Rick tried to concentrate on fucking his mother, but he was concerned about his Aunt Jean who was watching from the kitchen door. On the one hand it made him hotter to know that his mother’s sister was watching his cock driving into his mother, but the look on her face was one of shock. He wasn’t sure what she was liable to do next.

“What if she tells someone” he whispered to his mother.

Terri was too busy bouncing up and down on her son’s stiff rod to want to talk, but she could tell Rick’s heart wasn’t in the fucking because of his concern.

“She doesn’t dare tell anyone,” she grunted loud enough for Jean to hear. “If she does, I have a tape her husband will get that will get her the quickest divorce you’ve ever seen.

“You told me you destroyed that tape,” Jean said.

“I lied. Jeffery, my dear husband, is a little bit of a voyeur, he likes to match the doggie style with your actions on the tape. Truthfully, I think he’d like to hump you if there would be no consequences.”

“Your sick,” Jean said, “first you fuck your son, and now you claim my brother-in-law wants to fuck me.”

“What’s on the tape,” Rick asked.

“Your saintly Aunt is fucking her brother-in-law.”

“He wasn’t my brother-in-law then,” Jean retorted, “besides I was drunk.”

“I don’t think your husband would accept that as a reason for you to fuck his brother the night before your wedding.”

“Who would have thought my sister and her voyeur husband would be photographing the parking lot the night of a big party.”

But Terri wasn’t listening, her pussy was clutching her son’s rod as she rode up and down the red flesh, her finger was tweaking her clit and deep in her belly she felt the fluid rising. Rick’s cock was thrusting against her womb and the feeling was such a new experience, that she could think of nothing else. She had never been so full of a man’s meat. She loved her husband, but this rigid tower of cock was every woman’s dream. She could fuck him or not, if and when she chose. He was her son, her own flesh, at her beck and call, and grateful for the pussy he was thrusting into. The fact that her sister was watching such a forbidden act only added fuel to the already white hot blaze within her.

“Oh, god, Rick honey, do it. Push it in me. Give mommy all your cock. Ohhh, baby, Mommy’s going to cum again, mommy’s going to cum.”

“Ohhhhhhhm Rickkkkkk” With a mournful cry, she raised her feet and let all her weight fall on Rick’s lap, driving his cock as far into her squirming pussy as was humanly possible to go. Her fluid flooded her channel washing over Rick’s massive head and cascading over his balls. For a few moments her breathing stopped, then her head snapped back against his shoulder and her mouth opened wide to gasp in the great gulps of air needed to sustain the fantastic orgasm rushing through her. She continued to wiggle her beautiful ass like a hula dancer for minute after minute. Suddenly she became deathly still. Her head fell forward and hung like a beaten dog’s. Finally she spoke from her dry raspy throat.

“Ricky, honey, that was the best fuck I have ever had. And I mean ever!”

Terri twisted on his lap and kissed him on the mouth. Her tongue darted between his lips and entwined with his. His cock twitched in her pussy. “I felt that,” she whispered against his mouth. You haven’t come yet, this time, have you?”

Rick shook his head.

Terri put her mouth against his ear.

“Why don’t you fuck, Jean. I wouldn’t mind, and once you fuck her, she will never be able to tell anyone.”


“Order her to do anything you want her to do, She has always been afraid of disobeying authority. It’s a quirk she has. Just act like you’re the boss. Try it you’ll see.”

Reluctantly, Terri put her feet back on the floor and slowly lifted herself off the massive shaft. For a moment she considered changing her mind and fucking her son again, but she wanted to get Jean firmly under their control first.

Rick’s red headed meat stood throbbing in the air as Terri moved toward the nearby settee, and with legs splayed wide before her son, she slumped against the back cushions. For the first time, Rick got a full frontal view of his mother’s pussy. His shaft grew even harder, and he wanted to go to her and bury his meat in that tight pussy again. He looked at Jean, who still stood in the doorway staring at the super sized cock her nephew was showing.

“Come over here, Jean,” Rick said sternly.

Surprise registered on her face. “What?”

“I said, come here,” Rick repeated.

Slowly Jean crossed the room and stopped next to his right side. Her eyes flicked from his face to his weaving wand standing from his crotch.

Jean’s well formed breasts heaved as the speed of her breathing increased. She had a narrow waist and wide hips, with nice shaped legs. She wore a white tee shirt and a short denim skirt.

“Come closer,” Rick said. He had to say it the second time before she moved.

Jean stopped within a foot of him.

“Lift up your skirt.”

“Rick.” Jean shook her head.

“Aunt Jean, I don’t want to have to ask you everything twice. I said lift up your skirt.”

Never taking her eyes from his, she grasped the hem of her skirt and slowly lifted it until he could see the white panties at her crotch.

“Higher,” he said.

Jean wrinkled her brow, but inched the skirt up a little farther. The whole mound of her pussy was now exposed. A telltale damp spot was visible where the material disappeared between her legs.

Rick reached down and stroked his rigid cock. “Push your panties down,” he said.

“Ricky, noooo,” Jean said, but her eyes were fixed on his cock head. Her tongue moistened her lips.

“Are you having trouble hearing me, Aunt jean?”

“Oh, Ricky.” Jean hooked her thumbs in the waist band and slid her panties down her legs. Her skirt descended as she lowered her hands. Finally the panties were below her knees and they fell to her ankles. She stepped out of them and pushed them aside with her toe.

“Okay now pull your skirt back up.”

Jean made no effort to resist this time and slowly her long legs came into view and finally Rick had his first glimpses of the swollen lips of her lightly hair-covered mound. Rick pointed toward the ceiling, and she raised her skirt higher, until she was exposed almost to her waist.

Reaching out, Rick ran his finger, from bottom to top, along the damp slit.

“Oh, god,” Jean sighed.

“Come closer.”

Jean moved until she was almost touching his hip.

Rick unbuttoned the two buttons on her T shirt and grabbing the bottom hem, raised it over her head. Jean’s breath quickened, but she didn’t speak. Her tits were like two cones. The hard nipples standing out against the thin bra she was wearing.

“Take off your bra,” Rick said. He would have preferred to take it off himself, but he needed to keep her obeying his commands. She closed her eyes and reached around behind her back and unhooked the straps. As she brought her arms forward, the bra slid down her arms to her wrists. She let it fall to the floor and opened her eyes to stare directly into his.

Rick still couldn’t believe all that was happening. He had just fucked his mother, and now his very beautiful Aunt Jean was standing in front of him naked as the day she was born. Her tits were perfect cones, he had never seen tits shaped like that except in magazines. He almost shot his pent-up load. If possible, his cock grew harder. Ridges were visible up and down its length and the head was red-purple and swelled to a size he had never before seen. Jean shifted her gaze to his massive hard-on and gasped at its size.

“Sit down on my lap, Jean, just the way mom was sitting.”

“But, I can’t, she was sitting on . . .your. . .you were doing it to her.”

“I was fucking her, Aunt Jean, just the way I’m going to fuck you.”

“N N No. You’re not going to ahh fuck me. I’m your Aunt, it’s not right to fuck a close relative, there’s a law against it.”

“But that’s only because it isn’t good to have children, to inbreed, which may bring out bad traits. I remember you telling mom that you were on a new birth control pill, so you can’t get pregnant. So there is no reason we can’t fuck, right?”

“Ahhh,” Jean stammered. She stared into his eyes, then her gaze swept across his twitching manhood standing up from his crotch. She licked her dry lips again. She felt her pussy spasm. She suddenly knew for sure that he was going to stick that monster cock in her. Her juices were flowing down her channel. In a minute she would be dripping.

Rick reached out with his right hand and cupped the left cheek of her well curved ass. He pulled her tighter against him and with the other hand he lifted her right leg drawing it across his legs. Jean suddenly found herself positioned above his standing pole. Rick moved his right hand to the back of her head, and forced it down to his. He kissed her full on the mouth as he lowered her right leg. She felt the head of his massive meat touch the saturated lips of her opening pussy. She groaned against his mouth. Rick moved his hand back to her ass and cupping the cheek lifted her up and centered her across his lap. Slowly he lowered her as her thighs clamped against the outsides of his legs.

“Oh god, Rick. Oh god, what are you doing to me?” Jean felt the super size head spread her lips and enter her flooded passage. “Rick, Rick. Ohhh.” She shuddered. Her scream echoed through the house as the orgasm boiled through her. An orgasm that would be the first in a long string and one she would remember her whole life.

Rick allowed her weight to settle on his cock and felt the massive head force its way up his Aunt’s tight channel. She was so tight he though the skin would be stripped from his cock, but her hot, oily fluid kept the passage slippery and he continued to slide until he felt his throbbing head bottom against her womb.

“Ohh Ricky I’m coming I’m coming!”

Rick was surprised by the voice and it took him a moment to realize it was coming from his mother. He looked around Jean’s head and was thrilled to see his mother standing only a couple of feet away thrusting her fingers in and out of her pussy as she stared at his cock buried in Jean’s hot cunt.

“Watch me, Mom while I fuck your sister Jean with the same wet cock I fucked you with.”

“Yes, honey, fuck her, fuck her as hard as you can, but save me a little juice for later.”

“Oh, Rick, quit talking and fuck me, fuck me,” Jean whispered in his ear as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “You’re going to have to do all the work, because my feet aren’t touching the floor.”

“We can handle that,” Rick said. Slowly he stood and with Jean impaled on his stiff member, her legs wrapped around his hips, he shuffled to the game table in the middle of the room and eased her back to the cloth covered surface.

“Now your cunt’s at the right position,” he said. Thrusting forward he again bottomed out in her pussy. Drawing back, he thrust again and again into his Aunt’s fluid coated pussy.

Jean arched her back in an attempt to get all the cock she could.

“Fuck me, Ricky, fuck me hard and deep. Fuck me nephew, fuck your Aunt. Ohh, Ricky, I’m cumming again…again Rickkkkkyyyy.”

Her cry set off Rick’s cock and he felt the fluid finally begin to rise up his tube. “Me too, Aunt Jean. I’m shooting my cum in your pussy. Ohhh. Ohhh now now.” The juice spewed from the massive head to bathe her pussy walls. Rick felt like it would never stop as wad after wad shot into her. Jean could feel the large amount of juice as he filled her to overflowing, some of it sloshing out of her tight hole and running down her ass. The thought of all that cum in her pussy from a man other than her husband and from her nephew was too much and Jean cried out as another orgasm jellied her insides.

A moment later Rick pulled his dripping shaft from her passage and backed across the room to drop into his chair. His mother immediately dropped to her knees and engulfed his half hard prick in her mouth. Jean lay spent on the table, her legs hanging lewdly.

“I guess I can’t call you squirt anymore,” she said. “Gusher would be a better name. Your cum is dripping out of me like a waterfall. I’m sure glad I’m on that pill.

His mother raised her head from his prick which was coming back to life. “We may be calling him father, because I went off the pill three months ago. I didn’t know I’d be fucking anyone…let alone my own son. But hell, it’s too late to worry now.”

I don’t care what you call me, as long as you both call me any time you want to fuck,” Rick said laughing.

“Count on it!” they said in unison.

“What would you do if we both got pregnant,” Jean asked.

Rick grinned. “Well, you’ve got two more sisters.”

“Jesus, listen to him,” Jean laughed, “what a stud.” She finally got the strength to sit up on the table and look toward Rick. His head was thrown back and he was thrusting his hips forward as his mother’s head bobbed up and down his rigid purple shaft. “Damn, I think your serious, Rick,” she said. “You really want to fuck Alicia and Lisa.”

Rick could only nod.

“God, wouldn’t that be a trip, all of us fucking and sucking in the same bed.” She was quiet for a minute. “I’m all for trying to make it work, maybe we could even try a girl-girl thing, because I’m pretty sure Lisa swings both ways,” she said.

That thought was the trigger. Rick’s cock swelled to an even larger size. “Ohh mommmmmmm I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” Rick cried. Terri drove down on his rigid prick, burying her face in his pubic hair and gulped as her mouth and throat filled.

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