Hello, today rainy and with nothing to do, well I write this to accumulate all those things that I think and things that are happening and all those questions without answers that my head asks and sometimes has no answers or has many and He doesn’t know which one is right and I thought that writing I might find some. First and foremost, what is life? According to my point of view, life is a mirror and what is behind the mirror or within it or as it is best understood, are souls in which we reflect, there is even good, but I wonder if those souls in the which do we reflect or see each other, are we ourselves? Or because there are so many people who look alike? Are they souls or, rather, are we souls? I included myself, an example, the other day I went to the beach with my parents and next to me there was a couple, she just like my sister-in-law and the same as my brother and at the same moment I thought, are my brother and my looking sister-in-law to the mirror right now? Or maybe my soul will be looking in the mirror? Or further still, we will be the souls in which if they were on a floor, for example, in which they had mirrors or something that was reflecting them and we were that reflection or, vice versa? are some of those questions that sometimes I ask myself and I do not understand, I guess everyone will have their own, to all that a long time ago I saw a movie that was about this, of souls, what I do not remember the title, the most sure as its name indicates, the most likely thing to be called something of souls, now I will return and if it is I will see it and see if my doubts are removed. Well I’m here, I will leave it for tomorrow because this does not work well, although the saying goes don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today, but as I am not very good for the sayings I leave it, hehehe, I think that every thing to its time, that the rush is not good, although when you have to squeeze your ass it squeezes and period. To all this, of reflex souls or clones, it not only happens to people, I also think that there are also mirrors with places, according to parameters and places, for example, I have seen myself in places and I have thought, Is this the place the mirror or the opposite side to that other? An example, when I talk to a person who uses glasses, I can not stare at his face, because I think, the glasses have a mirror, which have reflection and it would be as if I was talking to myself, which as I explained at the beginning are questions that I ask myself, oh that I have nothing against those who have glasses, I have worn them for many years and with a fairly high graduation, another thing I wonder is, what is the right word that there is What to say when you are talking? Many times I have seen myself in a conversation and I have thought, to see if I say this word will not be adequate, sometimes I have felt as if the other person was examining me, really, like having what he says, it seems like if the words had, to see how to say it, thus, importance or even further, will it be true that the words condemn and that is why we think what we are going to say? And the thing is funny and see that they are simple words or as the saying goes, the words are blown away, but then why do you think what is going to be said? Then everyone would be stingy, hehehe, because thinking also hurts, or sometimes it can even sting if what is said does not come to mind, in short, every crazy person with his subject, if in the end I go out proverb, hehehe, maybe it is fear To make a mistake, that’s why I started writing, what is life? Or vice versa, well we will never understand each other, hehehe or maybe if I said white and everyone said white, then we would all be the same and then nothing would be funny, but if people don’t say and I include myself, the world is crazy , nobody understands and if they understand each other is that something is wrong, then what is the key? It is also said that if we do not think it is that we are not alive, but I have to say that I think too much and I speak for myself, thinking gives me tremendous headaches, we are impressive and as much as I did not want to think, this little head of mine does not You can stop the damned, I guess I won’t be the only one. Good to be today the first day I write is not bad, I have already written a few letrillas and now I am going to eat and if I have something to ask myself, I will come and continue writing some news or some solution and that they say that less death everything has a solution, if I tell you that in the end I go out saying, hehehe To, by the way, today is a gray day like the camela song. Hello, it’s 9:37 p.m. and I have already had dinner and I have visited my brother and I have thought about the mirrors and as I said before, on the beach or the day at the beach, because I have thought now , that I am, rather, we are gathered, because that, I suppose that our clones or souls will also be somewhere, another question I ask myself, will there be a me of mine in a woman or a clone of my brother in a woman or from any of us or vice versa? Well for today I already think I’m going to stop writing and tomorrow will be another day. Good morning in the morning, today I do not know what he was going to say, he will go to the beach and in the end I have not gone, most likely he will go in the afternoon or maybe not, it is an impressive sunny day, I will wait for my brother to eat and if I have to help him on the floor I will go or not, when he comes to see what he says, hehehe, right now the football season begins and I this season would go with Racing, more than anything to change a little, more than nothing because they always win the same, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​etc .. And as I say with whom I want, because this year I will go with Racing, I do not know if it will be true that it is bankrupt, now I return, I will take a look. Well, I have already looked at Racing and yes, it is in first and the first game is played with Getafe, I have also looked at the movies of souls, what I said yesterday, now I just need to see them, well then I’ll see if It takes away some doubt from the ones I have in my head, to, by the way, the team is called Racing de Santander. Well, I’m here, the first movie of souls I’ve seen is from some western robots, metal soul is titled, it will be because inside they are metal as their own name indicates, nothing, what I expected, in short, has also My uncle Carlos, who had not been coming for a while, is a horny man speaking badly and soon, but he has his good things, he is a good fisherman, just like my brother the Quique, the uncles are going to fish and not always, but the Most times they fish and I wonder, what are their souls or their clones? By the way, I have hit a mirror or what is the same, a place and that place has its double, how to explain it, if we put a mirror in front of that place, there I would know where it is already, two places would go, I am not sure one hundred percent, so I will try more than once, as I said everything in time, what I mean by all this is that for me the streets, people, etc … have their vice versa, now I think I I just explained, well the next movie is titled Hearts and Souls, let’s see how that is, well now I’m going to change and I’m going with the music elsewhere, bye.

Hello, I’m here again, nothing, I’ve had a tenderloin sandwich with a tortilla and there was a stick inside, hehehe and nothing more to say, well now I’ll see a movie and see how it is, well it’s 2:29 of the dawn and I’ve seen the movie of hearts and souls, it’s pretty good, of imaginary friends, it’s humor, real? It may be, I have been thinking and there is a program called parallel lives, I have to see it, although I think I have already seen it, the movie is pretty good, souls are put in the body, until the protagonist helps them and then mission accomplished, in short, that I liked. And it took me a while because I have a dog and I had to go down, tomorrow I will see that of damned souls, well for today it is enough, until tomorrow, tomorrow I will be with flash music. Good morning, well I would say that today I did not get up on the right foot, so that I am not going to write at the moment. Good morning again, as I said yesterday, I did not feel like writing and I did not write, I was busy listening to music, today it is not that I really want the truth, but this writing must be inspired because if not, the words do not come out suitable and for that I do not write anything, well I will see the carnival of souls and see that, as I said, the other movie was very good, that of hearts and souls, I think that movie can be reality, there are people who Do you have imaginary friends or maybe not, we will have to ask a doctor, what better than a doctor nobody would know how to explain it, I say it because of people’s diagnoses, whoever has experimented with more potent d**gs will know, I for example I include again, but it is not necessary to take anything, just saying the dreams is enough, who has not seen people in their dreams? Or I have dreamed of the cousin, the cousin or the holy spirit, amen, it is a saying, hehehe, to something else, I said that I was going to see damned souls before, I will leave her for another time, everything in its own time as I already said, I was going to eat, but in the end not, why? Very easy, I have an impressive toothache, although it hurts less than yesterday and less than tomorrow, this is like love, hehehe, sometimes it hurts and sometimes it doesn’t, well then I come back and comment something. Well I’m here, I’m going to eat drink some soup, which I think that for the molars does not bother, I have left the movie halfway and then I will say what my opinion is, for the moment or entry is black and white, then there is another one with the same title, which I don’t know if it will be the same movie, I will see them equally, although if it is not the same, well see you later. Well, I have already eaten salad and soup and now I will see the rest of the movie, bone that now I return, to, by the way, my sister-in-law has come to eat, my sister-in-law Sonia, the bone of my brother the fisherman’s girlfriend, the other has been showing signs of life for a long time. Hello, nothing, that I have been changing the furniture of the place and now I will try the movie to see how, something else, talking about dreams, I will point them out and see if I remember, I have woken up with the image of the sara or It seemed, well I’ll try, until now. Nothing, surely there is some fucking bastard who has no other name, well, jealousy kill him, hehehe. Well nothing, that there is no way to see the movie, it will be that it is old or whatever, on the one hand, better, so I do not give anything else, hehehe and on the other hand it was not worth much or that seemed and from what I have seen They were boys who went in a car and fell over a bridge and only one girl is saved, then as it starts to see images of zombies or something like that in the mirrors and in the forest too and stops, it will be because he is his years, anyway, that he is going to do, nothing at all, I go with the music somewhere else already see if I can see that of damned souls, because today I am not going to see the other one, the shit of the internet is already over speaking badly and soon, my teeth still hurt more and more than yesterday and less than tomorrow, well there is not much left , therefore I will not write more for now. Good, I return here after a few days absent due to problems, we are on 25/07/2011, no longer date it, if it happens again, hopefully not, well let’s leave the reflections for a moment and we will enter In the dreams, these days ago after what happened I had a few dreams and I wonder, when you dream of a person so many times, what does that mean? Chance or just as the same word indicates, dreams, dreams are, although that phrase is from my father, hehehe, the other day I had incredibly incredible dream, it seemed as if I was inside a movie, by the way, I was shotguns, just to say that I woke up and thought, how can it be a dream, if it seemed like the boy who goes to the movies to watch a movie of fighters and believing himself a fighter, hehehe and let’s not talk about erotic dreams or sports, I don’t know the others , but I have some dreams that I sometimes do not even believe them, I suppose that each person will have their own, although I have asked nearby people if they had dreams and they answered me that no or some other, but very few, although I believe that they reserve for them, just like I reserve some, before I said them all and said them more openly because they gave me an impression, such as dreams with my cousin, an example, I dreamed that I was sticking a snack to a cousin of mine to Jenny and when I woke up I told my mother, hehehe, my father has also had his own and some others have said it openly, like many others who will have had and reserve them, but I wonder how it can be so real, well, something else, butterfly, tomorrow it’s time to paint the room, I mean, just in case I don’t write, as I said before, I don’t even set the date. Hello, I’m here, good and dinner and now talking about dreams, do not see the movies that are dreams, Buaf …, hopefully let me see the laptop, that of movies that there are souls, or tell you, well the first one is called the field of dreams, it sounds good right? It’s like the field of electricity, etc., so it has to be something big, magnetic field, etc., surely a good explanation of what dreams are, but in films and surely there will be documentaries, to me It sounds to me to have seen a documentary of dreams, well and what was the celebration, the neurons, although I have the right to spend the day, hehehe. Well, today is fine, then if I see a movie and I feel like writing for a while, I’ll be back. Hello, I’m here, a beautiful movie, I liked it, entertaining and why not say it, real and not real, well now I’m going to go down to the dog and I’m going to sleep and tomorrow will be another day, until tomorrow, kisses. Hello, good morning in the morning, today I am a bit involved with the room, well in general and it must also be said, I am the assistant, my father the officer, well in general terms it would be like this, but we are in our apartment, not in a big work, hehehe, à, very good movie before I forget, there is a girl that I have seen two or three times and every time I see her I have incredible dreams, and why? I do not know and the truth is that I do not know her, although it sounds to me and I do not know what, her parents do sound like having served them, because I have not said it, but I have been a waiter, well I do not know, the question is that every time I see her sleepy and best of all, she laughs every time she sees me, as if she knew, anyway, it will be another coincidence, to something else, my little brother, I think he comes back, was with a little boy and He left with her, but it is seen that she is back, that maybe later she will get ready with her, if I could choose I would go alone, buaf, how happy I would be without a woman, without telling me anything and then if I got it right then yes, Well, if I could, but I’m single, I mean I can go only where I want and well I said it because now they all get pregnant, buaf, what fear, c***dren around here, over there, if mom, what if dad, I don’t even want think, hehehe, and best of all, first of all marry and for a lifetime, although that of getting married for a lifetime that is already behind , now they separate more than before, of course, life is no longer the same as before, my middle-aged brother has been well ridden by the k**, with a k** the sea of ​​pestle and I do not say that the other is ugly, that They are both nice, but that of my brother, the middle one is more mature, he is also more years old and things are as they are, that the other for how small he is knows a lot in general, because as I was saying, the Quique is my brother the medium and Eloy the little one, my father Emilio and my mother Maricarmen and I present here, Jonatan Santos Martínez or Jony, who would be the diminutive of Jonatan, some call me Jony and others Jonatan, depending on the day, hehehe, well that, to see if the c***d makes peace, hehehe, this seems like a competition, that if now yes, that if not now, now I hold you, now no, hehehe, I would be happy with a job, but whenever I ask tell me what same, there is not, my mother I said that I could manage an apartment on the beach and told me that What if I had a girlfriend, and what have I answered? Well, that I would be better alone and then, well I imagine myself alone in an apartment next to the beach, sleeping in balls, listening to the waves of the sea, good that happened cool and if I ever miss a friend, then better than better, but not a girlfriend, who then thinks that I am her doll and … that is not a plan, hehe, well I will see what I do and then come back, by the way I will say the rest of the family, today I said who we are at home, well bye, by the way, the moon is my dog, is a German shepherd, the beautiful sea and has a boyfriend, which by the way is the chick dog that I said earlier, that every time the I see sleep, they get along and don’t growl with that, they just play, I kept writing because I was looking like saying, hey, I exist too, well now if I leave you, see you later. Hello, I’m here, is that an unanswered question has occurred to me, there goes the question, can a person have the same dream or have had the same dream? I mean that, if I dreamed yesterday of another person or something yesterday, could someone like me dream too? I think so, because yesterday in the movie the woman tells the man, yesterday I dreamed this and explains it to the husband and the husband replies, I dreamed the same thing, but of course, it is still a movie, I’m leaving that I have things to do, bye. Hello, good night, before going to sleep I will write a little, and why do I write? Another good question, because of boredom? To remember things or those questions without answers? The truth is that I don’t know, I suppose to write my mood or maybe to try to guess things with everyday life, well today I have seen another movie about dreams, also quite good and besides that, from a writer and of parallel lives that come together and do not come together, a little bit of everything, to change a little topic today I have been talking with my father about religion, not much because to be honest I was in my room and when I left I listened to the TV and there was a program of what the Quran was, let’s say it’s the bible in Muslim or Arabic and I don’t know for sure, but is God Allah? It seems to me that yes, but from a different religion or so it seems to me, everyone believes in what they want or what they have taught as a c***d, I am a Christian, because as a c***d they led me to pray, say and to understand each other better, that I did the catechesis or the first communion, but as we grow we learn more things or learn more and because not to say it too, there are more clicks in life or disappointments which is what makes one go away losing the illusion and It starts like this and in the end it ends up not believing, I don’t know if I will have explained myself well, well I am going to sleep that tomorrow I have to go to the doctor and see if they make me a new card, that mine I have left and I accompany To my parents who also have to go, to see if I get up, hehehe, hopefully if, by the way, the room and kitchen is already painted, well, good night and see you tomorrow. Hello, well I do not know if to put day for a reason, if I do not put day the night meets the day, therefore, well we are on 27/07/2011 and by the way, I got up late and I could not go with my parents to the doctor, but I went alone, although a little later, good about dreams, another yesterday and I could recognize some letters that said, loquillo … and there were some more, but I have not come to understand them and a woman with a skirt, by the way the girl I said that every time I see her, I had a skirt yesterday, well now I’m going to eat and then come back. Well, I’m here, something else, yesterday I commented on some religion, well, I said that the Christians had God, the Arabs to Allah and the gypsies to Camarón, and who will be the god of the Chinese? I mean, what will it be called? I leave it there in the air, until I find out, that’s why I write, look, for example, yesterday I did not remember that Shrimp for the gypsies is their god, because today I have remembered and I have written it down and this is a question with answer. Hello again and again I return here, nothing, that I have seen the movie, but it is a c***dren’s movie, of Princess Aurora and Princess Jasmin, of cartoons, what I liked is the title, follow your dreams and I wonder, what to follow? Before I said that yesterday in my dreams there were behind a painting some letters that said loquillo … and there were a few more letters that I did not reach and I say, what should be followed in dreams? As it is not the woman who had a skirt and could not be seen from the waist up, just a skirt and legs, in short, talking about the movie, that one of the princesses of the movie was called Aurora, I have an aunt That is his name, he is very horny, speaking badly and quickly, I say it in a good way, when I was a c***d, I mean that when I was little I lived more in my uncles’ house than in my own house, buaf … and let’s not say when I went to elementary school, my aunt told me, you touched the girls’ ass and I poor me or did the skirt, and what happened to me? Well, what had to happen, that they punished me without recess, but they are anecdotes that now I remember and laugh, but before they annoyed me, in question, which is good woman and if you know her well you can talk openly with her, another day I will talk about my cousins, today because the theme of Princess Aurora, that of the movie has come out and I have remembered, finally, then if another thing comes out write, well here I will be, well finally I would like to add that I have seen another movie of dreams, but this has been good, I had a little of everything, of dreams and souls, nothing, it is of a woman who suddenly loses the girl and star and after that he starts to go crazy and they put him in a psychiatric and shortly after he escapes from the psychiatric with an agent, his soul is doing the same, but in another car, what this soul he has is bad, because It turns out that he is the one who has k**napped the girl, has been well and the end is best seen, the girl and the mother in the sea where the mother has crashed and the water is like a mirror, beautiful end and the bad soul has dreams bad and just crashing into the mirror, in short, two things of which I am writing, of souls and dreams and if some religion had come out I would have been the most of the most, I have been thinking about going to some Chinese store and asking him what his god is, but I will look at him online, maybe he will come out something, well first of all good morning in the morning, this is to freak out, what I say, that yesterday I did not see her and I have not dreamed anything tonight, that’s why I say that girl has some magic, sure, how can it be that when I see her I dream and when I don’t see her I don’t dream? And best of all, I don’t know what it is called, today I can’t think of anything to write, I’m not inspired or rather, I don’t know what to write, well yes, today my brother has come to eat, what he did since he didn’t I came … no, it came on Sunday if I’m not mistaken, well then if that comes back, well if I have something to add, kisses, by the way we are at 28/07/2011. Hello, good afternoon in the afternoon, although of so many movies that I have seen this, well not in the end I have not seen it whole, it was bad, rather it was a horror movie or rather nightmares, good of a woman who has nightmares with grandmother and also a man with coffins came out and I have not finished convincing myself and I have not seen it whole, by the way the prota of the movie is called the same as my cousin, by the way she is already a mother for the second time, well that she does well, I have not seen her for a long time Anyway, I would do my best and now I will have dinner and if I have anything else to add, I will add, did I say it well? Hehehe, bye. Well, good this movie that I just saw, good I still have the end, good but as the one who says there will be ten minutes left, well what I’m going to, it’s fine, it’s c***dish, but good, there’s a scene that comes out of an ape and the protagonist a girl and the monkey gives him the finger and the girl takes it and they cross the mirror and suddenly the one who was chasing them looks at the mirror and catapun! Hehehe, good that scene, I have asked myself endless things What will be behind the mirror? Already, the wall … I don’t know the others, but I have often asked myself that question, what will there be, or rather, who will be behind the mirror? Well I do not entertain myself more, very good movie, well in the end it was all a dream of the girl, you just have to see her face when she wakes up, exactly what happened to me the other day and I guess a lot of people who I have had incredible dreams, hehehe, another thing that I have remembered and that comes to the case is return to the future, the movie, because a good example is what the protagonist can travel through time, I do not know the others who thought, but I I think that television is like a time machine, others for example will think like my brother, who calls him the dumb box, I don’t know, everyone will think what he wants, although TV can play bad passes, good as everything I guess, now I will finish watching the end and nothing, until tomorrow. Hello again, today we are on 29/07/2011 and I have dreamed, then the chick of the dog a coincidence, because yesterday I saw her, that does not mean that when I see her sleepy, but yesterday I did not see her and I dreamed, buaf… I dreamed with my sister-in-law who kissed her in dreams, but dreams, dreams are and nothing that I just woke up, then come back. To a little thing that I dreamed about with my sister-in-law or looked a lot like her, which is recorded in the minutes, hehe and also that I faced my father, well that has really happened. Well, the movie of the dream thief does not convince me and I am not going to see it again, now I go to the floor if my brother is there, then I return ok. Well I’m here again, it’s 23:03 at night and in the end I have not gone to help my brother, for me, if not for him who has had things to do, well I have seen another movie of so many that there are of dreams, it looked like the dream I had yesterday, but mine was less intense, hehehe, I have told my sister-in-law and my mother because she was also, but I have simply told her that I dreamed of them, well today I do not have much to write, I mean that if tomorrow I am more inspired I will write more, today I feel like it, until tomorrow, by the way, I don’t know what the name of the movie is called the language of dreams, it is a woman’s cannon, hehehe. Hello, good morning, today on 30/07/2011 and nothing that I have a problem with the internet and now it does not work for me! The movies are over for now until it works again, anyway, before I forget, Yesterday I dreamed of a former girlfriend of mine from a few years ago and now she has become pregnant and finally, that she goes to the best of the girl, I had not seen her for years, well they told me that she had stayed pregnant and then I thought I saw her in short, what was said, that she does well and now changing the subject today my uncle has been around here, Carlos, is a good guy, a bit of a bastard in the good sense of the word, he is a fisherman Like my brother, it is like the series of hands to work, that Benito says the famous phrase that he introduced the gotelé, because here my uncle Carlos is the one who introduced my brother quique to fish, good to all of us, but to him, who else, yes, from time to time we have gone fishing, but very occasionally, of course the quique has no v Icicles of tobacco and neither my uncle Carlos and that is his healthy habit, before they were birdhouses, bone that birds were cool and I guess they got tired of birds and went fishing and nothing, my sister-in-law came to eat Sonia that it is very funny that all things together have already given her vacations, maybe if I tell her to take me to the beach, hehehe, that, that they have given her a massage and I don’t know what happened to her, but it has changed her the face, well I guess it will be women’s things, now I don’t know what to do without the internet, I guess now I will write more, well then I’ll come back if I have any news. Hello again, I have seen the dog again and the aunt laughs, hehehe, what will she laugh at? But it can’t be, I already said that the other day I didn’t see her and I dreamed, anyway, I’m going to play for a while to pass the time. I’m here to not vary, my uncle Felipe has come to see us, for those who do not know he is my aunt Aurora’s husband, I already commented that I saw a movie that came out of a princess called Aurora and the other Jasmine, because my uncle besides being my uncle, he is my godfather and husband of my aunt Aurora, he is a good man, a hard worker, he had his bad streak, but like everyone else, who has not had a time in his life that did it go wrong? I guess that everyone in your life has not enjoyed or things have not gone well, everyone and I include the first, but now it is super good and also has grandc***dren, hehehe, has been legionary, besides, I do not know Yes, I commented, but when I was little I was at home more than my parents, yes, I think I commented, well just in case and nothing, I have been playing games for a while of the laptop, what without internet is a roll, but what is going to be done, we endure and point, well, that, which has two daughters with c***dren, woman, grandc***dren and I say, what more can you ask for? Although I do not know how that will take him from grandc***dren, hehehe, to be called yayo, hehehe, well my uncle still, but my aunt with how presumed and modern it is to be called yaya, hehe, well some modern yayos and is and now that more to tell, that without internet I can not continue watching movies or music, etc., and eaten potato omelette with tenderloin and now I guess I will continue writing, I have to bring up another topic, because the dreams I am commenting on day, to see if I remember some of a long time ago, if I remember a dream that I had in which I was on a precipice of ice and I fell and did not know how to climb up, fuck, talking badly and soon that bad that I had it, I got up with tears in my eyes, hehe of the effort I was making to climb to the top and it did not arrive and when I was getting it I woke up, buaf … tired and with tears in my eyes that were too much, hehe, Another dream I had as a c***d is that I was like on a small island I had a palm tree and I was, I don’t know how to explain it, it was a kind of pool with steps, round, how beautiful it was, but it seemed as if I was on an island in the jungle and around me there were elephants and all kinds of exotic a****ls, such as toucans, etc …, well and dreams about the neighborhood or I tell you about football, once I dreamed that I was riding my sister-in-law Sonia on horseback, bone on shoulders and beside me there was a friend or partner, that right now I don’t know who it was and we were making a career if there was someone who went further, by the way the next day or the other I had a backache that was too much, hehehe and erotic dreams of all kinds, even with women of my family and that because I wonder, I do not know, I guess the same word says it, dreams, dreams are, I also like the saying that says, you will not go to bed without knowing something new, but lately nothing at all, hehehe, oh recently I had a dream of some hunted res and I think it was one, I talk about the dream that we were in a dispute and suddenly hit him with the shotgun in his head and suddenly he escaped and zas, all over his neck, a stream of bleeding and suddenly I got up and floated through a tube, got up and thought, but will he be alive? What will have happened to him? It was what I dreamed, but it was amazing and another one that I had is that we were in a temple and suddenly there would be a wall or a door and a bicharraco flew by, I do not know what that would be and suddenly all of us who had he lay against the wall and that the next day they gave Troy, more or less resembled what I had lived in the dream, if I guess that movies and dreams have something to do with it, that’s why it’s not very good to watch TV Well, today I wrote a lot or at least more than yesterday, well I’m leaving, see you tomorrow, today is Saturday, sabadete … bye, I do not know how it goes, well that, whoever can. Hello, good morning, today on 31/7/2011 and I have dreamed of the priest and two men who were in a room with the TV and some laptops and suddenly I see myself in the street and I met an old friend of the school, well with her and her sister, her name is Mari and Marta and the latter looked at me, how funny and suddenly I move away from I don’t know where and from afar I told Mari, do I call her ma’am? And suddenly another scene, two k**s with a woman with a skirt and suddenly crouched in front of me and wing, all her panties on my face, hehehe, stood up crouched down, what a weird dream, by the way, Mari went to my class, she was my girlfriend when I was little, well when we went to kindergarten, bone, the time strip, but what a weird dream, from one scene to another , what I said yesterday, that dreams and movies are more or less the same, just by saying that yesterday in the same dream three scenes that had nothing to do with each other, and why did Marta look at me? Hehe, although I also looked at her, but they are dreams, because I have not known anything about them for a long time, well to say the truth I saw her on Facebook at the martita and I was a little shocked when I saw her photo, of course not seeing her see her on Facebook, well, and about the priest who baptized me or the one who communed me with communion, is that true? Communion, yes, it seems to me that yes, well and to top it off the woman in the skirt, she all dressed in white, it seemed as if she did it on purpose, but I say one thing, the other day I dreamed of one of a skirt, never I can see his face, the dream is always over at best, hehe, well someday I will see the face of the skirt? It leaves me with the intrigue, the other day from afar and this time closely, but apart this time the panties were raised and crouched, hehe, let’s leave it here, hehehe and this time the dream with sound, which I told Mary In my class, do I call you ma’am? Hehehe, including sound, that good, well I let you have as the day ends, for now we have to eat chicken Allah. Well, we have already eaten, my little brother Eloy has come, he is angry with the girlfriend and now he has gone fishing or that has said, with colleagues, I suppose he will return with Desiré, who is my sister-in-law, well or was , the Quique is the medium, has escaped, in the good word, also with his relative, who is alone in his house, the parents have gone to Zaragoza, it is seen that they are mosqueados by what I have heard and Here I am, single and without commitment, hehehe, happier than a partridge, it is that if I had known this before, I would not have had a girlfriend, hehehe, now I realize how good it is, hehehe, nor do I have to pay attention to any, or anything at all, with my parents, but I plan to work, I feel like it, I would also like to go to live alone, but all in time. Well to write something else, I will add that Eloy has a dog named Hanna, as the singer, it is good, good of the singer I like a song, because that between Hanna and the Moon could make a story , such as the adventures of Hanna and Luna or vice versa, this happens as Benito and company, from the series to work, who fight for who goes first on the card, that if Manolo or Benito, hehehe and nothing, today my father has taken it to the pool, well to a park and the lunita the aunt is soft as a baby’s ass and that has only been bathed with water, but it seems that it has become softening and now I’m going to take a shower and then if I come back, ok? See you later. Hello, Bona nit in Catalan, because I have already eaten dinner and I have gone down to the dog, but neither pissed off nor shit, well then I will lower it again and if not tomorrow better, then my fishing brother has also come, says that Fishy something, but he has not taught me, surely he will have taken a photo and released as they always do, or perhaps he has taken it to eat it, I do not know, well I do not know what else to say, well tomorrow will be another day. Hello, good morning, we are on 2/08/2011 and I went with the moon to walk it to the beach, yesterday as I did not feel like writing and I did not think of anything, because I did not write, now I will go to sleep because I have not slept at all and not because I have been around if not that yesterday after dinner as I had dinner very soon I threw a little head and woke up after a while and I could not sleep and nothing, which I will write later, by the way, I have seen a neighbor who lived in the neighborhood in which I lived before, a little Benito if I am not mistaken, I lived right next to me, next door, well I’m not far from where I lived before, just two steps like the one who says, oh something else, the dog has broken the strap of the pulls he gives, in short , they will be a job, hehehe, now I’m going to sleep, see you later. A, by the way, the other day was and bathed and today has also cooled in a puddle and in the sea, lol, I’ve seen the glassmaker’s truck and as I said, I thought, will the glassmaker know things about who will there be behind the crystals? Hehehe, I guess you won’t even have imagined it, it will be until the very same … to see crystals, hehehe, well now I’m going bye bye or even later. Hello, I’ve already gotten up and buaf…. I’ve had a dream not to tell, well yes, because dreams, dreams are, I’ve dreamed of my mother, I guess I would be in my father’s place, anyway, without comments , it was an erotic dream, but best of all that Jessy came out of the dream, as I said was a girlfriend of mine a few years ago, anyway, I went to the dog and I found a k** asking about a street, Salvador Baronè, it sounded to me that he was on the top, but as I was not sure I told him that I was from the rock village, because that is not the best, the best thing is that he looked like Jessy I don’t think it will happen to me that I see her now everywhere, God free me, she’s pregnant and I don’t know anything, hehehe, good in case the flies, good in the dream, just before getting up, when the I have seen in the dream I said, pregnant! Hehehe and I say it because before I saw my sister-in-law Desiré from all sides, good to understand us better, that I saw the girls who looked like her, I saw the Desiré and of various sizes, large, as a c***d, etc. That is why when I started this story of unanswered questions, I commented that if there were clones, hehehe, by the way, on TV they gave a series that was called like that, that’s why I say that if Jessica is going to leave now on all sides, and What does my mother have to do with Jessy? Is she big? And why did I go to the beach and saw a larger Desiré? And a small Sonia? Will it be my sight? Or maybe it’s the genes or I don’t know, maybe it’s the science, which is an immense field and I don’t know, for example, whoever has gone to Barcelona will know that there are the biggest clinics or in some other big capital, just by looking at those clinics so big and laboratories and universities so big, you see if there can be genes, clones and the mother who gave birth to them, hehe, if now those cells, which I now understand, you can choose if the mother who is pregnant wants a c***d or girl, I mean that in this life nothing surprises me, I expect anything and see that I am not a believer, that I already explained it, that as time goes by I believe less, but that does not mean that from time to time I I was surprised and now changing the subject I have seen Miriam and Buaf, she is a woman as her brother Miguel Ángel says, who lived where I, good to explain myself better, they still live there, we are the ones who no longer live there but we are two steps away I already commented, because what I’m going to, that Miriam and I have grown a lot have grown in a cart, lol and the other day because Miguel left from his car and he told me, have you seen Jony my sister as she has grown? And what did I do when I saw her get out of the car all fixed … left me speechless, I thought, who is that woman? And when Buaf told me, without words, I was stunned, saying that I was going to give him two kisses and I didn’t even speak, hehehe, to something else, that today I was not fixing and I was equally beautiful, hehehe , if better, that with heels makes me smaller, hehehe, so was the Michelangelo who sweated and everything, hehehe, the little work that would cost him to go have a drink with the sister and with those heels and a whole woman the miracles, good woman, well, miracles is their mother, good people, well now I don’t know what I’m going to do, I guess I’ll play a little, because I’m going to roll without internet, but we’ll have to put up with it, hehehe, bye, then I’ll be back, oh Jessy that it goes well with the pregnancy, hehehe, that for years I know nothing, kisses, fins later, is that I am rehearsing Catalan and I am with a book and I already know, from mica in mica s’omple the pica, hehehe. I’m already here, they are talking about religion and the preacher said that, if Europeans are Christians and I wonder, everyone? He has also mentioned Buddhists, as I understand Buddha is also a god like Jesus, Allah, Shrimp for Gypsies is also a god and Maradona for Argentines and Buddha for Buddhists, but where are they from? And discovered another god, well I have remembered Maradona, hehehe. Well, I’m back and nothing, I’ve been thinking about my grandmother’s mass and I’ve seen family members who had not seen them for years and nothing, it seems that my cousin Jenny is angry with me or I think so, it’s the same , I have also seen my cousin Cristina who was the sea of ​​beautiful and with a face of happiness that ole, hehehe, I see Eli more often, nothing, she has invited me to her house on Saturday because it is the c***d’s birthday , then also to my great aunt Pili is revolutionary but can not, lol, who has come from Madrid and will be here for a few days, what I have said if she will come to our house and has told me that she did not know, that she at the moment to the beach, I see it normal that from seeing so much field I want to see the beach now, it is very good and going out with her drinks has to be cool, I have also seen my aunt la Montse who was fine, but she was with her face down moral, will have his streak or perhaps is the one who suffers the most, I say it about my grandmother, my uncle Angel and my cousin Dani are in good health and my uncle Nico and my aunt Isidra too, my aunt Isidra has told me that if I knew him, because he connected on Facebook and told me if he knew who he was, in short, they have also come those of Hospitalet, well everyone and finally my uncle Felipe, my sister-in-law, my brother, my mother and I and that is it, the church very beautiful, but with tremendous heat, it had some pub lights, but immense, I also I have looked at the sculptures and the precious glasses, the virgins, etc., I have noticed a sculpture and it seemed Moses, who goes with the rod and in the middle of the sea with supporting the cane opens the sea and leaves the path free Well, that one, but now I have been talking to my mother and it is similar, then well drawn, Jesus appeared beaten, why? I do not know, I have seen it from afar and I have also noticed the crystals that were shaped like the basics or swastikas, does it say so? And finally I looked at the ceiling and see that I have seen the Davinchi code, the same drawings came out that were like one or the reverse as they looked, quite well, then the priest or the preacher has distributed sacred ostias to anyone who wanted or for anyone who has confessed and that’s it, my uncle Bernardo has also come and nothing, a great athlete yet and I still say because he had an accident, he won fishing titles, bone he was a great fisherman, he won trophies and now He is also going to fish, but less or occasionally he goes with my other uncle, with my brother or with friends, although everything must be said, he likes to ride a bike and now it is worth it, if I can think of something Well, here I will be writing some signboards, a, I also forgot, there was the Mercedes, which as I understand her husband died, the issue that all were well, except my aunt Montse who was down, I guess she will recover, that maybe I’m wrong and it’s ok No, I don’t know, that’s what I thought, good bye. Hello, I am here, at this time of night and I am not sleepy and I have thought that I can do and I have said, I will write for a while, one thing has just occurred to me, I have thought about writing a story or making it a movie, bone for us to understand, I do not know how to start, first I will start because I name the characters or actors that will appear in the story and then I have to think about a comedy, horror novel, erotic, police, etc … how to start? As time goes by I will memorize and think, first of all, I will have to be inside the scenes, bone, a little patience and little by little I will summarize it, maybe the first one does not come out as I want or maybe it is right, one of love? I do not know, I do not know, depending on how I see and think about that, I will do it, I will think, I leave you, well I will not think as I write, I want it to be a story of Spain, of America, etc …, well, to tell you the truth, I will write based on me as if I were in a movie, but I don’t know whether to do it, novel, police, of terror, of love, erotic, of intrigue, etc., well, but I will not do it here, I have chosen another page, that is, until tomorrow, I will try to have it as I begin, and I say, to be a story, movie or novel, it does not have to be true, so I can invent the characters and give them the name that I want, the title I will leave for the latter. Hello, good morning today to August 3, 2011 and I started the story, movie or whatever, for now it is about a boy who works in a wine factory in a town of Logroño and a girl, a businesswoman comes from Holland Well, rather, she comes with her father and her partners and they want to open a wine factory in Holland and the daughter knows our factory worker and he invites her to spend a few days at home and for now there is the thing, I will continue to be as I follow the story. Well I’m here, there are progress with the story, and finally the Dutch meets his parents, have dinner and have been left to do things tomorrow and well I can think of more things. Hello, good night, sorry for not having appeared, is that I am entertaining writing the book, every time the thing is getting more interesting, kisses are already given, hehehe, what will happen … well anyway, I do not advance more, I think that I will be fine, I have thought for when I finish printing my brother the Quique, well from here to finish buaf, but the thing is getting more and more interesting for her, bone the Dutch has invited him to go to Holland , but he has been like an entree and he has said that it is very soon, hehehe, oops and yesterday what they thought while they were about to go to sleep, although it is my own book or my own story written by me, better than me nobody knows what is going to happen and even then I don’t know it nor me, hahaha, as I am writing I get more into the movie, hehe, as if I were inside, hehe, well today he has taken her shopping , hehehe … and now they will enter his uncle’s restaurant, his uncle’s bone, the mother already know that they like each other, but what will her friend Margarita think? The father, etc., I have invented the names by putting some name on the characters, just like the town of Calahorra, which is in Logroño, La Rioja, has also collaborated or I have had Carlos Arguiñano, who without he does not know how the Dutch in the role of Sofia, wants to learn traditions of Spain and I have taken a few recipes from Carlos Arguiñano, when I am going to finish the story or book, movie or whatever, I will put that, with the special collaboration Carlos Arguiñano, that without him I do not know how I would have taught a Dutch woman to cook, hahaha, and sayings that she wants to point out, because they plan to open a wine company in Holland and would like to put sayings in her company that will open there, all this is fictitious and, what cost in minutes and how it ends, hehehe, by the way, I have become an actor, for that I am writing it, hehehe, to something else, the title I will leave for the end, I put one but if I’m honest and how it goes of wines, I put my own harvest, but it sounded to me to have heard it before, I don’t know, it seems to me that in a series if I am not mistaken, but this is nothing to do with that of the TV, although I think that the one of the TV is of Olive trees, I think not, I’m sure, well whatever I am writing my book, I don’t know, I do it to kill time, although who knows, maybe someone is interested and in the long run I can get a few euros, hehehe, that I am without white, although I do not do it for money, but you never know, without starting, hehehe and then maybe if I took out my work, history, movie, well for now it is a book and then if they did it that would be work of others, well whatever, that I have put each character their own color so that they know who is who and when they print it and someone is interested and I get a better percentage than better or not? Well nothing happens, I do it first of all to hang out. Hello, good afternoon, evenings, we are on 5/8/2011 and I have an impressive toothache, well now I have stopped a little, now I will continue writing the book, bone that see you later. Hello, how long, we are on 7/8/2011 and I have already taken the story or movie or whatever is quite advanced and it seemed that he would not understand me or me, but there we are doing, à, the dreams I have left them to a side because lately I have not dreamed and if I tell the truth, if I have dreamed or remember these last dreams, by the way I have already looked for the title, I have put it, Josemi, the endless story, well that moment title and if in the long run I can think of another one I’ll put it on Hello good afternoon, today I have something to add, well first of all we are on 7/8/2011 and yes, we are on the same date, but yesterday I was writing and now I am reading Jaime Baylis’s book, that, that I went to bed this morning and like the one who does not want the thing and like the one who says, I just woke up, well rather I have awakened to not vary, well what I’m going to, I have dreamed nothing more and nothing less than with my cousin Eli and whenever I dream of her I have erotic dreams, well but dreams, dreams are, an old school friend has also appeared in the which I studied Well, that of studying, well, let’s leave it at the school that I used to go, well, my friend is what I say is called Lola and she also lives in the neighborhood where I lived before, a beautiful gypsy girl, well I don’t know if she will continue living there, in Anyway, as I said, dreams, dreams are and now what I am going to, I am reading a book whose author and whose name is Jaime Baylis, I do not know if it will be called that way or it will be his real name, well there goes the question without Answer, how little I have read, is it from a person who is writing his life? Or does he also write by putting himself in a situation and from there he writes? Better than anyone knows, I guess, for example I am writing and the characters are chosen at random and once I finish writing and if someone saw it, it can be seen reflected, just as when I read that I have also been able to see reflected in some things and not in others, I guess that’s why the books are, well now I’m going to continue reading for a while and then I’ll get ahead of my book a little … I mean see you later. Hello again, today we are at 12/8/2011 and nothing, yesterday I had another dream, in this flip, hehehe, I was in a van and suddenly I went out the window and I do not know if I fell for a kind of ravine , lol and I trying to grab the grass that was around, but there was no luck, I was with two k**s, one was an old acquaintance and the other did not know who he was or did not get to see him, then another acquaintance, I also dreamed that he was working as an entrepreneur, hehehe, with a briefcase, then I also dreamed, it seems a lie, but it is what I say, or I do not dream or every time I dream three or four scenes appear in the same dream, nothing, I took a k** and gave him a wiggle, hehehe, like dogs that smell, but anyway, dreams, dreams are, well now I’m going to continue writing the book. Hello, I’m here, I just woke up and I had an incredibly handsome dream, I was in the kan dragon, an attraction of Port Aventura and I was going to climb and suddenly the belt to tie me danced to me, bone that I was going big and for a few minutes I suffered, after suddenly I was in an Aquarium and I saw a rayfish pass, it has been good, what else to say, that for now I am not going to write the book I am writing anymore, I will make a car or a stop, because I don’t want it to look like any movie, I mean I have to think about what I’m going to write … so that it doesn’t look like any movie I saw, then I stop and think about what I’m going to write, although thinking it well in all the movies and in all the books the reader can always be identified, hehehe, it seems like when I started writing these words to find those questions without answers and of souls and dreams, which right now is of what I am writing apart from the book or fictional story, but at the same time real that is called Josemi, the never-ending story, which is of a wine company worker who works in a small town in La Rioja and meets a Dutch woman and they start a relationship and start dating, then they have a friend in common called Margarita and now, well then the Dutch woman goes to France four or five days with her father for business matters and when they return they start to go out and take substances, well before she goes to France were already in a disco and they already try what they say d**gs, but that is when the story really begins, that’s why I put the title of Josemi, the endless story, hehehe, because it has no end and when I start telling the history and put for over eighteen years and that is where I want to explain a bit, for example I have seen the Traffic movie and that is why I am thinking now and I have made a stop, so that it does not look alike, although surely it is something have to seem, because in those films or in almost all that appear or leave d**gs they look like each other, nothing more and nothing less and for the simple fact that d**gs appear, then there was also while I wrote, I do not know in which scene I was writing and it was healing a movie of me I am Juani and I thought, oh yes, what I am writing looks like, and what did I do? Well, stop and think and that’s the way it is and that’s where I want to go, that basically everything is related to some things and nothing, that I don’t know what to say, a, by the way, today is 13/8/2011, well then wing, I have already put some more words, I have also heard that there is also a dream of dreams, but I have not managed to hear his name very well. Hello, good morning, today on 14/8/2011 and I just woke up and do not see the dream that I had, a full-blown pornographic dream with my sister-in-law Sonia, again that we were in a house of Gava I think that it was, because the place looked like Gava, the town next door and we were in a house and tacataca, full-fledged introduction and at the end of the dream I gave him a tongue kiss and my brother was the quique and the k** was It didn’t matter and I told him, if you want I give you one, hahaha and of course it was a dream, hahaha, well I’m going to keep writing the book and that, a supermarket, but I don’t remember much, just that, woe to a couple of k**s in the neighborhood, by the way, I have already finished an impressive sheet of folios and now I have already started two and that, I did not expect to finish it early, well, I have already started both and I have to say that I have an awesome headache. Well, today on 22/8/2011 and again I return here after such a long time, the truth that I have not rewritten about dreams, right? Well, because I have not dreamed much, rather I had dreams of images, for example, that of an old professor of mine, an intelligent guy, a good teacher of natives, come on that I had a great time, took us to the garden to plant artichokes, potatoes, cauliflowers, etc., and he was also the one who taught me to play chess, in short, a good teacher, then I also had a dream, well rather the image of his face, of a girl named Ainhoa, is it written like this? Well and my neighbors, that’s why I haven’t written anything about dreams, because these days I’ve had dreams of faces, anyway, I’m going to continue writing the second part. Today on 23/8/2011 and I got up and freaked out because I dreamed that my ex-girlfriend Jessy told me to forget her number and I don’t even have a cell phone, anyway, well, well now I’m going to stop in this second part, because I have gone blank, well, I can think of something. Hello, I’m here, today we are on 25/8/2011 and yesterday I dreamed again, I dreamed of my cousin Eli, hahaha, this girl is too much, she is always in my dreams, hahaha, well, that, I saw her I was with her son and I seem to be kissing her and her good night kisses, well it has been a dream, haha, but go with my cousin Eli, hehehe, it’s too much, it’s always in my dreams and I’ve also dreamed with my girlfriend the pregnant woman and I was walking down a street and she was sitting at a table in a bar and next I suppose I would be her boyfriend, her husband or her self that I know, hahaha, I’ve also heard the last of the dream that he told me at eight in the church, hahaha, well I dreamed that yesterday too, but I have a doubt, whenever I’m sleeping, well not always, sometimes, before it happened more often, and lately it didn’t happen, well I get to the point, I’m sleeping and the little bird gets up and suddenly I wiggle and, zas !!, but I slept and I pr Second, why is that? I don’t know, but without wanting, in short, I’m sleeping and suddenly that, why? Well I do not know, it must be the body and the reactions, but what a fabric, well now I will continue writing the second part of Josemi, the endless story, this is costing me a little more than the first, but there I am, in this second part, I summarize a little more where I go, in this second part the protagonists want to go to Holland and need to raise money as soon as possible and decide to sell d**gs to pay for the trip to Holland and start without knowing and begin to find out what the thing is not so easy, now for example they are caught with a bottle of liquid ecstasy, I have also removed Carlos Arguiñano in this part and I have put, well rather, I have drawn like some pictures and introduced them, I say this because One morning they were bored and I thought, well, they go to the museum, hehehe and nothing, as I said there I am writing and now I am going to eat goodbye. Well I’m here, yesterday I dreamed, but I had a very strange dream, I had a dream of an undertaker, it was in my old school, in the garden we had there is no longer, because I spent the other day there and was no longer there, Well, that, I was in the dream and I don’t know who it was, but we had a shovel and we took out something that I didn’t get to see what it was, well, well, I’m going to keep writing. Hello, good morning in the morning, well here it is already in the afternoon and today a colleague has come, Antonio, who has come from Granada, well he is a colleague, but more friend is from my brother the little one, they have known each other since c***dhood, Well I know him too, but he is more friends with Eloy, well because they are from the same fifth, hehehe, I have seen him more changed, with a more settled head, well, before we were all crazy goats, hehehe, he knows how to play the k** very well, now I do not know if it will continue, I suppose so, that is never forgotten, I would like to learn because I do not know, well and that, well now they are gone, I suppose to take something and see the other schoolboys, well and yesterday I had another dream, although I don’t know very well what a serious dream, I thought I saw the c***dren of Juanillo or my other old boss, a good guy, well, that I saw in the dream, but no I know if they were the c***dren of Juanillo or my other old boss, Antonio, look what a coincidence, speaking Antonio, hehe, well, that I did not see very well in the dream, I saw how it moved away, a very strange dream, hehehe and now I will continue with the second part of the story, by the way, good memories of my bosses , each one with his way of being, but that I had a great time with him, hehehe, the juanillo a horny in the good sense of the word and a jartà to laugh that so that, as he would say, we worked in a neighborhood bar and as the bullfighters we filled all the tables and well my other old boss, Antonio or Toni for friends, nothing, I went with him and nothing, we did patches, I also learned a lot, the Toni was more bohemian, hehehe and he called me the uncle, Jony de la source and vermilion of the real or something, hahaha, I don’t remember very well how he baptized me at work, but something like that, he had good points and I also gave him singing, hehehe, anyway, well I’m going to keep writing, but rather I will think how to continue, now I have the protagonists in a kind of antr or, well where does he go when he doesn’t sleep or what is the same, an after and they can’t stop and it seems that they are doing well, they get what they have, we are going to sell what they have, they’ve met the friend of the chick who is the one who passes them the merca and they have become friends and better they cannot go and this has taken them to the east site, well and as they caught him with the bottle of liquid ecstasy and the one who passes them the merca has entered a new d**g and has enough, rolled up and left three to ten and so they started and the three sold them and then another three and now five more and there I go, They also go tender and the girlfriend of this has a tower and they already have room for when they leave the disco or after, like Blade’s movie, the disco that comes out, because a site like this, today is 28/08/2011 and nothing, there are three days left for my brother Quique’s birthday, my brother’s little one was on the nineteenth day of this month, I don’t know if I pointed it out, I guess so and well if it has not been a system failure, it was down here, well and if it did not come the other day because the k** worked and also as he is the little one he also went with friends, it is normal, well that, that he turned twenty-five years old and the middle one will be here three days twenty-seven, like the day of my birthday, a twenty-seventh of April of the year nineteen eighty-two, that is, I am twenty-nine, the medium within three days twenty-seven and the little twenty-five, Come on, two by two, as in the goose game, hehehe, well then I’ll come back. Hello, I have returned, after a few days, today 4/9/2011 and we are at night now, because I want to explain why I have returned, because yesterday I dreamed about my cousin Eli, my cousin, it is tremendous, always It’s in my dreams, what if it haunted me? Well, yesterday’s dream was too much, fuck, no comments, anyway, I also want to say that before yesterday I saw a dream movie and it was but that very well, it was a guy like me, like any other and I thought what same as me, he asked himself the same question and it is that the guy starts to see the same woman every night is worth it, because in the end the guy ends up knowing her, it’s pretty good, because the same thing happens to me as to that one, but I know my cousin, hehehe, well there goes another question of those unanswered Why do I always see my cousin in dreams and not another girl? Have you bewitched me? Or simple coincidence? I have thought and it is not because it is ugly, far from it, I think it is a Caribbean, how bad my cousin is, I say, man if it was another that I do not even know, but why do I dream so much with my cousin Eli? It is always in my dreams, to which dreams go, to something else that I think, will it be her or maybe not, what if she looks like it? But I know my cousin Eli and I know how she is, I don’t know, will it be normal for me to always dream of her? And why with her? If I have more cousins, I don’t know, well dreams, dreams are, well now I’m going to start the third part, I have titled it Josemi, the endless story 1 + 2, the second one is over and now I just need my brother to give it to me print and that’s it, to another thing, when I have just seen all the dream movies I will write down another topic and there, I am thinking what to put, and today I have seen a movie called Patricia’s wet dreams and that tired of laughing, the truth is that the thing has become interesting, for the aunts who come out in balls, well it is not that it is very good movie, but some aunts, hehehe, that to say, because to the point, the protagonist looked like a old acquaintance, the Jessy Nieto, but large, it goes that if he hears me he kills me, hehehe, but things are like that, he seemed, but with a few more years, well if that now I come and I will continue writing and fuck with my cousin , hehehe, to another thing, should I tell my cousin the dreams I have with her? To!! Another question in the air. Hello, I’m here, it’s 6:14 in the morning and I remembered the other day that I had another dream and I forgot to write it down, because it was like that, we were all three in a bar of the neighborhood association of the old neighborhood where I used to live before, now it’s not that I’m far away because under the stairs and is two steps from here, it was like that, we were the Javi, the Angel Alba, two acquaintances of the neighborhood, well two k**s, well what I’m going to, we were all three and there was a white sand castle and I don’t know how or why the two leave me alone and suddenly I see myself talking to the Marbelys, buaf! a piece of woman that I flip in colors every time I see her, oh it’s not the first time I see her in dreams, the first time I saw her, she was at school and danced with her, yes, every time that appears to me in dreams is the Javi, coincidence? Hehehe, well it may be a coincidence too, Uncle Marbelys on TV, a brunette, well I’ll be back tomorrow. Well, today 5/9/2011 and it is 3:19 in the morning and nothing I am here, today I have communicated with my aunt Pili, from Guadalajara, the aunt is great, of course they have been partying at the People, who doesn’t like a spree? For example, I do not feel very well to drink more than the account, I feel bad, instead there are people who are accustomed and do not feel so bad, because nothing, that now my aunt has made me doubt the dream that I had the other day, what if it was her? And that has sounded like Alejandro Sanz’s song, in short, it is the same, dreams, dreams are, I have also seen my cousins ​​and there are lots of greats and nothing, that now the squares parties are over and those from here begin and Alovera’s, changing the subject, and my little brother has already printed the second part and now I will start the third part, but I think that in this third part I will write it in a year, I will take it easy and apart of that because ink is not that there is much in the printer, well tomorrow will be another day. Hello, good morning, today on 6/9/2011 and nothing, that yesterday I had another dream that I liked and I hope the dream I had yesterday is fulfilled, I dreamed that I was carrying a lot of gold, I mean that it is fulfilled and have a lot of gold, not to steal it, because in the dream it seemed as if I entered a store and stole it and I want it without having to steal it, pending with my initial and something else, a, yes, I would like a ring, some cord and some earring like those of the dream, I have one, but it is not gold, but this amount of handsome and shines, well and now I will continue writing the third part, but as I said I will take it with calm. Hello, good morning, today 8/9/2011 and nothing, that yesterday I dreamed of the Cristina who was in Victor’s car and looked at me and laughed and that’s it, go dream come, well that’s how I stayed , hehehe, a hottie, everything must be said, I don’t know, but he will have his life, will he be with Victor? I do not know, I have not known anything about them for a long time, Victor another boss I had in the bar that is just below my house, well he and his parents, good people and very good parties I’ve spent with them, good with Cris and with Victor, a whole flirt, hehehe, but now I don’t know if she will be with her, I saw her in her dream yesterday and she was carrying her car or maybe hers, well I don’t know, otherwise, I’ve I advanced a little more with the third part of the story and now I was watching a movie, but the truth is that I don’t like it very much, everything has to be said, but the one I liked about the movies I’ve seen of dreams for now is The girl of my dreams, the good night, because you see that there are a few with the same title, well I will finish watching it and then continue writing. By the way, so that we don’t get confused, because I have a cousin named Cris, this Cris has the nickname of Mimi, hehehe, like Miki’s girlfriend, hehehe, it’s worth see you later. Hello, I’m here, I just saw the dog girl again and I already thought I would not see her anymore and suddenly she appeared, but not in dreams, if not really, well today we are today 09 / 09/2011 and it’s my mother’s birthday, nothing, little thing, I thought we were going to the fair and in the end we go tomorrow. Today ten and I just got up a while ago, nothing that I have dreamed of again, in this dream was the Chiky, the Susi a former schoolmate and the daughter of the Chiky, the Jenny, well it was the Ramón I think or it looked like him, and also my uncle Carlos who sent me for a bag of I do not know what it was exactly, they seemed like monopoly tickets, hehehe, the dream was good, I went with an orange toy gun I think and suddenly I went and wanted to change them to the Chiky, hehehe and suddenly the susi came out with her blue eyes and suddenly I got up from sleep, hehehe, by the way, what did my uncle Carlos do in the dream? I saw it one day in dreams that I was fighting with another k** where the g****vine is and in that same dream a girl would stand her skirt and show me the panties, of course I am talking about dreams, in this dream my uncle Carlos was in the Extremaduran bar, if I knew it, every time I see the dream dog girl, it doesn’t fail, I think that girl has powers or does magic and I thought, I don’t see this girl anymore and suddenly as he who does not want the thing goes and appears, that’s why they say that women never know where they are going to leave, hahaha. Hello, I’m here, it’s been a few days, today 13/09/2011, Tuesday 13, I’m not superstitious, but yesterday I dreamed again, well rather a while ago, first I dreamed that I was going to the movies with the loli, the two pains, well that, that was in the cinema with the loli and suddenly was in a pool with the big loli, the wife of Juan, my old boss, I already commented here some words of my boss, well that, I looked like the lifeguard and suddenly good, good but all this seemed as if I had eaten some pills of those powerful that leave through the clouds, well then suddenly I was at Calpe’s house with a chive of film, all this in the dream, although in fact it happened to me as I already commented I tried the pills, what a little experience, as well as cocaine, well but now I am talking about the dream of a while ago, because I just got up because yesterday I did not sleep at all, hahaha well that, the pool was just below the house d Calpe, an old friend who with that k** I have lived the most exciting experiences and also the bad ones, a little of everything, because that, that was in the pool and suddenly appeared, but it did not look good, it was a shadow , but it was him and that, that suddenly he was with Calpe and some other schoolmates in the square in front of the Can Palmer school, in some bushes and suddenly Jessy appeared, the girl with whom Calpe and Andrea were, a brunette, well, that, that showed me and told me that she had a logo, that I went to the Dada, a disco, well what a dream, right? Fuck, well then, and now I’m going to continue writing something more of the story, well I’m going for the third part, they’ve already arrived in Holland, I’ll write again, go sleepy, hehehe. Well, now that time has passed, to be exact a few days, today 17/09/2011, Saturday afternoon and nothing that I had a dream the other day with Chiky, I went on a plane on the beach and went up and down on the waves and best of all, the dream seemed real because it tickled my stomach, because that was more a plane and climbed up and suddenly it seemed as if it had run out of gas and we were going straight to the water, well rather I went straight to the water and then the Chiky went out on the same floor and told me it was my mother, bone that she It was my mother, fuck it was past and nothing, that, a dream, lately appears in my dreams and I do not know more than tell, yes, I have advanced a little more in the story, the characters of the story have now arrived to Holland and nothing, I will be telling how I am going with the story, for the moment safe and sound. Hello, today on 19/09/2011 and nothing, yesterday another dream of a girl with a pink bikini that I had seen in my life, looked at me and I looked at her and I don’t know who she would be, at least someone’s dream I did not know, and the two k**s of a dream I had seemed Moroccan, well in this dream they have also appeared and nothing more, well yes, my little brother has come, nothing, which says that the washing machine has broken and you have to spend three hundred euros, a stick and nothing that also tells me that if I write something about him, he says he goes to Holland, nothing, I asked him if he knew the customs of Holland, how they dress, what they eat, I I know that there are famous Frankfurt, but there will be something more traditional, for example, the beer there as I understand there are many classes, but now it is a whore because the internet does not work for me, as far as I know there are many water channels like in Venice, but I have no idea how they dress, well and of people I think there There are many darkies, whitey good and I think they are also very punks out there, but I do not know for sure, so I do not know … I risk me? Well if I do not wait, I said I was not in a hurry to write this third part, to something else, I want to leave the theme of dreams, let’s see, what other subject can I write that is ok? It has to be an issue that I find an explanation for, let’s see, for example, women, are they all the same? I guess so, because all women have a crack, I think that most of us agree, don’t we? But what I want to reach is that, if they are, for example, nicer, the brunettes or the blondes? Or maybe the redheads? Which ones are more active? Which more sensual? Does the hair color have to do anything? Or maybe it’s because of the zodiac sign that they are one way or another? I do not know, there I leave the question in the air, is there any study that can confirm whether they are one way or another according to this or that? I say women because I am a man, but the question is rather in general, more than anything so that they do not call me macho, well now I will try to write a few more words in history, although without internet it is a roll, more than anything because I’ve never been to Holland, well in a while or another. Hello, today 22/09/2011 and nothing that I had a dream yesterday whose identity I don’t know who it would be, nothing that limps the picha, hehehe and she was wet, what a dream, well what I’m going to, I said that I was not going to talk more about dreams, but also not to write them down, nothing happens, well what I’m going to, that I have seen a Caribbean on TV that is breaking the corduroy, leaves in Neox and the other day I fell asleep when I went to see it, well it is a program that a lot of aunts come out, the program is called I like you and a lot of aunts come out, it is presented by a Sandra who is also breaking, well the program goes from people who leave messages on the internet and good of people who want to link, well, in particular, there is one that I do not know if she is Caribbean or not, she is very brunette, she is rich, rich as Carlos Arguiñano would say and now nothing, I will continue writing a little. Hello, today 24/9/2011 and nothing, I said that I was not going to talk more about dreams, but now that I have a different one every day, yesterday for example I dreamed that I was in a disco and came in with some pills, there was a a lot of people, but you can see that I left a moment and when I came back there was no one, haha, cool that dream, once I dreamed another nightclub dream, at the door of what is the Avalón, now if I’m not mistaken It is called On Off and cool, what yesterday I do not know what a serious disco or pub, I do not know, but the dream was cool, well nothing, until next time if there is a next one. Hello, today 24/9/2011 and yesterday I had a dream again, in which I was with a woman from the park where the Oscar of Ringo lives, her name is Merche and nothing, some sex, but no sex , a very strange dream, what I do remember is that then I went through the square below and suddenly I was with Andres and Esther, his wife and I don’t know where we were going because just then I woke up, I also remember to the other Merche, the mother of Eloy and Jony, our neighbors who are called just like us by name I mean or we call each other just like them, because that, we were on a terrace of a bar and that’s it and now I’m going to continue writing the third part, well first of all I want to say that once I commented that sometimes I woke up in the middle of the night and suddenly the bird and pouf was raised, because I thought one thing, that women say that the k**s We have an easier time to pee, okay, but if they get the thing from the high to me last night and leave, she has it easier than men because they put tampax of those or compresses, they think they also go down there I guess, but I mean having relationships, I mean for example, if a woman is sleeping at midnight and suddenly he wakes up and the thing of wanting to go down there gets it easier, but we don’t, well I speak for myself, that more than one night I got up with the bird raised and catapun chinpum and on top unintentionally, but the mind is the mind or rather, the neurons, haha, although how many will remain for me? Hahaha, good bye. Hello, I have returned, nothing, that I have remembered that before yesterday I went to San Ramón at night, nothing, that I was walking through the red tower with the Moon, my dog ​​and when I arrived at a fountain he goes and goes and my dog ​​is bathed in the water of the fountain or rather cooled and I looked at the hermitage and thought, do I climb or not? And in the end, without thinking about it, I went up to the top, it was night and I looked at the hermitage and there was light, but as I walked into the forest, it was first dark and I was wrong on the way and then I backed off and got the road right and nothing, while I was raising the light that illuminated me from the hermitage went out, but the stars they lit the way, yes, because if it was for the moon I would have lost myself, hahaha, the aunt and on top of the other moon of the sky I would be resting because I was not in the sky, the point is that I got to the top, towards a beautiful night and when I got there I saw a light coming from inside the hermitage and I didn’t want to get too close because I guess the priest would be in there, I mean I turned around, I said, Luna, we are in heaven, here is the Our father who is in heaven, bone god and something else, while climbing up, when he was already arriving inside me sang Camarón and told me that I was asking God and now I know why they say that Shrimp is God, I also I remembered when I was a little older, when we were all going to the field but without reaching the top and going with the litronas, some with the guitars and telling scary stories, even what one said, I’ve heard some voices, all of them running and nothing that that I have remembered and noted. To this day my little brother has come to dinner and maybe I went down tomorrow, he says he is bored, the relative or rather the friend has gone on vacation or something, well he has a Play that has been left and a soccer game, the pro, I have told him that if he gets bored because he comes or does what he wants, here we are, although I don’t know how to get bored, man I guess he will have his friendships out there, although he may be in love, hehehe , what a scumbag, love, hahaha, that breaks hearts, I’ve already been through that, I mean I don’t want to know anything, I free, hahaha, bye. Well, today 27/09/2011 and nothing, yesterday I had a dream in which I was in the work laying bricks as in the series of Benito and company and I saw the brunette I like, the one that appears on TV, yesterday I did not fall asleep, otherwise, I have been thinking about the terrorist attacks, which all occurred on 11s, 11m and I do not know if there are any more, because that, that I have thought, 11, of 11, of 11, I do not know, I do not know, oh, better or think about it, to something else my brother has gone to Holland, what a coincidence, I writing a book or rather a history of Holland and he goes and leaves with his friends, hahaha, what a bastard, well if he deserves it, then let him go and also, his relative or friend is also out there, well, the other day in a dream that I had, the Peque, a neighbor of my uncle Felipe, came out, nothing, we were gathered in some home sitting and with a white one, hahaha, well now I’m going to continue writing the third part, where our friends are now having dinner and then they have gone to a karaoke and they have sung a song and they have triumphed and now they will go to rest or whatever, hehehe, that’s what I’m going to. Well, I’m back, now I’ve let the characters in the story I am writing to sleep and nothing, just say that the mirror has come to my mind and I thought that, if the word breaks it you put it in front of a mirror it would put love hahaha Hello, how are you, today 28/09/2011 and nothing, here I am, it’s 3:53 and nothing, I have gone to take the Moon and Hanna to do their needs and in passing I have passed by the hospital that They had told me that they had entered my aunt Aurora and I have passed by and I would see my uncle Felipe, but I was not or was in a room and as I was with the dogs, well, we have Hanna because Eloy is in Holland, well and now changing the subject I thought, why do blacks have such a long picha? Fuck like my arm maybe, well maybe not everyone, but most of them, maybe black people are god, hehehe, for how long they have the bastards, hahaha, because I suppose that with the women who are there they will tell you that, which I do not understand how That piece of cock fits, well yes, I suppose if they give birth to c***dren, they can fit the picha of a black man, hahaha and the bold ones also have what the vagina is more … as I would say, more swollen than white ones, bone that more cunt, I had a doubt before, that if women masturbated and yes, they also masturbate alone, that is, they are flesh and blood just like men, it is worth understanding, but why does a white person not have the picha of a black person? That maybe there will be some white I guess I have the picha of a black, I do not know, but what I know from what I have seen that his pichas are like my arm, hahaha, that maybe TV cheats, hehehe, just like I’ve I’ve seen two women and their runs are spectacular, but on TV, that’s why I say that maybe TV cheats, I don’t know, well, these are questions that I ask myself and now I’m going to keep writing the third part a bit. Hello, good morning, today 30/09/2011 and nothing, the other day I had a dream that I was in a disco and nothing, there was a couple and suddenly the boyfriend wanted to kiss me on the mouth and I said, no , no and then I saw myself in a street and a brunette was telling me that she was marrying Jony, I mean, I don’t know, a very strange dream, and it turns out that the k** was Francis, a k** who was going to my class brother the Quique, well it was a dream and nothing, my brother the little one has come from Amsterdam and nothing, I have told him that, what he said and he told me the same as what I have put in the story that I am writing now, nothing and that, that he came tired and that he was fine, but that he didn’t understand any English, hahaha. Hello, today one more day and the same shit, hehehe, as the bad Rodriguez would say and nothing, that yesterday I dreamed of a dozen eggs, it seems that they had changed the container, hahaha, what a strange dream. Hello, today 03/10/2011 and nothing, these days I have not had any dreams, but if I wanted to point out how I am bored a joke, there I go, these are two fleas that are in the navel of a woman and goes one and he tells the other, hey, we could do an excursion, one goes down and the other up and tomorrow we see each other at the same time here and we tell each other to see how it went, ok the other says, nothing said and done, the next morning the two fleas are found again in the same place and one tells the other, well that’s how it went and says the other, buaf, to me as a fucking mother, I climbed my way up there and there were two mountains and I stayed between the two mountains because there was a shadow and there I took a nap and you, how was it? And the other one says, to my fatal one, I lowered my path down and first I ran into some bushes, well I say, rather it was a jungle and well when I left there I go and fall into a cave, well there motherfucker, I even fell asleep, but at about four o’clock in the morning came a monster that told me, that I catch you, that I do not catch you and the very son of a bitch as he did not catch me spit on me… hahaha, well That was to tell a joke and write something else, to another thing, the other day I went to see my cousin Eli, more than anything to go for a walk, but I had the blinds down and more, to, yes, yesterday I went to bed at six in the morning, but the best thing of all is that at five I meet my brother that he just got up and that, if I went with him to fish, I said yes, come, but in the end he told me that he was going to Tarragona alone and that I stay and that, that I got up at the time from eating, to, by the way, I have also thought about the brunette of TV and that I think it is blackberry or perhaps from the Caribbean, well from wherever, as if it wants to be from the north pole, it is delicious, hehe, good nothing, goodbye And until next time. Hi, I’m here again, nothing, I wanted to write down, does Matrix exist? I believe in my opinion that yes, suppose that the containers are doors that open and those containers to give an example were our eyes and what is inside is what we see in our dreams when we dream, hehehe, well in mine there doesn’t have to be anything anymore, because lately I don’t dream anymore, hahaha, well, yesterday I was in the Neox channel and I have remembered that in the Matrix movie, Neox was like a god or what we can call a chosen one and Morpheus is as a teacher and whoever has seen the movie will know that there is a land that everyone who inhabits it has some powers and I sometimes think in some part that it has its logic, because as Morpheus tells Neox in the movie, is it all Real what surrounds us or is it the product of our imagination? Are they codes? Because when we close our eyes there is nothing? Just a dark emptiness and while we relax and fall asleep sometimes images come to us or what is the same, dreams, what do those dreams or those images mean? Will they be messages of what will happen in the future or may life be in Matrix and that is the true reality of when we open our eyes as if we were the dreams of another person than in that same moment in which we after open your eyes after one night, another person in those same moments when we open them the other person is closing them? Theories and more theories, hehehe, I don’t know and I say the Matrix movie because in a certain sense it has its logic, okay it’s a movie, but what if the movies are based on reality? It can be, well I get to the point, computers, television, in theory the technology of today, many advances, many chips and, in short, if a chip of those works a box and give it life, why a person no? I think so, that there have to be a lot of things that normal people do not know and as in the Matrix movie, there are very few chosen who know the truth, because the one who is blind sure does not see, but in a certain way way sees more than in what we actually see or the deaf who cannot hear, perhaps hearing nothing is with himself, something that those who hear sometimes our head explodes to hear things that really do not make sense or hear what same always, for example, this I had heard before, the deaf has that advantage, that he can be with himself or listen to his inner god, that to that inner god that almost everyone we have that could be perfectly Morpheus say Neox, but Neox is the chosen one and Morpheus the one who teaches it, therefore Morpheus is the teacher and therefore I believe that Morpheus the one in the movie is like God and in real life I believe that if there has to be a Morpheus, a Neox and an oracle, they would be like the evangelical saints and the housekeeper because without it we could not open doors or close them, then there would come the bad ones that would be the ones who would want to control us and put us chips to make us bad and that’s why God is our Savior, so that we don’t fall into the hands of the bad guys and make us their own and I say that between movies and real life I don’t think it makes much difference, well yes, for the effects and that, but sometimes I’m watching television and I think, oh and that or that looks like that, but I think inside of me and that the comparisons are horrible, but that’s why I think that in life real and the one on the screen there is not much difference and if Matrix were the world inside that box that is TV and as we stay a long time watching it can absorb us or maybe within what is on TV are the bad ones that we they want to make their own as in the p Matrix, who seize people and get into his body, and I don’t know, I don’t know, I’m going to have to turn off the TV and have what happens. Hello, today 10/10/2011 and yesterday I had a dream, well a little while ago because I just got up, well I was like in a kind of class and suddenly I see myself talking to one who told me that they were making fun from me and I replied that I did not care, that I am happy as I am and who does not like it, because I do not look or something like that, hehe, well and then I changed the stage and I saw myself in an elevator with Sandra, Sheila’s sister and we gave each other what becomes a kiss with tongue, hehehe, but it seemed more like the first kiss of our life, because we collided tooth to tooth, haha, well and finally I saw Eloy , hehehe, what a scumbag, haha, every time I remember, hehe, nothing like that, he was in his car with the porn actress and he said, we say it in the pool, well I’m thinking about what the name of the porn actress is and now I do not remember, but it is famous, it is from here of Viladecans, but I have forgotten what it is called, well until next time To turn off the television nothing at all, I must be addicted or something like that, hahaha and that I was one season without seeing it, well until next time. Hello, today 11/10/2011 and it seems that my dreams have returned again and yesterday I dreamed that a plane crashed and with a map in my hand after it had crashed, the remains were s**ttered, it was fair What I had drawn on the map, then I was with my cousin Alberto sanding some doors, but well, before that, just after the map, the remains were with two girls in a balloon, I don’t know who they could be , hehehe, well, that, that my dreams have come to me, something else, I have gone for the freshly raised bread and I have met the Esther and nothing, it is as beautiful as ever, but the point is that as I finished to get up and my eyes were still glued, I thought it was my ex-sister-in-law Saray, the sister of Jessy and I’ve been a little standing, hehehe, well now I’m going to the shower that in this heat I’m a little stuck, Hahaha, bye. Hello, now that time has passed and I had forgotten these last dreams, because I am already here, today 18/10/2011, because what I am going to, in these last days or four I have had a few dreams, for example So remember, I was at the bar of the six brothers in the neighborhood, with my old boss Juan, also that I was going around to the soccer field and suddenly I meet my brother Quique and he tells me that they speak badly or something and I answer him, because they speak what they want, I do not care and yesterday I dreamed with the Carol of the town, his cousin el Nino, what I don’t know very well what we were talking about and little else that I remember, now I will continue with the third part, it seems to me that I have seen my ex out there, but little, I speak in the dream, not in reality, good until next time. Hello, today 19/10/2011 and nothing, that the other day I forgot, that I have been thinking and that, that the other day I dreamed that a man fell lightning and I think he killed him, but in my I dream, in the high part where we played baseball when we were little, where we took cabbage for the slingshot, because there fell a ray to a man and I think he killed him and nothing, that I went to bed this morning of good morning, for at least at eight o’clock, yes, again I have the schedule changed and it is not because it is me, but if my mind goes, sometimes I get up at a good time, but to which I neglect I already have the schedule changed and nothing, I have gone with the shepherdess to the Salas neighborhood, on the part of the industrial zone, to see if I found something out there, that they say that there is always something on the road, because I swim, to a man who was going to do his day’s work and nothing, I have already told him that I was doing the job and the usual thing, that there are four girls and nothing, well before that I have taken the shepherdess to the circus for me to see and she who put me inside and I, pastor, that there are lions, although she is like a lioness but in small, that they would have accepted her and then I have met the man and after that nothing, I have been taking a look at the factories, which was too early, but anyway they were the majority with a sign for rent, then back to the pastor has given a hurry and has put the aunt to vote in the middle of the road and I, shepherdess, but what are you doing, are you leaving the pot or what? All the way I have taken you loose and now you put me to vote and I, but you do not see that this is not the neighborhood, that cars are passing by here and she is all cool with my head like that, as if the road were her own, Well, afterwards, I thought, well, a mistake, but what the hell or what milks, that more ahead sees a motorcycle pass and the colleague threw himself on, well that he was going towards the one of the motorcycle, well, I’ve already had to tie, to another thing, it is seen that in that area the local police have to love him very much because they have not told me anything to take her loose, well I just in case I have done the threat as he tied her, well but in the end I had to tie her and nothing, finally since I was in that area I have turned around where the Afters are and just before reaching one of them I met my father and nothing, he told me that, What was I doing out there, that I was in love and that I went to sleep, yes, deep down I was right, but as I said ah Now I have the night schedule and therefore I was not sleepy, well I asked him for a cigarette and he has continued with what he was doing and I have continued on my way and right at the door of the after I told him, look shepherdess, You see this site, because if you don’t listen to me I leave you here and here you can vote, eat and whatever you want, already turning the corner was the other after, but I said, no, you to that no, you to the other and nothing , back home and I’m done tired and I have fallen asleep, by the way I have gone to see if I saw glass bottles around, but neither one, nor in the hospital, nor in the gala that is a good perfume company, well in the hospital as well as there were , but surely they were inside and I am not going to steal them, although it has occurred to me, but since I am no longer a small c***d, then nothing and loose do not sell them in stores, well yes, but they are plastic and do not cool, goodbye and nothing, that another day I will go to the mountain, but it seems to me that in the mountain few I will find, rather none, because if I have gone to the large perfumery and there is not there, by the way or there will be little stones, there are almost no stones along the way and I remember that as a c***d there was always something to find on the street, although there were also many needles, because before there was the crack and what there were needles, but at what I come to refer, that I do not know, that having many factories, somewhere they will have to and take what is not worth and I have thought, what if I go to the perfume shop? Surely there are empty pots of perfumes that are not worth it, surely there are a lot, but no, I was wrong, because there were no containers, it seems to me that they would have them inside, well outside there were some of irons, but they were guarded by the Vargas and I will not get there if they are watching, to something else, I have turned around the area and there was a campillo and I say, shepherdess, well the shepherdess is my dog, I say, look, a cat, but it turns out that they weren’t cats, they were hares or rabbits, but the shepherdess has told me with her eyes, that your father takes them and I have told her, go on if Hanna had already hunted him, Hanna is the dog Eloy, who once hunted one, well she or my brother and nothing, when I left the campillo I saw that the shepherd was scared of something and I said, Luna, what is there? It would be a hare or a rabbit as I said before or maybe a rat or a snake, because you never know, I have given the branches with the leash to see if there was anything, but it looks like anything has been scared and nothing, now until next time. Hello, today 20/10/2011 and nothing, I’m still here without sleep since yesterday, nothing, today is not my day, my mother told me that I was going to stay in the street and that I was They were going to forget the keys and they go and they forget me, Aunt Gafe, because she has already shown me for the whole day, the mother is really bad, but I think she has done it to something done, already good morning He has thrown straight as the goats to the mountain, because the aunt is a fortune teller, it seems that what he says is going to happen, I am fed up, I think I would be more beautiful quiet, he has told me in a way that has happened , I don’t want to remember it, I mean that until next time, well first of all I have walked halfway through town and asking everyone who worked with my brother and my father, to see if they knew anything about what area my brother was in and my father and nothing, well yes, I have been told that they thought that from ten to ten fifteen they were going to have breakfast at Marian, but that it was not safe, I have screwed up the mother who gave birth to me eighty times on the road, Auntie Gafe and nothing, in the end there has been luck and I have finally found my father, but do not see that little morning and more without sleep, good bye I’m going to rest a little, if I can of course, that I don’t know whether to endure until the night. Hello, I’m here, today 25/10/2011 and nothing, that yesterday I dreamed that I was at my aunt Aurora’s house and nothing, that there were a lot of people, Eli, my aunt Aurora, Isabelita, Lidia, my cousin’s friend María José and I even saw my ex-girlfriend Jessy and nothing, that Isabelita told me if she had cheated on him , then I went to the kitchen and Eli absorbed my tongue, bone a kiss of those with tongue, because a little more and eat my tongue, lol, in the clear dream is and nothing, then I went to the room and they were playing A letter and Jessy looked at me and suddenly I left the room to go and in the elevator my cousin Eli tells me, take, give this to your mother and that was a drill with fishing needles, hahaha, my cousin Eli is that it is only, how long without seeing her, hehehe, the one who was not there was my uncle Felipe in the dream and the Isabelita, my aunt Aurora’s sister said something of deception, but I don’t know what she meant, then on the other hand my aunt Aurora He told me something, but I have not come to understand it, of course I have dreamed it and the best thing of all, Eli almost absorbed me tongue, hehehe, weird is the dream that I have and that Eli does not come out, hahaha, it is deadly, hahaha, well now I am going to, because I honestly do not know what I will do, well yes, first of all, since I I remember the Jessy the subject is fatal, because nothing, to take for sack, I will not warm my head, if the white horse is not because I do the brown horse, hahaha, bye. Hello, today 27/10/2011 and nothing, say that these days I have not had any dreams and nothing, that I have been thinking about that of semen banks, that people go and deliver semen and give them money, because I also want money to donate semen, but I have also thought that those who donate semen, after what? If, for example, I donate semen, okay, they give me money and I take and leave, but after that, is it their truth? Because then the c***d does not come and says, you are my father, right? I don’t believe, because that is there, right? That is an unanswered question that I have, because I imagine that after having donated semen the c***d comes and says, you are my father, no, no, well let’s change the subject, today is a shitty day, talking bad and soon and nothing, here I am bored, this morning I have passed through my old neighborhood, although old it has nothing, because every day the famous castle is more changed, good for me it is like a fortress and above it is called Av./ Luis Moré del Castillo, cool, because all the floors are together and are glued to each other and it looks like a fortress, because that, I passed by this morning and I remembered the man who struck the lightning and I put myself right where the lightning struck, but of course, the lightning struck him in my dream, I don’t think it really happened, although somewhere in this world I am sure that some lightning will have fallen on someone, I say it because on TV in that of impact tv things have been seen like that, well, that I have gone there and nothing, that I have remembered and today is a bad day, hahaha, God free me and that no one falls, oh I have seen July and Chiky, the mother and father of July son and Joseph, Vane , Jenny, buaf and the sons and daughters they have, hahaha, they can do up to a team, hahaha, nothing and I guess I would take the baby to school and nothing, back home, by the way, I have the dog with the rule or with the zeal and they go all the dogs behind like crazy and that I have to be careful so that they do not mount it to me, that if they do not cover me at home, hahaha, well until next time, I was going to write a joke, but Another day, bye. Nothing, I’m already here, I’ve thought about insemination and well that goes to the letter, well, from what I know in poor countries they are almost sold to c***dren, but if a woman wants to get pregnant, for example, can she become pregnant with a celebrity? Well, my answer is yes, because for money in this world you can do everything, for example, a woman with a lot of money goes to a clinic and says I want to get pregnant for x famous, can you? I think that if the one at the clinic wants and they are left in everything in private, although then look what happens, that women who claim money for money appear in the magazines, who say they want pasta and ask the donor to do the paternity test and if not to the courts and of course, from programs to programs to see if they get more and become famous, hahaha, there are many cases like many others, well I’m going to sleep and tomorrow will be another day, bye, well Now I have remembered a dream I had in which I was in a boat and I was getting married, the point is that there were two women, my ex and Alba, a friend, because that, that I was on the boat and they gave me a choice or one or the other and now I do not remember who I chose in the dream, what I do remember is that I chose to pick her up, but it was a dream like many others, by the way, yesterday I found myself with a friend, Diego, who had not seen him for a long time, is that he went to the legion and uncle is a lot of force I have an amazing chest, fuck, like he put me next to me and said God, I leave here, hahaha, I felt a little self-conscious, of course I am very hot and next to him, hahaha, but nothing, that is the mili and the sport he will do I guess, well now I am going to sleep and see if I take the morning schedule, because what a streak I have to get up at seven or eight and until nine at night, hahaha , bye and now if it’s the final one, tomorrow if God wants to come back. Well, I’m here, today we are in October twenty-eight and the same day continues, yesterday I dreamed of Mari Paz, my ex-boss and the Puri or Pura, the cook, whom I did not see in the dream went to Vicente, hehehe , good man, good and they also good women, I like the name of Pura, if I had a daughter I would put that name, of purity, I like it and now I will eat something, although to tell the truth I am not very hungry, since My mother is calling me, that if Jony over here, Jony over there and here is my brother the Kike, who is like a mountain goat, well, well, well then if that comes back. Hello, well, I’m here and nothing, that I have remembered that this morning I went to the library and was going to take some books, but since I didn’t want to entertain and take some movies, one from Al Paccino and the other from another, man, I think they are fine, I will see her for a while and as I became a member of the library, it goes well when I get bored and since I don’t have a girlfriend, because I get bored I take a book or a movie, of course I had girlfriend would take her, but of course, no, hahaha, well now I’m thinking of writing another novel or rather a story, although with which I’m writing there are three, but as are the continuations of the other I have thought about writing Something different, for example, horror or adventure and see how I am doing, well now I am going to stop writing a bit, see you, finally an important thing, before I am forget, I just went down to the bitch and one with a movie butt has passed, that god ass, How well done I had it, hahaha, bye. Hello, today 30/10/2011 and nothing, that I had another very strange dream the other day, I was in the high part, there were two guys with many muscles, I didn’t know what they were doing and suddenly many people appeared, I don’t know what they were doing and there was Isa, a girl who went to my class and told her, you run out of work and that’s it, what weird truth? Well, that and yesterday I had another dream that was pretty good, I was a waiter and suddenly they asked me for two coffees and two shots and a coffee with milk and they told me, waiter, the bill! And that’s it, good and nothing, that my brother, the little one who has just folded, has come and nothing, that has come and gone again because he had stayed with Alex, a friend of his and I will now continue writing a little. Hello, today another day, on October thirty-first and now we have Christmas here and nothing, yesterday I had another cool dream in which we were my brother, Chiky and his daughter Vanesa and nothing, I also seemed to see Nacho Vidal, hahaha, but nothing, well today it’s not a very good day and now I’m going to continue with the story, well I’m back, nothing, I’ve been thinking that yesterday I dreamed about Vanessa and I thought that I saw the mother I saw her the other day, and his daughter? Well I guess he will have married, is nice and went to my school and well his brothers too and his other sister, by the way, I thought I saw the other day, but I was wearing a dress and mother of mine, how good that It was and it would be or not it would be, but I had a movie ass, hahaha, well here it is time to eat and then see you, this afternoon I do not know if I will see if there are Play Two games in Barnasud, because I am bored of the same game and the others I have already passed them and I am one of those who once passed, because that’s it, well I have a soccer one, but there I am trying to win all the challenges, well then I’ll come back and nothing, that tremendous the brunette, would it be or not the same the other day? hahaha goodbye Hello, today on November 1 and I had a dream in which my brother’s bastard the little one was quitting with one and I was with the Maria of the ward rooms or it seemed, haha, well now I’m going for a walk by San Ramón with the Moon, to something else, this morning I went down to the Moon and the aunt indicated a packet of Lucky Strike, what she smoked or continues to smoke, chance? Or is it that my Moon is very intelligent? I think my moon knows everything, hahaha, well see you later. Hello, today 03 of 11 of 2011 and well, hello first, nothing, yesterday I had no dream, but I had the picha like the lollipop of Montjuit, hahaha, tremendous picha, hahaha, it looked like a black man, hehehe, I mean that yesterday the god was me, because of how big the picha was, hehehe, good and nothing, these days I have been reading a great book by Jordi Puyol, his beginnings and what his life is and what a Excellent book, then this afternoon I went to deliver it and then I went to see if I could become a member of a video store, but it seems that the earth has swallowed them, I asked a man with his wife and they told me that at five or five and a half opened, but I look to see where the door was and nothing, there was no entrance, it was of those automatics like those of McDonald’s, then I thought about where there was one and I thought of the one on the beach, I said , I’m going, but on the way I said, so that, if every time I want to rent a game I have to go to the beach and then come, better not, Well the point is that I ended up in Barnasud and there were a few games, very few, but there was the Sonic, a great game that reminded me of the old days, when I was the Mega Drive or the Master Sistem of fashion and nothing, that By the way I have gone around and now nothing, to continue with what I was writing or maybe I will go to sleep that it is time, until tomorrow. Hello, today another day, as I would say the bad Rodriguez, hahaha, today at 4 of 11 and nothing, just say that I slept super comfortable and that I dreamed of Loli, Miguel’s sister, which I do not remember very well of the dream and that it has been a very long dream, well I only know that I have dreamed about it and nothing, now I go with the moon to pee and poop and then I return. Hello, today 5 and nothing, very bad, I had a very bad dream, I was in a square with a girl and suddenly my little brother and a few others took me and they grabbed me and put a skewer in my ass and they told me that the tribal put it in his ass and nothing, at half past two I got up, well before that, at ten or so my parents began to argue and above my soul I was going up or something like that, it bothered my heart, good and nothing, well also at the end of the dream they told me, but it seems that he liked it and then I went through a square and I said the black pepe, son of a bitch or something Well, of course everything has been a dream, but that I have risen and hit the first thing I have seen, something else, I have no tribal and nothing, after the trauma or the bad dream I have fallen asleep and dreamed of the women of the supermarket, I don’t know, well, they are not all going to be good dreams, but that bad, they grabbed me and put a pinch on me ho for the year and it was as if I could do nothing, how bad, a throat cancer for them if they think or a heart attack give them, be it my brother, be my cousin, his father or his mother, that I take the my heart and then I put it in the pan and then I eat it or the eyes dismembered and chunks in the fridge, bye, I’m pissed off and I don’t feel like anything, muleteer, muleteer. Well there is day 6 and nothing, I have had another dream, this has been good, of course you can not have dreams every day, I have dreamed that I was with my uncle Luis, both hand in hand working together in the bar and one of people who have no reason to say, well I was going to pass and glasses over here and glasses over there, well and best of all, I have seen the Maria of the Salas neighborhood, my first girlfriend, without nothing, he showed me some pictures of her, well in the dream was Jordi Alba, his brother-in-law Juan, oh even I think there was Calpe there too, this dream was cool, like I opened my eyes and I thought, that I return to the hospitality, hehehe, well I did not laugh much that the dream of yesterday did not like anything at all, that, that has made me want to return to the hospitality and as I liked this dream, the first thing I have In fact, it has been going down to the moon and we have gone for a walk around the Salas neighborhood, yes, yes, where she lives, but m s all, because it was a long time since going through his house, otherwise, the clubs in the industrial area all closed … good bye, come back tomorrow or rather, until next time. Hello, today to 07/11/2011 and just say that yesterday I had another very strange dream in which some columns came out and they said that if you charge more or that one you charge less or something like that and nothing, I will continue writing

Hello, I’m already here and nothing, today 14 of 11 of 2011 and nothing that has already happened on 11 of 11 of 11 and there has been no attack thanks to God, good thing else butterfly, these days I dreamed , first that I went back, in the times of the hard d**g, where people pricked themselves, well, I had a dream that it was about that, I saw people pricking and taking the chicken paste to find the vein to prick and suddenly I appear in the bar of the g****vine and nothing, I indicated the number eight in a portal, it must be my brother’s, well yesterday I also dreamed about my ex-girlfriend Jessy, who was in a car, but was on plates, very strange, but I have remembered that one day I went with her to a kind of automobile fair and there was a glitter one, go if I remember, because the car she was driving in the dream was more or less like that and nothing, for there was the fight and nothing, let’s see what she thinks, her husband seems to me and that I know I don’t even remember no other, well if I remember then I return, first of all, yesterday I was with my uncle Felipe in the parks and gardens and nothing, a piece of handsome, handsome and large park, with lake included, immense, good now that I remember the Another day I had a dream in which an old classmate left the school, the Sheila was called, well and it will be called if she has not changed her name, hahaha, well that, that we were in class and suddenly they got in with her and I jumped to defend her, well and as far as I know I don’t remember any more dreams, well, this last dream seemed more like that of the Doraimon, in which the little girl defends the Sisuka, well, hahaha, good see you soon. Hello, today 18/11/2011 and nothing, just to say that yesterday I had a dream in which Miguel left, who worked at Caixa and went to the ATM and I also behind, a weird dream, right? hehehe, well yesterday I was walking around and I met my cousin Eli, Lopez and the c***d is the same as the son of Ana and kun fù, every time I see it I think to myself, but if they are twins, They are the same, to something else, after so much internet has returned, to something else, last week I went with my uncle to Barcelona and he showed me a wonderful park, it was immense and with lake and everything, well and nothing more, Tomorrow will be another day, well before I want to write down, what if the c***d of Eli and Ana are the mirror or soulmate? There’s that, hehehe, I’ve been amazed. Hello, today 20 of 11 of 2011 and I have had another dream again, in this I have dreamed with my mother, an erotic dream, nothing to explain, it is not that I like to dream with my mother the truth and less an erotic dream and I also see her every day, well apart from that I have dreamed of a plate of paella and best of all, with my cousin Cristian jumped a Can Sellares door, well the soccer field, well we jumped it or it was open, I do not remember very well, well as he is from Madrid, nothing, he came back here and he told me what color they wore the shirt here and I told him how Milan and suddenly uncle puts somersaults forward and backwards and I freaking out, as if to say, this facet of you did not know Cristian, hehehe, well and with the colors here he and suddenly I see him outside the football field and trying to do another back, but it did not go well and he sat on his ass and that’s it, end of the dream, hehehe, the primillo, well then I’ll come back if that, bye.

Hello, I’m here, nothing, that I just ate and nothing, that I just saw the L’Oreal ad and I have remembered that in the dream when I was with my cousin there was a sign on the bench that said ERALO I think and not Surely, surely that is because yesterday I was playing a game in which I was the detective and had to find objects, well see you later. Hello, today 23/11/2011 and nothing, that yesterday I had a dream that I appeared in the super Mario Broos, that of video games and that, that was in a tunnel and was dodging things and little else to tell In these days, I have found a movie that is titled through the mirror, I saw one, but it was many years ago, it looks good, I will see it, I will sign it before I forget it. Hello, today to 24/11/2011 and nothing, that yesterday I dreamed about my brothers and that we were in a game of parcheesi, but real, in flesh and blood, it looked like a baseball field, hehehe. Hello, today at twenty-five and nothing, that yesterday I dreamed about my grandmother and that’s it. Hello, today to twenty-nine and nothing, these days not a dream, well what I have to add is that the pain I had in the side is already gone and apart from that I take a few nights that come to me as a heart attack from my heart or something like that, it is as if my soul were gone and well nothing more, a, yes, yesterday I was writing with my cousin Eli and nothing, that’s fine, my little brother is coming more often around here, according to him these days he has a party and he will stop by and apart from all this nothing, that intrigues, I can play but only an hour and nothing, to see if I find any without time limit, well otherwise nothing, with the third part of the story of Josemi I made a stop, more than anything because yesterday I was watching a movie from Amsterdam and nothing, I said, because I will stop because I have the whole year ahead and when I finished writing the story I will put under everything, for example, for more information you can see Amsterdam, mysteries in the channels, hehehe, well I have apologized for the inconvenience and that, hahaha, well then or another day, goodbye, well thinking it well yes I have dreamed of one of the white car, I do not know who it is, it is a blonde and a car They are pretty good, the car is white, because with his white car I dreamed. Hello, today one of December and nothing, that we already entered Christmas and nothing, yesterday I had a handsome dream, good and not so handsome, the first dream I dreamed that I was with Diego and nothing, that he had a piece of cord or more than one and let me try it on, but not a normal and ordinary cord, but a piece of cord like those worn by blacks in the movies, handsome amount, good and then I also dreamed that I was in a booth with Álvaro, a former college and soccer teammate, well by the way and that, that I was with him and I don’t know exactly what we were doing there, but suddenly I had the bottom tooth split in half, I got up a little scared, hehehe, well I have the ground teeth and I’m missing some toothpaste than another. Hello, I just woke up, yesterday I stayed late, well rather until this morning and nothing, that I had another dream amount of good, I was on the beach and I saw to Alba and I said, beautiful and she told me, handsome! and nothing, after walking a little further forward I was at the Yoli or it looked and nothing, then later on from the dream, if before yesterday I dreamed of the diego with some gold cords, yesterday I dreamed of the Javi with a seal of silver with a black stripe and that’s it, but at dawn and at the Javi I already did not see them in my dreams, well and with the Yoli I have also dreamed sometime, well today is my brother’s saint and I will go up to see him already congratulate him, although I don’t know, because he never is. Hello, today 2 of 11 of 2011 and nothing, yesterday I dreamed of four clipper lighters together and tied with a kind of washers and on each side there was a cigar, bone two above and two below, one in each corner and the four lighters in the middle, well a weird dream, right? Well, otherwise, my brother Eloy has gone to Valencia to clear himself and because he has been given a few days of partying, he is fine, he has sent me some photos of there and he goes out with him a good pitcher of sangria and a good paella, he Rides it well, otherwise nothing, that I have gone to lend a hand to my brother the middle and nothing, now we have Hanna with us, the dog of Eloy, of course it is gone, good until next time. Hello, today at three and nothing, that yesterday I dreamed of a classmate who was going to my class, Israel and nothing, it seemed that we were in the bar of the cachirulo and nothing, with a cd of the Play, it seemed that two were fake and two other true ones, well I also thought I saw Teo out there, but I’m not sure. Hello, today at four and nothing, yesterday I dreamed another dream, well better than yesterday I say this morning, because I have the turn now at night, is that this goes seasonally, sometimes I get up early in the morning or vice versa, that I I go to bed early in the morning, well what I’m going to, yesterday I dreamed about the salva, he Oscar, his uncle Pepe and one who was with me all the time, but with an idea of ​​who he was, well, well, save the vero or not, as I don’t know anything about life anymore about them, because I better say the one I think is still with the Vero, well, I was in my dream and nothing, the Oscar, who told me to drink the juice, then his uncle Pepe told me that He paid for it and so, it seemed that we were in the bar of La Mancha, well then I was in front of two women or two girls and I said to each other and you that with the Sevillian and while the friend was watching me and I pinched my ass and that’s the dream I had last night, a, yes, if I had to put a title to these lines, I would put the dream yesterday, hehehe, because I started writing here about the questions I asked myself in this little head of mine that I have and has become a few lines about my dreams, well, something I have to put, well maybe it is that I no longer I ask questions in my head, to another thing, the pain I had on the side today has come a little, but it has already gone again, today the food I have eaten seemed like it had soil, for example, I took some olives and a pickle, if that, a pickle and I had a bite and it looked like it had dirt, then now for dinner and picked up a piece of croquette and also, well another thing I wanted to add is that it is the first time the Oscar appears , his uncle and he saves in my dreams, well cool, to another thing, the k**s no idea who they were, perhaps, or I think that sometimes it is as if the dream was mine, but how to do or where I have to be for what I say, because this is my dream, because yesterday’s one seemed to me that that dream was not for me, because I didn’t know the k**s, but on the other hand I do know Salva, Oscar and his uncle and he gives coincidence that lately I drink juice, well what was said, that the dream was good, pity that I did not know who the girls were, because for me that my face was stupid even in the dream, as if to say, and who are they? Another thing, the one that stared at me was not that bad either, hahaha, well, it’s a joke, until next time, à, my cousin of my dreams is gone, before in almost every dream I went out and not anymore. Hello, today 5, day of the Spanish Constitution and I have a headache that you do not see and well yesterday with an impressive toothache. Hello, today 8 of 12 and there is little left for Christmas, exactly three weeks of nothing and well after a few days I have returned to dream, the truth is that I do not remember much of the dream that I had, I only know that it came as of a kind of baptism or wedding and suddenly I was in what was the trilogy, which is now a salsa pub and well I was accompanied, but I do not know who, so I say I do not remember very well the dream that I had, well what I was going to, that was, well rather that I was leaving there and when I was already up the road I was with my uncle Felipe and my aunt Aurora and had a dog, but it has come out in the dream, it was a English bulldog, what has come out in the dream is a girl, I do not remember her face very well, but she was pretty, what I got up and I do not remember how she was and that is what I have dreamed of, by the way I went with the moon this morning to San Ramón to walk a little and stretch my legs, by the way without dor mir, well to change a little theme, I am now involved with the movies, which I have seen and I put them next, this is good, great or excellent and if it is normal and current I simply do not put anything, then for another On the side I am also pointing the ones that I have not seen and sincerely did not know there were so many, hahaha. Hello, today at 9 of 12 and nothing to tell, that yesterday I dreamed of the Calpe that was below with the motorcycle and I above, the site? Well, the truth is that I don’t know, I have rather rested, I know that I have dreamed of more things, but the truth is told, I do not remember, finally I dreamed that I put some boxes, it was like in a game that I had to put things in place and nothing, again the damn granites in my testicles have come out. Well, today 10 and yesterday I dreamed about the Yoli again, this time we looked like Tom and Jerry or the roadrunner and the coyote, I was behind her and she climbed on a kind of trapdoor of those that is put on the roof or in a storage room of those attic, because something like that, another thing that happened to me this morning when I went for a walk to the dog, because the following happened to me, once I bought about two packs of San Miguel of those without alcohol and well when I drank them I kept the containers, but it turns out that I broke a container and when collecting the crystals it is seen that a piece was left uncollected and now that time has passed since it turns out that I dropped a coin under the closet and when I picked it up I saw a piece of broken glass, well, the question is the following, in that piece of glass it happens that it is 29e and those are the years that I have, because that, that I have kept in my pocket piece of glass and well I’ve gone to the moon down the street, well, that n I felt like I was touching something in my bottoms and I while walking, I thought, will be the underpants, but upon arriving at my house I have seen the underparts bleeding a little and I have said, but for the love of God, what happened to me and I have remembered the glass, well it has been nothing, I have put alcohol in my parts and ready, it burned a little, then the worm sees it wrapped in toilet paper and I have gone to sleep, now my worm is injured, hehehe, But slight, to another thing, I found some headphones, but the cable was missing, I will throw it away, but they are super handsome, they look like those of a secretary and finally I want to add that today is the great game, Madrid-Barça or vice versa , this year the truth is that I don’t follow football much, the truth is told, well and nothing more to add at the moment, bone than another. Hello, today at 11 on 12 and yesterday I dreamed that I was on my other floor where I lived before and nothing, that I went upstairs where the clothes were laid, with my uncle Carlos and saw a balloon of those giants flying and well I hallucinating, then there were more people, because the balloon began to slide down and all of us on the roof trying to tie it up and nothing the balloon did not want to come to where we were, until in the end we grabbed it and, ours! then once he took the balloon and in another scene, to be exact it seemed rather where we played baseball, on the wall, then sitting there and with a bag of screws and two others, of? Hehehe, I laugh because it seemed chemical, well, but next to me there were two girls, one if I’m not mistaken, it looked like Esther, Andres’s wife or that I think or it seemed, of course, in dreams they are not distinguished well the faces, although sometimes if, in another dream, two policemen with mustaches appeared on the roof, but that when we had already taken the balloon and they were already leaving and with a hand gesture I said goodbye, well and by Lastly, adding that there was also a kind of plant with cherries, although they were not cherries, it looked like a kind of wild plant. Hello, today at 12 of 12 and nothing, yesterday’s dream is that I was in the Harmony and Laura who was with Sergio took my wrist or vice versa, then later I was with two k**s and suddenly two policemen came of security or premises and they asked us for the documentation and suddenly one of the security or police officers told one of those who were with me that if Bolivian or something like that, they were Bolivian and after that I remember the dream I saw the Front glass of a car broken into pieces, the entire front. Hello, today at 13 and I just got up and nothing I dreamed that I was fishing with my uncle in a kind of giant wall and underneath was the sea and I freaked out, while we were fishing my uncle turned around and while I waited see if a fish bites, when by surprise I see an octopus and while he told me we are going to catch it we descended downhill, which was very difficult to pass through there, until bingo, a hole! and I said uncle around here and I the first one, but the hole was not difficult, it was like a kind wide and square, but I do not know if we fit there, well the last thing about the dream is that I got the head to pass and while looking down I looked like an octopus and the turtle was going down and down and that is all, in this dream there is no end, hehehe, I forgot, the other day when I woke up the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was the yellow and white wall. Hello, today at December 15 and there is already a week left for Christmas and well yesterday I had a very strange dream in which I thought I saw Victor, Andres and his brother Alejandro where the Chinese lives and finally my Uncle Luis, just images and well with my uncle Luis that we talked about, I don’t know what about a card, that if it was missing or that if it wasn’t missing, I forgot, talking about Andrés, I had a dream once we were at Masía Can Espinó and there were four people, among them the Andresillo, well it is the same, the question is this, we left a bar in the farmhouse and suddenly I do not know what happened and we got in a car like my brother quique’s and we were leaving shitting milk downhill and some things happened in the dream, which I have said that I had that dream for a long time, well and I think so, if I am not mistaken we go downhill until we reach a hairdresser and I remember that because it does and in time I went with my ex-girlfriend to accompany him to I was going to ask for a day and time to get pretty. Hello, today at s*******nth of December and I just woke up, well rather, I woke up before, which has gotten cold from the copon and I have rubbed again, before I have not had any dreams and now yes, I have dreamed that I was at my aunt la Montse’s house and there was my mother, my aunt and of course, Andresillo has returned to my dreams, hehehe, well with my mother I have had again what is said spicy dreams, well the most important thing is that there were colors in this dream, bone what is said birds, well, the question is the following, that I would tell Andresillo if he gave me any and he would tell me that I better let them loose and all that I look up from My aunt la Montse’s kitchen and above there were some hanging ropes and there they were, four beautiful colors, although the truth is told, I think there were three and one was a verderón all this must be added that the floor was not in the who lives now, if not where he lived before, well I don’t get tangled up anymore , that, that I got up thinking about Andresillo and I was curious to have some color or a bird, finally there was also a girl with short hair, it seemed my cousin Christina, well first of all my aunt la Montse She is my godmother, as is my uncle Felipe, but he is my godfather and my aunt la Montse my godmother, because to me aunt the Montse the truth is told, I do not see it in painting, well although it must also be said, the fault is mine that I am not going to see her, by the way on Christmas Eve is her birthday, well then that I do remember her and more today, because I dreamed about her, well that, that my aunt la Montse was who made me some amazing snacks when I went to his house and bikinis too, then when I got a little bigger he took me to the town of Extremadura and I saw bulls and heifers for the first time, now they made him a grandmother and nothing I looked sad, but I guess that was why, for the mass of my grandmother was otherwise very pretty, although my aunt has never been ugly, I have a picture of her when she was young and she was tremendous, my uncle Angel, her husband, appears in a photo of the communion of my cousin Cristina and looks like the godfather, wide and square, but I do not know if we fit there, well the last thing about the dream is that I got the head to pass and while looking down I looked like an octopus and the turtle was going down and down and that is all, in this dream there is no end, hehehe, I forgot, the other day when I woke up the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was the yellow and white wall. Hello, today at December 15 and there is already a week left for Christmas and well yesterday I had a very strange dream in which I thought I saw Victor, Andres and his brother Alejandro where the Chinese lives and finally my Uncle Luis, just images and well with my uncle Luis that we talked about, I don’t know what about a card, that if it was missing or that if it wasn’t missing, I forgot, talking about Andrés, I had a dream once we were at Masía Can Espinó and there were four people, among them the Andresillo, well it is the same, the question is this, we left a bar in the farmhouse and suddenly I do not know what happened and we got in a car like my brother quique’s and we were leaving shitting milk downhill and some things happened in the dream, which I have said that I had that dream for a long time, well and I think so, if I am not mistaken we go downhill until we reach a hairdresser and I remember that because it does and in time I went with my ex-girlfriend to accompany him to I was going to ask for a day and time to get pretty. Hello, today at s*******nth of December and I just woke up, well rather, I woke up before, which has gotten cold from the copon and I have rubbed again, before I have not had any dreams and now yes, I have dreamed that I was at my aunt la Montse’s house and there was my mother, my aunt and of course, Andresillo has returned to my dreams, hehehe, well with my mother I have had again what is said spicy dreams, well the most important thing is that there were colors in this dream, bone what is said birds, well, the question is the following, that I would tell Andresillo if he gave me any and he would tell me that I better let them loose and all that I look up from My aunt la Montse’s kitchen and above there were some hanging ropes and there they were, four beautiful colors, although the truth is told, I think there were three and one was a verderón all this must be added that the floor was not in the who lives now, if not where he lived before, well I don’t get tangled up anymore , that, that I got up thinking about Andresillo and I was curious to have some color or a bird, finally there was also a girl with short hair, it seemed my cousin Christina, well first of all my aunt la Montse She is my godmother, as is my uncle Felipe, but he is my godfather and my aunt la Montse my godmother, because to me aunt the Montse the truth is told, I do not see it in painting, well although it must also be said, the fault is mine that I am not going to see her, by the way on Christmas Eve is her birthday, well then that I do remember her and more today, because I dreamed about her, well that, that my aunt la Montse was who made me some amazing snacks when I went to his house and bikinis too, then when I got a little bigger he took me to the town of Extremadura and I saw bulls and heifers for the first time, now they made him a grandmother and nothing I looked sad, but I guess that was why, for the mass of my grandmother was otherwise very pretty, although my aunt has never been ugly, I have a picture of her when she was young and she was tremendous, my uncle Angel, her husband, appears in a photo of the communion of my cousin Cristina and looks like the godfather, the one in the movie, hahaha, then on the other hand my cousin cristina who, from what I understand, has a boyfriend and nothing that, which is very pretty too, by the way the other day I saw my cousin Alberto with the truck, he was working and nothing greeted him and I found out that he no longer lived in the apartment, it is seen that he has rented it or whatever, I also did not ask him, also from what I understand he is attached with a chick and lives by Hispanicness, I being Sincere when I took the moon out there I had seen his car, but I did not give it importance and I thought, maybe he is at a friend’s house and that’s it, well it is seen that he told me that in the next year he will now return to the floor. Very good, I’m here after a while, I have stopped the internet and I did not feel like writing, well today, December 23 and nothing, tomorrow Christmas Eve and last Christmas, these days the truth is that I have not dreamed anything , apart I have not slept anything either, hehehe, well I will start by saying that the same thing, that in these two days I have not slept at all, I also have to say that before these two days that I spent sleeping I had a dream in which I saw the Jessy, bone my EX and I write it in capital letters, well and it is the following, I was in a bar on the Rambla de Viladecans, to be exact in the Fritop or something like that, hahaha, it sounds like bag potatoes, well the following, she was entering with a small boy or a small girl and I told her, shhh and that, that she turns and looks at me and I see that I say, less bad, the third time is the charm or something So, the truth has been a strange dream, a message? I do not know, well, but the best is this, the other day under the moon to pee and that a car passes and I looked so that I did not run over the dog and I thought I saw her and I said, well I thought, oops, what if this girl knows i dream of her? Because the other day I met the savior and he told me that he saw my ex with a bass drum, pregnant bone and I said yes, I saw her, but I don’t know anything because I didn’t talk to her at least two or more years ago. three years and less now with a hype, the bastard laughed in the good sense of the word and said, oops, to see if it was by insemination and there I stopped, because I do not believe, because I have filled a pot and I threw it in the trash, after more, a, yes, yesterday as I was bored I mess to clean the kitchen furniture and do not see the shit that can accumulate and it seems that nothing, but which begins to clean, buaf and I rubbing like a riot and on top with the cloth and a kind of sponge and nothing, me without a scourer to remove the grease from the extractor and all for doing my mother a favor, I told her one day, I said good mother I will clean the kitchen for you this Christmas, because with what you will have to cook I also put a little of my part and yesterday I cleaned a little while as I listened to how the fat guys sang, by the way in Huesca to fallen, well and that’s it, in a little while I will get down to work and continue giving the cloth, hahaha, by the way, now I will continue writing the third part, the truth is that I have taken a break and I do not know if I said it, but in this third part I am going to take it more calmly, because I have the whole year to write it, well until another, by the way it has turned me back internet, it seems that it has a life of its own, when it wants to answer me the hand, bone to understand us better, some jerks to my exits as the song of Don Omar says, but without precipitation of liquid. Hello, today already December thirty-first and tonight is New Year’s Eve and tomorrow New Year and nothing, I just wanted to note that yesterday I dreamed about the Moon, my German shepherd bone, I dreamed in the same place that I had the dream that a man struck a lightning bolt and nothing, because that, I dreamed that the moon was a mountain bike and flew and then hugged me, to, by the way, I took it to Port Ginesta and we just came, has seen other shepherds Germans and we are tired and on top of that I have lost a lighter. Well, today we are in 2012, to be exact day one and nothing, the truth that this year Christmas has fallen on holidays and it seems that they have become shorter, well within what fits everything well, for me what Christmas dishes are better, because for everything else I don’t, because I have no money because I have not been able to dance, the truth is that for a better part, I already had my season that did not appear at home or for say hello, well now only the kings are left and Christmas is over, although on the other hand the days are the same, although as I said the dishes are not the same, it is not the same to eat hake with sauce than to eat a plate of Lentils, although thinking it well they feed the same and it is more, I would say that it is better every day for the packages more than anything and not to talk about the drink, hahaha, well I am not very drinker to say, but this Christmas because the true that some beer has fallen than another, well and throughout the year some beer also falls, well nothing, that yesterday Eloy came to dinner and came with Hanna, also so that the moon is not alone, even if it is with us, but she understands better with Hanna, nothing than that, That came, we dined, we gave and came to look for him and left, I took the Play games I bought at home and nothing, I was playing for a while, but to top it off one does not work, I put it and everything is correct, but when He tells me to give the star I give him and there he stays, you can see that the memory of my card is less or something like that, well and to top it off I kept the ticket in the drawer and now it is not, well I will change it as is and if they do not change it … nothing, as I was saying, that I got bored and ended up getting into bed and rubbing, at midnight my hand went alone for my parts and zambomba, hahaha, I do not know how that can be Really and above when I am suddenly falling asleep …, zas !! and best of all, that yesterday there was rainfall, sometimes I think, I am a pig, but on the other hand I think, but if I am sleeping and I am not aware, well a little, but it is as if a force pushed me to it , hehehe, well what was said, that everyone likes ham, corns and pork in general, I have not commented to anyone or seen him in any television debate and I often ask myself that, will it be normal? I was curious as I think I have said, that if women put their fingers and because they appear on TV, I hit you, because I think it must be natural, but on the other hand I think yes, but sleeping and suddenly … I do not know, in a series I saw one that stuck his finger while he slept and yes, I think it was the same and above I stare at her and it was as if she saw me, I don’t know, in those same moments a very strange sensation entered my body, it seemed as if I didn’t care if I was in front, well what was said, another day I return, to, by True, yesterday I did not dream and I have anginas. Hello, today four of the one and nothing, I just flipped, there was the Daniela Blúmer !! Well, I also thought I saw my ex la Jessy or she looked a lot, we avoided each other’s eyes and that’s it, well there was also the kuman or she looked like, a colleague of Modoley, where the Salas neighborhood, where a former woman lives My girlfriend, Maria, good and nothing, that is the dream I had yesterday, from angina I am a little better, yesterday I was in the pharmacy and bought a Vips Vaporus boat, the truth that went very well, now done a few snot from the copon, by the way, Daniela Blúmer showed me an orange t-shirt, with the b in black, I guess the b will be from Blúmer. Hello, today kings day and nothing, boys and girls the sea of ​​happy insurance because they have brought many toys the wise men, well their parents and family, otherwise everything normal, yesterday I dreamed of Pepe, the neighbor, hehehe, that scumbag the brother of the nano in the good sense of the word, well that nothing, that he was in his window and I nothing, with the piñata like those of the people and nothing, has been a very strange dream, a card and the moon was drawing on the card, I freaking out, hehehe, well after or before a car and one was getting some copon crawlers and nothing more, yes, at the nano his brother has also been in my same class, the truth that with the nano I have always gotten better, although with pepe a joke when we went to school than for, now that we also planted potatoes in the garden, now Carmen and pepe are grandparents, otherwise well, a normal day, although what rare, every year my uncles come down for the end of the year and for kings and this to or they have not appeared, my uncle Bernardo told me, stop by the end of the year and come up, but then I spoke with him Carlos by SMS and he told me that they would not be and today they have not come, although according to my mother they will come to eat as safe , then an unanswered question, which no longer entered me, because yesterday listening to the TV more than watching it came a subject that I said, good question, it is seen that I asked each other, if it could be that people who know the future or what was going to happen or something, well whatever it was, is like saying, is the future written? Well there it is in the air, another thing, since they are the kings because they have brought me a belt, since I was wearing the pants that fell off. Well, today nine and nothing of dreams in these last days, what if I have to say that this week I have put the hard thing or like the lollipop, I mean my parts and outputs, what are one outputs, otherwise I am happy, I have already managed to see the movies, is that before I was blocked and now it seems that it is better, although I do not trust at all, but it seems that now it works. Well, today at ten of the one, it seems that the days are progressing without us noticing, like who makes a gesture to look back and say that yesterday was Christmas and we are already at ten, well nothing, I wanted to add that yesterday by the At night I went to the beach with the Moon, mostly because of the police because during the day you cannot take it loose and at night it is better to walk it and also that we have already rested all weekend and it was time to stretch legs, otherwise and talking about dreams nothing, yesterday I had a pretty cool one, come on that I started writing this for the questions without answers that I asked myself in the head and it has become like a dream diary, well nothing, that I was like in a meeting with my father and nothing, I was thinking that what I had written and he did not know what he said, but I wanted to throw a table on his head, then I was with my the Cristian or it seemed a lot and nothing I said, lie down now, it’s too late and I said, look, there you can go to bed, next to the Eloy and suddenly it became a kind of bird, to be exact I think it was a color and also suddenly I saw myself behind him, in Can Sellares and he flew to the tree branch with another red bird that was sleeping on the tree branch and woke him up, well suddenly I I saw in the bar of the Fleming and I saw the Pizqua, the Javi, who call him Javi or Pizqua, well it’s the same, that, that he was at the bar and I was going to see him and suddenly I woke up and nothing, that’s what I have dreamed, I had never dreamed of birds, I would say that it is the first time that birds appear in my dream, by the way, yesterday while I was walking towards the beach there were posters of why there are a****ls in Viladecans, à, that I did not remember the name of the Delta del Llobregat, maybe that’s why I dreamed of birds, to Sometimes I think, hehehe, nothing, that I have remembered the bast song, the one that says so, sometimes I get confused and spike your neighbor that of the … hehehe. Well nothing, between yesterday and today, today by the way to eleven of the one and nothing, in these days I have been watching a movie and series and according to my verdict and from what I have seen, according to my point of view, is that really what they got to record the cameras is what happened, later when the civilians ordered that they cut the images, what really happened is known by those who were there and otherwise I have seen two or three movies and what has been said, series and nothing, each television network tells it in its own way or according to my point of view pure competition of chains, as I have commented, according to my point of view, I also read an interesting book about the life of Jordi Puyol, to be exact, memories of Jordi Puyol, I recommend it, I liked the book very much, now I have taken another three, from the King of Spain and the other two, one seems to be from Cervantes and the other when I read them I will give my opinion and, as such, I am sure that the famous Peñafiel will come out, always is present when something comes out of the king, maybe there is written the, I do not know, what I said, when I read it I will give my opinion, attentively, hehehe, by the way, something I did dream, I dreamed that I crossed with Juan, my former head of the Ramón bar and greeted or vice versa, à, Another thing and finally, I’m going to see a movie that is about a mirror, it’s called, well, I can see that, this goes as it wants. Well, good and cheap, today twelve of the one and nothing, without any dreams, yes, I have been reading a part of one hundred at least and nothing, articles, articles and more articles of the Spanish Constitution, since the year such a year as is, but there goes another question unanswered, if, frankly, he could not see the Catalans or in painting, King Don Juan Carlos, right? Well, there goes the question unanswered, why do the Catalans make demonstrations and burn the king’s flags? I do not understand it or well yes, it may be that, although frankly I could not see the Catalans or as I have heard that in their time the Catalans were shot, maybe that does not mean that the Catalans hated the Generalissimo or maybe the locals do not hate To the present king, I don’t understand that. Well nothing, I’ve seen the movie through the mirror, quite good, what I said, that a woman looks in the mirror and that is supposed to be inside the mirror, bone, to be clearer, if we we look in the mirror we see ourselves, right? Well, that self that is inside the mirror, because according to the woman in the movie her double self that is supposed to be inside is the murderer, of course, Aunt freaks out, sees corpses and it turns out that she was the murderer, until he gives a knife in the stomach and thus his double ends up dying or disappears, I said, well, but it was what I expected, bone that has not surprised me anything at all. Well, today thirteen of the one and yesterday I had a very short dream, I saw Cristian in a Mercedes, well I would say a Mercedes, a piece of car, good to Cristian, but not to my cousin in Madrid, if not to Condis Well, the other day I saw Juanillo, the son of Socorro in one of those, so I say it has been a very short dream. Hello, today fifteen of the one and nothing, yesterday I had the same dream as the other day and I have not pointed it out, well to another thing, when a person ejaculates the most normal thing is to take a napkin or something, right? I say it so as not to stain, because I had thought about taking a glass boat and when I felt like getting dirty …, hehehe, but I also thought about what the Savior of insemination told me, bone that … hehe, well nothing, until another day or until something really worthwhile happens and rewrite something else, bye. Well, in this time I have been thinking a little and I think why yesterday I dreamed of the Yoli, yesterday when I went down to the moon I saw the Juanjo with the car and I guess that Jessy would go and of course, Yoli, Jessy, friends and maybe because I dreamed about the Yoli yesterday, can it be? Hello, today at sixteen of the one nothing more and nothing less, well yesterday the truth and now that I have a good pace, I would not like to deviate from the schedule, today I have not looked at the clock, but I guess it was twelve or twelve and something, well yesterday I flipped the truth a little, I say with the dream, suddenly I was in a house and two girls took a picture with me, I really don’t know who they were, now, there was one that was taller than the other and was Like a cheese, the other looked like one in the Salas neighborhood and nothing, that seemed to me to see that it had a stain on its chest, well and that’s it, a day ago from those that you don’t know if it’s going to rain or not. Well, something else butterfly, yesterday my brother approached with Alba, well a chick with blue eyes, the truth and been thinking, well more than once, what if it was my family? More than anything because my grandfather Luis had blue eyes and my grandmother Luisa no and as in those days there was no TV, well, what if my grandfather in peace rests had something to do and she was someone in his family? Maybe an imagination of mine, it may be, but when I see her or whenever I look her in the eye, she has the eyes of my grandfather Luis and I am more like my grandmother Luisa, may she rest in peace too, but as I have already said, I do not think, but I have been thinking, that in those times … well nothing, that that, now I think that Eloy will be fucking, as now is not with Desiré, well although if I’m not mistaken she was with Juanito, I say the dawn or a nightclub, but I eat a long time ago that I do not know anything about her, since I honestly do not care, that I do well that I do not care, before when I went out more than spree or brown beaks as my mother would say, yes I did not stop, with menganite and little girl, now I have become more home and not so bad and leave behind a long journey of d**gs, alcohol and sex, hehehe, like the rockers . Hello, today at s*******n and nothing, yesterday’s dream very short, I thought I dreamed of Mohamed, another old school colleague and nothing, I was with a c***d, a girl to be exact. Hello, today at eighteen of one and nothing, yesterday I dreamed about the Isabelita, my aunt Aurora’s sister, the dream is the following, I was like in school and she was in the hallway and suddenly I pounced on her and was glad to see me, then I was at home ordering a couple of sneakers and they really sounded to me, they were like the ones I had before, but in new ones and I put them in order, then I also dreamed about Cristina, Víctor’s girlfriend or ex-girlfriend, well we were at the four, a pub in Viladecans, that I don’t know if it already exists or not, well, I was outside with her and another friend of his and nothing, that she was glad to see me and said that the other was her sister, the truth was that her teeth were a bit chopped, well I got up with the cheerful little bird, the truth that the ugly Cris is not, well yesterday I went to visit my uncle who had not seen him for a long time and the truth is that he is well, well, when I came home I saw a girl who looked at me and the truth, had beautiful black eyes, what I was camouflaged with a mountain pass or a panties and nothing more to add to this kind of diary that this seems, has become a kind of diary of dreams, is that for now I do not ask more questions without answers in my c Abeza and to write something, because what I dream I write, well and if something happens to me or I see a family member, then also by the way, I commented that I had a dream in which I dreamed of a porn actress from Viladecans and I did not remember the name Well, now I’ve heard it on TV and it’s called Anastasia May, I gave him a couple of kisses when he worked at the Ramón bar. Well, I’m here again, my brother has come home and nothing, he has stayed to eat and as I told him that there were when we were to release the buggy that has been taken, because today he wanted and nothing, said and done , we have gone to his house, he has taken the fishing stuff and he told me that we were going to look for a chick with big tits, which is seen to have been with him in his house days ago, well that we have planted in Gavá and we have gone to pick up Silvia, when I have seen her I have thought, that this chick sounds to me … and yes, my brother had already told me before he has a brother named Salva, the truth is that the name of the k** I did not remember, but I did know him, well Silvia has taken her little girl and we to the dogs and nothing, we have planted in the Port Ginesta and in the meantime I have smoked a cigarette, I turn and see them at the tip of the breakwater and my brother tells me, come, come and that, that I am going and the moon that I did not dare to go through the rocks, the truth, a show, but in the end my brother has gone and convinced her and that’s it, the truth is that writing is fine, but I’m already a little tired of writing dreams, the truth is that There are handsome dreams, others that I do not understand or do not know who they are, others short, other pornographic, in short, that this trip has been good for me and that better than reality! By the way, this girl, bone Silvia, what It smelled and I said that Alba smelled good for the cologne or perfume, because it did not sound the smell, but it smelled like a charm. Well, I have also learned that the Salva who is with the Vero is a father, hehehe, I already saw that when I was with the Vero I noticed it, I thought, and this with the Vero, hehehe and look at it, father already! another one!! hehe Well, today nineteen and nothing, yesterday another little dream, this time with different characters, I mean in the dream, not that they are characters, well people, one my cousin and we were in a meeting room and there was a doctor and we I talked about sex or something like that, then suddenly in a bar and I don’t know if it was me who imitated or another and we were the Esther, the girlfriend or woman of the Reda, of course if they are, that yesterday I learned that Salva is a father, but the Reda do not know how or with whom he is, well the question is the following, we were in a bar and there one or me that had to imitate another and so between laughter and messing and that’s it, that’s what I dreamed yesterday. Good morning, today at twenty-one of the one and nothing yesterday I dreamed that I was on the bridge of Mercy with a pair of white pills and inside as yellowish and suddenly I saw myself talking with my uncle Felipe, telling him that there of the Pica stones, etc …, bone models of ecstasy pills, then I saw him waiting at the door of his house, down and suddenly two men with ties and beards came out and that’s it, that was yesterday’s dream, by the way, I woke up with a backache …, then my uncle Carlos has also come and has been taking away some programs that were not worthwhile and finally I have gone with my mother to buy at Carrefour and when we had been a while my father has appeared and My brother Eloy and here I am now. Hello, today at twenty-three of the one and yesterday I had another dream of those, I was with Alfonso, the husband of the Mariángeles or it seemed, I was also there or I thought I saw Laura de Hospitalet, well the dream is the following , I was with pennies, bone of those red and gold, I did not get to see euros or did not have in my hand and suddenly I saw one that he needed and gave them to him, then he had in my hand a couple of bags of those of coca or it looked like, hehe, but the man asked for some coins and I gave them to them, by the way, again the movie has been blocked and does not let me watch movies or series, page comes out in white, bone that nothing is seen and I have thought that since you do not see anything, because I do not feel like writing history either, that is, I have said or rather, I have thought, then relax, hehehe. Well, today another day and the same shit as the bad Rodriguez would say, today at twenty-four and yesterday I had a really cool dream, I was again where my uncle Felipe lives, in the poyete under his house and I met again at my ex, nothing, three quarters of the same, we avoided seeing each other and nothing suddenly got me in a car, a blue Peugeot, was carried by the Deli, a boy from the village, good from behind the blocks, where I live, good we were leaving the neighborhood and heading to the roundabout of the bar of the hams, suddenly a maneuver and I believed that there could not be passed and I looked forward and a police motorcycle appeared and I looked down and we were well placed, there was a give way, I mean we were doing well, I thought he made a change that was i*****l, but no, we are going in the right position, then I entered the Sergi’s bar, sitting in a poyete of his bar, outside and I tell him , good, he tells me, good, good first of all and that I don’t forget, When we were in the neighborhood we were going on an excursion, where? I do not know, but I did not want to go, well continued, suddenly in the bar they show me a kind of pot that contained microbes or bugs, then they all appeared and I saw in the champagne glasses a kind of liquid ecstasy or it seemed, it looked some species of bubbles and that has been the dream, it has been good. Well, well, it’s two o’clock in the morning and we’re already twenty-five and nothing, I wanted to write down yesterday’s dream, which I forgot that I dreamed about the woman of Isaiah who was pregnant and I told her, that Fuck, but in the clear dream, good for me sincerely you can all get pregnant, as long as I have nothing to do, hehehe, well also that in these last dreams I have dreamed of many d**gs, that if you bag around here, liquid ecstasy and pills, I honestly think that those are really dreams, to which a person takes some of that, his mind is transformed and in those same moments it is as if the dream began and more because of the liquid ecstasy and also ecstasy pills, for not naming more designer d**gs or the like, I say it from my own experience, I have tried the pills as in the I dream, the famous Pica stones and those that are not Pica stones and yes, I saw things that maybe weren’t there, for example an anecdote when I was consuming is that I was in a park and suddenly I saw an image and turned my eyes to the other side and turned to look where I was looking at the beginning and what was at the beginning was gone and things like that a lot or see people around me that there was not, another anecdote, a Friday night after a day of work, when doing patches with a family friend, Toni, because I folded and just folded, well I was looking forward to folding to meet with colleagues, well that once I got to eat four of those pills, the Pica stones, in which Pedro Pica came out stone, of course I saw them already and I just folded and the cravings are bad and to get on their level … well, I said, in the middle of the hour I saw my boss and told him, but if I cut the rachola well, hehehe, I laugh, but that does not make a hint of grac Well, to the point, at that time I was dreaming or how is that explained? A dream? On the other hand, how can you distort your eyesight when you use these substances? I guess it goes to the neurons instantly, well the word itself says it, d**g, it is an experience that I believe that those who have tried it will always remain in their memory, at least I will never forget it and I do not speak of wanting to repeat, but what I would like to know is how they are done, more than anything to know what I was taking. Hello, I just woke up just now and I had a dream in which we were going a lot of people, all the people really did not know who they were, the one that I got to see in the dream is Chiky and Socorro, when I saw her I said, Socorro and I sang or hummed a song and said, I have a crazy, crazy brother, then we kept walking forward and it looked like some National Police cars, then I also dreamed that I was in my house, looking out the window with my brother the Quique, there was a girl, underneath and downstairs there was a car with two and I said, you have a very smart girlfriend, then they left and a piece of car appeared or so it seemed and I said to my brother, a piece of car and he almost threw me out the window, I had to grab, hehehe, well, the car was not a car, but a giant gray shoe and my uncle Carlos was there too. Hello, today for sale and nothing, I had a dream of those cool, with guns in between, in which I was so quiet walking through the bar of La Mancha and I was at Javi and he told me, what I said If I don’t get paid I can’t pay you or something like that, well there was the Oscar and apparently I had to go to work with him and he was the boss and Javi told me to look at the time it was at a quarter to six we had left to go to work and apparently today was a collection day, well and I don’t know how he grabbed me in the back as if to say, come on and suddenly on the way we were at Dani, a neighborhood neighbor, that has a dog called lady, well as they had me by the back, because I had both ahead and gave them to move away and suddenly another scene, I on the way to the neighborhood apparently I was going to change to go to work, but I do not know how I was wrong and from time to go to what is said To my old house, Felipe goes to my uncle’s house and when I go up the stairs and when I open the door I see that the lock was not a lock, but a kind of clip of those that girls put in their hair, well now back for what is my old house and where was the old house bakery and that now is not that it is not, what is in different place, before I was just down the stairs of my old block and now a little more next to what is the bar of the six brothers, well that, that already entering my house I see a bad roll, as if my parents had quarreled and when looking for clothes I see my father opening a drawer and in it there were a lot of guns and strike! I woke up and it’s nine o’clock, almost ten o’clock in the morning and that I went to bed late yesterday, well, first of all, in the bakery was La Tere, the wife of Cole, her sisters with their respective husbands and go, What is said full. Hello, today January twenty-eighth and if I’m not mistaken, today is Calpe’s birthday !! thirty years ago and I in April, well but I still have four months left and nothing, otherwise today it’s a gray day, how when I started writing about my questions without answers and go, it’s not that I have clarified anything , but well, there I go and well what is said questions without few answers already, as I said this I started writing about it and it has become my dream diary, hehehe, well and what else to say, that yesterday I dreamed of a of the Messenger that I met and that at first I had a very bad mother relationship and then I already ran out of internet for a while and then we stopped writing and for what I know later I was with a boy and I wrote him a message and he answered me very strange and later she told me that she was her boyfriend and that she was jealous, well, a gray day, a railway station, hehehe. Hello, today at thirty already and well, this January is over and we enter February and well if the other day there was a birthday, tomorrow is that of my father and well yesterday I went to bed a little late and I just woke up, already I have lowered my dog ​​and nothing, that yesterday I dreamed about my ex, the Maria, well, well I do not remember the complete dream, only that I saw her mother in a few moments when she came and went from the columns of the neighborhood and Finally I sat in the square where the bar is stained and the Maria climbed on top of me, as if I was afraid of something or as someone who sees a mouse, well the question is this, I did not want to step on the ground and finally I I would say that it really is not a dream, because since yesterday I have itchy as if it had bitten me, hehehe. Hello good, today thirty-one and from January and well yesterday I forgot to say that yesterday my parents made thirty years that they married and well a normal day like any other, what he told me last minute and tomorrow is my father’s birthday, well the truth is that I have given him a couple of packages of tobacco, because it does not reach me for more and that counting that I see little money and for once I see it I remembered it was the birthday of my father and I thought, before spending it on something else, I buy a couple of packages of tobacco and well it is not much, but less gives a stone, by the way, I dreamed with my teeth, buaf, that I was made a kind of roundabout in one of them and I looked bored and then next door, the truth is that I have two wheels left, à, in the dream also came three keys. Hello, good morning, today to one and we are already in February and today is my father’s birthday, the truth be told, no clueless idea of ​​the years he turns, well a few and nothing, otherwise the gray day follows and of fatal dreams, yesterday’s dream in a nutshell, shit. Hello, today on February 2 and well I had a dream that it seemed that I was the super Mario Broos, I was in a circuit and nothing, that I think I won the Renault or something like that I thought or was a blue team, to I also saw Mata in the dream, but I don’t know very well what he was saying. Hello, today three of two and nothing, yesterday, well better said until tomorrow, because I went to bed a little late, but yesterday I drank coke at night and could not close my eyes, just saying it was eight or nine and I was still with my eyes open and good between that and that the big brother hooks sailor cloth, because the house without sweeping, hahaha, well and I dreamed again, but this time a very strange dream, in this four bottles came out and as far as I know each one was a different dream, like if each bottle was a dream and nothing, I have seen Sergio, Laura’s boyfriend or the one who was with her, as I said before, I don’t know anything about anyone and well I have not been able to distinguish exactly what he said in the I dream of something else and I aim it because it has been a stub, I was sleeping and as if a force were guiding me to what my parts are and an image of a mortar in my head, because I took my churra and as if I was crushing something , but this is very important, without eating or drinking it, my hand has gone away Alone, that’s why I say, as if someone pushed me to it or that is when the thing gets tough, hehehe, they will be a job. Hello, today four of the two and nothing, that yesterday I had other dreams of those of seen and not seen, I dreamed that I was in the after, in the Mercy and suddenly at the door a burst of light and like the one who does not want the thing, the truth is that I don’t know where I was, I don’t remember the rest. Hello, today five of two and nothing, yesterday I dreamed again with Javi and this time there was Mari Paz, my old boss and I said I do not know what about SIDA or SIDA or something, that what was inside , well and nothing, today my brothers have come to eat and my sister-in-law and aside that it is bad day, it is cold, à, in the dream someone said I love you, I do not know to whom that would be directed, well it stays in the air. Well today six, well now almost seven and nothing, talking about dreams to not change habit, again I dreamed about Javi, for me it was the same dream of the other time, what this time was from another angle , hehe, well today I went to the moon for a walk to the beach, which had not been walking for a long time and I made him do kilometers and nothing more to tell for now. Hello, today February 8 and the truth that I have not dreamed since then, what I did want to add is that, do the dreams and the spirit world have something in common? There I leave it, in the air, another unanswered question, man I think so, because in the two things are seen where there are none. Hello, today nine of two and nothing, yesterday I had another dream of those from the neighborhood, which entered my uncle Felipe’s block and in the first one, when climbing the stairs I met Oscar the mucus and suddenly another Once in the bar Ramón I meet the salva and suddenly I see his wife and nothing in the face, then chatting with the salva said something like where he worked and the one who answers me doing cooking or something and I say Well, if I go I go to kitchens, I don’t know, you can’t have that much accuracy in dreams, hehe, well, it’s almost four o’clock and I’m still here awake and first of all, that the Russian had sunglasses as if it were partying, bona nit. Hello, nowadays ten of the two and nothing, yesterday I had another dream, this time different scenario, this time where the pharmacy of Hispanidad, on the back, nothing, a lot of people and from what I believe or apparently spree and well Now I just went down to the moon and I’ve been talking to a k** who used to go to my school, an Oscar, a good guy and nothing, he asked me if I work and I told him that right now I’m standing and he told me that I passed the Can Calderón, that the girl who is there makes me the curriculum, that is, if things go well and I get up soon, then I will go. Hello, today at 11 nothing more and nothing less and what to say that I have a run of getting up late and going to bed late, well today at 12 and well yesterday I had another dream of those that I do not understand, well rather if and this is the dream, I saw a plump woman and touched all the comb or what is the same, its parts and well I think it does well because for that it is flesh and blood and is a person, then I also saw Lolo pass from the neighborhood, Well I saw him walking and nothing, as soon as I opened my eyes I remembered my mother when your cousin says fat, good and today barbecue pizza, I wish I saw more fat, so every day pizza, hahaha, good and nothing, the truth is that I don’t know how chubby it was because I haven’t seen her face and it’s not for nothing, but she had a front that neither Barça nor Madrid’s, well maybe that’s why and good now talking about football, yesterday I went down with the Moon, my dog ​​to play ball and now has a giant tennis, bigger bone e of the normal and has already skinned and had a kind of ring to have bitten it, because it has been hanging and that fabric, which had as a kind of ring and I took it around to throw it and play with it and play with it and Yesterday’s dream I saw a chubby girl playing a pircing in all her own or what is the same, her reproductive zone. Hello, today Valentine’s Day, February 14 and nothing, before yesterday I had a dream of those in which I was, oops, I was going to say bad in bed, like the song of Shrimp of the island, well, that, that I was in a factory and had four doors behind and four in front and to the sides and I crouched trying to catch a tennis ball, I think it should be for the Moon, well and yesterday another one who spoke to me Jessy, what I don’t know very well what he was saying, Victor calling me, telling me I don’t know what to sell and that’s all, well and as I said, today Valentine’s Day, my luck is that I don’t have to give anything to anyone in particular. Hello, today February 15 and tomorrow carnival, although I think it is already carnival, but I’m not sure, by the way, yesterday I had another dream of those cool from Paraguay, I went with the hospital pepe as per the curves of Garráf , but we were walking and suddenly a wave of people on foot, well, but just below the curves there was a kind of vertical slope of sand and just the water of the sea and the rock towards a handrail to try to cross, but all slipped and fell to the sea and suddenly we were going up and then we were like in a kind of church or something and the pepe lowers a gun and starts shooting at one and loaded it I believe in the dream with a few shots until the man fell, I do not know who that man was, although it sounded like something to me, but now I do not fall, well then he saw me in a scene, this time in the square of palm trees and nothing, that, that the dawn passed and it was his turn my ass, but suddenly I turn and see the that is the father of Jessy and a reflection and in that same moment I have remembered my brother with the broken clock, that the other day he came to eat and illuminated me with the clock, which was like a sun in a mirror and not I know why, but I remembered him, well this is all a dream. A, hello again, nothing, that I have remembered that in the dream my aunt Isidra was also, well I have been reading when I started this and well this I have written it in dirty and I will have to review it, then also something that I have read In the beginning, about my brother and my sister-in-law, I talk about my brother, the little one, well, my former sister-in-law would have to say, what do I do, I put at the beginning ex, or sister-in-law? Is that if I put ex sister-in-law does not seem real, because at that time she was my sister-in-law, well for now I will leave everything as it was, well it is 2:55 minutes and nothing, that I have thought of one thing, well rather I have I discovered something, before I treated my dog ​​badly, well it is not that I treated her badly, but when she misbehaved she scolded me hard and some slap that I have given her and I have discovered that by treating her well my reproductive system works better and is more Cheerful, I have to treat her well, because the reproductive system for me is sacred. Hello, today at 16 and yesterday I had a dream of those in which I have again believed in God, because the other day on TV I saw two brunette women and I said, I would like to dream a handsome dream with some of those two and yesterday look where I dreamed of the Filipino, the dream was that it was on top of me and I was doing a massage, I had soft, soft skin and was very comfortable, but at that same moment of the dream, I turn and see to my mother and I have opened my eyes, but very quickly, I do not know if I had that soft skin or that I was giving a massage with some type of oil or cream, it is the same, it was beautiful and God listened to me and That is a lot for me, I mean, I believe a little, well a lot, the truth be told, long live the mother who gave birth to the Philippines! and that of the tattoo on the back that was very pretty too, man now that I am just writing this, the truth be told, the thing has risen, but hey, my mother has also appeared in the dream and I have opened my eyes quickly , hehehe, well but the lord of the heavens has listened to me, I said that I would like to have a dream with one of those and, strike! Yesterday I dreamed of the Filipino, well and finally add that I think he was told by Usun Yung, like the one in the sixth Wyoming program. Hello, today at 18 and nothing, yesterday I had a dream, no good dream, because I honestly do not remember anything, only that I was in the neighborhood with people, but of all the people that were there, I only remember Sandra, the sister de la Sheila, first I had one and then as I went to bed late, because I turned around because I was tired and well I listened to my uncle, then to my brother and I have already got up, but I got up with a headache that flipas and I have taken a Gelocatíl, a, I have also heard the neighbor calling his grandmother, yayaaaaaa and well between so many voices and nothing now is two noon. Hello, today at 19 and nothing, I went to see my little brother, who was doing since he was not coming and I went up to see him and in passing I told him to come down to eat, otherwise normal, yesterday I had another I dream of those, but this time in the Salas neighborhood, in a bar and of reeds and from what it looks like it was like a Cuba and because I had no more money, because when I paid it I was counting coins with the right thing and a couple of men tell me, come on, take another one that I invite and I don’t know if I took it or not, I just know that I was going to invite them to a cane, but it didn’t reach me, suddenly when I left

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