I turned and as I walked through the entrance, I responded over my shoulder, “But that is getting ahead of the story, too.” But, then I stopped and turned back to them, “Excuse me Sirs and Miss, it might have been presumptuous of me to just leave you. Is there … anything … that I might do for you?” I blushed; I could feel it spreading over me. “Or … perhaps … some service I might provide?”

Dori was entirely focused on me. “Ryn, you are blushing. What are you thinking, you naughty girl?” But, she didn’t wait for a response from me. She immediately turned to Jesse and Albert to whisper something to them. They both turned their eyes to me and a short whispered discussion ensued. I could hear none of it until I heard Dori, “yes”, I little too loudly.

Jesse, of all of them, “Ryn, your story is very hot and I think Albert and I could use … oh, no! I didn’t mean … Miss Ryn, I didn’t mean that we thought your abuse was exciting.”

Albert put his hand on the other man, “Jesse, easy. She knows that.”

“You do, Miss Ryn?”

I walked up to Jesse, put my arms around his neck, and kissed him on the lips. “Of course, I do. Your reaction just now was indicative of why I knew I could always trust you.” I put on hand on Albert’s arm, “And you, too, of course.” I smiled at Dori, “All three of you.” I stood in front of them. “Do you understand better why I feel connected to you three?”

Dori answered immediately, “Because you are just like us. You came from the same place we did. Poor and marginalized.”

Albert took a step back and looked at her, “Marginalized? Really?”

Dori smiled and shrugged her shoulders, “I heard it used on a documentary about the poor. For some reason it stuck with me.” We all four laughed.

I moved back to Jesse, “Before you were interrupted …” I unbuckled his belt and open the snap on his pants. “Were you about to ask something of me?” I unzipped his fly and slipped my hand inside, feeling his cock move just at my touch. “It wouldn’t have been for me to take care of this would it?”

He stammered, “Yes, ma’am.”

I moved to Albert and did the same thing and got the exact same, “Yes, ma’am.”

I looked up at Dori, “Dori, if you don’t want to watch, this might be a good time to find something to do.”

She smiled, “Not on your life. I may be blushing like a school girl, but … no, I want to see this.”

I knelt before them and finished with Jesse’s pants, and then looking up at his face, I put my hands to the waistband of his underwear. This was it. This was the first time I would see him, this was the first of what I hoped would many more firsts to come. I pulled his underwear down and his hardening cock sprang into view. Without conscious thought, my mouth uttered what my brain registered, “Oh … my, god!” He wasn’t like a horse, but it was the biggest cock I had ever seen or held, which is what I found my hands doing. Before my brain finished registering the vision, my hand was already in action, slide up and down the length. It had to be 8 inches long and thick. I just stared at it for a moment before leaning into it and licking up the length and kissing the tip. I looked up at his face and smiled. My other hand had been on Albert’s crutch and I felt something that was very similar. On my knees, I turned to him and repeated the same actions, including the response. “Oh, my god, you two!” Albert might be even an inch longer, but maybe not quite as thick. With a hand on each one, stroking up and down, I looked up at them with a big smile. “You two are going to make me a very happy woman.”

But, at that moment, it was going to be all about me making them happy. On my knees, I went back and forth between them. While sucking one, I stroked the other. Back and forth, forth and back. During a switch between them, I was able to glance at Dori; she had both of her hands grasping her breasts from outside her clothes. She didn’t notice my eyes on her; she was immersed in tunnel vision, able to see only the two large cocks. I would have smiled if the cock going into my mouth didn’t make that difficult.

Afterward, I gave each of them a kiss on the mouth. That was to thank them, but it was also to test them. Were they repulsed by the idea of kissing a woman who had just had cum in her mouth, and when some of it was someone else’s? They weren’t. They kissed me greedily.

I broke the kiss and thanked them, again. I headed for the door making a comment about things to do. Reaching the door, though, I turned back, rushed to take Dori’s hand, and pulled her out into the hall toward the stairway to the upstairs.

“Ryn! They are going to think we are going to … hey, where are you taking me?”

“To my room. You said we needed to talk, privately. And, it doesn’t matter what they think, I just sucked them off in front of you.”

“Ryn, I’m not ready to do this. I’m not ready, yet. Okay?”

I stopped us halfway up the stairway and I searched her eyes. “But, you want to? Sometime you will be ready?”

She giggled and blushed profusely, “Yes, Ryn. I want to, believe that, I really do, but … now, I do need to talk to you.”

I stared at her, a big smile slowly spreading over my face. I threw my arms around her and kissed her. “Oh, Dori! I can’t believe it. I mean for some reason I just never assumed … I mean, you know … well, you and me. This is wonderful!” I kiss her, again. I then continued our rise up the stairs. I looked over my shoulder, “This is wonderful. I was only going to talk, but his is wonderful news.”

At the top of the stairs she stopped, which made me stop as her hand pulled out of mine. “You mean you weren’t trying to get me to your bedroom to … you know?”

She was glaring at me. “Dori, it’s not like I didn’t think about that, after sucking the men, but you made it perfectly plain that you wanted to talk.”

“You mean to say you got me coming up here thinking you were seducing me into making love and my telling you that I wanted to, but … you tease!” She came running at me but her face was a playfully, big smile. I took off for my room, the loose robe flowing behind me. I was nearly naked and being chased through the house by the other female of the house. I loved it.

We went out onto the balcony to talk. There were two reasons for selecting that location. The first and most obvious was that it was a beautiful day with a slight breeze that felt wonderful on the skin. The second and less obvious to Dori was so the guys would see us sitting. The guys did see us and wave and it was even a little after that when, while watching the guys working in the yard below, Dori said, thank you.

When we were settled into a quiet and private time for that talk, it proved to be quite informative. She finally opened up about her past. After hearing the beginning of my story, she related so closely that she wanted to finally share it with someone. She was also from a dirt poor family. In her case, both of her parents were alive and she was the youngest girl in the family. She had two older sisters, just a year older and three years older. A brother that was between her sisters and a brother who was two years younger than her. Her family situation was becoming similar to how mine had ended up becoming but hers involved her mother, too. It was a puzzle to the younger k**s but there was definitely something funny happening among the others. It wasn’t until her two sisters became pregnant and her parents did go crazy angry that she started figuring it all out. i****t was a part of their family and not only the immediate family but well into other relations. With her sisters pregnant, the males started watching her more closely and her mother started giving her talks about sex and men.

Unlike me, who had a clear idea of what I wanted to do with my life, at least from the perspective of a job, she had none. Schooling was a low priority and not encouraged. The girls were going to become wives so school was low on anyone’s priority. The i****t and sharing among the relatives, produced couples through that familiarity. It was not uncommon for marriages to come about through the coupling of cousins. She knew that was messed up and whatever was in store for her in this scenario, there had to be something better than that. She ran away and never looked back. She was on her own for half a year, surviving in shelters and church groups until she was directed to our open position for a housekeeper and cook. She was young and inexperienced, which kept her from securing a similar position earlier. The fact that we were looking for assistance rather than an experienced servant, made the difference in our minds. We hired her and she said it was the perfect situation. She had narrowly avoided being discovered by her family in those early days. Being employed by an estate away from any town provided privacy.

We talked about that more, sharing commonalities and differences, relating in ways we never knew we could before. Discovering bonds in our lives and survival that we both felt made us almost instantly closer in spirit and emotion. We were sitting next to each other, still on the balcony. My hand was holding hers and she squeezed mine periodically in reassurance or acceptance of my reassurance. I stood up, pulled her back into the room, and led her to the loveseat at the foot of my bed. I held both of her hands and we were quiet for minutes. The minutes of silence were comfortable, though, not tense or awkward. We had opened ourselves for ourselves and for each other. I felt closer to her in those short couple of hours than I had ever felt with anyone, even Helen Taylor who I had thought was the closest friend I could possibly have. Helen had accepted me for what I was and that was a gift. Dori, though, didn’t just accept me, she was me and I was she. We were like sisters in experience.

Somehow, we ended in each other’s arms, crying, but not embarrassed or reluctant. Our crying was mutual and the****utic in its release of emotions too long held inside and, surprisingly, joyful in the discovery of a bond that was thicker, tighter, and more secure, only possible by coming from such a joint experience. It was as if I had found a sister who knew and understood my very soul.

I also discovered that she was still a virgin. See immediately followed that declaration with a verbalization of her desire to now change that. I looked into her eyes deeply.

“Are you sure? Not because of me, I hope.”

“Yes, because of you. And, because of Albert and Jesse. Because of you three. Ryn … wow, all of the sudden calling you Ryn instead of ‘Miss Ryn’ won’t be hard and won’t be easy. I feel like we could be …”


“You feeling it, too?” I nodded to her and she smiled but then continued, “Ryn, I know you feel it, too. You gave yourself to us to find pleasure and to find ways to give you pleasure. You trust in us the same way.” I nodded, again. “But … I don’t know what to do, how to proceed, how to initiate anything.”

I hugged her tightly and separated, holding her hand as though I was studying it, but was really thinking. “First, I make a call to the doctor. We need to get you on birth control. We’ll do that this afternoon, which will give the pills time to be effective. I think you want to take it slow, since you have no experience. That will be perfect. In a week you will be fully protected.”

She was studying our hands now, something trying to come out but not coming easily. “Will they want me?”

“Albert and Jesse?” She nodded shyly like a school girl asking an older sister if a classmate might be interested in her for the dance. “Are you k**ding? They would never approach you Dori, you are more like a sister to them, too. Their instinct would be to protect you, not pursue you. But, when they find out you are interested … watch out. And we’ll work on the ‘interested’ part, too.”

“How do we do that?”

“The way you look for one thing. You are still dressing like a woman who doesn’t want to be approached. New clothes, a new hair style, some makeup, and a little confidence.” She was looking at me a little like a deer in the headlights. This was a lot of change coming. I smiled, “But, we’ll go slowly. We’re going into town, a little lunch, the doctor … and lots of talking.” And, that’s what we did.

That night Dori seemed to be a little different. The guys couldn’t help but notice, but we weren’t going to share anything until it was time. After dinner, though, the story continued.

* * *

After the first night with the dog, Pa would have been sure it would have left an impact on me. I had to smile to myself, though. I didn’t know so much about an impact on me, but it certainly had an impact in me. The experience of the knot inside me was so completely filling and a****listic. It was thoroughly taboo and forbidden, but fulfilling and pleasurable at the same time. And, was it really any more taboo than the i****t by father and brothers that had already been forced on me. But, even if he felt the night outside with the dog should have been enough, his controlling and dominating mind would decide that if one night was good, more nights would be even better. I just had to make sure he had the reasons he needed.

My escape plan was predicated on two important requirements. They were keeping me naked and restricted, so it was going to be difficult. First, I had to prepare a bag of clothes, shoes, and personal items like my birth control pills, to have after my escape. Second, I had to escape. I had to be able to get away from the others, get to my bag of stuff, and away with enough time to make the trek on foot to the County road where I might have a chance of hitchhiking a ride to the State road. That was the general plan, anyway.

Being inside the house, in the bed of one of the men, would make getting away from the house more difficult, unless they had a lot to drink. It was a work night and that wasn’t going to happen. Being with the dog was best if I had access to the key for the lock that connected my chain to the dog. They kept the key on the shed wall, which was just out of reach. But, I had a plan for that, too. I needed to continue with an act of resistant and a defiant attitude, which hopefully would guarantee more nights with the dog.

In the morning, I knew one of them would be coming out to retrieve me and undoubtedly expected to see a contrite woman after the ordeal. A contrite woman might get inside the house, but that wasn’t my plan. I could stand another day and night of being a family slut and dog bitch if it gave me my opening.

Jacob was the one that came out to release me from the dog. It was light out, the sun was already up over the horizon, so it seemed they were leaving me to ‘enjoy’ being a dog for a little while longer. Jacob looked a little nervous as he approached. I suspected then that he had not volunteered for this but was told, probably by Pa. But, he didn’t venture to give any sympathy for my experience. He did finally ask a question that I didn’t know if it was rubbing salt into the wound, sympathetic, or simply curiosity.

“Was it bad?”

I looked up at him from where I lay in the dirt next to the dog. I couldn’t see what was behind his question, so I decided to take it the worst way. “It could have been better; it could have been worse.” He was unlocking the lock that connected my chain to the dog. I then watched him return the key to the hook. “It was Samuel who suggested this, wasn’t it?” He nodded. “The dog treated me like his bitch. It was demeaning to be treated like a dog bitch. But, what was bad wasn’t what the dog did; what was bad was that my family made me do it. You three treated me like a dog bitch, first.”

As if trying to defend himself, “Pa just wanted to teach you a lesson.”

“Fuck you, Jacob! Damn it, I’m your sister! What lesson would that be? To be a good slut for the family men? The hell with you! The hell with all of you! Look at me, your sister. Look what a night with the dog does.” My naked body was covered with dirt; the insides of my thighs were streaked by the leaking cum; my hair was like a rat’s nest.

My dramatic concluding scene was critical. I was amazed when I was able to force out a couple tears down my cheeks. It was only a few, but it was all that were needed. I turned to face him, making the image of tears through the dirt on my face plain. “I’d rather sleep with the dog than with any of you …” I thought it was the best performance I could manage. I could only hope then that when Pa heard about it, and he would, it would piss him off enough to certainly chain me outside with the dog, again.

My plan depended on it.

I didn’t hear an immediate explosion, so I figured Jacob was waiting to tell Pa. That was just as well. I might have ended up in chains the entire day. Once the men left for work, I volunteered to clean all the bedrooms and make the beds. I grabbed an extra trash bag to collect the items I would need and headed for the bedrooms. My sisters never questioned why I volunteered to take on the majority of the work, maybe thinking I was repenting after being with the dog all night. But mostly, they were just relieved that a big part of the day’s work was no longer their responsibility; if they questioned my motives, they might end up doing more work. When I went to the back of the shed to throw away the trash, I also had my bag of stuff. I hid my bag behind the trash barrels and went to the side where the dog was chained.

The setup for the dog was simple and provided him with a good range of motion. His 20 feet of chain was attached to one of the wires that made up the clothes line. The combined chains stopped just short of the shed door. The key for my lock was kept on a hook attached next to the door, not 3 feet out of my reach. Pa put the key on a hook there so it was accessible to anyone who would need it to control me during the night or to release me in the morning. That was unless I had something like a 6 foot rake, which I leaned against the clothes line post, looking completely natural.

It worked pretty much like I had hoped it might. It worked very well, in fact. That wasn’t entirely a good thing temporarily, but it was going to give me my chance. As soon as Pa got home after work, he found me and dragged me outside to the dog.

“So, you’d rather spend the night with the dog than with any of us? Is that what you said, bitch?” I didn’t answer, there was no further need. And, he didn’t even care about an answer at this point. “Okay, fine, so you can just spend all your time with the dog. No, supper or breakfast, I’ll decide when you eat and when you can come back into the house. Until then, you’re 100% the dog’s bitch.” That’s what I mean about it not entirely being a good thing that my plan worked so well, so far.

Samuel intervened, though. “Pa, let’s fuck her good, again. Let’s put cum back into that uppity cunt of hers so the dog is stimulated to use her, too.”

So, I was taken into the house. As they all ate supper, I was under the table sucking cock. When they were through eating, I was fucked. Each of them managed to put two loads into me before I was dragged out to the dog. I watched intently what they did with the key. If they decided, absentmindedly, to take the key with them, I was screwed worse than the fuckings I had already endured. But, the key went onto the hook. I looked to the line post, verifying the rake was still where I had left it. In the fading light, I couldn’t help letting a smile cross my face as I knelt on my hands and knees encouraging the dog. The men were just reaching the corner of the house when one of them turned to me. My willingness to mate stopped them in their tracks for just a moment and with curses from Pa that he might just leave me chained there for good, he slammed the door shut and turned off the outside light. It was quickly dark. But, tonight I reveled in my a****listic act of mating with the dog. When the knot passed between my lips, I cried out in joy and pleasure. When I orgasmed while feeling his spurts inside me, I damn near howled into the dark night.

I allowed myself to sleep. I knew from my experience of the previous night that any sleep I got would be fitful with frequent waking. Sleeping on the ground, outside and naked, is not comfortable. Even the hot and muggy weather of the South turns cool enough at night to become uncomfortable. I found myself constantly trying to pull covers up to protect me, covers that didn’t exist. So, instead, I tried curling into the dog, if he would let me. Initially, curling up to warm my front and later switching to warm my back, never really finding satisfaction.

After I woke up the second time, I lay completely still, listening for any sign or indication of movement. It was quiet. I stretched out, loosening muscled that had been cooled and tightened by lying on the cool ground. I also needed the dog awake and standing. I needed him to follow me to the end of the clothes line and the post where the rake was standing. But I didn’t want him barking in the process. I had made a friend over the past couple night and he eagerly moved with me. My concern was that his eagerness would result in noise. It didn’t and I was able to get the rake and the key with little difficulty.

Once I had the key in hand, I found unlocking the padlock a bit more awkward than I anticipated as a result of not being able to see what I was doing with the lock at my throat. When I was free, though, I also released the dog. It was actually touching; he looked at the chain on the ground, then at me. I pointed off into the night and he hesitated for a moment, looking from the darkness to me several times. He finally came to me, licked my thigh twice, and disappeared into the night.

I made my way in the dark to the other side of the shed. Although it was a clear night, the moon was only at a quarter. It provided some light but not much. Having been in the dark, though, it was just enough for me to locate my bag behind the trash. With the bag in hand, I made my way to the dirt drive where I stopped to check the house before proceeding further. It was dark and quiet. Naked, I headed out onto the dirt road leading to the gravel Township road about a mile away. I walked until I was well out of sight of the house before stopping to put on clothes and shoes. I had taken the precaution of wrapping a bra and panty into a dress and placing it over my shoes. I knew I was dirty, but at least I was dressed and shoes allowed better walking on the dirt and gravel road surface.

The sun was up before I made the County road where I hope to hitch a ride south to the State road. From there I wanted to go east and well away from here. It was late morning, though, before I was at the intersection with the State road. I had only seen a couple cars and a few pickups. None of them had stopped or even seemed to slow down. The good news of that was they apparently didn’t know me; the bad news was that I was now desperate for a ride, having developed a painful blister on my left foot. I should have thought to use socks.

Salvation came in the form of a 16-wheeler with ‘Southeast Transport’ printed along the sides of the trailer. By the time it came to a full stop, it was about 100 feet away. I wanted and needed a ride but all of the sudden I wasn’t so sure. All kinds of thoughts started going through my mind: what was I doing out here; is it going to be safe; what choice do I have; and where, exactly am I going? My plan had been thought out only so far. Now was the moment of truth for the rest of it to start coming together.

Nothing happened at the truck or me for a few minutes. Then a man was climbing out of the driver’s side of the cab. He walked close to the trailer to stay out of the way of the oncoming traffic, and then walked across the back to the far side of the shoulder until he was about 10 feet from me.

“You were hitchhiking, weren’t you? Do you want a ride or not?”

“Yes, sir, I do. I just suddenly didn’t know what to expect.”

He looked me up and down and I did the same. I think we were both sizing the other, I know I was. He was different than I expected. He was clean and neat, not … well, whatever I might have been afraid a driver might be.

“Before this goes any further, how old are you?”

“I’m 18, sir. It’s the truth. I have an ID, if you need to see it.”

“You don’t have a gun in that bag, do you? I’ll give you a ride, but I don’t want any trouble for it.”

“Oh, no, sir! I just want to get away from here, as far as I can get.”

“Running away from a husband?”

“No, sir. Running away from my family. I’ll explain, if you want. The truth is what the truth is, I just need some help to put some distance between me and them.”

So, I got in the cab. It was one of those sleeper cabs with a place to sleep behind the seats for long hauls, I suppose. Right in front of the passenger seat was a sign, ‘No Passengers Allowed. Company Personnel, Only”. I pointed to the sign, “Is that going to get you in trouble? I don’t want to cause anyone any trouble.”

He smiled, chuckled, and seemed to be more relaxed as he put the truck into gear and got back into traffic. “Not unless I get caught or something happens. Truth is, it’s an insurance thing. If something happens to a passenger who is not with the company, it isn’t the company’s problem. It’s the company protecting itself. A lot of trucker’s pickup people that look safe. A lot of us have had some hard times ourselves, so we feel for people who are forced to hitch.”

He was an easy guy and soon I was pouring out my story, not in gruesome detail, but with enough generalization that he knew exactly what I was trying to escape. I soon found myself with a sympathetic ally.

We talked for a long time. I don’t know how many miles we covered and it was mostly about me. I found out that he was married, but they had an unusual relationship, he said. He was sometimes gone on the road for weeks and it was hard for both of them. They loved each other deeply and intensely but this was what he did and he was good at it. They discovered that their love of sex was different and separate from their love of each other. So, they came to a sensible decision, at least they thought so. It would be okay for them to have sex while they were separated, but it would be purely recreational. It made life easy.

I wondered why that seemed to slip out. It seemed natural enough while I described the things that had happened to me, the obvious reason for my needing to run away, and the uncertain future that lay ahead of me. I certainly wasn’t scared of sex after my experiences and I took his admission about his relationship with his wife into consideration. He was definitely the best man I had come into contact with in a very long time. I decided to leave that door open and see what might happen.

He said that he was usually an LTL transport, meaning that he rarely had a load that was for a single delivery. He made several deliveries during a trip, dropping off cargo at each. Sometimes he would then do the reverse, picking up cargo from various customers, or go directly back to the hub that he worked out of. He had 3 drops this day and the final one tomorrow morning in Georgia. This was an unusual trip in that the second to last and last drops were only 100 miles apart but would be 14 hours apart. The company was paying for an overnight with meals and motel.

He suddenly said, “So, how far were you saying you wanted to go?”

Georgia, that was two states from the family. “Georgia sounds like a good place to try a new life.”

He laughed. “I have no idea. I only make deliveries and pickups there. But, I enjoy your company. But, first, and … I mean no disrespect … but you could sure use some cleaning up.”

I looked down at myself and blushed. I was a mess, dirt on my skin, my hair was still a mess, and I knew I must smell from the sex and being outside.

“There is a big truck stop coming up in about 5 miles. They have showers there for the truckers. Not that I have been in the women’s mind you, but there are women drivers now so they must have showers, too. I don’t suppose you have any money?”

I looked up at him embarrassed, “I have about 105 dollars in my bag. It was all I could find in the whole house. They are going to explode when they realize I didn’t just run away but took what cash they had around the house.” He laughed.

When we got to the truck stop, he said he would top off the tanks and gave me a $20 bill. “The shower is $10; here is a towel. With the rest, get a couple Diet Cokes and a sandwich for us to share.” He pointed to the entrance and I swung the towel over my shoulder. I also had clean clothes rolled up under my arm.

The shower was wonderful. I may have stayed a little too long, but the hot water and soap were welcome and refreshing. In the cab and underway, I combed out my long hair, kicked off my shoes and stretched out my legs. I made a show of ‘accidently’ showing too much of my legs, saying how wonderful it felt to be clean and safe. His attention was split between my legs and the road.

“You are quite the tease, aren’t you?”

“I’m sorry, Floyd.” He had told me to stop calling him ‘sir’ and use his name, Floyd. “It seems like so long that any guy I was with would be just throwing me to the ground to … well, you know. I shouldn’t tease and I am sorry, but … it feels good to be with someone I feel safe with.”

He eyed me seriously, “You are so sure you are safe with me? That I won’t take advantage of you before this trip is over?”

I put my left hand on his right thigh and stroked it up but staying away from intimacy. “Yes, Floyd, I do feel safe. Oh … don’t think that because I feel safe that something might not happen. The difference is that when … if it happens, I will be able to offer it to you. That will be a first for me …” I looked at him, “how sad is that?”

He put his hand over mine on his thigh and pressed it in. He looked down at it, up at the road, and then to me. “Yes, Lauryn, you are safe. I’m not about to force you and I don’t need to in order to have sex.”

He had dropped a load and we were on the road, again. He was only nervous about me at the delivery points. That was when someone might take note and comment back to the company. When he made deliveries, I crawled into the sleeper and waited until he let me know it was clear.

We had been on the road for a while, comfortable in our chatter and the Country Music on the radio. He looked up ahead, “I didn’t realize we were this far. There is construction for the next 20 miles. This next 20 miles will probably take us 2 hours.”

“Is that going to be a problem with your schedule?” How this stuff worked on a schedule was fascinating to me. All the variables and he seemed to be right on schedule.

“Naw, this has been going on for a couple months. It is built into the schedule. For the next couple of hours we will be standing still or going between five and ten miles per hour. Take your seatbelt off and get comfortable.”

I was watching him, not the construction ahead, the cars, or the mess of the construction we were slowly passing, just him. He finally couldn’t take it anymore. “What? Why are you watching me so intently?”

“How about you? How comfortable can you get?”

He looked at me suspiciously, “Very, why? I am going to leave a good buffer between me and the guy in front. Nobody is going anywhere in a hurry. Again, why? Lauryn Hill! You are blushing!”

I smiled. “When you have to stop, again, will it be safe for you to push your pants down to your knees? Can you be that comfortable?”

He just looked at me for a minute. “Damn!” He looked at the road and the cars and trucks backed up ahead of him but still creeping along at a slow pace. “The hell with coming to a stop! Take the wheel for a minute.” This time I was beaming a smile at him, and then I grabbed the wheel with my left hand, now watching the vehicles ahead. Of course, there was nothing I could do if they sudden stopped, he still controlled the brakes and gas pedal. The wheel felt huge in my hands and a slight vibration from the massive engine came into my hand and arm. He had unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and stopped, “Are you sure, Lauryn? I don’t want you feeling pressure or an obligation for the ride.”

I didn’t dare take my eyes from the road ahead, but I responded evenly, “I am sure. Floyd, maybe you can’t image how special this feels for me to be the one to offer and you wanting it. It is so much more exciting than when it is just taken from me.”

He lifted his ass off the seat and pushed his pants to his knees. When he had firm control over the truck, again, I shifted in my seat and lean over so my hands and face were in his lap. It was a nice cock and almost hard, already. I commented on that and he said, “Are you k**ding me? I have a beautiful 18 year old offering to give me a blowjob. What do you think is going to happen down there?”

I smiled. That felt nice, too. I was beautiful … he said it. And, he was responding just to my offer. I decided to get naked myself. I was just beginning to give a blowjob. I was with a man I had only known for some hours. And, it all felt so good, so much better, so much more real than what I had previously experienced.

I started to work on his cock slowly and with interest. Before it would always be about getting them to cum. Now, I was interested in investigating his cock, its shape, how it felt, how it reacted to what I did, and how it made me feel to do it. I want this to last, to enjoy it, both of us. I licked the length, kissed it up and down, sucked voraciously on the head, and took as much as I could into my mouth. I heard him groan, sigh, and moan. That provided more incentive to continue what I was doing.

Then, I heard, “Up ahead on your side, construction workers.”

I popped up and lowered the window. I hardly thought, I just remembered his comment about how his wife like to be exposed, the thrill of exhibitionism. I turned and got up to the window and leaned just enough out to expose my breasts and I waved. Floyd blasted the horn of the giant rig to get their attention. The workers turned and cheered, shouted, and clapped. I turned back to him beaming.

“How did it feel? Was this your first real exhibitionist act?”

“Except for my family making me be naked, yes. The first time with complete strangers. It was … amazing … wonderful. My god, it was exciting, to be naked in front of them and all they could do is look. Floyd … they cheered!” He smiled, then looked back to his crotch. “Yes, sir!” And I returned to his cock. Eventually, I let him cum and I took every drop from his cock head, licking the last of it from the opening. I had checked the clock on the dash and I played with him for 25 minutes. I decided right then that sucking cock was something I really liked to do when it was something that was my choice.

The rest of the trip through the construction zone I spent naked. Every now and then, I would pop up to wave at workers, but mostly I sat comfortably and talked. I was shocked at how much I talked and how animated I was. I talked on and on about my dream of working with a****ls, saving up enough money to go to a Community College somewhere and getting a Vet Tech certificate. It wasn’t an elaborate dream, not like becoming a full Vet, but it was so much more than my family had realized, especially for a female.

Along the way, he pointed ahead as I rambled on with my talk. The construction zone was ending and he was steadily shifting into higher gears as the jam up opened. I reached behind and found my clothes, put them on, and buttoned about half the buttons. About an hour after the construction, he dropped another delivery and two hours after that was another. Then, it was a direct route to his stop in Georgia. It finally got quiet in the cab. Maybe, I finally got quiet. We were approaching the city of his last drop for the next morning.

“Lauryn, I have a motel room tonight. I would like you to share it with me.”

I slapped his leg playfully, “I bet you would.”

He got embarrassed and stammered. How delightfully charming. “No! Okay, yeah, I supposed there is that part of it, but really, I was thinking that you don’t have a place to stay. At least, I didn’t think you did. It’s just that I really like you and I know my wife would love to know you … as a person and a partner.”

I looked at him intently, “As a partner? She’s that way? But she like men, too?”

He chuckled. “She would have loved to be with you, Lauryn. A young woman, inexperienced in the ways of female loving … oh, she would have had so much fun instructing you. Yes, she loves men, she loves being fucked, but she likes women, too. Lauryn, sex can be experienced in many ways. Be open to them as they come to you.”

That made me fall quiet. Not only did I feel safe with this man because he was so open and forthcoming, but he was so encouraging, too. Before I knew it, he was pulling his rig into a motel along the highway. He stopped it where there was room and it was out of the way. He looked at me and I smiled back at him and nodded. The sun was already beginning to near the horizon.

He slowed, downshifting as he did. I saw the motel coming up on the right side and he pulled into it, staying away from the main parking area occupied by cars. He brought the truck to a stop with a rush of escaping air from the brake system. He released his seatbelt and turned to me, “What do you say, Lauryn? Share the room with me and put off the problems of what you will do on your own for one more night?”

I was studying my hands in my lap. Giving him a blowjob in the truck was one thing, but it had been very easy for me to do. Spending the night with him in a motel room and all the implications that action brought, seemed a totally different thing, a more telling thing about who I might think I am, or what I am. I wasn’t even sure what that was. I did know what my family was making me become and part of me even responded to that, but only part, though. Floyd had been nice to me, helpful, and supportive. There was no question about the sexual interest, he made that very clear, and even discussed at length his relationship with his wife and the trust and sharing they enjoyed. Floyd was giving me the feeling that sex could be fun, not just an orgasm induced by stimulation whether by force or acceptance. I was intrigued, I knew it, to discover more from this man.

“Yes, thank you. Floyd, I don’t know why I trust someone I have only known for a part of one day. But, I do. I’m not saying that I trust you not to do something with me tonight, I expect that we will. But, I trust you that you will not hurt me.” I studied his face intently, this was my last moment of deciding if I was crazy or not. “Am I stupid to feel that way?”

“Hmmmm, interesting question. If you were my daughter … yeah, I’d say more than that you were stupid. I guess what I can say, though, is that if my wife were here with us, I would be acting the same way. We share that life. So, I hope you can take that as an indication that I am not going to abuse you or hurt you. I really do want you to stay with me, and … yes, I really do want to make love to you tonight. I’m not going to pretend that I don’t.”

I undid my seatbelt, “I guess that is why I want to. You said, ‘make love’, and I want to experience that. I want to experience someone wanting me to experience a wonderful sexual experience.” I opened the door and climbed down after retrieving my bag.

He grabbed a little suitcase and went to the lobby to register, then indicated the room and I walked across the lot to intersect with him at the door. He let me walk in first. I stopped. There was a single queen sized bed. This was going to be for real, Lauryn, I thought to myself. I took a breath, stepped further into the room, and dropped my bag of belongings onto the bed. He did the same with his suitcase. I looked at the two sitting on the bed next to each other like it was an out of body experience watching the two of us on the bed. That was broken when he took my hand and pulled me to the door and outside. I hadn’t notice a little restaurant next door before. We were headed for it.

Once we were seated in a booth along the window, he assured me that dinner on was on him. What little money I had was too important now. He ordered a beer and I got a Diet Coke. That was a treat, though; we didn’t get the real thing at home very often. When we placed our dinner order (I ordered the meat loaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans), he leaned forward, got my attention and whispered, “Do me a favor … humor me, I want to introduce you to an example of sexual stimulation.” I looked at him quizzically; he couldn’t possibly mean in here, could he? “Go to the restroom, go into one of the stalls, and remove both your bra and panties. Wrap them together and bring them to me.”

“You’re nuts! In here?”

“Just do it. You said you trusted me … besides, Lauryn, this is something my wife would love to do.”

I was shaking my head, but I also realized I was sliding out of the booth. After I did as he asked, I was beet red as I walked back across the restaurant clutching the two garments together, hoping that nobody would be able to tell what it was I was carrying. I could feel my breasts moving with the freedom and that increased my self-consciousness, too. As I slid into the booth, I slid the garments across the table to him. He only casually glanced at them before setting them on the bench seat next to him. It wasn’t the garments he was interested in, it was me not being in them, but still covered by my conservative dress.

“How do you feel right now?”

“Excited … horny.”


I leaned into the table, “I don’t have anything on under this.”

“But you are completely covered. Nobody can tell you are naked under your dress. Why do you feel that way?”

Just then our dinner arrived and the conversation stopped momentarily while the waitress busied herself with the dishes. She refilled my glass and brought another beer for Floyd. When she was gone, “I don’t know. I just do. I know, even if nobody else does.” I took a bite of meat loaf. “It’s like when I was naked in the cab through the construction area. It feels like that.”

“Nobody could have seen you then, either … except me. Until you purposely showed yourself to the construction guys, nobody would have known, but you said you were soaking wet.”

“It’s that exhibitionism you were talking about, right?”

“Good! Yes, it’s psychological, only. You know that nobody can see you, but there is that chance, even if it is remote and that is the excitement. It’s like going outside naked when there isn’t anyone else around; or, having sex outside on the lawn in the middle of the night when nobody could possibly see you. It is still very exciting.”

I chewed on some green beans, and then looked up at him, “That’s what you meant earlier about there being lots of fun ways to enjoy sex. Using little extra stimulations to change things. These are things you and your wife do.”

He smiled and then we just ate.

When we were done, he led me back to the motel. We were still in the parking lot, maybe 20 feet from the room door when he took my hand and stopped me. I looked up at him, there was a look of intensity, gentle, but still determined. “Are you ready to try one more step into something different before we go in?”

I wanted to say that I was scared. Not of him, but of the intensity of what I was already feeling from this man. He was so gentle and caring, but also knowing of what he liked and how exciting an encounter like ours could be. But, I had to find out what he had in mind. I had just scratched the surface and I now understood that. All I could do, though, was nod. My voice couldn’t be trusted at the moment.

He put my undergarments under his arm and pressing them to his body so he could use both hands. Those hands began unbuttoning my dress from top to bottom. When it occurred to me that he intended to undo them all, I looked from side to side and around him, praying there would be nobody visible. There wasn’t, not a soul stirring. The windows of the motel office shown bright, but there was no movement there, either.

He was pulling my dress up my legs to complete unbuttoning the last of them, and then let my dress fall back in place. Except it couldn’t, it now hung on my body, gaping to the sides. His hands slipped inside and opened my dress up to his gaze.

“God, you are beautiful, Lauryn. So young and firm.” His hands came to my breasts and cupped them. I gasped at the touch. His fingers found my nipples and I watched as each were given a pinch, lightly, but I moaned. His hands left my breasts and slid down my sides to my hips, then back up to my shoulders. He looked into my eyes and I gazed right back into his. In my heart I knew what he was about to do with his hands under my dress on my shoulders. I knew it, but when his hands pushed the dress off my shoulders, catching it as it fell down my arms, then taking it away completely, I gasped and my head fell back and a long, low moan escaped from my mouth. I hadn’t shifted, not an inch from where I had been when this started. I had never been so mesmerized by something, so entranced by something in my life. I wasn’t sure what was coming next … but whatever it was … I wanted it; with all my soul, I wanted it.

He brought his lips to me. He kissed my forehead, both cheeks, and then, finally, my lips. His lips then went to my left ear. “Are you wet, Lauryn? Standing out here in a public parking lot naked?”

“Oh, God! I have to be dripping.”

“Touch yourself.”

“Oh, God …” but I did it. My hand dropped down between my legs and two fingers found my pussy not only wet but ready to be penetrated. It took no pressure at all for those fingers to enter me.

“Bring them up to my mouth, Lauryn.”

“Oh, God!” And, I did just that. My fingers came out of my pussy and directly to his mouth. He sucked greedily on them, sighing in the process. I was ready to cum, I swear I was and I didn’t care if I was standing naked in a parking lot. In fact, that was part of it … Floyd was right, this was such a turn-on!

He handed me the key to the room and with shaking fingers, I managed to unlock the door. I was sure I was going to drop the key; my hands were shaking so badly. I walked to the bed, pulled my bag and his suitcase off and onto the floor. I went to the head of the bed and stripped the cover and top sheet to the foot. I stood on the opposite side of the bed, already naked, looking at him, waiting for him or me to make the move. He started by unbuttoning his shirt and I moved quickly around the bed to him.

“No. Let me, please.” He wasn’t about to argue. I unbuttoned his shirt, slipping it off his shoulders and down his arms. Despite the warm weather, he also wore an undershirt. I pulled it up his body and over his head. My hands roamed over his now naked upper body, his hair chest, his soft stomach. His body showed his occupation of a truck driver, too many hours behind the wheel, lazy eating habits, and not enough exercise. His body was soft, but not fat.

I undid his belt, his pants snap, and then the zipper. I pushed his pants and underwear down to his knees, then pushed him back onto the edge of the bed. I untied his shoes, removed them and his socks. I finished by taking his pants off his legs. Now naked like me, I moved on my knees between his legs and took hold of his cock for the second time today. He was already hard. I smiled. He wanted me, he was anxious, and desiring of what this night would bring, at least in his mind. I sucked him for several minutes, not to make him harder, that wasn’t going to happen, but to taste him and let him know that I was as desirous of pleasing him as I hoped he was to please me.

He pulled me off my knees to stand before him. His hand went between my legs, a finger moving along the lips of my pussy. “I want to make love to you, Lauryn. I hope you still want that.”

I chuckled, but shyly, “I might have had to **** you, if you didn’t want to.” He smiled back.

“How would you like this?”

“Missionary, I think. For the first time that is.”

He looked at me and I know I blushed. “The first time?”

“I just know I am going to want more.” He took me in his arms and rolled me into the center of the bed, my head on the pillow. My legs were spread. He knelt between them and looked up my body from my pussy to my breasts and to my face.

“Are you ready for sex to be fun?”

“Yes, please.”

He leaned his body over mine, he kissed my cheeks, my chin, even my nose, before kissing my lips. He glanced at me, a playful smile on his face, as he kiss my throat, each collar bone, each breast and nipple, before laying kisses down my front and over my stomach with his tongue probing into my belly button. I sighed, my hand lightly touching the side of his head.

I raised my head to look down my body as his mouth worked its way down. He must have felt my stomach tense because he raised his, too, just enough to look at me. The playful smile had turned to a devilish one. What was he up to, I wondered.

I watched him as he continued to kiss further down. My eyes grew big as he continued. I gasped as he kissed at the top edge of my pubic hair, still not showing any sign of stopping. He kissed into my pubic hair and still continued. He kissed the top of my slit and I involuntarily sucked in air; when he kiss over my lips, I moaned; when he probed his tongue between my lips and slipped it up the length, I cried out. Nobody had ever done anything like this to me. God … it felt wonderful! He didn’t stop. He continued to kiss, lick, and suck on my lips and then directly onto my clit. His tongue pushed into my pussy, probing, and licking as he did. My hands went to my head, my fingers into my hair, my head turned back, and my mouth open in a continuous moan. My hips shot up off the bed, pressing into his mouth … I came. I came! I came from his mouth on my pussy. My god … he hadn’t even fucked me … and I came.

My body slump into the bed. I opened my eyes, finally, seeing him on his knees between my lewdly spread legs. I was still gasping, but I saw in his eyes what he was intending to do next. I wanted it, too. My body was still in the last throes of my wonderful orgasm, but I put my arms out to him and he came to me, his pelvis coming into contact with mine, his hard, straining cock coming into contact with my still spasming pussy. He kissed my breasts, then my mouth. With one hand, though, he moved his cock to my hole and he pressed forward, entering me with just the head. I gasped yet, again.

“My god, Floyd! How did you learn to make a girl feel so wonderful? Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“Hmmmm … you are welcome, dear. But, if you only remember one thing after tonight, let it be this: good sex is both partners trying to please each other. Are you ready for more? It feels so good to be inside you. You are wet, hot, clenching, and soft inside. My cock feels like it has the most wondrous sleeve around it.” He moved slightly further in and then back, slowly beginning his movement inside me. “You are so wet and soft, I slide in and out while being clenched by your pussy. I love being inside you.”

I had no words in response. Nobody had ever talked to me like this while making love. No … nobody has ever made love to me before. I had been fucked and fucked often, but none were anything like this. I just held him tightly.

I felt his hand raise my right leg over his hips. I looked into his eyes, his smiling eyes, and I held my leg there. I then moved the left leg up and locked the ankles around him. I was now able to raise up to meet his thrusts, to participate a little in this missionary position.

He moved in me casually, but deeply. We kissed and nuzzled; he whispered things into my ear; he told me how his wife moved, how she loved a wet pussy to suck. I shuddered, as much from his words and kisses as from his cock moving inside me. The gentle way we loved, kissing, stopping completely to kiss or for him to suck on a nipple, was a tremendous turn-on for me. I never would have guessed that this could take so long and be so good, that it didn’t have to be a hurry up and cum kind of activity.

“Hold onto me, we going to roll.”

Roll? What the … but it was too late; he grabbed me and rolled us so he was now on the bottom.

“Keep me inside you and get to your knees.” I shifted as he directed and I was straddling his midsection. I raised my hips and lowered myself. “Good, girl. You catch on fast. This gives you control. And, according to my wife, better penetration, deeper penetration.”

“Ooooooo … yessssssss … this is soooooooo nice …”

He smiled. Then he raised his hips to meet me as I was coming back down. It felt so delicious, but neither of us lasted much longer. This time when I started another orgasm, I felt his cock twitch and jerk inside me, then spewing his seed into my body.

I stirred awake in the deadest hours of the night, when it should have been the darkest of the dark. But it wasn’t. Light shown in through the window from the motel sign and the single light in the parking lot. The curtains were open. When we made love, the lights inside were bright. When we made love, were the curtains open then, too? Open to the outside and anyone who might happen to walk past our room from wherever to their room?

I was being held tightly. I was on my left side, Floyd spooned up behind me, and his hand cupping my right breast. There was a gentle, soft squeeze and I could then determine that he was awake, too. I squirmed closer into him. His semi-hard cock was pressing into my butt and with my movement it grew some as he pressed it into my backside.

He pressed his mouth to my ear, “Why are you awake?”

“Hmmmm …” I squirmed into him more. “I had a dream that I was being protected, being held secure and safe.” He kissed my ear. “And, when I came to, I found that I really was, it wasn’t a dream.” I took one of my hands and pressed his firmly into my breast. “Why are you awake?”

“I found myself holding you. I tried to gently press more of me against you, to enjoy the contact. I am sorry, if that woke you.”

“Don’t be sorry. I like it, too. Very much, in fact. So much I would like to feel you inside me, again. Could we do that? One more time?”

He didn’t answer. Least wise, not verbally. He took my right leg and lifted it over his. He then moved his hips slightly away from me, then I felt him, his cock, slide along my pussy lips as he pressed back against my butt. With back and forth motion of his hips, his cock slid along my pussy. I groaned out as it parted my lips, already wet or still wet, I wasn’t sure. When his cock bumped into my clit, I gasped and I felt him kiss me as I shuddered against him. He shifted again and I felt him slide easily into me. I remembered the open curtains and glanced that way, but I no longer cared. If someone happened by, they could watch for all I cared, and I shuddered, again. And, I remembered what he said about exhibitionism, just the thought of being seen even if the chances were remote.

He stroked evenly, deeply into me and nearly completely out of me, before driving back in. Then he stopped. “We are shifting positions. Roll away from me and I will follow. I want you on your hands and knees.”

“Hmmmm … doggy position … yessss.”

Once in position, accomplished without losing penetration, “Doggy position? What do you know of doggy position?”

I smiled, “Ohhhhhh, yessssss … hmmmmm … I love this. And … never mind.”

In the morning, the real morning with the sun shining in the open curtains, I was alone in the bed. I leapt out of the bed, went to the door, and flung it open. Standing naked in the doorway, I saw the semi parked exactly where it had been left when we arrived the night before. I scanned down to the lobby and didn’t see Floyd. I scanned back to the truck and then saw him waiting on the other side of the highway. He was looking both ways to cross the now much busier highway. I never noticed the café across the way, maybe because it was closed when we arrive. He was now running across the road and I backed into the room, the door still open, and waited for him.

“What’s wrong? Your face looks frightened.”

“I woke up … you weren’t here … I … I thought …”

He took me into his arms and smothered me into his body, and then with his hands on either side of my face, he covered me in kisses. “Silly, girl. How could I leave without thanking you? Besides, there is someone I want you to meet. Go take a shower and we’ll get some breakfast across the road.”

“Meet someone? I don’t understand …”

He smiled, such a reassuring smile. “Just move, girl.”

He had me get all my stuff into my trash bag. As we waited alongside the road, waiting for our chance against the traffic, I now saw the painted sign on the two windows facing the roadway, ‘Cheryl’s Kitchen’. Each window with one of the words.

Once across the road safely, he took my hand and squeezed it. “You are going to love Cheryl.”
* * *

This time there were smiles all around. They saw that I found out what good sex was like and how not only my body, but my mind could responded to it eagerly. There is something else on their faces, though. At least on the faces of the men. Their eyes … their eyes were on me in an entirely different way. They were penetrating and searching over my body, taking in every bit of bare skin my skimpy outfit exposed to them.

I sensed it before my mind even acknowledged it. I got up off the couch I had been sharing with Dori. She had spent nearly the entire time next to me but turned to me, her left leg tucked underneath her. Albert and Jesse were in easy chairs directly in front of the couch. They had been leaning forward, their long empty glasses in their hands. We had only one drink during the entire story. I got up from the couch, not uttering anything more. I took everyone’s glasses, went to the bar, and refreshed each drink. I brought Dori’s to her first. I was anticipating, maybe hoping, something with the men. Returning with their drinks, I stood between the two chairs. They took their drinks with one hand. Albert was the first to reach out, sliding his free hand under my gown, and stroking my butt. Jesse wasn’t far behind; his hand pulled my open gown to the side, further exposing me, stroking his hand over my hip and up my side, finally taking my right breast, and squeezing it gently. I sighed at the combined touching.

I forced my eyes to focus ahead of me, on the one person still out of the action, and smiled a weak, hungry smile at Dori. Her eyes were on the hands of the two men, first at my ass, and then at my breast. Until she happened to glance at my eyes, seeing them focused on her. She let her eyes gaze into mine and we shared that smile, similar dreamy smiles.

This night wasn’t over. This night was going to be another step for us. And, my body was ready; my body was overly ready.

* * * CHAPTER 5 will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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