I read about this pub, in a little town up north, where they had skimpy-dressed barmaids one night a week. So I went there, in my mac. By this time I wasn’t bothered about being seen in my mac. It wasn’t a posh place, and mainly full of blokes, though on the odd occasion when a girl came in with a bloke or blokes, I loved being seen by Her as I ogled the skimpy-dressed barmaids like a real perv (which is what I am).

I was often one of a group of 3 or 4 pervs standing at the corner of the bar where you could see the barmaids all the time. Over my mac-wanking career I’d occasionally seen other pervs, even back in the go-go pub days, so I knew I wasn’t alone. I also knew what I must look like, by observing the behaviour of other pervs.

Shuffling nervously, looking and feeling a bit out of place, anxiously waiting for the girl to come out and dance – would She be there tonight? Had there been a problem and there’d be no dancer tonight? Would a bouncer notice you were a mac-wanker and chuck you out?

Then when She did come onto the little stage, your eyes glaze over, you stare at Her in a trance, mouth hanging open, spellbound by the girlie-goddess in a bikini moving Her body to the 60s go-go jerking moves, Her lovely bosoms barer than you normally see apart from in your magazines, then your head’s nodding gently, your knees dipping slightly, and you appear to be mouthing the words to the music playing but actually that’s you moaning as She makes you cum in your pants.

So in the skimpy-dressed barmaids pub, we’re a motley bunch, all in long coats or jackets, I’m in my mac. We don’t talk to each other or acknowledge each other, we’re only there for one thing – to see girls skimpy-dressed and get our perv sex pleasure.

I can’t tell you about the other blokes but for me this is one of the few ways I get to see girls show. Obviously I’ve got millions of mags with all the stocking-tops, knickers, cleavage, bikinis and topless I love, but seeing it for real is still so special.

Yes the ‘real thing’ for me is seeing girls for real, either out my window, through a fence, sitting in my van in my mac or standing on the street in my mac. That’s the real thing for a life-long dedicated solo-sex wanker.

So it’s a joy to see these lovely girls wearing such sexy outfits, much more than I normally get to see. Us pervs are ogling, one is jerking through the holes in his coat pocket, quite obviously, ogling the girls then looking round to see if anyone’s noticed him. Later I see him wiping the floor with his foot, obviously where his cum ran on the floor.

Pervs are a furtive bunch, looking all around them but then entranced by the girls in their outfits. As usual I’m pressed gently against the bar looking at Miss Jacqui or Miss Micki. Miss Jacqui is lovely and She’s made me cum in my pants several times, so has Miss Micki too.

Miss Micki sometimes displays Her bosoms to a particular couple of blokes that come in occasionally, turning sideways to show how they stick out, rocking hard on Her heels to make them bounce. That absolutely stuns me and instantly makes me spunk my pants.

Miss Jacqui is bosomy and wears tiny short skirts. The first time I saw Her I thought my head was going to explode. Her curvy hips splay Her short skirt out, the hem finishing barely an inch below Her knix. Then Her shapely legginess, mesmerising this perv. Then there’s a gap to Her next item of clothing, leaving Her shapely midriff showing, belly button in the middle.

On top She has a sort of jumper that looks like it’s been cut in half, and Her breasts project it forward so the lower hem is 3 or 4 inches from Her skin – if you looked underneath you’d see the underside of her breasts, which of course I’d never do, and don’t need to anyway.

I remember gasping for breath as my eyes took in Her loveliness and sexiness, and I felt helpless as I could feel a rush of spunk coming up from my balls, jetting out my tip into my pants and forcing my head forward. The ‘sneeze’ turned into a coughing fit as She made me spunk and spunk, filling my underpants with perv semen.

I couldn’t wait till the next time to see Her again and go into grateful joyous pervert ecstasy with my eyes on Her, ogling Her lovely big bosoms in Her bikini top, seeing Her curvy hips and lovely legginess in Her tiny short skirts, feeling the pumping spunk filling my underpants, soaking them, pretending to cough as She made my head jerk forward in time to the shots of spunk.

I don’t know if the girls recognised that there were usually pervs congregated at the end of the bar, their eyes focussed on the bareness all the time. Did they ever see one of us in the act of cumming in his pants? There was one lovely girl who I only ever saw there twice. There was always something like a wet T-shirt contest showing on the TVs hung around the bar, and I was already stiff in my pants seeing that before I saw Her behind the bar.

I’m not k**ding, I went boss-eyed ogling Her lovely big tits, and my eyes glazed as in a few seconds She made me soak my underpants with perv-cum, my head nodding in time to the shots of spunk, and I could see out the corner of my eye She was looking at me, maybe wondering ‘is he doing what I think he’s doing?’

She didn’t seem bothered or shocked at all, and I was hoping that She’d twigged She’d just made this perv cum in his pants just seeing Her in Her sexy outfit.

Didn’t this perving in a pub attract any attention? Not in all the time I went there did anyone appear to notice. Obviously the landlord put this on to attract people to his pub, and it was always pretty full, mostly blokes, and they were standing in groups or sitting at tables talking amongst themselves. Some were playing pool or darts in another part of the bar.

There were TVs displaying stuff like wet T-shirt contests but you didn’t have a crowd of blokes huddled round watching it, any more than you had a bunch of blokes at the bar ogling. Sure, they would come in the pub and appreciatively see the sexy-dressed barmaids, but I guess these blokes would all have wives or girlfriends, they would have seen girls naked, in the bedroom, in the bathroom, or topless on the beach. So they’d get their drinks and that would be it, they’d be like in a normal pub.

Skimpy-dressed was no big deal to them, they’d have been close to nude girls, in bed with them, putting their hands on them and all the other stuff. See, I know all about that now with the Internet and everything.

Whereas me, I’ve never seen a girl nude, and I don’t need to – far less than that is sufficient to give me ecstasy, and I certainly wouldn’t spy on girls to see them naked or semi-naked, you don’t do that when you worship girls as I do. I have to find places like this to see girls show and be unnoticed in my mac as I pressed up against the bar and ogled. That’s how I get all my sex pleasure – looking, watching, seeing girls show a little.

Even more wonderful was finding two of the girls from that pub posing in the Sport, which was where I’d first seen the story. How lovely to jerk into ecstasy looking at their photos, having already seen them for real and spunking my pants watching them.

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