My sweet wife had left me alone that whole week; she had gone nursing her niece Patricia to a not so far town from us.

Friday night I was getting bored at home after having a light supper; so I called Ana and asked her for any suggestion to do by myself.

My naughty wife laughed in the phone and she said I had two choices: I could jerk myself inside the bathroom or I could go to a stripper club to watch some naked bitches; but I should not touch, just look and suffer with my cock aching inside of my trousers…

I told Ana it was not so bad idea and she laughed even louder…

As I hung up the phone, I thought about it. Friday’s nights were for amateurs in the local stripper club; so I decided to go there and take a look at some naughty housewives stripping for pleasure…

My own sensual wife had been one of these housewives…

Mostly of these women would not do a lap dance; so, all men there tipped the dancers on stage.
I was sipping a nice glass of Scotch when I almost gagged.

There on stage I recognized Martha, a nice little housewife across the street. She was married to my good neighbor James. The day before he had told me he would go fishing with some buddies.
So, little naughty Martha was getting bored like me home alone…

She was in her early forties; was a beauty brunette with nice tits and a pair of long legs to die for. Now the shy was dressed as a business lady; a tight black skirt and jacket, white blouse, shiny nylon hose and a pair of sexy stilettos.
I never imagined Martha could be so sexy dressed like that.
She did not see me, because I was on the third row of tables at one side of the stage.
She performed a sexy act and she finally stripped off her tiny black thong. I was really surprised, finding her mound was nicely shaved.

When Martha finished her performance, she picked up her clothes and some bills that the men had thrown on stage for her.
She passed close to me and then I grabbed her hand.
Martha opened her eyes wide, but she did not look embarrassed about her own nakedness. She just looked surprised to see me there; but she gave me a nice smile.

I offered her a drink and she sat down there, taking a cup of wine.

Martha told me she used to go there when James was outside fishing with his friends. She did not like to stay home alone and, making some shows, she earned some extra bucks for her…

Martha added that her hubby had been ignoring her needs and she needed to find some satisfaction outside her home. I looked this unsatisfied wife in her eyes and thought I had found my chance to taste a bit of a very nice piece of ass.

But she guessed my thoughts; as she finished her cup of wine, Martha asked me if I would like to enjoy a lap dance from her in a private room. Then I knew my chance was getting even closer…

She led me to a door and we entered a dimly lit room.
She sat me down and pushed her tits in my face; but she warned me I could not touch her body. I put my hands right behind.

Martha smiled and she started to grind her shaven mound on my crotch. I felt my dick aching, as it started to grow…

But some minutes later, my nice neighbor lifted her hips and pulled out my hard cock. She looked me into my eyes as she got down and impaled herself on my thick dick.

I got surprised and I did not fight back. I was in Heaven.

Martha began to move back and forth, with my hard cock deeply impaled inside of her hot and warm cunt. She grabbed my neck and kissed my lips passionately, as she kept riding me.

All of a sudden she screamed and threw her head back, as she held my neck. I sensed her hot juices bathing my cock.
I grabbed firmly her hips and made her move even faster on my dick. She came again and that triggered my own climax.

I grunted and came inside her and she shook like a possessed bitch. She then lay on my chest, as I commented that it had been the wildest lap dance I had got in my life.

She just made me shut up, saying my naughty wife had done the same with Martha’s hubby James, in one occasion Ana had performed an amateur stripping session at the club…

Before I could say anything, Martha slipped off from my still hard cock and she gave me a nice cleaning with her soft mouth and tongue. As I got hard again, she gave me a quick blowjob.
This time Martha swallowed all my salty cum as I cried in ecstasy.

As we both got dressed, I offered Martha to drive her home.
She laughed, saying her own marital bed would be a very comfortable place for having a wild good anal session…

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