Tod had stopped to drop the Kelly’s off at their house, and Rick, as was expected, got out, too. What WASN’T expected was when Billy, Cathy, Robbi, and Bruce got out. Abe and Gail were visiting with Jerry and Mary for the night. It was a nice evening, and the men were going to, at least, keep Pete company while he milked, and Robbi and Cathy wanted to watch for a bit, and talk to Doris and Sue. It always seemed that they had something they wanted to talk about. They all went in and discovered something unexpected had happened while they were gone. Annie had parked around the side of the house where her car wouldn’t be seen and had gone in and reoccupied her room. There were squeals of delight as they saw her calmly sipping a tall, cool glass of ice tea. She leapt out of her chair and ran to grab first her Dad, then her Mom, and then Sue. All were talking at once, asking about how long she had been there, and had she got settled in, and a myriad of other questions.

She had, at the last, took Bruce in her arms and gave him a HUGE kiss. Once finished she turned and put her arms around ROBBI’S neck and kissed her the same way. “THAT was from ROYCE!!!” she stated firmly. “He told, AND SHOWED ME, how to give you the kiss. He made me pinky swear that I would give it EXACTLY as he would in person. He got me so hot and turned on showing me, that I had to get some relief. I left him asleep, with a sticky dick, and a note. I think he wanted me to stay the night, but I was in a hurry, for MY OWN reasons. She laughed and turned her back to her Dad, and, in a stage whisper, told the others, “Don’t tell Daddy that I made a 3 and half hour drive in just at an hour and a half. He’d have a fit, and give me a good LONG lecture about driving too fast.”

Pete walked to the stairs, and stopped to look at his wayward daughter, shaking his head, and trying his best not to smile. “Don’t think you’re NOT gonna get that lecture, YOUNG LADY!!! I’m really thinkin’ about takin your keys for a week or two to teach ya a lesson. But, for now, Welcome home.” He went up the stairs and soon returned in his usual attire. A blue work shirt, overalls, and sweat socks. “I gotta git the cows tended to. I can hear ’em cryin’ clear upstairs.”

He picked up his boots and carried them out on the porch to put on. Billy, Rick, and Bruce went toward the door, but Sue reached out and grabbed Rick by his pants. “OH NO YOU DON’T!!! YOU git upstairs and change clothes. That suit’s too nice to get messed up. Your workin’ clothes are cleaned and in the top drawer o’ my chest o’ drawers. Pants, shirt, an’ socks. Hang up your Sunday go ta meetin’ clothes, and put ’em on before ya go to the barn. I don’t wanna smell cow shit on your nice stuff.” He laughed and told the others, “SEE. Sounds like a wife, already.” She answered, “YEAH!!! But ya’ LOVE it!!! NOW GIT!!!”

Doris looked over at Billy and Bruce. “You two need to do the same. It won’t take THAT long for ya ta go and change clothes. Jes’ pertend there’s some hot nookie waitin’ fer ya. The two of ya kin take Sue’s 4 wheeler an be there, change, an’ git back in jes a few minutes. Daddy will be at it fer a couple o’ hours, AT LEAST! You two girls kin put on some o’ Annie’s clothes, so’s ya don’t mess up yourn. NOW. ALL O YA GIT. Me an Annie will start supper.” Doris turned and asked for one of them to pull down the zipper on her dress. Bruce obliged her, and she turned her head to ask him to unhook her bra, too. He did, and in an instant, she was completely naked in front of him. “You STILL ain’t had a go ’round with me, yet. I’m still waitin’ fer MY turn in the sack wit’ ya. Allus remember. Guys brag about the pussy they get. Women GLOAT about gettin’ hard cock!!! We talk jes as much, an’ compare notes, about gittin’ laid. The girls have ALL told me about cha. I’m from Missouri, though. Ya’ gotta SHOW ME!!!” Her diatribe had Bruce laughing like he was on something. He took her face in his hands and kissed her soundly. “YOU, DEAR LADY, have been the subject of discussion, your own self. Billy and Rick have both told me how wonderful you are. IN AND OUT of the bedroom. That’s something I’m looking forward to experiencing.”

The two men made a bee line for the door and were gone in a second. Cathy had told Billy what she wanted, and where it was, to bring back for her. In the meantime, she went ahead and took her own clothes off and laid them beside Doris’s, so they wouldn’t get messed up. Annie had had her clothes on when they arrived, but, as her Dad had gone out the door, they had been shed, and laid over the arm of an easy chair. Sue had gone upstairs and took her clothes off and was just as naked as any, or all, of the rest. Robbi had held back, but, when she saw Cathy and Doris stripping, she followed their lead and was soon in the buff, also.

Rick came down the stairs and got an eye full of uncovered female flesh. As many times as he had seen every one of them naked, it still astounded him to see such beauty laid before him. He had the urge to go over and help himself to any, or all, of them, but also knew that none of them would deny him anything he wanted, from a kiss, or hug, to a romp in the sack, or any other place he wanted to go. It was a fantastic feeling to know that they were all available to him, any time he wanted. Sue and Cathy were the first to notice him standing there looking at them. Each elbowed the lady next to them, and soon all had turned, and were facing him, smiling. Robbi cocked her head to one side and smiled even bigger. “See anything you like? Tell us who and what, Lover boy. We’re happy to please.” Sue added her two cents to the invitation. “Git yer butt over here and give us all a kiss. Quit gawkin’ and pucker up. You’re looking at dessert.”

Rick shook himself out of his reverie, and went in to be kissed by all the beautiful ladies in the room. Sue and Annie laid it on him good, promising to give him a three way, the first chance they got. He went out the door smelling like the various perfumes they were wearing. They all had a hint of Bay Rum on them. He went down to the barn and got the buckets to fill with the sweet feed. Pete already had two smaller buckets of the sugar on the bench. He was just starting to hook the cows up to the machines. “Didn’t think ya’d be here that fast. Don’t know how ya do it. Cathy an’ Robbi are both as nice as they get. Sweet, beautiful, an’ hot ta trot. I hope y’all are taking some vitamins. Can’t think o’ nothin’ worse than havin’ them around, an’ havin’ a limp noodle. That’d be pure misery. By the way, I need ta tell ya thanks. I figured ya had somethin’ ta do with Sue an’ me gettin’ together. She’s acted differnt, ever’ since she took up with ya. She’s better behaved, and pays more attention ta things, things that she never paid no never mind ta, before. She watches ‘er language closer. Mind ya, she was NEVER a problem c***d, but she argued more, and let her tongue get the best o’ her, mos’ times. She talks to us, her Mom an’ me, more than she ever’ did by a heap sight. I like the changes m’ own self, an’ Ma acts like she does, too. She was always a sweetheart, but so hard headed. You heard the Doc the other day. That’s mostly gone, now. Before she allus wanted ta talk about boys an boogers. Now she talks about you, Billy, and Cathy. I know about her inter’st in boogers. Long as she takes care, an don’t get in no trouble, I’m okay with it. I guess what I’m tryin’ ta’ say in my own way, is THANKS!!! Ya gimme back my little girl, maybe more than I oughtta have ‘er, but still…I appreciate what ya’ve done fer ‘er. I think we gotta winner on our hands. She’s settled down a lot, and acts like she wants ta learn ta be a wife. Sometime in days ta come, Ma an me’ll tell ya some stuff. It’ll kinda let ya know how this all come about.

They unhooked the line of cows and herded them out the back door. They herded in the next line, and hooked them up, giving them their twice daily treat. As they finished the last two cows, they heard Billy and Bruce coming in the door. It was warm out, and as an added treat, Cathy and Robbi had accompanied them. NEITHER had put on any clothes. Pete and Rick both enjoyed, as they always did, the sight of the two women, walking around in the nude. Both had put on sandals, but, otherwise were naked. Robbi went over, closely followed by Cathy, and kissed Pete on his cheek.

“We wanted to see how this worked. We’ve seen and helped to butcher cattle and pigs, before, so we wanted to see how you milk the cows. This looks like they don’t mind it a bit.” Pete hugged her. “No, Darlin’. They don’t. I give them what amounts to them as candy, and take the milk so’s it don’t hurt their udders. That’s that bag underneath ’em, that holds the milk. Each of ’em has 4 teats, that’s where we get the name “tits” from. Cows have teats, women have tits. Old times they had to be milked by hand. Now we got machines that milk a cow in a few minutes. By hand it takes MUCH longer. I kin milk 200 cows by machine in less time than I could milk 8 or 10 by hand. The milk goes inta a pasteurizer that heats the milk to kill any germs in it, then it goes to a cooling vat. From the time it comes out of the cow to go into the cooling vat, takes about 15 minutes. The vat cools the milk down ta 33 or 34 degrees in a few seconds. There’r nozzles fer the truck ta hook ta, and take the milk out and inta the truck. They measure it in pounds instead o’ gallons. 8 pounds is one gallon. They carry it ta a dairy processing plant and separate it form the cream. They make all the stuff we see in the stores fer us ta buy. Mama allus keeps enough cream ta make butter, and some cheese.

All the cheese we use here is what her an the girls made. She makes cheddar, American, an, once in a while, some gouda. I like when she makes a nice batch o’ cottage cheese. It’s hard ta keep fresh, so she only makes it once in a while. All ya have ta do with the others is keep ’em cool an dry. If ya don’t, they mold, and spoil. Doris’s Mom makes eight differnt kinds o’ cheese. She make some o’ the best Swiss an Smoke Gouda ya ever tasted. She makes bleu cheese, too. Her Mom learned from her Grandma. She was German an’ French. We got a picture or two of her, put away. She was an uncommon good looking woman. Doris looks a lot like her. The k**s used ta see her picture an think it WAS their Momma.

The milking went quickly, with Pete showing the girls how it was all done, and showing them how the milk was stored. They were fascinated by the whole process, especially when Pete explained that, in the winter, he had to wash his hands in warm water so they wouldn’t be cold when he touched the cows teats. It affected them the same way as it did the girls, he told them. They ran the last of the cattle out the door and Dog and Pup moved them to the night pasture. It was closer to the house, and had bales of hay, and water troughs for them. Dog and Pup, in nice weather, slept out with them. In bad weather they slept just inside the door to the barn, where they could see the cows. They saw Rick dipping out milk and asked Pete what he was doing. Pete explained he was getting out milk for the kitchen. Doris would put most of it in a separator, and use the cream to make butter. The rest would be returned to the vat, except for one gallon for them to use for breakfast.

Supper was smelled before they opened the door. Doris had left the cooking to Sue and Annie, and made a big cake. Carrot this time, and was putting on the icing. Annie had cut a bunch of chicken and was using a recipe that she had been taught. Pete swore to them that it was something they would want to learn for them selves. Sue had made a big bowl of mashed potato salad, and there were mushrooms and onions to go with it. The girls jumped in and set the table for supper. Pete said Grace, and the feast was partaken of. The only “trouble,” was that they all ate too much. Annie went out the door to the back porch and returned with a big metal container held in dishtowels. It was homemade ice cream. A gallon and a half’s worth. All thought of overeating disappeared as they cut the cake and spooned out the ice cream. They might be miserable for a little while, but with a highly memorable taste in their mouths.

The men went into the living room to watch the evening news and weather. They were told to expect rain over the next few days. Spring weather was making a late start his year. It was now early June. Doris reminded Pete that there were 2 birthdays coming up. Royce and Patti. Royce would be 23, and Patti would be 25. Robbi asked if they would come home for the celebration. Doris told her they would.

Cathy looked at the clock and announced that they had better head for home. She had to get up for work the next morning. Billy looked over at Bruce and gave him a sly smile. “We got your stuff right here, for ya. Pete tole us ta bring it, so ya could spend the night here. We brought yer car back for ya, too. All ya gotta do in the mornin’ is ta put ya clothes on, an get in an’ go.” Doris looked over at the younger girl. I enjoy spending time with ya, an’ the same with Annie an’ Sue. We’ll see that you’re well taken care of, and get a good nights sleep. I think you’ll enjoy what we have planned.” Cathy was feeling like she was being herded into something, like the cows were herded into the barn. No matter. Tomorrow was her Friday. To everyone else it was Thursday. She smiled and asked, “Then who is gonna take care o’ little ol’ me? I’m gonna need a bath, an a soft bed to sleep in, and a little tender lovin’ on the way to dreamland.”

Pete smiled at her. “If M’Lady doesn’t object to an older partner, I might offer MY assistance. Cathy smiled what she meant to be coquettishly, “WHY, Certainly, Sir. It would be my HONOR to be accompanied by such a DISTINGUISHED Gentleman.” She held her hand out to him. He rose and took her hand, pulling her up to give her a deep kiss, and a gentle hug. His hand “just happened,” to fall onto her butt, cupping it gently. He held her close as they went up the stairs. Doris looked over at Bruce. “NOW! WHAT was said about me? I’m dying to know the opinions of me.” He smiled back at her. “Some things,” he said, “Should be discussed in private. Shall we?” Billy looked at Robbi. “Looks like we might be together tonight. Whaddaya say, Sis.” Robbi looked at him. “Have you ever heard me complain about spending the night with YOU. I DON’T THINK SO!!! LAST ONE TO CUM IS A ROTTEN EGG!!!” They raced up the stairs, laughing. Sue looked over at Annie. “What do ya’ think about sharing one lonesome wienie, Sis? Annie looked over at Rick. “I don’t know if one will be enough. We can try it though. We CAN put some clams in the bowl to make things interesting, though. Ya wanna try it?”

Both girls stepped over and offered a hand to an amazed Rick. Either one was a hand full on her own. Together, they might prove to be more than one person could take care of. It was going to be fun, though. They put Sue in the middle to help her up the stairs, and to sit on the bed. Annie started the water running, and got the pan from the closet. It was filled with very warm water, and carried in to set by the bed. They thought about t for a second and moved the pan into the shower. They took the chair they used and put it in, and Sue was put in the shower. Rick had bought a large plastic bag to put over her leg cast, and tucked it in the bottom and top of the cast, securing it with tape. They wrapped tape above the cast over the top of the bag. Sue held her arm out of the way of the water, and they took a chance and sprayed her with the nozzle of the shower. They soaked all but her hair in the warm water, and one in front and the other behind, started scrubbing her. She cooed and gasped as Rick washed between her legs. Annie laughed at her. “Guess who had her panic button pushed.” she giggled. “Yeah, but it sure felt good for a second there. Made me want a whole lot more.” He had washed down and cleaned the soles of her feet, and between her toes. She was tingling at his touch. He gave her his hand and helped her to stand. He looked at Annie. “You want to scrub her back, or do ya want me to?” he asked. Annie took the hint. “Go ahead. You know more about this type of bath than I do. You’ve had enough of ’em lately.” Sue turned and put her arm around Annie’s neck to hold on. She looked Annie in the eye, and lipped “THANKS, SIS!” Rick scrubbed from her neck to her butt, gently soaping and scrubbing her, then lifting her leg to reach between them to get everything hiding there. She loved the feeling of him touching her like that and, as a result, had several orgasms. Rick laughed and told her, “Now we have to wash you all over, again.” He did as he had said, resulting in even more spasms for the younger sister. She was begging him for more of the same.

Annie was laughing as she took the sponge from Rick. “At this rate we’ll be in here all night. I have to admit, though, I would do the same in her place. Like I said before. At least, THIS time, she showed some good taste. Not the same pedigree of mongrels she usually picks.” Rick looked at her questioningly. Annie laughed at his surprise. “She has picked some REAL winners in the past. A drunk, a doper, and a guy who couldn’t make a girl cum with a printed instruction book, and a shelf full of training films. HE thought all he had to do was shove it in and wiggle a little bit and cum, and he was through. I pity the poor girl that hooks up with him. She’ gonna have to enjoy Jilling herself, or find a lover to take care of her. HE can’t, or won’t.

They dried Sue off and checked her casts. Dry as a bone. This would be the thing she needed until the Doc took the casts off of her. They put her on the bed, after turning it down and went o clean themselves as well. They enjoyed themselves as much as Sue had, except that Annie resisted the impulse to suck him. She didn’t want to waste a single drop of his cream outside of them. They wanted it inside their pussies. Both girls were well aware that he was usually good for at least 4 or 5 good loads. With proper incentive, perhaps they could get even more. If need be, Billy might be persuaded to join them. It depended on how demanding Robbi was, tonight.

The problem at hand soon made itself known. Sue’s casts made all but the simplest things nearly impossible. They decided, in the end, that since she had lost so much of her mobility, Rick would devote his attention entirely to her, and then, give a repeat performance to Annie. Neither girl was all that happy over the situation, but, it couldn’t be helped. With the cumbersome casts on her leg and arm, she could either lay on her back, and be serviced “missionary” style, or lay on her side and be spooned. Sue much preferred the latter, because, after entering her, Rick enjoyed, as did she, him reaching over her to fondle and feel her tits and pussy. She automatically, after he had buried the bone in her, lifted her leg to allow him to cup her Mons in his hand, and stroke her slit, and, especially, her clit. He always made her cum so many times like that that she ended up exhausted, and with a HUGE smile on her face. Luckily, it would be possible that next week, Doc MIGHT just take the casts off of her.

Annie sat next to them on the bed, more than a little curious to see how Rick would handle the dilemma. He took her in his arms as he always did, and kissed her all the ways he had done her, the first time. Remembering their night at the old abandoned farm made her wet. She had reminisced about it many times. He kissed her lips, gently, at first, but with more passion and force as he continued, working his tongue into her mouth, and sparring with her tongue, and licking her teeth. He would nibble at her lips, oh so gently as he broke the kiss, pulling on her lip as he pulled back from her, and whispering his love to her. It was a wonderful thing to watch as he poured his heart out to her. Her eyes grew softer than Annie had ever seen Sue’s eyes look, before. It surprised her that she hadn’t recognized the full force of her baby sister’s involvement. She was looking at the REAL THING!!! Sue was as deeply in love as anybody she could remember. It shocked her. She had thought that Sue was just getting a hell of a good fucking, and was making the most of it. The look on her face told Annie that the younger girl had found the love that all girls dream of finding.

Annie considered leaving the two of them to themselves, but her curiosity was going wild. She, instead, went over to sit in the chair, out of the way, and observe love in full bloom. She had thought she had seen tenderness, before, but NOTHING like THIS! The more she watched, the more she examined her own feelings, and the more she came to understanding the texts and phone calls Royce had made to her, concerning Robbi.

She had, several times, imagined hearing his voice catch, when he was talking about her. Royce and her had put their phones on speakers as they were driving home the other day. They communicated constantly, using each other as sounding boards for every day things, good or otherwise, and talked or texted each other nearly a dozen times a day. They had always been closer in some things. Even in their earliest school days, they had been teased about how they sought each other at recess or lunch. On the school bus, they always sat together to share their days. They went in and out of each others rooms at home, and did their chores together, as well as their homework. Royce had had a special way with math and social studies, and she had been a whiz in sciences. Both had been natural athletes, and all of them enjoyed the outdoors. Sue had been the best shot among them, but Royce had the stealth necessary to be the best hunter. She was nearly as good as he was, though. HIS problem was that he was slightly color blind. He had problems seeing certain shades of brown and green. Her eyes could pick colors as easily as reading a book. Together they were able to chose the best, and biggest, deer, and turkeys to be found.

Royce had, almost as they went out the gate, called her and they had talked all the way home. Royce was so overwhelmed by Robbi, that she had delayed going in the house, and had called Patti to tell her that she was going to go to Royce’s apartment to get some things. Patti and Jeff had both seen through her charade, though. They had simply told her to drive careful, and to give him a kiss, and love, from both of them.

She heard a gasp and saw that Rick and Sue were going 69. The way her ass was shaking, he must be doing a J. O. B on her. He had pulled her on top of him, and had her legs open wide. His cock was completely out of sight inside her mouth, and her head was bobbing like a chicken going after scratch. She was humping his face like she was having the heebie-jeebies. They acted like they didn’t know, or care if she was there or not. GOOD!!!.

She had gone over to Royce’s apartment, and had helped him carry his things upstairs, and with putting them away. It had only taken a few minutes. Both had sat on the couch, talking. She had never seen her brother in such a state. He had poured his heart out to her about, of ALL THINGS, ROBBI!!! He was describing her as the most wonderful thing he had EVER seen in his LIFE!!! She had almost suggested that he make a quick trip home and get some more pussy from her, but, seeing the look on his face had changed her mind. This wasn’t about getting some exceptional pussy. It was much more than that. She had tried everything she knew to quiet his concerns. His major concern was, “What if she has no real feelings for me?” She remembered that Sue and Robbi had gone off together several times, and refused to say what they had been talking about. She suggested that Royce fix them something to eat, and, while he did, she called Sue to ask her about it.

Sue told her that Robbi had peppered HER with questions about ROYCE, unmercifully. His favorite things, what he did, and didn’t like. What foods, activities, and other things he felt strongly about. She asked Sue to keep this under her hat, but, she told her, was the same as Royce. He was going nuts over Robbi. She asked her NOT to say anything to Robbi, and she would only give the barest information to Royce. The way he was now, she was afraid he would quit school to go home to be near her. Sue agreed that they were in dangerous territory, and had better handle it with k** gloves. She gave Sue her thanks, and their love, and hung up. Royce came back in and gave her a plate of the food they had brought home. She had suggested that they go take a shower and get some rest. He agreed.

She glance over at Rick and Sue. He was behind her, and her leg was raised a bit. She could see Sue’s body shake with the force of his thrusts. She moved over enough that she could see his dick going in and out of her pussy. It looked like the pistons in a movie on motors. His hand was covering her Mons, and she could see a finger moving up and down her slit. His head was above hers, and she was turned to kiss him with her hand holding his head in place. She cold hear Sue whispering her love in his ear. It warmed her to know that her little sister had found something she hoped to find one day. She slipped back into her own thoughts.

Her and Royce had gone in and taken a shower together, but she couldn’t excite him that night, in spite of her usually getting him going with little effort. She had used every trick she could thing of, and NOTHING had worked. Finally she had simply gone into the living room and sat on the couch. Thinking. Royce was still in the bedroom, so she texted Sue, again. @sueky. Ask R to snd ME hot pix. Fvr /@royk. Urgent!! TYM luv ak47. Minutes later, her phone rang the text tone. She opened it to find a HUGE file of some of the hottest pictures of Robbi that she could imagine. All were, THANK GOD, solo pictures. Annie had to laugh. She had figured Robbi to be limber, but, NOT to THIS DEGREE. SHE WAS TWISTED LIKE A PRETZEL. There was one of her eating her own pussy. The phone rung on talk. It was Sue. “Didja get’em? There are supposed to be 20 of ’em for ya.” Annie confirmed that they had all come through. “GOOD!!! Bad that I had ta spill th’ beans, though. Robbi is VERY careful who gets ANY pictures of her. A guy she let take pix of ‘er one time, sent ’em to a girlie magazine, and she saw ’em when one of the guys in ‘er class showed ’em to ‘er. She was PISSED!!! She kicked ‘is ass for ‘im, and told ‘im if he EVER gave any to ANYBODY else, she was gonna neuter ‘im. He quit school the next day.” Annie promised that they would be “eyes only” for her and Royce. Sue told her that Robbi had assured her that SHE was doing some “big time” soul searching, too. She was amazed at how quickly and deeply she had fallen for Royce. She had admitted that she often wore her heart on her sleeve, but, that THIS was a different thing altogether.

She had sat down with her Mom, Clara, Doris, and Betty, and talked about it to them. Then she had gone and done the same with Misti, Sam, Mary, Gail, Carol, and Sharon. All the married women she trusted to give her a straight answer. They had all given her essentially the same answer. TRUST YOUR HEART!!! Your gut will tell you if it’s right or not. She was wishing that she could talk to June and Patti, too. They were all nearly the same age, and the same mindset. They both seemed so very happy. She would like to have a good heart to heart with them as well. Annie had echoed nearly the same things that Sue had told her. “It almost sounds like you DON’T want to fall in love.” Sue had giggled. “I put THAT to ‘er, too. She said she had already gone through a broken heart one time, and didn’t want to do it, again. I think I know who it was that broke ‘er heart. I think it was Billy, when he married Cathy.” Annie giggled and agreed, with reservation. She thanked Sue, and asked her to thank Robbi for her AND Royce.

They hung up, and Annie turned to see Royce looking down at her. She smiled at him, and patted the seat next to her. “C’mere Li’l Bubba. Jus’ got som’thin’ fer ya. Think ya’ll like it.” She opened her phone and showed him the pictures. He brightened at each new picture. “She’s absolutely the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. I just wish she was here right now.” Annie looked over at him. “Her numbers right here. Why don’t ya call HER, and tell HER what ya think of ‘er. Every woman loves to know when they’re appreciated. I’ll bet the farm she’s wishing she could hear THAT from YOU!!! Try it. I’ll bet ya like the answers she gives ya.” Who knows. She might even think it’s worth her time and effort ta come see ya. Nothin’ ventured, nothin’ gained. Use your phone and she’ll have YOUR number, too.”

Royce picked his phone and punched the numbers. She heard him say, “Hello, Sweetheart. I’ve been thinking about YOU, too.” He broke into song, “I just called, to say, I love you. I just called, to say I really care. I just called, to say, I love you. And I mean it from the bottom, of my heart.” He listened for a long pause. YES, MY LOVE!!! EVERY WORD OF IT!!! PLEASE!!! STOP CRYING.” He listened for a bit more. “Yes, My Darling. I think of you all the time, too. Annie is the one to tell me what I should do. She is VERY SMART!!! She sc****s more brain out from under her fingernails than I have in my whole body. OKAY! She’s right here. Hold on a second.” He pulled Annie over and gave her a long, sweet kiss. He moved off enough to look into her eyes, and did the same all over, again. “THANK YOU, ANNA MARIA KELLY!!! THANK YOU FROM BOTH OF US!!!” He listened for a second longer. “Okay, sweetheart. Here she is.” He handed the phone to Annie. She put the phone on speaker. “Yeah, sweetie. I’m here.” The sounds of Robbie trying to talk and cry at the same time came through. Annie replied to her, “YOU’RE VERY WELCOME. I’m glad to help the both of ya’. Poor Royce was so love sick, I was afraid he was going to quit school. YES!!! He was THAT BAD!!! I TRIED THAT!!! He acted like I wasn’t even THERE!!! YES!!! I LOVE YOU TOO, LITTLE SISTER!!! Here. I’ll let ya talk to Royce some more. Happy to help. Maybe you can do the same for me, someday. I love you, too. Bye, bye.” She switched the phone back to personal, and handed it to Royce. She felt happier than she had in a long time. She listened to one side of the conversation for several minutes, and got up, intending to go on over to Patti and Jeff’s home. Royce grabbed her arm and shook his head “NO” to her. He kissed the phone so it would carry through, and hung up.

“Please. Stay here, tonight. I don’t want to be alone. She smiled at him. “Satisfied?” she asked. “More than that.” he replied. “Satisfied, and ecstatic are more like it. I can never repay, or express my gratitude, for what you did for me, and us. I think I love you more, now, than I ever have, before. You have made me the happiest guy in the world. He sat beside her and took her in his arms, smothering her from her chin to her eyebrows in kisses. “Hold on, Hoss!!! You gonna get me turned on if’n ya don’t watch out!” she laughed. He smiled back at her. “Would it be the FIRST TIME?” he asked. Her smile told him it wouldn’t be. “Come on, then.”he told her. “I feel like another shower might be in order. I’ll wash your back if you’ll wash mine. DEAL?”

This time there was no foot dragging. It was something they both wanted, very much. A chance to show their love for each other. Royce grabbed a pair of clean towels from the stand, and turned the water on. With her hair cut so short, it didn’t matter to Annie that it got wet. It would dry quickly. They got inside the shower, playing and splashing each other like they had when they were little. Royce grabbed her and started tickling her, making her pee in the shower. They paid it no mind. He let go of her long enough to let her catch her breath, her eyes shining.

He stopped smiling and took her in his arms, like he had so many times. She put her arms around his neck and pulled herself up, and him down, until their lips met in a kiss that bespoke the truest love in the world. “If he wasn’t my brother,” she thought, “I would gladly spend the rest of my life with him, and count myself the luckiest girl in the world.” The held the kiss for several minutes, loving the feel of each in the other’s arms. They finally broke the kiss, just for Royce to hold her in his arms, with her arms around him, her head against his chest. She had almost forgot how strong he was. His chest was like a hunk of concrete, wrapped in glove leather. So soft, and so smooth. She looked up at him, looking for guidance. He reached behind him and shut the water off. The shower had done its part.

He reached out and took a towel and dried her completely. She took the towel and dried him with the same tenderness as he had given her. She smiled, again as he looked at her. She nodded her assent. He picked her up like she was a tiny baby, he was going to burp. She laid her head on his shoulder, and he carried her soundlessly to the bed, still holding her under her bottom, and reached down to turn the covers back. He put his arm around her legs to lay her softly onto the bed, where she scooted enough to let him lay beside her. He stretched out and found himself covered in soft, warm, feminine flesh. It seemed that he had never felt anything so soft. It was like being covered in the best eider down in the universe. They kissed more, and more intensely, with each starry gaze into each others eyes. Time ceased to exist for them. They had each other. THAT was ALL that counted. He kissed her from her eyebrows to her chin, and beyond, with her cooing like a little dove at each kiss.

He rolled her to her back, and kissed her collarbones, savoring the sweet smell of her. Her hands were caressing his back and shoulders, pulling him up to kiss again, and again. He returned to his chosen path after each of her kisses. His one goal was to make her as happy as he was. He kneaded the soft flesh of her breasts, and sucked the nipples to life, nipping at them to make sure they were awake, and paying attention. Her breath was ragged and she pushed his head downward to what she knew he was seeking. He kissed his way across the rounded plain if her belly, and slid his tongue into the valley of her navel, making her tummy muscles flutter with joy.

He was positioned such that she couldn’t open her legs until he wanted, pinning them with his arms. He kissed the tiny creases where her legs joined her abdomen, and across the upper part of her mons. He re-positioned his arms and spread her legs just enough to allow him to lick and kiss his way down her slit, all the way to the beginning of the crack in her ass. She was arching her back and was feeling the tiny tremors the came before an earth-shattering orgasm. He was tearing her apart as he drank at the spring of her soul. It hit her like a bolt from the blue, and made her scream like a tortured being. Once, then twice more. Her voice almost echoed. He lifted her legs and continued his quest to deliver her into the hands, and arms, of the ultimate happiness. Nothing was too good for this perfect lady. He dipped his tongue into her vaginal opening, and sucked at her cervix, emptying it of the ambrosia it contained. It was truly a drink of the gods. He sought and found the tiny button of her clitoris, and teased it until it nearly begged for mercy in its turn. Annie had turned to a quivering mass of jello under his loving attentions.

She was largely unaware of just when he rose to kiss her lips, and face, once more. She barely recognized when he placed the pillow under her hips. She only became aware when she felt his arms pinning her legs around his elbows, and he was entering her body, as deeply as he could reach. She was so wet, this time, that it felt like they both were covered in the finest oils. She felt him go all the way inside of her and began to thrust into her. He nerves were as taught as violin strings, and he was the maestro to make the sweet music with her body. She quivered and jumped from the feelings he was giving her. It was if she were standing outside of her body watching what was being done to it. And FULLY approving of everything he did. She had, never in her life, had feelings like she was having, now. Her heart was so filled with love, and her soul with passion she felt like she was going to explode. She felt like never before. It was so far beyond any words of description that it was impossible to describe. She felt herself floating like a cloud. The tremor hit her again. She shook so completely out of control it was as if she was epileptic. The tremors shook her over and over, until she realized she was coming down to rejoin other mortal beings. Her head was spinning, and she was so out of breath she couldn’t speak. It was if she were caught in a whirlpool. Suddenly all things ceased to exist, and her eyes closed in the sweetest slumber she had ever experienced. She dreamed of thing future and past. She saw herself as a baby in her Mother’s womb, and the first light of being born. She saw herself as a flower breaking out of the fertile earth, and blossoming into a pure white rose. She saw, what to her, must have been heaven itself. It was sweet, and warm. All she could feel was love everywhere she looked. And it was all for her.

She came back to the present, looked over and smiled at Sue and Rick. They were both watching her. “Betcha I know what ya were thinkin’ about.” she giggled. “Young love?” Annie smiled back and touched the tip of her nose with her finger. “I think we just might have another wedding, or maybe even two in our immediate future. Who knows.”

She reached over and pulled the covers over the pair of them. “You two go “Nighty night.” I’ll see ya in the morning.” She leaned down and kissed them both. It was the most loving kiss she had given Rick. It was FULL of feeling. “I got a nice warm bed waitin’ for me, in the OTHER room. Good Night. Sweet Dreams.”

She turned out the light and shut the door as she left. It was a BEAUTIFUL NIGHT!!!

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