Mistress once again approached my rear. The black strapon now dangling between her legs like a real spent cock. Once again i heard a familiar click , then more cool lube started to drizzle between my ass cheeks and arrived at my now opened up ass pussy. Mistress began inserting her fingers once again , but all four were now pushing into my still resisting ring. As Mistress kept pushing her fist towards me i began panting as my pussy gradually opened up to accomodate her pending fist. Then finally i let out a gasp as her whole fist slid into me and i had the wonderful feeling of fullness and satisfaction that Mistress was now inside me.
Mistress was gentle at first , slowly fucking me and moving about inside me. Then Mistress withdrew her fist from me , only to pump it straight back in again. Then she began to push her fist in and out of me , with increasing speed , and once again i felt my cock leaking more juices into the condom. Mistress withdrew her fist for the last time and once again went out of sight , only to reappear with an even larger cock. This time Mistress had chosen donkey dick. The longest phallus i have ever seen with an intimidating head, it sent a shiver through my body in anticipation. With lube still glistening all around my rear end , Mistress pressed the helmet hard against my ring, and my now trained pussy had no choice but accept its huge length. As Mistress fucked me with it i could feel the enormous head inside me and the deeper it went , the more my ass cheeks were prised apart. Mistress pumped the cock in and out of me , occasionally withdrawing completely , to once again pop the head pass my now sloppy entrance. Then finally Mistress withdrew the shaft for the final time and i lay there quite still , exhausted , stretched , sore , but very happy.
Mistress now informed me what she had in store for me next. My arms were placed in an arm binder , and i was made to kneel in the corner of the room facing the wall, awaiting my fate.
I had been told by Mistress to expect another maid to join us during the afternoon. What would take place was uncertain , but as i kneeled there i was shivering at the very prospect of what might take place. After a few minutes there was a tap on the door and i heard another of Mistress’s sissys enter the room. I remained silent as ordered , and listened intently as Mistress guided the new arrival into an adjoining room. I tried to understand what was going on. I understood the sissy was named Lauren as i overheard Mistress preparing her for the session ahead. I then heard mistress’s familiar footsteps approaching me and once again felt my bottom being penetrated. A small plug was inserted to the hilt , and just when i was thinking how comfortable it was , Mistress started pumping a bulb hanging from it. My pussy was being filled , from a nice and filling stage until a very full and uncomfortable point. The plug was firmly in place so i had no choice but to remain in position, grunting as quietly as possible , hoping Mistress would soon relieve the pressure.

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