Wife’s “special” encounter with a prodigiously endowed black man!

Wife walked back to our pond to relax. Loved the privacy with 500 acres, wore her one-piece bathing suit. Once at the pond off came her bathing suit so she could lie on some large beach towels, enjoy some fresh fruit, splash in the water and just enjoy the day. She had no idea just how much she’d enjoy her day or how it would impact on her life permanently, in a good way, going forward!

She’s 55 years old, 45EE-36-45, still fertile with her periods but wonders about if she could actually get pregnant again. She delivered our 6 c***dren via 4 pregnancies between the ages of 22-34, so she hasn’t been pregnant for almost 22 years at this point.

An hour disappeared very fast, she splashed, swam, treasured the sun on her nude body. Totally relaxing.
Know how you have that feeling that you’re being watched? She started having that feeling, exited the water, stood on the beach sand, leaned slightly back while pushing her hair up and behind her. Long blonde hair glistened in the sun, beads of water rolled down her large breasts. Then it hit her, she suddenly turned her head towards the trees, called out. Even though she felt she was being watched, she thought she was probably imagining the matter. Much to her surprise, a young, handsome black man with a t-shirt, shorts and sandals emerged from the forest. She called him over.

His gaze was clearly focused on her large free hanging, all-natural breasts. She smiled at him. Here was this very handsome young black man who couldn’t keep his eyes off of her mature womanly curves. She thinks her curves don’t look too good, but I tell her that her “little extra” here and there makes her super hot to men, in fact I’ve told her it’s irresistible to men! She noticed how he also couldn’t stop looking at her huge pussy lips which she thinks are too big and keep growing. Again, I tell her us men love that!

They awkwardly talk, she says to him “well, you know what I look like. May I return the favour and remove your clothes? Would you like to swim with me in the nude?” He gulped, clearly very nervous. She pulled his t-shirt off, bent down and took his sandals off. Pulled his shorts off, just leaving his underwear on. She could see he was amply blessed in the ‘manhood’ department!

She wanted his genitals to be a bit of a surprise, so told him to walk over to under the tree and place his clothes beside hers on a towel. He turned and walked away. He was probably 20 metres away, turned his back to my wife, then removed his underwear. He hesitated to turn around, my wife coaxed him, said “you know what I look like, you have an impressive six-pack on your stomach, so come on over to me”.

He tried to cover up his penis with his hands until she told him, “be proud of your body, don’t cover it up”. He then removed his hands, well; now it was my wife whose gaze was fixated. She was mesmerized, overly joyed with his “package”. He walked slowly, still very nervous. As he walked his penis swung from side to side, it hung down what look like around 10 inches. He was circumcised, had a very low hanging ball sack, about 7 inches, lowest she’d ever seen with two enormous balls swinging and squishing back and forth between his legs as he walked.

He stopped about 4 feet in front of my wife. Her heart was pounding. She asked him if he could walk back, walk along the beach towards her and away as she wanted to see his penis swing and his balls flop along with his ball sack all over the place. This went on for a good 15 minutes, she couldn’t get enough!

Finally, she asked him to stand in front of her, she knelt down, told him how much she loved the head of his penis being as dark as the rest of his skin colour as normally a circumcised black man’s penis head is a lighter shade, she loves it very dark.

Next, without thinking, she reached out and using her fingertips of her middle and index finger slide them down very gently on his two large veins in his penis. She stopped suddenly, looked up and asked “sorry, I should have asked first. Is it okay to touch your penis and testicles?” He said “of course, you’re so very, very beautiful I couldn’t resist looking at you earlier”.

She asked him if he knew the length of his penis, to her she said “it looks 10 inches in length and very thick”. He replied “it’s 9.85 inches, but hey, I like it when you round it off to 10 inches”. “10 inches it is”! she exclaimed very proudly. He very much liked her enthusiasm!

She then slid her fingertips around the lip of his penis, where its head and shaft meet. Commented to him “it’s so big. Your head swells up so much, love it!”

She asked him to walk around some more, he gladly did, penis swinging all over the place along with his huge ball sack. She asked him to stop, walked up behind him, slowly felt his butt cheeks, their firmness and the sides of his hips, told him “god, they’re gorgeous, love them” as she also felt around his waist to fell his young six-pack abs.

His next request surprised her, he asked “could you please walk around slowly, I’d love to see your body sway back and forth”. She eagerly complied. He too felt her butt cheeks from behind, loved how they contoured in and back out, ran his hands down her sides to feel her hips and how sexy a full woman’s curves were. She loved the attention!

Before you knew it, 50 minutes had past, just watching the other person walk around admiring their sexy, gorgeous nude bodies! Next my wife said “let’s go over to my towels, lie down and I’ll give you a massage”. No complaints from him!

She took her time on his back, made sure he enjoyed the back rub. Spent extra time on his lovely butt cheeks! Next, she had him roll over, started on his face, worked her way down leaving his genitals for last. She loved how his 10-inch penis just flopped all over between her fingers as she felt every inch of it to both party’s enjoyment. When she gently felt and massaged his balls he winced in pain, said they ‘ached’ in her hands. She smiled and said to herself “good, that means his sperm is super excited at this old, white woman’s body!”

Another 25 minutes just flew by, now it was her turn. He started on her back, took his time, she relaxed, loved the feeling. She rolled over, as he gently massaged her breasts by pushing them together, teasing their nipples, sliding his nails along their veins (she loves that!) Then he worked on her legs leaving her genital area until last.

It became apparent he wasn’t experienced, so my wife coaxed him, instructed him on her genital area. He loved learning and had no problem going slow. He loved massaging her massive pussy lips between his fingers, as she instructed him on her clit hood and how to slide it up to expose her clit head, he’d send her into great delight with his touch. He asked about this “green, mucous like stuff?” She smiled and explained that means a woman is ovulating, mucous comes out of her vagina as her mucous normally kills the man’s sperm, thus giving his sperm a good chance to fertilize her waiting egg.

He looked surprised, said “didn’t you say you’re 55? Didn’t think a woman could get pregnant at that age?” She replied “it’s iffy if she’ll get pregnant, but it could happen, there’s a real possibility. My eggs are old, so that’s against an easy pregnancy, but with young sperm and lots of it (clear hint at his large testicles) it can happen”. She next wanted to tempt him even more, said “let me instruct you on how to massage a woman’s ovaries. Like right now, I have one egg waiting in a fallopian tube to be fertilized, but maybe you can coax my ovaries to release and extra egg or two”.
Took him awhile pushing deep down on her belly just above her pubic hair, but he did manage to hold her ovaries in his fingertips. She confirmed those were her ovaries, he spent 20 minutes just massaging them. She tensed up and had a massive orgasm, all they did was stare into each other’s eyes with a big smile. When he was done, she said “there, maybe instead of just one egg waiting to get fertilized maybe I could have twins or triplets!” At an instinctive level that sounded fantastic to him!

She next gave him directions on finding a woman’s g-spot by hooking his index and middle finger inside her vagina, another massive orgasm followed, she was actually panting and told him that meant she enjoyed it immensely!
She then asked him to slide his hand inside her vagina. He looked startled, asked “will it fit”? “No problem, little tight going through my opening, but that’s the advantage of fisting a 55-year-old woman who delivered 6 babies, it will fit. He was nervous so took his time, didn’t want to hurt her. As his hand was at its maximum stretching her vaginal opening she grimaced in pain, he immediately pulled out and said “didn’t mean to hurt you”.

She gave him a big smile, sat up and said “it’s okay, it hurts a bit, well, a lot actually going in. But as they say ‘no pain, no gain’, so go ahead, push it inside, once inside you can give me untold pleasure. So, it’s worth some discomfort for a minute”.

Their faces were only a couple of inches apart as they stared into each other’s eyes. She moved her head in for a kiss, magic! As their tongues rolled around each other’s in their mouths before you knew it 15 minutes had passed of deep, slow tongue kissing, much to each one’s enjoyment.

As she pulled her tongue out of his mouth, she smiled and lied back down, opened her legs to their max as he proceeded to attempt to slide his hand inside her vagina to fist her. She grimaced again, gestured to him to continue. One more good push, he was inside her vagina now. He loved how the inside walls were ribbed, didn’t know that before.

After giving her another massive orgasm, she instructed him how to massage and tease her cervical opening. Then on how to slowly slide his index finger up through her cervix. Again, fair measure of pain, but the pleasure to my wife more than made up for some serious discomfort. More orgasms. She was left panting, could smell her own BO so knew he had her super stimulated. In all, over 2 hours had now past with them pleasuring each other.

They stood up, ran after each other and playfully swatted the other on their butt cheeks. Ran into the water, played on some small rafts flipping the other off into the pond. All the time laughing, frolicking in the nude enjoying the day, sunshine, warm water and both greatly admiring and finding the other’s nude body to be irresistibly attractive with each showing a penetrating glance at the other’s body parts!

As it approaches almost 3 hours that they’ve been nude together my wife runs out of the pond with him right behind her. He then suddenly stops. Spreads his legs, bends over a bit resting his hands on the top of his knees with his head down in some pain. She turns wondering why he stopped? Comes back and asks him “what’s wrong, are you okay?”
He replies “running out of the water, my balls squeezed together between my legs and they’re throbbing in pain right now. It was as if I was going to pass out, wow, that hurts!”

She moved around behind him, went down on her knees and admired his 10-inch hanging penis with its large head, then focused on his low hanging ball sack with two enormous testicles. She reached up from behind and gently held his balls in her hand while slowly sliding her nails over them. He grimaced in pain, she asked “is it okay, or does it hurt too much?” “No, its okay, actually feels great, but man oh man, a while back they just ached, but now they’re throbbing and hurt!” She knows why, so finishes massaging them, stands up and walks in front of him facing him.

She asks “you know why they hurt so much?” “No” comes his reply. She continues “you have what’s called ‘blue balls’”. “Blue balls, what the heck is that?” He asks. “Well” she starts and continues “that’s when the sperm in your balls is super excited and wants to shoot into a gorgeous woman to try and start a precious black baby of yours”. He liked hearing that. “So, I know you really find my nude body irresistible, I love that!”

She continues “you see, with balls the size of yours, you could easily have billions of sperm eager to try and fertilize a woman’s waiting egg or eggs or as in my waiting egg or even better 2 or 3 eggs wanting your sperm to fertilize them”. While saying this she gives him a big, seductive smile, this only makes his balls throb even more. Poor guy, but he loves the feeling!

She then gets serious with him, looks him in the eyes and says “we’ve been naked and playing with each other for around 3 hours. You must really love my voluptuous, curvaceous, mature, married white body. As you’re a black man, I believe you desire a white woman to impregnate the most of all women. So, let me ask you. Would you like to have intercourse with me and empty those big, black balls of yours?”

Because it’s the days of ‘safe sex’ he immediately came back with “I don’t have any condoms”. She smiled, replied “when us mature white women have intercourse with a handsome young black man like yourself, we now have 4 rules we go by, use to only have 2 rules, but we’ve expanded it to 4. “What are the rules” comes his question.

“2 previous rules were; 1. No condoms. We want your sperm throughout our reproductive system, flood our vagina, cervix, uterus and fallopian tubes. 2. No pulling out. We don’t want any of your precious black sperm outside of us, want your billions of sperm swimming deep inside us searching for our egg or eggs.”

She then carried on “the new 4 rules are as follows; 1. No condoms, so no change. 2. No pulling out, so no change again. 3. Have intercourse when ovulating. This gives your precious black sperm the greatest odds of fertilizing our egg or eggs. That’s why I had you massage my ovaries, maybe they’d release an extra egg or two. 4. I’d gladly welcome one black baby of yours, but twins would be great and I’d be ecstatic if a black man gave me triplets! “In fact, us mature, married, big breasted white women are having a mini-baby boom of black babies. So, it’s my turn to have triplet black babies and do my part in this black baby boom!”

“I’d love to have intercourse with you. My ‘blue balls’ are killing me. But I don’t have any money for babies and such” came his response. “Don’t worry about that” she started “I’m rich, don’t want your money and have always wanted a black baby or two or three or more”.

They proceeded to slowly but deeply kiss each other as they enjoyed the heat of their bodies touching together, she especially enjoys feeling his long 10-inch penis against her legs and pussy lips. He very much enjoyed her massive 45EE breasts pushing into his chest. He told her so as he loved the feeling so much. She teased him some more “well, these big breasts of mine will feed your black babies, all 1, 2 or 3 of them”!

She lied down and said “I have a special way I want to have intercourse with you”. He was excited, said “that sounds great!”

She instructed him to bring the massage oil over. She raised her butt and had him brace her raised butt against his left leg, she spread her legs wide and told him to rub massage oil on her butt hole and on his balls. He did.
Next, she had him slide his penis head down into her vagina, as it was 10 inches long, no problem for him! She then told him to make sure he keeps his penis head inside her vagina at all times. Next, she told him to slide his balls into her butt hole. He looked startled, never thought of that.

As he pushed his balls into her butt hole while keeping at least his penis head down into her vagina his knees buckled. His ‘blue balls’ sent sharp pangs of pain through his body. He loved the warmth of her body surrounding his balls inside her butt!

Next, she told him to pull his balls out of her butt making sure to keep his penis head inside her vagina. Again, his knees buckled, the pain, oh the pain, but he loved the feeling! She said to do it 10 times, putting his balls into her butt hole and pulling them back out. Sheer joy for both of them, but he was sweating profusely between the pain and pleasure!

After he had done that for 10 times, she told him to reinsert his balls into her butt hole, but this time very slowly pull them out of her butt, no more having them spring out. He did as per her request, as his balls were just about to pop out of her butt, she used her butt hole and clamped down on his half out balls. She had them firmly in her grip, his knees buckled again, his breathing was rapid, the pain was immense but he loved it!

Next, she told him to slide his penis down fully into her vagina so his penis head pushed against her cervix, then pull up and test her clasp of his balls. He went down to the bottom of her cervix, back up until his ball sack was stretched with her butt hole pulling and squeezing hard on his half out balls.

He did this a few times, then while his balls were stretched and his penis head was just barely inside her vagina, she saw his penis give a major twitch, then a major pump. A huge load of sperm blasted down her vagina, then another large shot. 5 large and powerful sperm shots, then a few smaller ones.

He was done, both were exhausted. She released his balls, they popped out of her butt hole, she said to pull his penis head out of her vagina but continue to brace her raised hips against his left leg. He did that, then she asked him “hold my legs apart and up, look down into my opened vaginal opening, is it full of your sperm?” He was so exhausted he just nodded yes.

She said “good, you filled me up! Now, I don’t want any to leak out, so brace my hips up while continuing to hold my legs apart and let me know when your sperm is gone from my vagina as my cervix will take a few minutes to pull your sperm into my uterus.

Took 15 minutes for his sperm to disappear, he was amazed how much sperm he had deposited into her, was a huge load! When the sperm was gone, she told him to lie beside her. She lied down flat on her back as he moved up and rested his head against her large right breast, both fell asleep for 30 minutes, both were truly satisfied with their 3-hour teasing of each other and hard love making to climax it!

Unseen to both of them was her 3 waiting eggs as his sperm forced her 3 eggs to swim in a sea of his potent, grade A, black sperm desperately trying to fertilize her 3 eggs. His massaging her ovaries had in fact worked, her right ovary released a further second and third egg. Triplets were now a strong possibility which my wife would love!
After they woke up, he positioned himself between her open legs in the classic missionary position. Again, his inexperience showed, so she took the opportunity to guide him on how to tease a woman with just using the head of his penis by moving his body sliding his head up and down, sideways between her ample pussy lips, using his penis head to push her clit head up and drive her wild with desire by having her feel the warmth of its head roll around her clit head with his pre-cum lubricating his movements. 2 major orgasms followed as she found the feeling out of this world.

Next, he started to slowly pump in and out, she told him not to be afraid, push all the way in. He then said “well, I was nude with a girl a couple of months back and we did nothing, put our clothes back on as she was terrified of my 10-inch penis, thought it was way too big”. Wife smiled, said “that’s the difference of being with a girl and an experienced 55-year-old woman. I’m NOT afraid, in fact, I welcome your 10-inch thick very black penis! Add to that your 2 huge balls with very low hanging ball sack and everything is a bonus for me, LOVE IT!” (she enthusiastically yelled the words “love it”)

As he started to pump harder, he’d wince as his still very painful balls flopped against her butt cheeks with each major push all the way in. Wife also winced at the same time as with each push deep into her made his large head shove her cervix back. Quite a pair, both experiencing blissful pain!

Wife told him to pump as hard as he wanted to. So, he did, but the pain as his balls flopped on her butt cheeks was enormous, she too contorted her face in pain. She started to laugh at both their predicaments, in pain yet wouldn’t have it any other way. As he pumped hard and deep it occurred to her that maybe he had just lost his virginity with her. So, she asked him, he replied “as I said we didn’t do anything a couple of months back. Yes, when we had sex an hour ago that was my first time”.

Wife continued to laugh and also started to cry. He stopped pumping, she told him to not stop, so he pumped again, harder and harder as per her instructions. She told him “because you’ve lost your virginity with me, I definitely want your baby or even better twins or triplets!”.

He exploded inside her, major pump after pump of potent, grade A, black sperm! She wrapped her legs around his butt, lifted his head off of her face and held his face in her hands so she could stare deeply into his eyes as he deposited a massive amount of his seeds of life! Of course, unseen to both of them she had 3 eggs waiting in her right fallopian tube for his sperm to swim around wanting so desperately to fertilize them. Time will tell, at 55 a pregnancy or pregnancies were iffy at best. But with his potent young black sperm there was a definite possibility as her body welcomed his babies if her eggs could be fertilized.

She asked if he could remain hard and slowly pump her, take his time, he gladly complied. As they were having sex in a relaxing way right now, she took the opportunity to ask him if any other women have wanted him in a sexual way. He replied “my teacher Ms Marie seems to be making passes at me, little things, touching me, but always on my arm, shoulder, just she doesn’t do it with any other k**”. “I think you’re right, sounds to me she’s making a pass” came my wife’s reply.

They engaged in several minutes of small talk, laughing, giggling. Wife said to him “why you find my body enticing is beyond me. I mean my belly jiggles a bit when I walk, my big breasts just flop straight down, no perkiness to them at my age. My thighs have those extra 2 inches I can’t get rid of, face has a number of wrinkles and on I could go. What you see in me is beyond me, but I do love that you clearly find me attractive as your penis seems to want to stay hard ALL THE TIME around me!”

They stopped talking and deeply kissed for a while, then she asked “what does Ms Marie look like?” He described her in great detail, in fact, she was very similar to my wife, not skinny, little extra weight here and there, large breasts, full figured woman. Wife asked what grade her had her in as she guessed he was in grade 11 or so, therefore, wondered what subject she taught.

His reply surprised her, he said “she teaches grade 6”. “Oh” came her startled reply. She continued “so you’re in her grade 6 classroom?” “Yes” he said with a smile thinking nothing more of it. She again inserted her tongue into his mouth to resume kissing as he slowly pumped in and out of her. She had a terrifying thought, “how can he be at least 16 if he’s in grade 6?” She knew 16 was the sexual age of consent.

She pulled her head back from his, they continued to talk as they made love, so she just came out and asked “you know I’m 55, so how old are you?” He answered “I have a birthday in 3 days”. She laughed, said “I too have my birthday in 3 days! Wow, we have the same date!” Then she realized he hadn’t answered her question. She repeated it “so, how old will you be in 3 days?” He came back with “I’ll be 13.

Her face couldn’t contain her horror, although she tried. He asked “is there something wrong?” “Well” she started “you see, legally, there’s a problem. I won’t be able to list you as the father of our babies, no way!” He then asked “do you have any regrets of us having sex then?” Her full smile instantly came back, she said “no regrets! Taking your virginity and experiencing your massive penis and billions of sperm pulsating into me was a once in a lifetime experience, loved it! Absolutely, no regrets! But you do realize I’m exactly 43 years older than you? Wow, I love that you find me so attractive!”

She continued “I wasn’t k**ding about us mature, married white women having a mini-black baby boom. All over the country we’re showing up in maternity wards delivering our black babies. It’s a lifelong desire of virtually every white woman to give birth to at least one delivery of black babies. Just something about it excites us like nothing else!”
They eventually left the pond as both were getting hungry after their sexual exploits. 3 hours of teasing each other, then a further 3 hours of on and off again love making with him making a total of 4 major sperm deposits. As soon as they entered the kitchen at the cottage wife opened some glass jars of homemade stew she had in the fridge, both ate heartily. They proceeded to watch a movie on the couch, he’d massage her legs, then shoulders, then back. Just his succulent touch slowly drove her mad with desire.

She led him to the shower for them to clean up, his earlier sperm deposits had been slowly oozing out of her vagina, didn’t feel to good. After their shower she took his hand and led him up the stairs to her bed.

She lied on her back, legs spread far apart and instructed him to slide all the way inside her. Then she told him not to pump as she’ll “pull his sperm out of his big black balls”. So, he just stayed still while his 10-inch penis quietly pushed against her cervix. They slowly kissed, tongues deep in each other’s mouths, she slowly slid her nails up and down his back with her firmly grabbing his butt cheeks each time her hands were at the bottom of his back. All along she’d slowly move her hips in a circular motion, drove her wild as his penis head circled her cervix deep inside. He too loved the feeling of her hip rotation, he could only endure this stimulating feeling for about 15 minutes, then he tensed up, grunted and she felt his penis pump frantically deep inside her with what felt like him depositing a billion more sperm.
They didn’t move in each other after he ejaculated, they just kissed. After several minutes she asked him to pump as hard as he wanted. He wanted to please, so eagerly complied with her request. She squealed in pain each time his 10-inch penis shoved hard against her cervix as he winced in pain due to his low hanging floppy ball sack smacking against her butt cheeks. She couldn’t help but laugh and say “we’re both quite the pair! I’m in pain and you’re in pain, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Would you?” He screamed “no, I love it!” She laughed extra hard as he finished saying the word “it” he smacked into her with considerable force with his face contorting from the pain his big testicles were relaying to his brain.

In all he made a total of 2 sperm deposits in bed that night, between 9-10pm. They feel asleep in each other’s arms with his head resting on her very ample right breast. Unseen to their eyes was his sperm swimming frantically around her waiting 3 eggs in her right fallopian tube.

At midnight one of her 55-year-old eggs came to life and let one of his potent, grade A black sperm fertilize it. One black baby starting? Just 15 minutes later a 2nd egg allowed another sperm to get lucky. 2 fertilized white eggs with her young black lover! Sometime between 3-4am both fertilized eggs successfully implanted into her uterine wall. Black, fraternal twins! 3rd egg was still in her right fallopian tube not showing any sign of wanting to allow a black sperm to fertilize it.

She slid out of bed at 6am, quietly walked downstairs to make some homemade blueberry pancakes with some bacon for her young, black lover. He joined her in the kitchen at 6:30, of course, both were still nude. She leaned on the counter with her arms sticking her butt out and spread her legs. Next, she guided him on how to enter her from behind, he was a quick learner. He held her wide hip bones as he pumped her from behind. Feeling was sensational to him, couldn’t last long, just 5 minutes then he shoved deep inside, clutching her hip bones and unloaded a massive amount of sperm. He pulled out, she turned around kissed him and said “let’s eat, I’m starving! Hey, maybe you just started a precious, black baby inside me?” She tilted her head and blinked her eyes in a seductive manner to tease him about her wanting his black baby or even better black babies! Of course, neither could know that she was already carrying his one-day old black fraternal twins with 1 more egg that could possibly still be fertilized waiting in her right fallopian tube!

After eating she grabbed him, pulled him down onto the kitchen floor and they made love one final time on the floor. After wards, as he remained erect inside her, they slowly kissed while talking. She had a suggestion for him, she said “in 2 days it’s Friday, I turn 56 and you become a teenager. I’ll still be ovulating for a day or so, any chance you could spend the weekend with me?” He liked that idea and said he’d work on it.

Just before he slid out of her she asked him “remember the 4 rules us mature, married white women have for making love to a young black man?” “Yes, I do”. Came his reply, he continued “1. No condoms. 2. No pulling out. 3. Have intercourse when the woman is ovulating. 4. You’d welcome my black baby or even better babies as in twins or triplets”.

Because they were going to meet again for another breeding session, they exchanged names and phone numbers. She drove him to school and dropped him off. She looked around, no one was looking so gave him a deep tongue kiss goodbye. He left her car.

Friday, he came up her driveway in his bike. She came out to meet him in the nude, undressed him, picked up a bag she had prepared, held his hand and they walked back to the pond. She wanted to tease him, but he complied with her wishes and didn’t masturbate over the past 2 days, he had a massive case of “blue balls”, so they simply got down to making love. He came in only 4 minutes, remained rock hard and continued to pump making another sperm deposit 20 minutes later. A 3rd sperm deposit occurred within the first hour of them making love.

They took a break; over the following 2 hours he made a further 2 sperm deposits for a total of 5 sperm deposits between 4-7pm. They walked back to the cottage, had dinner, watched a movie, then retired to bed. One more love making session, then they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Wife was wondering if she’d get pregnant. Obviously, she couldn’t see his black fraternal 3-day old twins growing deep inside her 56-year-old womb. At 1am her remaining 3rd egg in her right fallopian tube was almost going to be discarded, but with his new huge amount of potent, grade A, black sperm forcing her 3rd egg to swim in a sea of sperm her last egg came to life. Started to enjoy the attention of millions of black sperm asking to fertilize her remaining egg. At 1:30am another of his black sperm got lucky, fertilized her 3rd egg.

At 4am her fertilized 3rd egg successfully implanted into her uterine wall. She now has her long-desired wish, 3 precious black babies, 2 of them 3 days old as fraternal twins with the 3rd just a few hours old. At 56 she is blown away, FINALLY has her black babies!

After they had their first love making session Saturday morning, they lied in each other’s arms, wife looked at her very young black lover and said “you know, I love how you think I’m so drop-dead gorgeous, but I turned 56 yesterday, you turned 13 yesterday, so I’m exactly 43 years older than you. How can you find me so beautiful? I’m glad you do, but my belly jiggles a bit, little extra on my hips, breasts just hang, super floppy, but you say you love them!” She kissed him tenderly with a couple of tears rolling down her cheeks as her emotions overwhelmed her at such a young, handsome black lover being enamored at her mature body. He repeatedly told her how soft her body was, how the little extra weight here and there was great to hold onto!

As they made love a 2nd time Saturday morning she told him “I feel pregnant. Pretty sure about this feeling, a woman can usually know. I’m so happy!” He asked “any idea if you have 1, 2 or 3 of my babies in you?” She smiled, replied “please always refer to them as your black babies! I want 3 black babies of yours if possible! Nothing could make me prouder than in 9 months time delivering your 3 precious black babies. I’d gladly walk around town showing them off. Another married, mature, white woman proudly breaching the color barrier by bearing some ‘babies of color’. Every mature white woman will immediately understand my joy!”

No more periods after the long weekend of love making. At 7 weeks after their last sexual encounter her belly started to show, she thought “wow, already? Maybe I’ve been blessed with 2 or 3 black babies! Better visit the doctor.”
Her doctor confirmed her pregnancy via a blood test, then the ultrasound was revealing. Doctor started to count the legs; 1, 2, 3, 4, then 5 and 6. 3 black babies growing in her belly. She started to cry; doctor wondered what was wrong? She said “these are tears of joy, I wanted triplets from my young black lover, so I’m thrilled!” She couldn’t wait to call Raoul to notify him of the exciting news!

Raoul rode his bike up her driveway after school the next day. She greeted him in the nude, took him by his hand, walked him up to her bedroom. He stripped down naked, admired her slight belly bump, gently felt and kissed her belly with his 3 black babies inside, she couldn’t contain her joy! Next, he moved between her legs on the bed, she instructed him to be gentle and slow, no pumping. They kissed tenderly; she felt a blast of his sperm flood deep inside her.

As they continued to kiss, she told him of her desire, that she’d often thought of having several black pregnancies in a roll with each delivery within a year of each other or within 365 days of each other. He liked that idea! She reminded him he can’t be listed as the father due to his age; he was fine with that so long as he could impregnate her again. He asked “but what if you have another set of triplets next pregnancy?” “Well, I’d be absolutely fine with that, but I think having 2 deliveries of your black babies within a 365-day period with bringing 3 black babies into the world each time would be my limit. No 3rd pregnancy in that case. But, if I only have 1 of your babies with my 2nd pregnancy, I’d definitely want a 3rd pregnancy. If again only 1 black baby with my 3rd pregnancy I’d definitely want a 4th and maybe even a 5th pregnancy. But I’d want to be virtually consistently pregnant for all 5 years”.

He replied “so, you’ll be 56 when you deliver my triplets. Then 57 with our 2nd pregnancy, 58 with our 3rd pregnancy, 59 with our 4th pregnancy and 60 with our 5th pregnancy, assuming you only have one baby with each further pregnancy”. She then asked “are you okay with that arrangement? Would you still find this ‘old, mature, married, big floppy breasted white woman attractive?” He clearly indicated he would, no questioning his enthusiasm as he became rock hard inside her and unloaded a massive 2nd sperm deposit without either of them moving a muscle. She loved his overwhelming endorsement of her beauty!

Raoul and my wife didn’t see each other again during her pregnancy. Her delivery was very hard, even though they were 3 precious black babies that she desperately wanted and desired! But everything went well, mom and babies were fine. She hired an excellent nanny to help with the babies.

She called Raoul, told him the fraternal twins were very dark just like his skin color, a boy and girl. The other one a girl was much lighter skin color. She asked him to come by in 6 weeks as a woman shouldn’t have intercourse for 6 weeks after each delivery. He was thrilled at the thought of trying to start his next pregnancy with such a drop-dead gorgeous mature white woman!

6 weeks past and Raoul showed up at the cottage. Wife had arranged for the nanny to take the 3 k**s out. Raoul walked into the cottage, called out, she told him to stay right there. She showed up at the top of the stairs totally nude, with her pre-pregnancy body size. Of course, her breasts were swollen and much bigger producing milk for his 3 black babies. She waltzed down the stairs, swinging her hips, would bend over and have her massive breasts swing back and forth, he loved the show, his eyes were intently focused on her voluptuous, curvaceous figure.

He removed his clothes, his 10-inch penis hung straight down, but in what seemed just a second it raced upwards in a massively rock-hard erection. Wife loved how his 10-inch penis with its swollen and extra-large head pushed upwards with his 7-inch low hanging ball sack with their 2 huge testicles proving his exceptional manhood even though he was still u******e at just 13.

They walked back to the pond; his balls had the most painful case of “blue balls” he’d ever had. So, she took pity on him and got down to business, after he unloaded deep inside her he asked “would you still be okay if you had 3 more of my babies in your 2nd pregnancy?” “No problem” she started, then continued “go ahead, give my 3 more precious black babies, I’m fine with that. That would be our last pregnancy though”.

They talked to work out a schedule for their love making. He’d come by everyday after school, between 4-5pm. He’d make 2 or 3 sperm deposits; this arrangement didn’t last long. Within a week they’d make love for 2 hours each school day, between 4-6pm. Then he started sleeping with my wife Friday nights. Within 2 weeks of starting to try for her 2nd pregnancy their schedule was as follows; 4-6pm although sometimes until 7pm on school nights. Every Friday and Saturday night he’d sleep in her bed to endless love making.

At 10 weeks after delivering his 3 black babies she found herself ovulating, his sperm was lucky again, this time fertilizing only 1 egg. She delivered his black baby exactly 349 days after her first delivery, so within the full year or 365-day period she wanted, a delivery each year!

3rd pregnancy followed with her delivering his 1 black baby 364 days after her 2nd delivery, so just within the 365-day time gap that she wanted. 4th pregnancy followed, this time 363 days since her 3rd delivery. Now she wanted to really sit back and think “do I want a 5th pregnancy? I’ll be 60 when I deliver his 5th pregnancy? Let’s see, I delivered his 3 black babies at age 56, then another one at 57, still another one at 58 and now his 4th pregnancy with 1 more baby at 59 years of age. So, 4 years, 4 pregnancies producing 6 precious black babies. Do I risk a 5th pregnancy at 60 years of age?”

She decided to go for it, a 5th pregnancy with her now age of consent young black lover. Wife now had 2 nannies, both incredible ladies. Wife and Raoul had a great time with their last and 5th pregnancy, travelled a bit, both relaxed and focused on baby making!

Wife noticed her belly started to show at just 8 weeks, this concerned her, she thought about “what if I have another set of triplets at 60 years old? Don’t know about that one!” She visited her doctor, good news, she has what would be her first set of identical twins!

Delivery was very hard on her, she was totally exhausted, her body was tired from 5 pregnancies in 5 years producing 8 precious black babies. She was so proud of her black babies, showed them off whenever and wherever she could. Some townspeople thought she was nuts having so many black babies at her mature age, but she received numerous and unending complements from other mature, married white woman who wished they had the guts to break the color barrier and pump out some black babies!

Raoul had now gone off to college, wife paid his tuition, she figured it was the least she could do for blessing her with his 8 precious black babies! During an extended stay at his parent’s house, Raoul came to visit, wife and him walked to the pond with all 8 babies, they played, splashed, ate and had a great time. Both nannies came to take the babies back to the cottage for an afternoon nap.

With the babies gone wife stood up, removed her one-piece bathing suit, she walked over to Raoul and removed his bathing suit. They frolicked in the water, laughed, teased each other, playfully swatted each other’s backside and chased the other one around the sandy shore. Wife knew he could leave her in the dust as she was turning 62 and he was turning 19 as it was both their birthdays, she enjoyed him letting her think she could really catch him!

As they lied down on some towels facing each other she asked him if he wanted to have intercourse with her? He asked “but what if you can still get pregnant? Can that happen at 62? Sure, you want to chance it?” She told him about a white woman who proudly bragged she delivered her young black lovers twins at age 62, she even went as far as saying she claimed to be 50 years older than the father. Wife than grinned, stared deeply into Raoul’s eyes and said “you know, the more I think about it, I believe you impregnated me the first time we made love when you were only 12”. He interrupted, saying “but I was barely 12, almost 13 just 3 days away from turning 13”.

She kissed him, gave him a very seductive look and said “but I never complained, loved the 5 pregnancies and 8 black babies you gave me”. With that she rolled over onto her back, opened her legs and he gladly took the invitation. 1 hour later and 3 sperm deposits later and they both had major BO from their intense love making. They walked into the pond, washed the other one off, put their bathing suits on and started to walk back to the cottage.

As they walked, she said “look I’m not ovulating right now, but I’ll phone you in 8 weeks either way to let you know. If you bless me with one unanticipated last pregnancy, whether it’s 1, 2 or 3 black babies I’m fine with that. After all, you still find me to be a drop-dead gorgeous, mature, big breasted white woman, right?” With that he stopped her, they very passionately kissed, ripped each other’s bathing suits off, made love for one last time on the grass with him pounding her, hurt his ball sack as it hit against her butt cheeks and it hurt her every time his 10-inch penis shoved hard against her cervix. He winced in pain with each flop of his low hanging ball sack, she squealed in pain, but frankly, they wouldn’t have had it any other way, both loved it!!

She called Raoul in 8 weeks, while she had mixed feelings and was mostly pleased to inform him, she wasn’t pregnant, a part of her wished she was! She’d smile a huge smile feeling totally fulfilled by finally having her 5 black pregnancies with their 8 black babies at such a mature age, it’s what she desired for over 20 years, to be black bred!!

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