I woke to a beautiful morning with the sun just shining through the trees. I stretched my body out, the top cover pulled from my upper body as I pushed my foot straight out. I remembered something about last night. I lay in my darkened bedroom and I could hear their voices much more distinctly than I felt I should. Then I realized that they must have moved out to the patio and their voices came to me through the open balcony door. I loved two things about that: they had taken to heart my offer for them to use the house as theirs, and they didn’t need me there to do it.

I was feeling happier this morning than I had for … hmmm, maybe Dori was right, maybe it has been years. I hadn’t felt unhappy exactly, just not satisfied or content with my direction and life. I had a good life and I was very grateful for having it. From being a poor girl with little to hope, I was now a woman of respect in the local society, a benefactor for causes, with money and comfort that comes with it, I had more than even my dreams might have hoped. But, I was feeling something new this morning, and it was exciting. I threw the sheet off, used the bathroom in my suite, brushed my teeth, and hurried to the door, but stopped as I passed my vanity. I smiled, such a little thing, but it would show I cared about them … even if they didn’t notice. I picked up my hairbrush from the vanity table and brushed my hair. I liked that it was getting long. It was already to my shoulder blades. I turned this way and that, not looking at me, but my hair. I made a decision right there. I wasn’t getting it cut. Okay, trimmed to keep it even, but I wanted it long and the longer the better. I could envision it down to my lower back, maybe to my butt. That would really have a wild look. I liked that thought, wild and carefree.

I hurried to the door, grabbing the robe (the thin one that no longer had ties at the waist), and rushed to the stairs as I put it on, knowing full well that my rushed movement down the stairs sent the robe flowing behind me. I loved that they had done that yesterday. It was a coordinated effort and that made it even better to me.

I strode into the kitchen determined to get coffee ready for the others as they came in, only to find Dori already occupying her domain. I wondered if I would have to get up in the dark to beat her into the kitchen. In my bare feet, she hadn’t heard me so I walked right up to her from behind and took her into my arms. She shrieked at the suddenness of being engulfed by someone, but then she relaxed as I nuzzled into her neck, kissing it and whispering good morning wishes to her.

Then, my hands just went to encase her breasts. I didn’t think about it or plan on it happening; I was just caught up in the moment. When she reacted and I realized what I had done, I tried to jump back, but she clamped her arms, trapping mine between her arms and body, and her hands covered mine and held me in place. “No, Miss Ryn, that feels nice.” She turned in my arms, forcing my grip on her breasts to give, and embraced me, too. As she looked into my eyes, she tilted her head to me and put a soft, tentative kiss on my lips. It was her way of returning the familiarity, the intimacy back to me. I smiled and retook her into a tight hug.

“Thank you, Miss Dori, I liked that, too.”

She chuckled and hugged me back, saying into my ear, “We’re both calling each other Miss.”

I pulled back and looked into her eyes, then her lips, “Awkward, this new relationship. But, it will work itself out, if we just let it and avoid creating tension over it.”

She pulled back but kept hold of my hands, “Speaking of tension … I want to have a very personal discussion with you later, if I could. Girl to girl, okay? Not Miss Ryn or Miss Dori, just us.”

I cocked my head to catch her eyes after they diverted down during her request. “Is anything wrong? Are you okay?”

She smiled big and looked me confidently in the eyes, “Wonderful, actually. I haven’t felt like this in … maybe ever. I just need your advice, maybe some help.”

I took her by the shoulder and turned her back to getting breakfast ready. I stayed with her and assisted. This was her domain, this is where she ruled, so I simply did what I was told, and she was very comfortable doing that in this setting.

And that was when Albert and Jesse came in the side door, followed by a loud clap of thunder and flash of lightning. I jumped at the sound. I apparently only saw the clear skies to the East, missing the dark clouds coming in from West. They made it into the house just before the heavens opened up and seemed to dump rain. They confidently shared that the forecast was for the weather to break before noon. Given the rain, they decided a continuation of my story was warranted.

* * *

Things seemed to settle into that bazaar life that Pa wanted for him and our brothers. They went off to work and my sisters and I stayed behind to tend to the house and have the dinner meal ready for their return. That and the sex. Being used quickly became a very common and expected part of our existence. In the mornings, we sucked the men to climax before they went to work. At night, we were fucked.

After about a week, Pa announced a change for us. I had had the feeling that there would be many changes coming as they thought of them and got more comfortable with their control over us and more brazen in their demands on us. He had us bring in three dresses that were buttoned up the front and a pair of scissors. He proceeded to shorten each dress so it was mid-thigh and removed buttons from the top and the bottom. What was left were buttons that allowed closure of the dress to just below my pussy and just below my breasts. I could be hanging out on top and nearly exposed on the bottom. These dresses would be the only garments we could wear around the house and on the property outside unless specifically told otherwise by Pa. On top of that, we were not allowed to wear underwear, also unless specifically allowed by Pa.

That almost didn’t have much impact on us because we were trapped at the house and we were routinely having sex in one form or another when the men were home. We were as likely to be told to suck one of their cocks or sit on their cocks as they watched TV as we were to be taken by the hand to a bedroom for a fucking. It was strictly on their whim if our use would be in front of others or in private. Many times our dresses weren’t even removed; they were simply unbuttoned the rest of the way or the bottom was pulled up over our hips for access to us. Other times we would be stripped and remained that way until we were told differently or we went to bed for the night. As a result, our sense of modesty about either our bodies being exposed or the use of our bodies evaporated steadily over those early weeks.

The next change came about a week after that. The room that we girls used for our room was taken away from us. The men now had their own rooms and the Jacob, the youngest, moved his stuff into the room that had been ours. To make room for him, our underwear and ‘normal’ clothes were bagged up and stored in the closet of our old room. We rarely needed anything more than the three modified dresses as we rarely went outside of the house, much less the property. Because of the men now having all the bedrooms, each of us girls slept with one of the men. This was normally on a rotational basis but Pa always had the option to decide whom he would sleep with. To keep the peace, though, he rarely deviated from the established rotation, which worked from Sunday night to Friday night. Saturday was up to Pa to assign which of us slept with which of them. That was his way of picking his preference. It wasn’t many weeks to see that I was always in his bed on Saturday night. That gave him more time on Sunday morning to play with me before getting up for what was traditionally a late breakfast.

That interested me. Why me? My sisters complained hardly at all, no matter what, they just accepted the new expectations for their life as if it was changing from having eggs for breakfast to pancakes. They just flowed with it. On the other hand, I was always putting up some amount of resistance. It might not be overt or belligerent, but it was evident, in my eyes like a fire of resentment. But, there was that thing about my body when he commanded me forcefully. I half wondered if my eyes would burn with resentment if it wasn’t family, if it wasn’t i****t. I supposed that it was that fire that attracted him. My body response with the energy of resentment. The pliable response of my sisters proved to be less energetic, less compelling during the act.

After a couple months of this life, each time adjusting to new expectations and limitations, Pa announced that we going to his brother’s place for a BBQ. We were to pull out some nice clothes, including underwear. He gave all of us stern warnings, us girls and the boys, that everything that happened in our home was only our business. None of us wanted to consider what he might do if one of us violated that warning. Pa had lost his mind on occasions of dealing out punishment that he felt was warranted. Samuel darn near had to go to the hospital once when Ma was alive. None of us forgot it.

Our Uncle’s family included our Aunt and two boys (21 and 19 years old). We used to see them more often, but since Ma died, the families seemed to drift. There didn’t seem to be any issue or problem, I think Pa just got overwhelmed without Ma and it became convenient to just hole-up in the house.

The afternoon and early evening went well, very social, and pleasant. It was evident from the discussion Pa was having with his brother away from the rest of us that they were working out something. Whether it was something Pa was dealing with or his brother, I had no idea. The rest of us seemed to be getting along fine. The cousins were cousins. Maybe it was just me, though. Forever, I was always more interested in a book, investigating something in nature, or simply daydreaming. As I sat with my Aunt and watched the others, I had to think it was just me. The others were acting almost like k**s being together, again. The boys were getting rough and my sisters were watching closely, which only encouraged the boys more. That young courtship ritual was completely outside my sphere of reference and I found it fascinating to watch. My sisters were flirting with the cousins like they always did. My cousins were paying a lot more attention to them than ever before, too. There was something different in the interaction, also. It was almost like there was something coming off them that indicated a change in the girls, like dogs in heat. Pa had warned everyone and I hoped for all our sakes that they remembered.


My Aunt’s insistent voice broke into my thoughts. I looked over to her and she was holding a bottle of beer to me. “Where were you, girl? In one of your books, no doubt. I swear, it’s about time you spend more time in the world. You’re not a schoolgirl, any longer.”

I sighed but managed to smile at her and began a dialog about the families finally getting together, how nice it was. It was inane and meaningless dribble but it seemed to satisfy my Aunt. I was the youngest and I was playing the role of adult. While that was going back and forth between us, my mind was really working on her comment earlier. It seemed everybody was convinced that my life was now locked in this structure that had existed for generations for the Hills. The boys grow into semi-men who find some kind of job so they can spend half their time working so they can spend the rest playing, hunting, fishing, drinking, and never far from women when it struck them. The girls grow into women who find a life of bearing c***dren and taking care of a house and family, largely without much assistance from the men and certainly without enough money for the necessities. That’s why I studied so hard. I wanted out of this dead-end life.

After that, we saw them a couple more times over the next month. Each visit was much the same and the families seemed to regain the closeness that was once shared. Talking to Aunt about that, we identified the illness and death of Ma, then the slow recovery for us afterward as the source. Each visit involved the same separated conversation being held by Pa and Uncle. Then, on a Saturday early afternoon, we heard a vehicle enter the yard and Pa told us girls to welcome them. By the way he spoke to us, he seemed to be expecting whoever it was. It was our Uncle and our two cousin boys.

This was unusual. If Pa was expecting someone, he had us change into other dresses. We were still in our everyday modified dresses, shortened and buttons removed. As they came into the house, there seemed to be something different in their attitude, especially our cousins. They were singularly focused on us as they passed, looking at us with a hunger that was evident just in their expressions. The oldest put his hand out and let it drag across my stomach covered by my modified dress. He stopped and looked into my eyes, “It is good to see you again, Lauryn. I have been looking forward to this for days now.”

I had no idea what he meant by that. I turned to look at Pa and he was talking to Uncle, again. They both looked over at us girls, big smiles on their faces. Chairs were moved from the kitchen into the large room so all the men could sit. When they were, Pa directed his comments to us. He told us to stand in the middle of the group. I had a bad feeling about what was about to happen.

“Girls, you Uncle and cousins are here as our guests today. You will treat them with the same consideration and respect that you give to me and your brothers.” He watched us intently. We didn’t dare say anything. It was clear that was to be the first time the three of us were used by men outside the immediate family. I looked only at Pa. I was too nervous to even consider checking out the expressions or reactions of the other men. “Okay, girls, take your dresses off.”

Just like that. No, preamble of asking, a reason why they couldn’t find some women of their own, no explanation about Aunt. Just, ‘take your dresses off’.

I glanced out the corners of my eyes at my sisters, not wanting to be the first, but not wanting to appear that I was going to be disobedient, either. My sisters must have been doing the same thing because they weren’t moving to comply, either. I knew this wasn’t going to end well, though, so I began unbuttoning the first of the remaining buttons. It didn’t take long to have the five buttons undone; I let the dress fall open for a moment, and then slipped it off my shoulders. I looked at Pa, he was smiling, and I felt the movement of my sisters as they were following my lead and were soon also naked. Pa was smiling broadly and elbowing his brother who hadn’t taken his eyes off me, travelling from my face to my breasts and then to my crotch. I noticed a movement from Pa and saw his hands repeating a motion with his hands: from a position of his hands pressed together, he opened them widely. The intention was clear and I shifted my weight to open my legs as directed. The others were transfixed on view in front of them and I didn’t think they even were aware of Pa’s direction. It undoubtedly gave them the impression we were willing and eager.

There were six of them and three of us. “Okay, girls, on your knees and start sucking a couple cocks.” With that the men undid their pants and exposed there mostly hard cocks to us. I was standing in front of Pa and Uncle so I sank to my knees and began working on them. I figured it didn’t matter who I started with, by the end of this we would probably have each one of them.

That was the way the afternoon and early evening went. We sucked and fucked cock as they became hard. If they weren’t hard, we got them beers or snacks or knelt before them with our heads in one of their laps trying to get them hard. Eventually, we were sent off to the kitchen to make a supper for them. That did two things: gave them nourishment; but more important, it gave them desperately needed time for their bodies to recover. And while we made a dinner, they were outside challenging each other in horseshoes.

That happened several more times as a group, both male members of the families joining together. Eventually, though, the boys or Uncle would show up individually, many times unannounced, but always welcomed by Pa and our brothers. It was clear to us that we were now considered like community property for the men in the extended family. And, if it wasn’t immediately, Pa made it very clear to us that we should treat them as we did him and our brothers, and he never wanted to hear from them that we were not accommodating and satisfying to them.

Uncle came over in a rage. He made no pretense of hiding the problem. After experiencing the sexual freedom and availability at our place, he was intent on establishing the same thing at his for him and the boys. His plan was using his wife, but all he got from her was screaming at him about his idea of using her. He was not deterred, just delayed and it bothered him. After he calmed down, he admitted that she had never been a particularly sexual woman but he was committed to changing that. I overheard him tell Pa that she would have no choice ultimately, that was going to be her role now. Pa didn’t seem particularly phased by that idea and that wasn’t a surprise because that is what he did to us. I wondered if that might have been part of Ma’s problem, but after working out the timeline, it didn’t seem plausible. The boys would have been too young.

We hadn’t heard much from them for about two weeks and I was wondering what was happening over there. It was more curious than wishing any ill on my Aunt, but it was a sign to me how sick our family was becoming that I could be so casually curious if Uncle had been successful in turning Aunt into their sexual plaything the way Pa had turned us. I was to find out exactly what was happening soon enough, though. Uncle’s pickup came to a sk**ding stop in the yard. He walked right into the house. “You know what I was trying to do? It isn’t working so well. The woman never did like sex that much and she is often too dry to really have any fun. Can we have one of your girls for a while? Maybe that will loosen her up some.”

I was shocked. Samuel had just finished fucking me on the couch when Uncle came charging in. I was still naked but was holding my modified dress in front of me. He actually had the callous nerve to ask to be able to use one of us at his place? And, again, not wishing any ill will on my Aunt, but how would having one of us over there to fuck possibly encourage her to be more involved? Did he think that seeing it happening would turn her on? I figured it would just be a relief to her that she wasn’t needed.

But, callous nerve apparently runs in the family. Pa didn’t even seem to blink in surprise at the request, “Sure, it makes sense since I have three, and there are only three of us. But, you know they make lubricants just for that problem. I hear you can get it at the d**g stores in the same area as the condoms.” Then he looked past his brother and saw me, “Lauryn, get over here. Give your Uncle your dress, you’re going to spend some time with his family. Remember what I said, too. Treat them like you treat us or their will be hell to pay if I hear anything to the contrary.”

Naked? I was going to be taken naked to their place. But, I knew better than to argue. “Yes, Pa.” I handed my dress to my Uncle, walked barefoot and naked to the front door, and held it open. When he just walked out of the house to the truck holding my modified dress, I just knew I wouldn’t be wearing it much. There wasn’t even a pause to consider if I should get more clothes or my shoes. There was also no discussion about how long this was going to be.

At least on these back country roads, there is little to no traffic. So, sitting in Uncles truck naked wasn’t really bound to create too much notice. And, if we did pass someone, they would have to be paying close attention to be sure of what they saw sitting in the passenger seat. Someone might think they saw a naked girl, but they would dismiss it quickly as ridiculous. Which didn’t mean I wasn’t nervous and perhaps a little scared. I had come to know what to expect at home with my family. This was going to be entirely different. This was going to be entirely new and exciting for the cousins, not to mention Uncle. The idea of being the naked girl around the house to be freely taken when they wanted was intimidating to me. I was also nervous about the reaction that would come from Aunt. Not that this was in any way my preference or idea, but would she take her frustrations and anger out on me when she would realize she had lost control with her own family?

When we pulled up alongside the house, it didn’t take long for me to be noticed. Aunt was looking out the kitchen window where she was finishing the dishes when I stepped down from the cab naked. She came charging out of the house yelling. I wasn’t sure if she was yelling at me or her husband, but it didn’t really matter. I knew right then that my presence was going to be difficult.

Uncle’s patience was gone, though. “Shut up, you stupid woman!” His arm flashed out and struck her across the face. Just then, the boys came running out of the same door wondering what all the yelling was. Seeing their father slap their mother stopped them. Seeing me standing in front of them naked, diverted their attention from whatever the conflict was with their parents. But, Uncle wasn’t done with Aunt, “Listen up, woman. My brother was nice enough to let us have Lauryn for a while. His girls are family sluts and they give pleasure to their men whenever and however it is wanted. The same thing is going to happen here whether you like it or not, so just get used to the idea. You may not be as young and good looking as his girls, but you still have a pussy and mouth. You’re going to see from Lauryn how a family slut is supposed to act. If you keep resisting, that slap won’t be the last.”

Okay, so just in case I wasn’t already sick of my family … the spiral downward just seemed to continue to become steeper.

Uncle, still glaring at his wife, took my hand and pulled me to his boys. “Lauryn’s here for us. You’ve used her before at their place so you know what you can do. No, you probably don’t know because we were guests then.” He paused, turned to look at me up and down, then turned to take his wife by the hand and pulled her back to the house. After pushing her through the door, he looked back at us, “Like I said, Lauryn’s here for us to use. Use her anyway you want, however you want. Experiment, be creative.” With that he was gone inside the house and I heard Aunt scream.

That first day was rough. Not that the following days weren’t, but at least by then I had a concept of what might be coming. That first day was a day of firsts for me. I was fucked in my ass and I had to scream at them to use some kind of lubricant. They used lard from the kitchen. It was also the day of my first double penetration with one in my pussy and one in my ass at the same time. That was topped with Uncle getting involved and I was triple penetrated with one in my mouth. Yes, it was a rough day. As sick as I thought my family was to use us as their sluts, at least they weren’t rough. At home we were family, even if their sluts. Here, I was seemingly just a toy, a fuck toy they seemed to think had no feelings or was unable to hurt. They were wrong and my resentment grew with each use.

During the time at Uncle’s place, I had talks with my Aunt who was not happy that she was expected to be like us girls. She asked a lot of questions about my dreams and me (what do I wish I could being doing? Did I want to be in school more? What life would I like to have? If I could, would I leave to have that life?). After confiding in her, thinking we were reaching some bond, she just used my answers against me, going to her husband with the information like she was trying to help them, like she had uncovered my desire and plan to run away. Uncle pulled us together and Aunt retold everything I had confided to her. He then notified Pa and when he arrived, he was in a fury. Now it was his turn to confront both my Aunt and me. Again, she retells what I had been saying, leaving out the fact that I was just responding to her questions. I tried arguing but he simply contended that I was trying to manipulate them; why would my Aunt manipulate my answers? Pa asks for a switch and one of the boys gets him one, a smile on his face in anticipation. I am told to put my hands behind my head and stand still. He uses the switch on my breasts, but I don’t cry out, despite the fact that they are soon bright red. Frustrated, he tells me to stand with my legs wide apart. The first strike on my pussy makes me double over on the ground. He screams at me to get up. He lands four more between my legs, and then fucks me in front of everyone.

Afterwards, the boys fuck me, too. Pa and Uncle are talking and they agree the best way to handle the situation is to keep me naked and take more of my freedom away. They decide that I would now be a slave for the rest of the time at my Uncles, which Pa decides, will be another week. Uncle tells my Aunt she can be dressed and instructs the boys that they are only to use me for their sex. That was the motivation for my Aunt. I am put under the control of my Aunt for all domestic chores now and soon she is doing nothing. I comment to her when we are alone, no longer caring if it leads to another beating if she tells her husband, that this is only a temporary reprieve, when I leave it will all revert back to her, now that they have a taste of a naked woman doing their bidding. She looks sad at the comment. What, she hadn’t thought of that? Was she really that simple and naïve? Was I really that unique in this gene pool?

When I was finally brought home, Pa is more determined than ever to make sure I know my place. He threatens to keep me chained up until I am resigned to comply completely. Samuel notices the dog in the back, lying on the ground licking its cock, chained to a line that used to be the clothes line. He turns and talks to Pa and they are discussing something intently. Pa smiles and I already don’t like it. “To give you a taste of what life could be like if you disobey, tonight you will be chained to the dog.”

“Outside with the dog?”

He has a sinister glint in his eyes, “You’ll be fucked by each of us before. Then, yes, you will be outside with the dog with a chain connected to him. You will be his bitch tonight. With our cum inside you, he’ll be on top of you without a doubt.” They all laughed. I was really beginning to hate Samuel.

After dinner that night, Pa bellowed for more beer so I went to the refrigerator and took out three bottles. I juggled them in one hand but was losing one so trapped it against my body. The cold beer bottle pressed to my breast and sent a jolt through my nipple. My body was becoming excessively attuned to pleasures that it could experience. I slammed the door, took the offending bottle away, and rubbed the breast with my arm to warm it. I then started for the other room but was stopped by what I overheard as I approached.

It was Pa holding court with the boys, “What do you boys think about getting some young cunt?”

“Lauryn? She’s really good.”

“No, not Lauryn. Younger.” They just looked at him without any understanding. I didn’t blame them; I didn’t know what he was driving at, either. “Boys! I am talking serious young cunt.”

“What do you mean, Pa? Just tell us.”

“Okay, what I am thinking is to take the girls off the pill and getting them pregnant. Then keeping them pregnant until we have enough baby girls.”

I was amazed. No, I was shocked and sickened. No, not even sickened. I was sickened when my own father turned his daughters in his sluts. This was worse than that. What he was suggesting now was abhorrent. It even stopped those two stupid boys.

He apparently stopped long enough for the thought to sink in, to see his sickness spread into the minds of his sons. “Besides, being pregnant a few times might just be the thing to knock the fight out of Lauryn. The next few days we’ll take away their pills. Then we will be the only ones to fuck them until we are sure they are pregnant.”

Shit! That was all I could think of. Life wasn’t bad enough, now they want to knock us up? And, what about our babies? Shit! A desperate thought went through my brain. As desperate as the thought was, my brain didn’t immediately accept it or reject it: I’ll kill myself first! He wants shock, maybe that would change things.

I took a deep breath and steadied my emotions, bumped loudly into the wall and stumbled in through the entry like I was about to drop one of the bottles and was oblivious of their conversation. It seemed to work, that and the fact they had already had three beers each. Pa just yelled at me, “You better not drop any of those bottles!”

With the addition of beer in his system, he was more committed than before to proving his point to me who the boss was. My sisters were told they had the night off. The three of them were going to make good use of my pussy and then give me to the dog. b********y on top of i****t was almost more than my mind could handle for such a short sexual life exposure.

His plan went nearly flawlessly. I say ‘nearly’ because Pa was only able to cum once in me. The boys had no problem and as much as I tried, he just wasn’t going to get it up for the second time. He tried to blame me, including several smacks across the face, but the problem wasn’t in my effort, it was in his condition. He had used each of my sisters earlier in the day, than me later, but the real problem was the amount of alcohol he had consumed. The combination doomed his efforts. And the harder he seemed to try or will himself to being hard, the less likely it seemed to be possible. The alcohol may have been a defensive reaction to what he was about to make me do; on the other hand it might have been a celebratory reaction that he was making me do this, the all-powerful Pa. I tended toward the latter.

Once Pa finally accepted that he wasn’t going to be able to add another load in my pussy, I was pulled by the arm out the door and across the side yard to the shed and the old clothes line where the dog was chained. I was surprised; he had thought this through and was ready. I was not only going to be chained with the dog outside but I was going to be locked there, too. The dog’s chain was just clipped to one of the wires of the old clothes line. Samuel (that figures) brought over a length of chain that was slightly shorter than the dog’s. The two chains were put onto a padlock and that attached to the wire line. Then, the other end of the new chain was looped around my neck and locked with another padlock. It wasn’t choking tight, but it was tight enough that it wasn’t going to allow it to slip over my head.

Then, Pa did something that got my attention from only considering my current miserable state. “Okay, boys, the key to Lauryn’s lock will be right here on the hook by the shed door. If you want her during the night or in the morning for her to do her chores, any of us can find the key.” Just to be sure, he dragged me in the direction of the hook so the chain was stretched and the key was still outside my reach. Satisfied, they left me and returned to the house. The lights were still on when the dog first came to me, sniffing my bottom. I kept turning away from him, but I couldn’t escape him since my chain was a little shorter than his. He obviously had my scent from the earlier fucking and his attention was only on my ass and crotch. I was managing to keep him away from my front, but I knew I couldn’t keep it up forever.

As it turned out, I wasn’t going to keep away from him any longer at all. I hadn’t even noticed that the rest of my family had come out of the house to check on how I was doing with the dog. Frustrated by my reluctance to cooperate and needing to get some sleep, Pa put my futile efforts to an end. His booming voice got my attention. “Lauryn, damn it! Get on your hands and knees, now!”

I sighed, but also seethed my anger at him. Luckily, perhaps, it was dark or I might have received yet another beating. I knew it was going to happen at some point, anyway. I was exhausted, not just from the evening’s activities with them, but the weeks of being used day and night by Uncle and the cousins. Although, I knew it wasn’t strictly true, it seemed that I never had any peaceful time to myself when I was there. Dealing with that crazy Aunt was a chore in itself; I had thought she might at least be a sympathetic ally but she turned into a manipulative bitch, taking advantage of me in a completely different way than the men.

So, I relented and slowly got onto the ground where I was. I let my head hang down as I sensed the dog roaming back and forth behind me. The first tentative lick hit my ass cheek and sent a shock through me. The second actually went between my legs but I didn’t wanted to give the others the satisfaction of seeing me respond to this new activity. I don’t know how I did, but I continued to struggle to refrain from letting them see me respond. But, my body was responding. Again, on its own while my brain tried to shut down, but it didn’t. I felt, sensed, and identified each new touch and contact as the dog got comfortable between my legs and lapped up the semen and juices escaping my pussy.

When the dog jumped up onto my back, I remembered something I had noticed about dogs the few times I saw them mating, the knot at the base of the cock. I had to keep that knot out of me … well, at least while the family was standing there watching. The way this was already going, the a****listic feeling of the entire act, the attention of the dog to fulfill this singular act, that the night would present other opportunities. Other opportunities to experience this again, if I wanted, when the family wouldn’t get the satisfaction. So, with the dog on my back, he started humping, pounding his hard cock into my bottom, mostly hitting my cheeks, but then slipping between my cheeks. I moved with him, hopefully unperceptively to the others, until his cock slipped between my cheeks and found my pussy. I clamped my mouth shut, but inwardly I moaned at the sudden invasion. He shifted his weight and clamped his front legs around my middle. At the same time, I made my defensive move and closed my thighs tightly together. The dog continued to hump into me and I am sure I felt even tighter to him. But, after some time, I felt something new hitting against me and I was sure it was the knot. He became almost frantic, that it was important to tie with me by getting his knot in place, but my legs being together was not going to allow that. I had to admit to myself, though, that there was something wildly different about this fucking from the dog. He was pounding at me, very aggressively, but it wasn’t meanly or abusively. He was trying to dominate me and the knot would certainly have done that, but I had to fight to hold control, at least externally. Internally, my body was going crazy.

When I felt the first jerk and strain of his cock inside me, then the first spurt of his cum jetting into my pussy, I cried out. My sisters had long ago seen more than they wanted and returned to the house. The guys, though, were not only curious, they were needing to see me demeaned and subjugating by the dog. So, when they heard me cry out, they laughed, turned, and went into the house, satisfied that I had been properly agonized in my torment by the dog.

The reality was that my crying out was the release of pent up stimulation like I had never experienced. When he spurted inside me, my orgasm crashed over me like a tsunami crashing against a defenseless shoreline. It was the most delicious orgasm of my short sexual life. And, my mind went racing ahead of me. I was chained with the dog all night. And, I hadn’t allowed the knot to enter me. Unlike past times when I was forced to experience something I didn’t want, this experience was registered by my mind and it had full participation throughout the experience. The dog wasn’t a threat. The dog was only doing what instinct dictated it to do. Its drive was to mate with a female, a bitch. I lay on the ground and the dog sniffed at my pussy. I opened my legs willingly to him and he cleaned our mixed cum from my body. When he then went to a grassy spot in the yard and lay down, I tentatively followed on my hands and knees. I slowly moved to curl in next to him, cautious of a sudden snarl indicating a warning to move away. It never came and he accepted my body next to his.

During the night, he mated me three more times. Each time I accepted the knot, which was wild and primal. The knot entering me stretched my pussy to what I was afraid might be too much. But, it wasn’t. It was wonderfully exciting. The pain, if it even was that, was momentary, but the full feeling of the knot and the subsequent engorging of both the knot and the cock was immediate and defining of the mating experience. After cumming and while knotted to the dog after, I truly felt like his bitch. But, as dominating as the experience was, it lacked all the abuse and meanness of my past experiences. Yes, some of my fucking was wonderfully powerful and exciting. I had come to understand that my body was like that. Between mating with the dog, I tried to understand it, the difference. And, I couldn’t. The men just used me. The dog just used me. The men pounded into me with force. The dog pounded into me with force. So, what was the difference? It remained unanswered. But each time with the dog, I came wildly. And, the dog seemed insatiable.

In between, though, when I gave up trying to figure that difference out, a plan formulated in my mind to escape. That and one more fucking, finally brought me sleep curled up next to the dog.
* * *

When I stopped, there was only silence. They had listened quietly, not interrupting. That wasn’t to say I didn’t notice reactions from them at times during the telling, but they allowed it to flow out, like it would be easier for me than to stop, explain or react, then to start up, again.

I looked around the table: Dori, Albert, and Jesse were all just watching me. We had been sitting here much of the morning, sitting at the kitchen table, talking. Okay, I was talking and they were listening. I started to rise from the table when Jesse reached out and put his hand over mine. I looked down at the dark brown hand over mine, and then looked to his face. His eyes dropped for just a moment from my face to my body. I had been so comfortable talking about the past, reliving those memories, that I had forgotten … until now. I looked down at myself and saw what he, and the others, were seeing as my thin robe completely fell away from my otherwise naked body. I sat back down and looked at each of the others. I could tell in their eyes that the story for now might be done, but there was something on their minds.

“Miss Ryn, we were wondering …” it was Jesse picking up from his stopping me from standing. “We were wondering … why did you stop having dogs? If this is improper to ask, I’m sorry. Your story, though, your enjoyment of the dog that night … we know you enjoyed the dogs here at the beginning when we came to work here, but …”, he looked to his companions, “… we were just wondering why …”

I smiled. A fair question. Why indeed? “We made sure we periodically got new young dogs, as the others got older and became less active and eventually died. But, when George got sick, our attention shifted to him and more of my concerns to Miss Helen. The carnal pursuit of before seemed less important. We just stopped replacing the dogs. Now, we have that nice kennel that sits empty.” A look of both regret and longing came over my face. “It wasn’t a conscious decision at all. Life got in the way. It just didn’t seem like the most important thing. They reverted to being pets … only pets.”

“Miss Ryn?” It was Dori this time. I could tell that dropping the ‘Miss Ryn’ for just ‘Ryn’ was going to be a problem, if not impossible. “Can I ask when you started with the dogs here? Was it remembering the old experiences that caused you to try it again? Or were you pushed into it?”

I blushed and I knew I did. Talking about the long past was one thing, especially things that were put upon me. This, though, was getting into free-will actions. “I guess you could say it was partly remembering that past experience. I wasn’t pushed. I guess I was encouraged, though. But, it was my decision completely, there was no forcing involved. As to when … that was when I first came here. In fact, it was just a few days after arriving to start my assignment here.” They were all looking at my puzzled. I think they thought I had always been a ‘Miss’ of the estate. But why would a ‘Miss’ come to the estate to take on an assignment? I smiled at them. It was a teaser for them, perhaps. “But that, my dear friends, is getting way ahead of the story.”

I got up from the table, turned for the entry, but stopped. “The rain has stopped and the day looks to be gorgeous. But, first, you know me as Miss Ryn, but you also know my real name is Lauryn Hill. Do you know how it was that I became known as Ryn?”

They speculated that it was a cute nickname from school or something that I picked up since leaving home. I smiled at them, again. I turned and as I walked through the entrance, I responded over my shoulder, “But that is getting ahead of the story, too.”

* * * CHAPTER 4 will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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