Author’s Note: Welcome to my latest story. Mom will do anything is a two part story and a couple of notes about it. One, being this is the first chapter there is a fair amount of buildup and not a lot of taboo action so be warned if you are looking for a quick stroke, this won’t be for you. Two, last year after I wrote Porn Shoot with my sister I had many people asking for a mother/son version of it. So never let it be said I do not take suggestions and try to deliver what my readers ask for. I hope you enjoy it.


I pulled into the drive way and frowned when I didn’t see mom’s car. That meant she’d picked up another shift at the lounge. When mom had mentioned she might have a chance to work tonight I’d pleaded with her not to. She had worked the last three nights, six to midnight, in addition to her regular job at the salon. Three straight days of sixteen hours on her feet and this morning she looked like she was ready to fall asleep at the table.

I thought about driving down there and telling her to come home, but it was nine and she had already been there three hours and would be pissed at me.

It was for the better anyway, the one time I stopped in I had to put up with the sight of several assholes in suits who thought they were something watching my mother walk away in that mini skirt and stiletto heels and heard them say she was hot for a woman her age and wondered how big of a tip it would take to get her to come home with them.

I’d headed over there to tell the guy to go fuck himself and slap the smirk off his face, but mom had spotted me and come over. She’d given me a quick kiss on the cheek which earned a remark of “Oh, guess she likes them young” from one of the creeps.

Seeing the look on my face, mom told me to leave and not come see her there; nothing good could come of it. She assured me she couldn’t care less what guys like that said and hell would freeze over before she would so much as look at one of them, let alone give them anything.

I sat in the car disgusted with how things were going right now. My father was rolling in his grave at the fact my mother had gone back to waitressing, a job he had asked her to quit when they got married twenty three years ago.

She had pointed out she made great tips and it was a decent job, but he hated to see women ogled like they were pieces of meat and mom caved for him, She’d gone to school to cut hair which didn’t make as much money, but she enjoyed it and dad made plenty so money was never a big deal.

Now six months after his death, money meant everything and mom was back to parading around in an outfit that made her look like a hooker and being hit on by scum. Speaking of money and working, I shut the car off and winced as even that small movement caused pain in my arm.

My best friend Billy’s father worked as a contractor and knowing our situation had offered me a hundred dollars to help him clear the rubble out of a basement after my shift at Wal-mart and I had gladly taken him up on it.

But after an eight am class, a noon to six shift stocking shelves and three hours of chucking broken chunks of cement into a dumpster, my entire body ached and I was dying for a hot shower and bed. But the five twenties in my pocket made it worth it.

I could put it on the overdue cable bill and keep it on for us for another month anyway. I could live without it, as could mom, but Katie and Sarah were twelve and would go into withdrawal without TV, and I did need the net for school.

I forced myself to get out of the car and winced at the stiffness in my back. I closed the door and looked at the for sale sign in the window of the 2007 Mazda 626 Mom and Dad had bought me for graduation.

I reached back into the car and removed the sign so mom wouldn’t see it. So far I hadn’t gotten any bites on it, but I was hopeful. The car was seven years old, but barely had forty thousand miles on it and I was hoping for three thousand for it which was a damn good price.

Mom would kill me once I sold it, but Billy said he would sell me his beat up old Toyota for six hundred and the rest of the money could go towards the badly past due mortgage.

On that note, I removed my phone from my pocket and turned it on. I had shut it off at work and seeing I was going to be working tossing rocks around had left it off and in the pocket of my jacket, which I had left I the car.

I was disappointed to see no missed calls about the car, but noticed a text from mom telling me what I had guessed; she was working. My eyes widened and my stomach knotted when I saw the rest of it, “The credit union called and I am going there before the club, I’ll talk to you when I get home.”

I put the phone back in my pocket and walked slowly towards the house. Since dad had passed and we had found out his company’s new “cheaper” medical plan had left thousands of dollars of treatments uncovered and the collection agency had put a lien on the house.

Not that, that meant a whole lot seeing as we were now four mortgage payments behind and the bank itself would come before them, but it created a huge issue with mom borrowing money.

Dad had been out of work for months as he battled liver cancer and although his company did keep up his benefits and even kept him on payroll for the first three months; all that time had consumed their savings.

Mom had barely worked during that time and even things like groceries had been coming out of the bank. After dad had passed, the life insurance that came in covered his funeral, but the remainder couldn’t even put a dent in the debt mom was now in.

Dad had a 401k that contained over fifty thousand dollars and was supposed to be released to mom after dad’s passing, but the company now had new owners and their new policy was we had to wait a year.

That money would have been enough to get mom out of hock with the hospital and pay the mortgage so there would be equity left in the house if she needed anything else, like my tuition, which she was stressing about far more than she needed to be, but there was no way we could wait another six months for that money.

None of the banks would help, but Mom had been referred to a credit agency that supposedly would let her borrow against the pension money due to come to her end of the year. This was our last resort and we both knew it.

If it fell through, we would be forced to let the house go into foreclosure with any money from the bank sale going to them and the hospital. We would be forced to live on just Mom’s two jobs and my thirty hours a week.

I had offered to quit school and work full time for Billy’s dad who said he could get me a solid forty hours at a decent wage and into the union, but mom said all she and my father had wanted was for their kids to do what they never did and that was get an education.

Dad had lucked out, getting in with a company that let him work his way up to a good desk job, but he had worked twice as hard to get there and mom cut hair and waitressed, honest work, but long hours and nothing glamorous, they wanted better for me and the twins.

I had just reached the door when it opened from within and Sarah threw herself into my arms, “Ryan! I missed you; you said you would be home tonight!”

“Yeah!” Katie said from behind her, “You promised you would help us beat the new Sonic!”

“I know, I know, bad big brother!” I kissed Sarah on the forehead and leaned over to hug Katie, “Tomorrow, I swear.”

“How about now?” They asked in unison.

“In stereo as usual.” I laughed, “But that’s better than you starting,” I flicked Sarah’s pony tail, “and you finishing,” I pinched Katie’s cheek, “Now that is lame.”

“Well, we are twins!” Katie declared, crossing her arms over her Care Bear night shirt.

“No? really?” I got down on my knees despite the protest in them, and made a show of looking back and forth between the two girls.

Identical twins, my sister’s resembled my mother to the T; the same thick dark brown hair, big brown eyes and fair, delicate features. My father, who like myself, was blonde with blue eyes, tanned easily and had a strong jaw to go with his rugged features, would always joke they weren’t his.

“Well I guess you sort of look alike, you know, kind of ugly, but there’s only room for one good looking kid in the family.”

“Hey we look like mom and she’s beautiful!” Sarah said indignantly.

“That she is and so are you two” I gave them both a hug, trying to keep a smile on my face as they eagerly embraced me, things hadn’t been easy for them and sometimes they still struggled with the fact that dad was gone. “For a pair of pygmies anyway.”

“Now stop teasing, Ryan, you were a pretty goofy looking kid yourself back in the day.”

I looked up to see Mrs. Williams, our long time next door neighbor and the neighborhood baby sitter for as long as even mom could remember. Coming out into the hallway, with her sweater over her arm.

“He’s still goofy.” The girls spoke at the same time again and burst out giggling.

“Yup, I’m a big goof, but a goof willing to read you some Harry Potter before bed if you go brush your teeth and don’t complain about going to bed.”

“But its…”

“Nine on a school night.” I stood up, “Mom’s rules, girls, not mine so don’t bother complaining.”

“But I want to see mom.” Sarah said, “We’ve only seen her in the morning and a few minutes after dinner all week!”

“Yeah, I miss mom!” Katie began to look genuinely upset.

“Mom has to work, girls,” Mrs. Williams chimed in “So you girls can have nice things and your games and…”

“I don’t want nice things, I want mom” Sarah said, then twisted the knife, “I miss daddy too, but it’s not so bad when Mom’s around.”

“What about me?” I asked, “What am I, nothing?”

“You’re not mommy or daddy.” Sarah sulked, “You’re our brother, its different, you miss daddy too!”

“I do.” I nodded, trying to keep the emotion out of my voice, “And if he were here he would tell you little brats to go to bed. Now scoot and I’ll come in, in a few minutes and read.” I winked, “So see you will be in bed at nine, but not sleeping right?”

“Hey, yeah!” Katie laughed, “Cool!”

She grabbed Sarah’s hand and after stopping to give Mrs. Williams a kiss, ran off through the living room and down the hall to their room.

“You look tired, Ryan” she frowned at me, adding more wrinkles to her face, “Long day?”

“They all are, but not as long as Mom’s, she shouldn’t have worked tonight.”

“In a perfect world, no, but in your situation…?” she shrugged, “She is doing what she feels is right.”

“The girls need her.”

“They do, but your mother needs things too Ryan and one of them is time to grieve and she hasn’t had it yet so she works her ass off and keeps dodging things.”

“I guess, well speaking of working,” I removed the money from my pocket, “You stayed three extra hours,” I peeled off a twenty and handed it to her, “Here you go.”

“Nope,” She put her hands behind her back, “Bad enough your mother insists on paying me at all, I am not going to take extra.”

“Please? I feel…”

“Ryan, your mom is and your dad was, a good friend to me. I wish I could help your mother, but I don’t have much more than I need so the least I can do is give you guys some of my time.”

“Okay.” I put the money down, “I appreciate it.”

“I know you do.” She smiled, then turned serious, “Your mother got a call from the guy from the credit union and rushed out, you hear from her?”

“No. I’m trying to decide if that is good or bad news.”

“Well I don’t think she would tell you either over the phone so try not to worry.”

“Yeah, right.” I laughed.

“I’ll see you tomorrow night,” she said, as she walked past, “Ryan?”


“Have your mother stop into the girls room tonight, even if it’s to just wake them up and kiss them good night, they’ve had a rough couple of nights they think she is not going to come back one of these nights.”

“I will.”

“You’re a good man, Ryan.” She touched my cheek, “You’ve grown up a lot the last few months, your mom is proud of you and I know your dad is too.”

“I…I try.”

“You’re succeeding, your mother tells me all the time how you’re trying to take care of her and how much closer the two of you have gotten, it’s good that you’re close to her right now, she needs it.”

“Yeah well I don’t feel like I’m doing much of anything.” I said glumly.

“You are, Ryan, just being by her side through this is doing plenty. Your mother needs a man to lean on and you’re the man in her life right now, at least until she decides she’s ready to move on.”

“I…I don’t like that idea.” I said softly.”But I have mentioned it to her.”

“Neither does she, right now, but someday she will. She’s only forty three, too young to be alone, and far too pretty and sweet. When she’s ready you need to let that happen, Ryan. You can’t make trouble for her.”

“I don’t want to; I just want her to be with someone who will be as good to her as dad.”

“And there are good men out there. There’s one right in front of me.”

“Well I’m not that kind of man for her.”

“Of course not! But you will make sure the next guy is. Have a good night.”

“You too.”

I closed the door behind her and after looking longingly at the couch decided to head right in to the girls. If I sat down I would not get back up. I thought about Mrs.

Williams words and frowned. I guess it was a part of life-and death-that mom would move on and find someone else, but who would be as good to her as my father was? And how would they be to the girls? I was twenty and wouldn’t be an issue, but my sisters were young and…

“One thing at a time.” I said out loud as dad always had when he was trying to figure things out. “Today is the day we have to get through, tomorrow is another day.”

I nodded as I could hear dad speaking in my mind. Today we had to worry about where the hell we were going to be living in a few months. We didn’t even have money to move which was why I was trying to sell my car, it would be enough to get us in somewhere and…

“Hey, Ryan!” Sarah called from down the hall “Come read to us!”

“Yeah,” Katie chimed in “And do those bad accents you did last time, they’re really funny!”

“Why of course my young ladies in waiting!” I called down the hallway in a shitty attempt at a British accent, “Your dashing big brother is on his way!”

I couldn’t help but smile as I followed the sound of their laughter down the hallway, but when I saw the family portrait that was taken last Christmas right before dad got sick, I was struck by a wave of sadness and recalled what mom had said many times in the last couple of months, “This house is the only home this family has known, it’s a part of our family, it is our family.”

Taking a deep breath and wiping a tear from my eye I stared at Mom in the picture in her favorite red dress and agreed with her. As I once again headed towards my giggling sisters tucked away in their beds, one thought ran through my mind, we had to save this house.

Chapter Two

I sat up on the couch at the sound of a car door slamming and saw the time on the cable box read five past one. I heard mom’s heels on the path that led from the side of the house to the front door and shook my head, hoping to shake the cobwebs from my exhausted mind.

I’d read to the girls for an hour, giving them the thrill of staying up until ten and pinky swearing them to secrecy that I let them.

After that I’d taken a long hot shower during which I recalled how high the gas bill was, but as if rebelling turned the water even hotter. I tossed on a pair of sweat pants and a Patriots t-shirt and went down to zone in front of the couch so I would catch mom when she came home.

Up less than a minute and my stomach began to turn at what news she would have. The fact she rushed to work at the club most likely was my answer that no help was coming, but I suppose I could hope.

The door opened and mom came in and the question about the bank was shoved aside and I exclaimed, “Mom, what the hell are you wearing?”

“Nice to see you too, honey.” Mom rolled her eyes as she tossed her sweater onto the chair near the door and approached the couch.

Mario’s, where mom worked, was a so called gentlemen’s club that was a full out strip club on one side, but the other was more of a cocktail and cigar lounge where the waitresses dressed skimpy, but were dressed. The lounge was for the type of guy whose wife would kill them if they went to a strip club; but still wanted to see some pretty women.

Mom’s outfit normally consisted of a black skirt that if I called it a mini would be doing it a favor, the thing barely went past her ass, along with fishnet stockings and a pair of heels I couldn’t believe she could walk in. But as revealing as the bottom was the top usually consisted of either a white button up blouse that would be open to a low cut sleeveless shirt beneath it.

Tonight however, mom was dressed as a slutty schoolgirl. The micro skirt was plaid, the stockings white, and there was a loosely knotted tie around her neck. What really caught me by surprise was underneath her white shirt which was unbuttoned, was a black mesh shirt that showed all of her breasts except for her nipples which were covered with round black patches of material.

“Jesus, Mom!” I shook my head as she all but fell into the corner of the couch opposite me, “That’s…that is way too much!”

“More like not enough,” she kicked off the black shoes she was wearing. They were heels, but adorned with the silver buckles of school girls shoes. “I…” she looked down and quickly closed her shirt and buttoned it at the middle, “I’m sorry, Ryan I should have covered up before I came in, I…figured you would be in bed and…”

“I always wait up for you.” I reminded her.

“You do, don’t you.” She smiled and I noted the deep red lipstick along with the heavy mascara and blush giving her a slutty appearance that pissed me off. To think mom had to do this for us, “You’re a good man Ryan, and a hell of a son.

The shirt mostly buttoned she continued to look at it, “But you’re right you do wait for me and I should know that, I guess I’m just…a little…”

“Run down and exhausted.” I finished, “Christ, mom, why did you work tonight?”

“Why do you think?” she asked, “Same reason you’re taking anyone’s shift that doesn’t show up at Wal-mart.” She pointed her long red nail at me “Even one you cut a class for, you better never do that again, Ryan or I’ll tell your boss you quit.”

“We need the money and it was only one class and I have an A in the bag and…”

“I don’t care!” Mom snapped, “School comes first, you got that?”

“Yes, mom.” There was no winning this one.

“What would dad say?”

“I don’t know.” I pointed at her, “I think he would still be yelling at you for that outfit.”

“Well,” Mom grinned, “Depends where I was wearing it.”

“Out in public would not be his idea of it.”

“True.” She lifted her long legs and stretched them out, wiggling her toes in the white stockings, “It really is ridiculous, not like I look like I’m eighteen.”

“Mom, really, why are you wearing that? Tell me you don’t have to dress this…bad, every night.”

“No, well…” she shrugged, “One of the girls that works a room on the other side called out and I got her shift, but they dress in different costumes.”

“You were in the strip club?”

“One of the private rooms, don’t worry, the waitresses stay dressed, they have to or the strippers would lose tips and be pissed, but it pays a hundred a night plus the tips and I made over two hundred in…”

“I don’t care, mom, you look like…you look like some milf in a bad porno!”

“I guess I do.” She said nodding, “But thanks for the compliment.” She touched the skirt, “You’re right though, something out of a Malcolm Stone special.” She laughed, “The desperate milf waitress.”

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