him.

Bernard was encouraged and began kissing and licking close to the adult cleavage of his sister. By pulling her shirt up, Bernie soon discovered of Kelly not wearing a brassier underneath. Now without any reluctance, Kelly helped Bernie to remove her shirt and started moaning loud when Bernie began licking around her developing nipples and areolas; which quickly hardened as her brother sucked them. She was whispering and exciting him to keep it right there.

Now he had started to unbutton her pants as she lifted her hips in the air to facilitate him for removing the pants off her legs. Next, Bernie quickly going to her red panties printed with the roses, pulled them with his teeth down to her knees. Finally, the beautiful clean shaved pussy of his little sister was naked in front of his eyes. The folds, the clitoris and even the hymen seal was glistening with the lubricant released by her during the foreplay. Without any delay, Bernie began pleasuring, licking and kissing her engorged clitoris sending the senses of true pleasure into her body like she never experienced before. Her brother was lapping all her groin with long and wet tongue drawn out like a dog to fully explore all of her sex.

Kelly also started to entice her brother by running her fingers through his blond mane. They both were moaning into each other’s sex with every vibrant move causing louder screams of joy. With every move of Bernie’s slick, wet tongue; Kelly was getting closer to her orgasm making her plead and shout for not stopping and keep doing her. Every moan packed with pleasure was propelling Kelly forward and Bernie onwards. His cock was so hard and his erection was so stiff with utter intensity, causing him the fear that it might break but he was not going to allow himself to fuck his sister and take her cherry. He was surely continuing to suck and lick her pink sex button very hard while holding, massaging and guarding protecting his penis in his fist and spitting on it again and again.

Bernie’s finger had found the way into Kelly’s pussy hole, with some struggle and using a lot of spit, he was able to slip his thick finger into her hole. Sure; by now, Kelly was getting into it full swing by calling his name repeatedly and asking him to finger fuck her faster. Bernie’s own sex was growing out of control in his fist as he massaged, rubbed his cock faster and harder. He was leaking the river of pre cum, making it much more pleasant to masturbate while fingering his sister in her love hole. When Bernie pulled out of her, as she got overly tense to let her catch her breath, he kept on jerking himself furiously. Reaching a rapid high, he stopped masturbating and inserted 2 fingers into his baby sister violently fucking her hole with his fingers, making her writhe around his fingers with intensity as well as pleasure showing it all by raising her hips reciprocating each thrust of his into her.

Finally, Kelly could not stand all this pleasure any longer. With her rounded lips like a big ‘O’ she started muttering, “Oh Bernard, yes, yeah Bernie, my God! I am cumming. Please do me harder. Yesssss! O fuck”!

With the last good word, she was unable to control her constant moaning and released her juices for Bernie onto his hand. His other hand was all full of his own juice bursting out of his cock hole, rope after rope of the warm and thick texture. Kelly’s orgasm was making her squirt for even a longer period of time and Bernie waited to pull out of her, raised his hand slowly to his tongue and tasted her tangy juice.

“Oh thank you, big brother”. Kelly said, “I needed this for boosting my confidence”. She was almost out of her breath. Finally, they just rolled into one, sweating heavily and spent well too; realizing what they had accomplished. Kelly broke the silence; kissing him and thanking him for enhancing her poise. “Now, I can go to the prom with full surety of being lucky and taken by one or a group of my class mates to a hotel for an overnight fun and fuck party”. She announced.

“Great. That’s my baby doll”. Replied Bernie. “Yes, go with full trust and I guaranty you, if no one else fucked you, come back to me and I will fuck you better than anyone else can”. Kelly had a big smile of peace on her face as she heard her lovely brother announce his full support.

The End. Your comments are welcome. Londebaaz Chohan 11/14/19

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