This night wasn’t over. This night was going to be another step for us. And, my body was ready; my body was overly ready.

I remained standing between the chairs of the two men, enjoying their hands on my body, and regretting that Dori was sitting on the couch. The couch would be a good place for them to sit with me and make this more comfortable, more inviting for all of us. Even as this thought went through my brain, though, their hands slowed on me. They didn’t stop, however. Each slipped their roving hand to my ass, down, and inside my thighs. I looked from one to the other, neither was looking up, each sharing a look to each other, and then bringing their drinks together as if in some sort of unspoken toast. Wide smiles of some understanding spreading over their faces.

Whatever interaction was occurring between them was imperceptible to me, but it was happening. I saw a question from Albert and Jesse’s response. I say I saw because that was all there was. I had no idea what the question was or was about, all I saw was Albert’s eye brows raise. When I looked to Jesse, I saw a simple, barely evident nodding of his head. It was decided; whatever it was, they had come to an understanding. This both thrilled me and intimidated me. All the while this was going on, this peculiar communication, their hands were stroking and kneading between my thighs, and a finger or two from one or the other might slip up and graze my pussy. Then, both hands left me. Suddenly, I was standing between these two men and I was instantly aware of how much I had spread my legs for them, to ease their access to me. It wasn’t a visual evidence, it was an emptiness evidence.

It started, again. Albert took my hand and guided me to his lap and as I sat down, his arm went around my back. He offered his drink to me and I gulped down a strong swallow of the bourbon. It burned down my throat and he smiled at the face I made as the strong fluid burned down and immediately radiated warmth and tingling into my body and especially my brain. He retook the glass and pulled me into his body. My arm went around his neck as I nuzzled into him, my face next to his, and I studied it with my eyes and the fingers of my other hand. As I studied the wrinkles in the black skin around his mouth, my fingers traced them; as I gazed upon his thick, full lips, my fingers moved over them; as my eyes moved over his strong, pronounced cheek bones and his dark as night eyes, my fingers stroked over them. Whatever was coming, whatever they decided should happen, I was ready … no, not ready, I wanted it, too. Whatever it was … no matter what it was, I wanted it.

Albert took my hand from his face and held the palm in front him. It seemed he was studying it now. He brought it to his lips and he kissed it. I watched in awe as his massive hands held mine so delicately, as his full, forceful lips barely touched the surface of my palm and planted a kiss. And, again. This wasn’t studying; this was buying time while he worked out his next action. I glanced quickly at Jesse and Dori, both were intently, breathlessly watching. But, not as breathlessly as me. What a group we are: black, brown, and white. Different. The same. Each taking different paths … to the same place.

Without looking at me, and between kisses planted into my palm, Albert declares his plan, “It has only been days since we all agreed to venture down this path, a path that none of us knows where it might lead or what exactly we might find. We only want to be open and honest about our intentions to bring, give, and receive pleasure through new experiences. Ryn …” he kissed my palm, again, “we all know, expect, and anticipate that many of those experiences will be through you, you as our vehicle to discovery, to trial, and to experimentation.” He looked at his companions on this journey and my gaze followed his. Jesse nodded, I wasn’t surprised since they seemed to be in coordination on this. Then, Dori nodded, and this did surprise me. I didn’t know if she had been aware or was just catching up fast.

He turned to me, moving me slightly in his lap to look into my face, which isn’t to say that his eyes didn’t drift down to my breasts a couple of times. “Miss Ryn … Ryn … we are still having some trouble with that … tonight we are taking another step, a big step for us. It isn’t that we haven’t believed you about this, but it is a big thing for us. Tonight will be the convincer for us.”

I looked at him and then at the others. They were all watching me, watching my reaction. I stretched up and kissed his cheek, then with a hand on his opposite cheek, I pulled his face to mine and we kissed. I presented to him and the others a meeker, subdued attitude. “What would you have me do, Sir?”

He studied me and seemed to relax some, “I don’t think we are ready to participate as a group, quite yet. That time is still coming. For now, tonight, you will come with me to my bed. And, you will satisfy me completely.” I snuggled into his wide, powerful chest. “Then, you will go to Jesse’s bed and you will follow his directions. Finally, but not the least, you will go to Dori’s room. Do you understand this, Ryn?”

I sat up on his lap and looked into his eyes, “Yes, Sir, I understand fully.” I then gave a similar response to each of the others. Jesse’s eyes were as hungry as Albert’s. Dori’s seemed hesitant. Was she ready for this? I wasn’t sure. But, I wasted no further time on that, it would work itself out in the very near future, one way or the other. That decision would be hers.

I took the drink from his hand and took another swallow before handing it back to him. I stood up, holding his free hand as he quickly finished the drink and setting it on the coaster on the side table. I turned and led him out of the room, turning at the door to the hallway, smiling back at the others, and we disappeared toward the side door nearer the guest house.

I had focused on their reaction to taking this next step, the trepidation of this decisive action with their employer, the group awareness of what was happening, and the finality of their actions. For good or bad, there would be no erasing what would be happening. They were putting their trust fully in me that what would be happening tonight would not be a negative in our relationship going forward.

As I walked with Albert to the door and across the open space to the guest house, though, it also hit me how much of a step this was for me. My focus on them had blurred my recognition, my acceptance of how much of a step this was also for me. I wasn’t thinking of the employer/submissive relationship change. That I had resolved and accepted. To me that was culminated with the sucking of their cocks earlier. No, the butterflies I was feeling now, the anticipation and nerves, was actually fucking them, if I could put it crudely. It hit me just how long it has been for me since I have had a man inside me. When I sucked them, feeling again a man’s cock in my hands, on my tongue, and in my mouth, my body nearly exploded just from that sensory reconnection to earlier times, times when having a man was a common occurrence. I was going to feel that, again. That feeling of being filled, pleasured, and pleasuring, inside and outside my body. It has been a long time. It has been too long. My body was on edge just from these thoughts and the anticipation. When Albert put his big hand on my back to guide me into the main guest house door, being the gentleman, feeling his strong, guiding hand on my nearly naked back, my body leapt in excitement, in energy, and anticipation of pleasures awaiting me, awaiting us.

He needed to lead me now. I stepped to the side, allowing him to take the lead, which he did. He went to the left of the commons area, opening the door and letting me go in first. The room was neat and I noticed that there were several boxes still unopened. The room lacked much decoration, which I presumed was the contents of the boxes along one wall. He went to the bed, turned on the little lamp on the bedside table, pulled down the covers, and took my hand to move me to the bed. I sat on the edge and looked up at him. I wasn’t sure what to expect, what his preferences were, or what he might want from me. He moved to the door, closed it, and turned off the overhead light. The lighting became subdued, but I didn’t think it was an atmosphere setting he was after, but convenience, that it would be easier to turn the light off later, after, by just using the bedside lamp. He started undressing himself and I made a move to go to him, my intention being to assist him, but he stopped me with an indication with his hand. I resettled on the edge of the bed.

Instead, I watched closely as he removed each garment. I watched as his shirt came off, then pulling his tee-shirt up his body and over his head. I watched as his stomach, firm but a bit of middle age softness, and then his chest, thick and solid, came into view. His neck was thick and his shoulders broad. His arms were defined and heavy from pushing, pulling, and lifting as a daily activity in the yard and in the property in general. When his pants dropped, I sucked in my breath. Even with his shorts on, his cock was evident. He was already semi-hard and showing through his shorts as an obvious ridge stretching to his right hip. I watched as his hands moved to the elastic waist band and then stop. They didn’t move, but I waited, focused on his shorts and the growing ridge underneath. But his hands didn’t move. A soft, frustrated groan escaped from my mouth and I looked up at his face. He was smiling broadly, teasingly at me. It was only then that I realized that my attention had been solely and singularly on the exposure of his cock. His smile was as much as saying, ‘Gotcha!’

I slipped the gown off my shoulders, falling down to the floor, and crawled to him. Again, I wasn’t looking at his face, only where his cock was prominently evident under his shorts. I reached out to the waist band of his shorts, this was taking too long. But, only then did I look up at his face. I didn’t say anything or ask anything, my eyes were another matter, however. My eyes were beseeching him, pleading with him, ‘please, may I?’ He nodded with a sly grin on his face. He was playing me, knowing how much I wanted this, he was playing me, teasing me, and frustrating me to higher heights. And, he was doing it very well.

I yanked his shorts down to his feet and waited a moment for him to step out of them. I waited for his movements to stop. I didn’t take my eyes off the nine inches of black cock pointing direct at me. Seeing it for only the second time, I gasp at the sight all over, again. I was sure I would get used to seeing it … with time, but I almost hoped I wouldn’t. His and Jesse’s were magnificent. And to think that I might have both tonight.

It was pointing directly at me, straight out from his body. I hadn’t ever seen a nine inch cock before. I knew that small cock would point straight up, maybe this is what a nine incher did. Maybe it just wasn’t hard enough, yet. Well, that was something I could do something about.

I leaned in with an open mouth. This was no time for coyness; he wanted me and I certainly wanted him.

He didn’t let me suck him too long, though. He slid his hands under my arms and encouraged me up until I was standing in front of him. His eyes were searching my face; not just my eyes, my mouth, the movements it made, the slight tilt to my head, all indicators to him of something in me at the moment. I was doing the same of him. Except, one other thing was giving me an indicator. I stepped into him and came into firm contact with his rigid and erect cock. I pressed my groin into him and he pulled the rest of me in for a deep hug that quickly turned into a mouth searching kiss that lasted for a long time. When we broke, him or me I didn’t know, I was panting. I was panting partially for the need for air, but mostly, I was panting from need and excitement.

He guided me backwards to the edge of the bed. I looked back upon bumping into it and looked up into his eyes. He looked at the pillows and I climbed onto the bed and lay down, my head on the pillow. He stood next to the bed and looked at me, not just at my face or my breasts, but at my whole body. He looked from my face down my body, stopping at my breasts and then my pussy, visible between my slightly part legs, then down to my feet before making the return journey just as deliberately.

“You really are a beautiful woman, Miss Ryn.” His face turned serious and then back to excited. “I still can’t believe this is real.”

I was looking at him with my own need and desire. “You mean our intended new lifestyle?”

He climbed up onto the bed, moving between my legs, which I opened even more for him. He looked down at my further exposed pussy, then quickly to my face. He smiled and chuckled, “Our new lifestyle! Hell, I can’t believe I am actually going to make love to you.”

I reached out to him with both arms and he gently lay his body on top of mine. I pulled his face to mine and we kissed, again. And, again, it was long, passionate, with mouth and tongue action, our bodies moving against each other as if trying to make love externally. I felt his magnificent cock pressed into my mound and lower stomach, my breast flattened by his broad chest. I sighed into his mouth and breathed my response, “It is real, Albert. It is very real and I want it to be now. I want you, Albert. I want you now and in the future. I want you to have me for your pleasure.”

He lifted up and looked at me with the biggest smile and look of joy a face could show. He kissed each of my nipples, sucking them into his mouth with those big, full lips of his. He then made his way down my body, kissing and sucking, until he pushed my legs apart further, lifting my knees and pressing them towards my breasts. This tilted my pelvis up and exposed my pussy to him fully. He kissed my lips, then taking each between his lips and pulling them out. This opened me and prepared me for more. His tongue snaked out, slipping between my wet lips. It poked deeper into me as he found my hole. It moved in and out, just the short distance that a tongue can, but the feeling was amazing. It has been so long and my body and mind were racing. I was here to please him and he was pleasing me, preparing me, making sure I was ready for him even though my pussy was already dripping in anticipation of this night’s pleasures.

I put my hands on the sides of his head and gently pulled, encouraging him to come up to me. He didn’t need any more indication from me and made his way up my body with kisses and licks, spending more time on each nipple before engulfing my mouth with his, once again. As he did, I felt his cock bump firmly into my mound and a slight adjustment on his part had the head of his cock moving along my slit, wetting the head with my juices.

I sighed at the contact and I saw him smile down at me. I smiled back at him and nodded, the only indication I needed to give him. He was hard and I was wet and ready. Only slight movements of his hips and he slid easily into me, just inside me with only the head buried inside my pussy. He moaned at the same moment that I did. Apparently, we had the same thought, experience, and recognition: FINALLY!

He only penetrated me with a couple inches of himself, at the most. But … god! How long has it been? Too long, obviously. Perhaps the same was flashing through his mind. It felt wonderful, amazing, delicious, and there was going to be at least seven more inches to go. I shivered and pulled my body to his and moaned into his neck.

“Are you okay, Miss Ryn? Does it hurt?”

“Ohhhhhhh, nooooooooo, Albert … this is amazing. I love this, I want you, and I want more of you inside me, please.”

He slowly slide more of his cock into me, an inch at a time. He slid a little in and pulled back half way before sliding a little further in. Slowly, he inched his way into me, gently, lovingly, steadily, and planting kisses on my neck, shoulders, and ears. I continued to shiver. I told him I wanted him, that I want more inside me. He chose to take it slow, easy, caring, and loving. This big man, this strong man who dwarfed me underneath him. That saying flashed through my mind, ‘Nothing is as strong as gentleness, nothing as gentle as real strength’. I was never so sure of my decision to give myself to these three as I was at this moment.

When I felt his groin butt into my mound, I knew I had all of him. I had never, no man or toy, had been this deep inside me. And, I felt so full. I shivered, again. I remembered that Jesse was even thicker.

He used long, even strokes in and out of me. He partially supported himself on his arms and my legs wrapped around his lower back and hips, not locking my heels but clamping on, never the less. My hips rose to accept him with each easy thrust. We did this for an eternity … or so it seemed in the most delight way. Time seemed to stop as the only reality was his cock and my pussy, joined in a union of seeming heavenly delight.

Yes, it was my first real man loving in years and that was part of it. But, only part of it. He was one of two men I had now given myself to, entrusted my body, soul, and safety to. And that decision was being validated, rewarded, and confirmed.

Despite the slow and easy approach he was using, my body was driving to heightened stimulation already. As much as I wanted it, to feel an orgasm around a man, to feel my body seemingly explode from within, I also wanted to experience it at the same time as him, to feel his climax within me, to feel his seed mix with my own climatic fluids. I was holding on, trying to control my body’s natural reaction to the stimulation, the easy gliding of his long, hard, and penetrating cock. My legs pulled our hips ever tighter, my arms pulled our chests tighter, and finally, my mouth nearly engulfed him through mine. I groaned into his mouth with a simultaneous need to orgasm and desire to hold off to share it with him.

I broke the kiss, pulling my face into his neck and shoulder, “Oh god, Albert! Are you close? Oh god, please be close. I want to cum with you, but I need to cum. I don’t know how much longer I can wait.”

“Don’t wait. I have been waiting for you, too.”

And with that, we both exploded, like delirious teenagers experiencing something for the first time. He collapsed onto me, but somehow managed to keep most of his weight off me, otherwise I might have been squashed. Instead, I felt and enjoyed the feeling of him still inside me as my orgasm ebbed to a satisfying glow that seemed to embrace my entire body. I lay under him, warm, loved, safe, and satisfied. I relished the sensation of his slowly softening cock leaking the last of the seed he could give me. Slowly leaking as it slowly softened and slid to the exit of my body, until, without either of us daring to move, I was empty.

That emptiness, however, allowed a change in position, allowed us to roll onto our sides, him spooned into my back, cupping a breast, his flaccid penis pressed into my butt, which couldn’t seem to stop flexing and gently grinding back into him.

I must have fallen asleep because I was aware of a cock pressed into my butt. His hand was casually over my breast, his breathing soft, regular, and peaceful. He was hard, but asleep. I smiled and wiggled into him and made my decision. I eased out from under his arm, rotated, and searched out his cock in the dark. I licked it, took the head into my mouth, and realized instantly that my sleep was only a doze. His cock was still slick with the mixture of our juices, and the taste was pleasant. I licked him clean, eliciting subtle reflexes from his body, twitching of his cock, flexing of his hips, and a quickening of his breathing.

I feel his hand on my head and know he is now at least partially conscious. I raise my head and smile to myself at my next thought. I give his cock head one last kiss before crawling over him until I am straddling his midsection. I lean down to him, kiss him, and see him lick his lips. “You are not afraid to kiss a woman who has just cleaned off your cock.” He shakes his head and pulls me in for an even more passionate kiss, his tongue penetrating my mouth and stroking my tongue.

I push back, feel his cock bump me, then rise up as he flexes it, and making it possible for me to wiggle into position for him to again slip between my lips and inside me. This way, as I ride him, I can do all the work, glorious, heaven-shaking work.

After our second shared orgasm of the night, I see by the clock on the bedside table that it is nearly 1:00 in the very early morning. I ease my pelvis up as I kiss him, feeling his still mostly hard cock slide out of me as I rise. I not only feel him leave me, but hear it, a soft but definite sound as my pussy reluctantly releases him. And, I feel the leaking of our juices from the gaping hole vacated by his cock.

I lean over him, kissing him more, “As much as I would like to remain right here with you, I need and want to share time with Jesse, too.”

He pulled me into him, kissing me and hugging me tightly, “I know you do and I doubt he has dozed at all, yet. I know I wouldn’t have if I were waiting for you. Miss Ryn, I still can’t believe this has happening.”

I bent over and kissed him on the lips, the forehead, and each eye. “Thank you, sweet man. Sleep well.”

I then exited his room, quietly closing the door behind me. In the process, forgetting my night gown behind.

I crossed the small commons area, which was lit by a single light above the small sink in the kitchenette. As I approached the door to Jesse’s room, I could see light shining from under the door. I stopped inches from the door and lightly knocked. If he were asleep, I would have to decide if I make a point of entering or leaving him to his sleep. I didn’t have to worry about that decision, however, for as soon as my knuckles registered the knock on the door, it opened. Jesse stood before me naked. My eyes and face smiled at him but dropped down his body, on their own, I would swear, to find his cock semi-hard and rising as I watched. I wondered how long it has been like that in anticipation of my arrival. Again, I smiled, that this was going to be a good relationship all around.

I walked into the room and I heard him shut the door behind me. I turned, midway into the room, and Jesse walked right into me, taking me into his arms, pulling me into him and holding me. Just holding me, his hands roaming my back from my shoulders to my butt, but just holding me. I could feel his cock hardening much quicker with our contact and I pressed into him.

“Miss Ryn, I … I hope this isn’t presumptuous of me … being naked when you arrived. I was sure I understood the intention tonight, but then I started to worry that maybe …”

I put my finger to his lips and smiled at him, “Stop, Jesse. Of course, it is not presumptuous and you don’t have to worry about intentions. You understood perfectly.”

He pulled me in, again. He was strong, his body hard. Perhaps not quite as large and broad chested as Albert, but none the less a large and strong man. My head rested at his shoulder and I lightly rubbed my cheek into him. I felt him pull me in tighter and sigh deeply. I looked at him inquisitively.

He smiled shyly, “I almost feel that if I relax my hold, you might disappear and this will have only been a dream. I guess I just can’t believe this is really happening. Despite our talks, it seems too much …”

I put my arms around his neck and stopped him with my mouth. The heck with a finger, both men tonight expressed their disbelief that they were going to have me, that I really was theirs to have, enjoy, and pleasure. Yes … I chose well.

I released him, turned to the side of the bed, spread my feet wide, and bent over the bed, bracing myself on my arms. I turned and looked over my shoulder. “Do you believe now?” He came up behind me, pressing himself to my butt. He wasn’t trying for penetration, just to slide his big cock along my pussy lips. “I am sorry for being so messy there, next time you can be first.”

He took hold of my hips, leaned back just enough, and guided his cock head into me. With the head lodged just inside me, he stopped. “I’m not complaining, Miss Ryn. Are you ready?” I nodded and he pushed in a little further. I gasped. I knew he was thicker than even Albert, much thicker than any previous cock before these two, but … I wasn’t ready for the feeling, the sensation, and the utter fullness. And, it was just the head and a few inches. I arched my back and pressed into him. He saw and felt the movement and added his own. In a blink, between us, he was fully inside me, his hips pressed against my butt.

I dropped to my elbows for a moment, “Wait, please … oh, my god, Jesse! That is soooooooo good. Do you feel how you fill me?” I raised back up to my locked arms and pressed back against him, encouraging him to begin, again.

With long, firm strokes, he moved in and out, sliding lusciously, deliciously, amazingly. He reached around me, taking a breast in his hand, then the nipple. I loved it. I was going crazy for it. My god! My third orgasm was rushing up on me when I felt him drive firmly into me, hard and completely, his hips banging into my butt. Then I felt him twitch, jerk inside me … and I came. No, I exploded … again. My pussy clenched on him, milked him, grabbed for him as if it didn’t ever want to be without a cock inside it. That was the final for him and he exploded into me, spurt after spurt of his seed, mixing with my cum, mixing with Albert’s.

We cuddled on the bed, him spooned into me from behind. We talked, softly, about nothing, about life, about the estate, about his life, about what was, or had been in Mexico. It was then that I learned of his sister, younger than him with three c***dren. He had been helping to support them so she didn’t have to work more than one job, so she could spend the time a mother should with her c***dren. He had trouble talking, I felt his chest, his arms shaking, quivering as he tried to continue. I told him he didn’t need to. I remained pressed into him, though, electing not to turn around and look into his eyes, believing that him talking to a back would be easier. I only hoped this was good. I hoped that getting this out to someone would release him, make it easier to continue. I hoped that my sharing of my story, my pain, would allow him to reciprocate and free himself.

It finally poured out, his chest heaved in response. The family, nearly the entire village, had been caught in the war between rival d**g lords and the government, a three way disaster for the innocent.

I turned in his arms, kissing his shoulder, his collar bone, his neck, his chin, his cheek, and finally, his mouth. I held him tightly. “I am sorry, Jesse. I am sorry, the only family you truly cared about has been lost forever. I wish there was something I could do for you.”

His grip on me tightened and I felt a tear drop onto my shoulder. He quaked in my arms. This big, strong, hard man who had only known hard work and little respect, cried in my arms. But not for long, only a couple of minutes. Then he stopped and he pushed me away, only about six inches and it surprised me until I realized that he had more to say and what he had to say he wanted to say to me, face to face.

“I am sorry to burden you at a time like this. I don’t know … yes, I do. It’s you, I never even wanted to talk about these things before. They were too personal.”

“You think that is a burden for me, Jesse? It’s not, not in the least. And, you are not weak to show this to me. Jesse, this is what friends, especially special friends, do for each other.” Our heads resting on the pillows looking at each other, I put my hand on his cheek, “I hope you think of me as a ‘special friend’.”

He smiled and a little chuckle escaped, his eyes quickly turning into a sparkle. “Yes, my dear lady, you are very special. Maybe that’s why I could talk to you.”

“What about Albert and Dori?”

His hand had come up to my face, his finger touched my lips, then my chin, where it seemed to trace something. Then his eyes and finger dropped and it traced a circle around my nipple, idly, absent-mindedly, and in full thoughtfulness. A sigh escaped his mouth, “I’m a little slow, Miss Ryn. I’m not used to this, the sharing of space and lives. The closeness of others, the reliance on others, and … you mean showing weakness, too?”

“No, Jesse, not weakness. You are not a weak man. I don’t think you have any weakness in you, not that I have seen. Think of it as ‘openness’, being able to be open and vulnerable. It takes a strong man, person, to show their vulnerability in a relationship. It takes the strength to be committed and not afraid. We are an odd group, the four of us. Our openness will be needed.” I rolled on top of him, prepared to lighten the moment. “Okay? Besides, it’s kind of sexy for a man to open up like that in bed …”

That seemed to be the comment to ease him back to the present. I felt his cock stirring against my mound. I smiled at him, he smiled back. He took my head between his hands and we kissed … long and passionately. It wasn’t long before I was riding him like I had so recently done with Albert.

When I forced my eyes open the next time, it was shortly after four in the morning. This was proving to be a long night. I kissed Jesse on the lips and eased out of bed. He stirred into the direction where I had been and he came awake when he didn’t find me. I knelt on the bed and kissed him, again. “Some night soon, I hope to spend the entire night with you, each of you, that is. But, tonight, I have one more bed to visit.” He returned my kiss and watched as I backed to the door. I saw him curl into the sheet as I closed the door behind me.

I was standing at the door to the outside and realized that I was still without my nightgown. I had left it somewhere in Albert’s room. I shrugged my shoulders, smiled to myself, and walked outside. I hadn’t done this for such a long time, being outside completely naked. It felt so free and erotic. I looked up at the moon, had to move along the drive for a little bit but got a good look. I heard a vehicle in the distance and my arms moved around my breasts and hips. I then laughed aloud. There was a time at the estate that my life had been to be naked at all times. Now I react to a sound that is far in the distance, just noticeable because of the stillness of the very early morning.

I put my arms out from my body and turned in a circle, feeling the freedom of the moment. My life of eroticism and challenge has been on hold far too long. Barefoot and naked, I confidently and comfortably moved to the side door close to the kitchen and Dori’s room.

Inside, I moved to Dori’s door, but the house was dark and quiet. Unlike Jesse’s door where I could see light from the inside come from under the close door, this one was completely dark. It was also completely quiet. I debated on what my course of action should be. The men were clear and definite about what they wanted tonight. Dori hadn’t indicated the same desires. She didn’t say otherwise, either.

I knocked lightly on the door and waited. “Dori? It’s Ryn, are you awake?” Nothing. Only silence from the other side. Only silence from everywhere. I waited a moment longer. I didn’t want her to feel I didn’t want to spend time with her, too, but I didn’t want to disturb her or force a response if she wasn’t comfortable. “Sleep tight, dear.” It was simple and quietly spoken. If she was awake, she would know my intention. If she wasn’t awake, no foul and no harm done.

I turned and started for the main hall and the stairway to the upstairs. I got about twenty feet before I heard a door open behind me.

“Miss Ryn?”

I turned and couldn’t see Dori. I stepped into the light of the moon through the kitchen window, “Yes, Miss Dori. I didn’t know if you were awake or not. There was no light showing.”

“Are you done … I mean, are you … are you going to bed?”

“Yes, since you didn’t seem to be awake, but since you are … if you want to …”

“No!” She said it firmer and stronger than she intended. “I didn’t mean it that way.” She and I were both moving slowly toward each other as this was occurring. We found ourselves an arm length apart now. “What I mean is … I need more time before … well …”

I took her hand in mine and turned for the stairway, “Come with me, Miss Dori. At least we can spend the remainder of the night cuddling while we sleep. Would that be a good first step?”

She squeezed my hand and stepped with me, “Yes. I would like that. I would like that very much. But, where are we going?”

“My bed. I want you upstairs; there will be less disruption in the morning.” I smiled at her and she smiled back, a bashful smile.

In my bedroom, I pulled the covers down to the foot, then the top sheet from one side. She moved to the bed, but I stopped her. I hugged her, and then took hold of her long nightgown in my hands, “I want you naked.”

“But, I … I don’t sleep naked.”

“I want you naked. I want to feel you, your skin, against me. Please.”

She looked at me for a moment and without another word spoken, she raised her arms above her head. I pulled her nightgown up her body and over her head and upstretched arms. I dropped it on the floor and retook her into my arms, relishing the feel of her younger and slim body against mine. I then led her the couple steps to the bed and encouraged her into the middle. I joined her, pulling the top sheet over us, and cuddling up against her as she lay on her back, my head on the pillow next to hers.

My hand strayed on her body but avoids her privates. I am very aware that she has not made love to anyone, man or woman. Ever in her life. Given my past, I find that amazing, but I also respect her decisions and won’t take it lightly as we move forward. She has to be a willing and not a manipulated participant.

My fingers idly trace her ribs and she giggles, I am sure I must have inadvertently tickled her. “Miss Dori, would it be okay if I lightly touch you, just above your waist for now? I’ll be gentle …”

She sighs and the sound coming back to me was a resigned ‘yes’ but almost imperceptible. I raised myself onto an elbow and looked down on her. In the moonlight through the balcony window, I saw her faintly nod her approval. She looked nervous, but she was willing to start. I let my fingers continue to roam, to trace over her body, but still avoiding her breasts. She sighed, again.

Then, “Miss Ryn?”

“Yes, my sweet lady?”

I lightly touch a breast, then the other. “Mmmmmmm … that does feel good. I’ve never … been touched … never been anything.”

“Mmmmmm, yes, well, I am at your service, then.”

“You obviously aren’t a lesbian, right? But, you would make love to me? Is that … what was that … yeah, bi-sexual?”

I chuckled lightly, “No, I am very definitely not lesbian. I am a lot of things, but I love cock. I love both man and dog cock. Bi-sexual? No, I don’t think so. At least not how I think of it. You see, Miss Dori, I love cock. But I love those I love, too. Man or woman, if I love them in my soul, my heart, I love them with my body, too. To me, a bi-sexual is someone that can just as easily go either way. I love men, male dogs. But, a woman I love, I can just as easily make love to them. To me, it is loving the person, not the sexual part of the person. Does that make sense?”

My fingers were lightly pinching her nipples. I looked at her and she was watching me intently. I leaned in and sucked on a nipple. She sighed and moaned. “Oh, my god, that feels good … you … so you could make love to me?”

“Yes, my dear, I could. I could in a flash because …”

“You love me.”

I smiled at her and kissed her on the lips. “I must certainly do.”

“What about Albert and Jesse?”

I looked at her, puzzled by the question. “I love them, too.”

She chuckled, “No, I know that! No, I mean … would they react to each other that way if we were all together?”

I looked at her, and then settled my head on her shoulder, my fingers still playing with her breasts and nipples. What an interesting thought. I never even considered something like that. They were all man, basic man, and proud of their manliness. “I have no idea. What an interesting thought.”

It was quiet, again. Her breathing was soft and shallow. She seemed at ease and comfortable. My fingers were again exploring her nipple. Then, another question came, “Were they … what you thought?”

I raised my head to look at her. “Albert and Jesse?”

“Yes, you indicated before that they seemed big … you know. You said you thought it would be good. Was it?”

“Mmmmm, yes. It was very good. Both of them. You’re wondering about them for yourself. You would like them, I know. They care so much for you, Dori.”

“What if they don’t like me that way, though? What if I am not sexy, not attractive to them?”

I almost laughed at that. “Dori! You are younger, firmer, your breast don’t sag like mine do. Besides, you are beautiful. You just don’t dress like it. You know what your new hair style did for you.” I pinched her nipple and she gasped. “Tomorrow, in the morning, I’ll prove it to you.”

She put her arm around me and I wiggled in closer, now cupping her breast. And, very soon … we were both asleep.

* * * CHAPTER 6 will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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