First time I had a pony play experience with Miley Cyrus was at a BDSM club in Orlando Fla. I was in my best pony tack, bridle and tail tack from Firebird Leather with a black mane and tail, and a nice horse cock sheath from Pegasus Equine sex toys over my hard 10″ cock. I was looking my best pony stud mare as I could and the guys and girls were loving it.
So my handler takes me over to a nice breeding stall at the club and ties me up in the stall like a good little pony mare I am, and let the boys and girls have there way with me for the next 3 hours. The guys could use my mare pussy as well as my mouth and there was enough room under my bent over body for the ladies to get under me and take my nice hard pony cock in them and I got to taste some of that sweet human pussy too with my tongue and mouth while my head stuck out the front of the stall.
So about 2 hours in I see this little blonde mane and tail trans pony mare coming towards me with a Motown pony cock from Lifecast Equine dildos between her legs and cart pulling pony harness on very sexy. She cums up and starts talking to me telling me what a handsome good looking boy I am with my black mane and tail scratches me behind my ears and ask if I want to taste her pony cock. With out me saying a word she lefts her cock and puts the head in my mouth and lets me suck on it. She pushes more in my mouth till her pony cock is almost all in and just holds it there so I can suck on it like and all day sucker. Time to make love to your face she says and starts to fuck my mouth slow at first then a little faster. Pulling out every now and then her pony cock is covered and dripping with my saliva and I ask for more, back in and out, I’m enjoying this she’s enjoying this and the voyeurs watching are too. Miley pulls her pony cock out of my mouth and say time to find out how tight that stud pony mare pussy is.
Walking back to my hind quarters she runs her hand down my withers to my shoulder down my barrel up over my croup to my dock where my tail starts and talks to as she dose this telling how nice I feel all hard and muscular, then she gets to my tail and lifts it and just moans MMmmmm Look at the little mare pussy leaking cum, I need a taste of that she says. Miley gets down on her knees witch brings her eye level with my pony mare pussy, takes both her hands and spreads my flanks leans in and gives a little lick right on my mare pussy. Sending a little shock up my croup to my loin to my back up to my withers witch makes me let out a little sound of delight. Miley hears this and push her mouth and face into my flanks and starts deep licks to my little hole making me moan louder. She starts long deep licks of my man cum filled mare pussy, trying to get all the man cum out and driving me crazy. I can’t help but push my flanks back on her, she spread my rump more and licks deeper finely stopping and pulling away saying your little sweet mare pussy taste so good full of man cum.
Getting off her knee’s Miley grabs some lube and cums over and lifts my tail again and pours lube between my rump checks and I feel it run down to my little hole. Miley starts to finger my mare hole with two fingers then three, then moved her other hand up and took three fingers again in my hole then using both hands at the same time. Mmmm nice and loose time for you take my pony cock in you my little pony mare she tells me. Now I don’t know if any of you know about Lifecast Equine toys, but there molded from real horses cocks. So that means every little bump and wrinkle the horse there molding it from shows up, makes it feel as life like as the real thing. Miley pushes the head in and a few inches and I feel that nice hard head think wow this must be what the real thing feels like as she pushes half of it in me and holds it there. She works it in and out and every few strokes she pushes deeper till she has it all in me and stops and holds it deep in my pony mare pussy. Oh your little mare hole looks so good filled with my pony cock my sweet little boy, good boy good boy she tells me. She starts moving in and out slowly working my mare hole, pulling back out a little farther each time till she’s working the hole thing in and out only leaving just the head in as she pulls back and pushing it all back in me in every stroke.
Miley has a crowd watching her fuck my sweet hole, then one of the voyeurs walks up to my head and pushes his 8″ cock in my mouth and starts face fucking me slow and easy slow and easy. Miley see this and tells me to suck him deep as she fucks her pony cock deep in me. The voyeur pulls out for me to catch my breath and I get a chance to look around at the others having some kind of sex watching us. Imagen seeing a human stud mare pony with a black mane and tail tied in a breeding stall being breaded bi a female trans blonde mane and tail pony girl getting fuckbi a human male in the mouth. The voyeur puts his cock back in my mouth and continues to face fuck me. Miley see this tells me you ready to get fucked like a real pony would fuck you, all I can do is moan with my mouth full of cock. Miley starts fucking me hard and fast like a real pony would fuck a mare, the has me on the edge of cumming. The voyeur cock starts to get bigger in my mouth and he pulls out grabs his cock and shoots his load all over my face, Miley see my little hole tighten around her pony cock as she pony fucks me and know that the first sign of me about to cum. Fucking me a little slower now trying to make it last, several of the male voyeurs cum over and shoot there loads in my face too, this push me over the edge and Miley knows this and pushes one last time in me and holds it there as I cum. Miley pulls out and several of the human males cum and fuck my well used mare pussy and cum deep in me till my little hole is dripping with cum again.
My handler cums up and unties me hooks the lead rope on my bridle and leads me to a wash stall untacks me and gives me a real good bath cleaning out my well used mare pussy. Towels ‘me off tacks me back up but only puts my halter back on hooks the lead on me and takes me home. That was the first time Miley and I played pony’s together, if you like the story tell me and I’ll tell you all about The Cyrus Sister’s Pony Stable

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