There I was in a strip club. Big fake tits and ass everywhere. The smell of alcohol and tobacco filled the room. It must’ve been only 30 minutes, but I had gone through quite a few drinks. Girls repeatedly tried to make me a cutomer but I just wasn’t having it. Eventually I decided it was time to leave. I got out the door and took a few steps down the street before seeing another club across from where I stood. I was too buzzed to realize just what it was, but I did feel like having another drink. Maybe it was just a regular night club I thought. I crossed the street and went over, paid the fee to get in and found myself at the bar with yet another drink. It didn’t seem like it was that busy, way less busy than the strip club I had just came from. The music blasting and seeing guys standing all around and talking. It was then that the lights went out before an announcement came over the speakers. The lights eventually flashed back on and on the stage stood a half naked man dancing and shaking his ass. I took a sip of my drink and looked around. I was so out of it I didn’t even realize the club was filled with no one but men. I had walked into a gay strip club. I looked around a little closer and saw guys dancing on other guy’s laps, drinks being shared and laughing from the guys who were there. I took my drink and walked away from the bar and got myself a seat in the corner. I just wanted to finish my drink and then I would be out. That didn’t happen though as I was sipping my drink, a man came over and smiled, half naked. He introduced himself and said a few words that I didn’t even hear due to the music. I just shook my head no thank you and waved him on. He was persistent however as he started dancing and then he turned around grabbing my hands he placed them on his ass. His smooth ass cheeks fit right into my hands as I gave him a squeeze. Looking at his ass in front of me as he moved my hands aside and ended up sitting on my crotch. His ass grinding against my cock and soon enough I was rock hard. I sat there looking up at him, leaning back , feeling his ass rub all over my cock. I’m sure he knew that I was liking it. he looked back smiling at me, working his ass, twerking and in my mind I sort of wished that he was riding my rock hard cock. I could feel myself about to blow but luckily he stopped. He got up and stood in front of me, waiting for me to give him his money. I reached in my wallet and thought what the heck as I gave him a big bill. He looked at it, smiled and thanked me, and then he leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Want to fuck me?” It was too good to pass up as I was already hard. I nodded yes and he went ahead and grabbed my hand guiding me to some room in the back. We went through a bunch of guys and everyone gave us looks , it was different but I really didn’t care. This is what everyone was here for anyways. Men… hot sexy men. We ended up where I assumed was a break room, either that or this was just a room used for fucking. There was a table, a couch, and a desk. All spaced out through the room. He closed the door behind him and then led me to the couch where he got on his knees. He started to search for my cock and eventually pulled it out. He looked up at me and smiled, shoving my cock in his mouth, I watched as he sucked my cock. His lips and tongue felt so good on my cock as I stood there. His moans as he sucked me, seemed like he too was enjoying it. After sucking me quickly for a minute or two he stood and pulled off whatever he was wearing. he got on the couch with his back to me arching his back as he spread his ass for me look, “Fuck me,” he said. I went ahead and got up behind him, cock in hand , ready to fuck his ass. I guided my cock toward his tight ass hole, the head of my cock pressing against his smooth shaved hole. Pressing hard against him, I grabbed both his ass cheeks and spread them. seeing my cock disappear inside of him. I let out a loud moan along with him feeling me inside him. “Oh fuck…. what the fuck…” I said slapping his ass and grabbing grabbing them with my hands pressing down on him. Looking at his amazing ass as I started to thrust and fuck him. Both of us moaning. “Fuck yeah… fuck my ass…. fuck me babe..” he said. He looked so hot taking my cock from behind. He had such a perfect ratio between his hips and his ass. He had a tiny waist with a big smooth round ass, so easy to pound him and forget that I was in fact having gay sex with a guy. His ass was so tight around my cock I had to work with his asshole a bit before I was able to start giving him the dick. He reached back and grabbed my face, looking into my eyes he gave me a kiss. My hands left his ass and hips, as I ran them all over his hot tight body. “Fuck me… I want you to fuck me and cum all over my nice tight ass… can you do that for me?” he asked. Kissing him I moaned yes as I started to pound him. I was so horny I couldn’t contain myself anymore. Just kissing him made me so horny. Kissing and fucking him was my weakness. My body against his, I was all the way in his ass as I fucked him, climbing onto the couch and literally being on top of him felt so good. My hands still exploring his body before finding a resting spot on his shoulder and my other arm wrapped around his stomach. “Cum on my ass….. Cum on my nice big ass… fuck me babe…. fuck me….” he begged. We kissed and fucked the whole time, me telling him how good his ass felt and how horny he was making me. Moaning and breathing in eachothers face. The couch shaking as I pounded him, both of us getting loud as I reached my climax. ” Fuck im going to cum babe… im going to cum… fuck!!!” I yelled. “Cum on my ass! cum on my fucking ass! come on!!!” he begged. My hands let go of him and I grabbed my cock pulling it out of his ass. I held onto my throbbing cock as it shot out strings of cum instantly and it began to cover his ass cheeks and his lower back. I hadn’t cum so hard in such a long time it was crazy. He remained still, letting me finish cumming while looking and admiring his beautiful perfect ass. “Fuck yes…. cum for me….. that’s so hot….” he said. I finished and he got up to kiss me, my hands grabbing onto his ass possibly for the last time. Breathing so hard as we made out for a few minutes and he asked me if I did indeed enjoy it. Telling me he knew I wasn’t gay, but he knew that he had to try to get me to fuck him anyways. I told him I was glad he did. We ended up cleaning up and I got dressed as he walked me out of the room and led me back to the main room. I ended up paying him again as I said good bye. I walked out of the club a little lost, kind of like I had just woken up from a crazy dream. Walking down the street , my cock and balls sore from being drained by his hot gay ass. I caught a cab and ended up thinking about nothing but his ass the whole ride home. The image of his beautiful smooth ass will be forever engraved in my head as the best ass I have ever had the pleasure of fucking.

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