Disclaimer: This is purely fictional even though I don’t want it to be and includes taboo and strange fetishes. Reader beware. This is a part 2 if you don’t want to be confused read part one.

I woke up super happy the morning after my mom had sucked my cock. I went upstairs into the kitchen hoping to catch her getting breakfast. She was still getting ready for work because I could hear her walking around in her room. I took my pants off and laid on the couch naked and watched TV until she came downstairs. She came down after 20 minutes to get a yogurt. I jumped up and presented a semi hard cock to her when she bent down.
“Thanks for last night, mommy.” I said.
“You’re welcome sweety.” She closed the fridge and saw my cock. “Wow, you look like you’re in a good mood today sweety.”
“I am.” I said swaying my hips from side to side.
“I was thinking last night after we did that. That maybe I need to teach you more.” I perked up and smiled. “I mean I can’t have my baby going to college unprepared. So, I was thinking tonight we can do whatever you want. But only tonight.” She put her finger up. “And you must never tell anyone okay just like last night.”
“Yes.” I did a little Tiger Woods impersonation. “So, what are we gonna do?” I asked.
“You decide. It can be anything you want.” She said.
“Really, like say if I wanna sexy massage you’d do that?” I asked.
She shook her head yes and grabbed my now rock-hard cock. “Anything sweety.” She looked at the clock above the sink. “Ok sweety, I gotta go and don’t cum until I get back I wanna taste your full load.” She left.
I was dumbfounded that I was actually going to fuck my mom. I went on the rest of the day normally. I went to work for four hours and came back in the early afternoon where I shaved my butthole. After I shaved, I was super horny so I thought of what me and my mom could do. After a while I thought of a perfect night. We would get takeout and fuck each other with food then we would take a break and shower and we’d be super clean. Then we would fuck each other in the sauna and take a break after and swim. Then we would finish with an oily massage.
Even after I thought of my plan it was only 4:00 in the afternoon and mom didn’t come home till 6:30 so I swam for an hour, but I was still super horny. I then searched up in my mom’s room for her sex toys. I found a large selection of them in a shoebox underneath her bed. She had a 6” silver bullet vibrator, a soft blue dildo that was berry flavored, a small pink vibrator, and a large 10” dildo that squirted, and a massive massager with a large head. I then went to the shower and washed my ass thoroughly out and tested every dildo from smallest to largest. The large massager didn’t fit in my ass but every other one did with some lube and force. I liked the feel of the silver bullet, but I took them all downstairs and began to fuck my ass to cure my horniness and pass the time.
I watched porn and fucked my ass for over an hour until my mom came home. I wasn’t even watching for her, so she came in the house unannounced and surprised me. “Joshua, what are you doing?” I looked at her surprised while I sat down completely on the silver bullet.
“Um I’m sorry.” I said standing up and letting the silver bullet slide out of my asshole and onto the ground.
“Sweetie these are my toys.” She said walking to the couch and grabbing the blue dildo.
“Are you mad?” I asked picking up the silver bullet. “I just was experimenting.”
“No, you can experiment I just thought you wouldn’t go through my shit.” She said stroking the blue dildo. “Damn I haven’t played with this one for so long.” She put it in her mouth. “Mmmm, that tastes so good.” While she tasted the dildo, I sat back down and started playing with my asshole. I had my legs up in the air and my ass parallel to the couch cushion. “So, do you enjoy that?”
“Yah it feels great it’s a good cure for my horniness.” I said inserting the dildo into my ass hard and keeping it there.
“That’s great.” She sat down next to the couch and watched me play with my ass. “So, are you getting good at it?”
“Yes.” I said. “Watch this.” I stood up and sat on the dildo bouncing up and down on it.
“Wow, sweetie you’re good at that. So, is this what you planned?” I inserted the dildo back into my ass.
“No, I was thinking we could get real weird tonight. Like knockout a bunch of my fetishes.” I said taking the dildo out and putting it next to me on the couch.
“That might be fun what do you have in mind?” She asked sitting down next to me.
“I was thinking a food fuck, a sauna fuck, and a massage fuck.” I said nervous because she might say no.
“Food fuck sounds weird, but I’ll do the others.” She said.
“But a food fuck is what I really wanna do. You don’t have to do anything I’ll just eat food off of you and out of your pussy.” I said.
“Ok, I guess.” She said putting her hand in a thinking pose. “Like what kind of food?”
“I was thinking Chinese.” I said.
“Ok I’ll go order that right now.” She got on her phone and called a Chinese food place while I continued to fuck my ass. “Ok Chinese will be here in about 40 minutes. I’m gonna go take a shower, please do not cum until later sweety.” While she said that she cupped my balls.
“On it mommy.” While she took a shower and got cleaned up, I stopped fucking my ass and set up towels on the floor for our food fuck. I then put some clothes on and played some Xbox. Mom came down with just her bra and panties on. She wore a black laced bra and matching panties. “Wow you look amazing.”
“Thanks, and I like what you’ve done to set up.” She sat down next to me and grabbed the blue flavored dildo. She slapped her pussy over her panties with the blue dildo. My cock became instantly hard as she peeled her panties back and began to rub her pussy with the head of the dildo. She put the full dildo in her pussy and then slowly took it out. She gave me the dildo and said, “Taste your mommy’s pussy.”
I put the dildo in my mouth and slid it all the way to my throat. It tasted mostly like blueberry because of the flavoring. While we waited for the food, I turned on some bukkake porn.
“You know I have this squirting dildo that squirts fake cum if you wanna have fun with that.”
“Have you ever tried it?” I asked.
“No, I just use it as a douche but there is a recipe. We could make it.”
“Yah and for dessert we get really messy.” While I said that the doorbell rang so I got the food and came back. The recipe for the fake cum was easy so mom made it while I set the food up. We had lo Mein, fried rice, sesame chicken, and won tons. She made the cum extra sweet and kept it warm on the stove
“Now how do we do this?” She asked sitting down on the floor next to me.
“We just get really messy and pleasure each other.” I took a piece of chicken and ate it.
“Okay.” She sat down and grabbed the chopsticks and threw some noodles on my dick. She opened her mouth wide and sucked on my hard cock while inhaling the noodles.
“Lay down, so I can eat these noodles out of your vagina.” Mom laid down and I poured half the box of lo mien on her pussy. I didn’t use any utensils I just came in and slurped the noodles up. When I was done, she poured the rest of the lo mien on my dick and sucked it as well as the noodles. We moved onto the chicken and rice. She was so wet, so I dipped one of the pieces of chicken in her juices and ate it.
“Where do I place the chicken on you?” She asked.
“I don’t know eat it from my ass?” I flipped over and rubbed one on my ass. She then came with another and stuck it halfway up my ass. The next one she stuck mostly in my ass and licked it out, she then licked my butthole until nothing was left.
“Let me eat more.” I flipped back up and she laid on the ground so I could pour some rice on her. I ate the rice that landed on her pussy. “Can I stick it in?” I asked.
“No, we will do it in the sauna, just lick me and fingerfuck me.” I ate the rest of the rice and then took two won tons and stuck them in her pussy. “Let me eat some rice.” I laid on my back and she poured the rice on my dick and started sucking.
“Hey, we should do ice cream and bananas as well as fake cum.” I said.
She took her mouth off my cock. “Okay, I made the fake cum nice and sweet.” She finished the rice.
“Let’s save some food for between rounds and let’s get desert.” I said. We licked all of the food remnants off of each other. She put the food away and filled up the dildo with half of the cum while I made a chocolate shake. We both sat down next to each other. She grabbed the shake glass from me and stuck the dildo by my face.
“Suck it.” She commanded. I put my lips around the dildo and began to deepthroat it, after a few pumps mom gave me a little squirt of cum. It tasted nice and sweet. She took the dildo out of my mouth and then poured some of the shake on my head. My dick became a lot harder, so I grabbed the chocolate shake and poured some on my cock.
“Let’s try 69.” I laid down and she quickly moved her vagina over my face and started sucking my dick. I grabbed the banana unpeeled it and slowly put it in her vagina. She kept going to town on my dick while pouring more shake on every 20 seconds as I pulled the banana out and sucked on it. “Mommy your pussy tastes so good.” After a good 2 minutes I was almost ready to cum. “Mommy stop I feel like I’m gonna cum soon.”
She got off me and laid down. “Okay sweetie pour that chocolate on me and make me cum.” I poured the shake on her pussy and went to town as she deepthroated the banana and ate it. After four minutes of me finger blasting and licking her chocolate covered twat she screamed and squirted into my mouth. “Fuck!” she screamed even more when I frantically rubbed her twat. She gyrated and fell dead.
I grabbed the squirting dildo and covered her body while she laid there. She still wasn’t moving so I began to lick her fake cum covered body, starting with her tits and worked up to her neck. After I licked her chest, I took the silver bullet and stuffed it up my ass using some of the shake as lube. I stuffed it all up my butt and began riding it. “Mommy you gotta get the squirting dildo and cum all over me.” She slowly got up grabbed the dildo and squirted the rest in my face and on my dick while kneeling. She then started sucking my dick really fast. While she sucked my dick, I cleaned myself by pooling the fake cum into my mouth.
“I don’t have to cum yet mommy but, where should I?” I asked grabbing the shake.
She latched off my dick and left a large spit tail. “Um in my mouth.” She sat for two seconds. “And how about you keep the rest of that shake in your mouth and we’ll swap.” She went back onto my dick.
I stood up, so she didn’t have to bend down while sucking my dick. After about 40 seconds I felt the urge to cum. “Mommy I’m gonna cum.” I said relaxing my legs.” She had her lips so tightly around my dick I couldn’t tell how much I had cum until cum dripped out of her mouth. When I stopped cumming I knelt down and took the last swallow of chocolate. I then kissed my mom and we swapped cum and chocolate shake. My warm cum clashed with the cold chocolate shake so well I swallowed it instantly.
“Wow, that was actually really fun.” she said wiping her mouth clean. “And you came way more than last night, sweetie.”
“I know it filled your mouth.”
“And it tasted great.” She stood up. “Now let’s take a shower clean up and then take a sauna.”
We traveled downstairs and jumped into the shower together. We took turns putting soap on each other and massaging each other. We also quickly made out before we realized that it was a bit weird. When we were done with the shower I walked to the sauna and turned it to 130°F. We cleaned the mess upstairs and then sat on the couch together watching sauna porn.
“So are we just fucking in the sauna or do you wanna try something when we get in there.” Mom said.
“Well maybe you could fuck my ass with the dildo?” I suggested.
“Sure. Like strap-on style or what?” She asked.
“You can do that?”
“Yah I use this strap for kinky shit with daddy.”
“Oh, I see.” She went and grabbed the strap for a strap-on. “Which dildo do you want to use?”
“The silver one, it fits the best.” She made the apparatus. “Wanna test it out first?”
“Sure.” She connected the strap to the dildo while I grabbed some baby oil. I lubed up my asshole and sat on the couch with my ass in the air. She strapped the dildo on and softly thrust it into my ass.
“How does that feel?”
“Good, please fuck me. Just a bit.” I said. She grabbed my hips and thrust the dildo in and out of my asshole. She fucked me for a good 3 minutes while I jerked my dick so that it stayed hard. “That’s good mommy.” She stopped and got off me.
“I like that.” She said. “I’m gonna fuck you hard in the sauna.” She laughed. She took the strap on off and sat next to me. We watched porn for 10 more minutes and then walked down to the sauna.
We sat on the top bench in the sauna and she began to spit on my cock. After my dick got wet, she laid down on her back and started to rub her pussy. “Now you can fuck me.”
I got on my knees and put myself between her legs. I tried to find her vagina, but I missed. “Whoops, sorry where is it?” She grabbed my dick and placed it into her vagina. “Oh, it’s way down there.” I said. It felt so good being in my mom’s wet vagina that I moaned uncontrollably. I started to thrust, and I lost balance and laid on her chest. “Hey mommy, where do I put my hands?”
“On my tits sweety. Now start slow and try not to cum yet.” I placed my hands on her tits and I thrust my raging cock in and out of the vagina that produced me. I slowly but forcefully pumped my cock into her wet pussy. After I thrusted for a minute, I took my hands to the side of her body and I began sucking on her nipples.
I felt my balls tingle again, “Mommy, I feel like I’m close.”
“Stop then, because I wanna dominate your asshole.” I stopped and got on my knees while she strapped up. I felt her tongue all over my butthole then she stuck it in. She thrusted the dildo in and out of my ass super hard. “Yah, feel that dick bitch.” She screamed at me.
She fucked my butthole for 4 minutes in that position it felt very good. She finally took it out and then motioned for me to lie on my back with my asshole off the bench. She stood on the lower bench and fucked my asshole. We didn’t need any lube because we were sweating so much. “Yah, fuck me mommy.” I screamed. She started to jerk me off and I was super close to cumming, so I told her I wanted to suck the vibrator. She thrust it in my mouth, and I tasted my ass juice.
“How does that taste?” She said.
“Good, but I think it’s time we rest, and I eat you out.” She agreed and she disconnected the strap-on and I ate her out. My tongue was so fast on her clit that she began to gyrate again. After 3 minutes she squirted in my mouth and I swallowed it all.
“Fuck me and cum on my face.” She sighed after releasing her juice.
I hopped on her and started humping her really fast. It wasn’t long until I was ready to cum, so I unloaded another monster load onto her face. There were two massive streaks that went from her mouth to her hair and then 8 droplets of cum that landed right on her chin. She smiled and wiped some into her mouth. “Damn, sweetie you are a cum producing machine. Get over here and clean this up.” I licked the rest off her face.
“Wow, that was hot.” I said. “Wanna get out of here and hop in the pool?”
“Yes, sweetie.” We turned the sauna off and went into the pool. Since the sauna was so hot the pool felt amazing. As my mom came into the pool her tits began to float. “So, you’re still up for one more session?”
“Yes Mommy, just give me a good rest.”
“How did you like it?”
“It was amazing, is it gay if I like it when you anal me?”
“No, sweetie it’s perfectly natural and feels great. In fact, on our next session you can anal me.”
“Perfect, this has been so fun and educational.” I swam towards her and kissed her floating tits.
“Good sweetie, I think we can do this more often with daddy.”
I felt a little uneasy, “Daddy would like this?”
“Yes, we fantasize about catching you jacking off all the time and joining in.”
I was dumbfounded, “Really, you guys have thought about this?”
“Yes, sweetie we could have a family threesome and you both could cum on me.” I could tell she was getting horny again.
“Mommy, you’re already horny again?”
“Just thinking about you and dad double teaming me sounds so fun.” She began to make out with me. I put my fingers in her twat and began to finger her. She loved it and hopped up on the edge of the pool so I could lick her pussy. I put my mouth on her clit and sucked it as I fingered her pussy. After five minutes she knelt back, and I felt a little tiny stream come out of her vagina. I stopped and then licked the juice off her vagina. “God that is so good.”
She came back into the pool and said, “Wanna get ready for this massage you are going to give me?” I said yes and we went back inside, and she got the large massage table out in her room. I grabbed the vegetable oil and warmed it up in the microwave and put it into a squirt bottle. Mom put a small tarp underneath the massage table, and she put the strap-on next to the bed. I came upstairs with the oil and two towels.
“Can we take a bit more time before we start, I wanna get a bit more rest, also the oil might burn us.” She agreed and we watched oil porn in her bed and ate the leftovers. After five minutes my cock became super hard, “I’m ready mommy.” I motioned to my dick.
“Ok good.” She got onto the table and laid on her chest. I grabbed the now perfectly warm oil and squirted a good layer onto her body. I began to rub the oil in and caress her hour-glass shaped body. I stopped at her butt and jiggled it around before I lathered up her thighs. After her backside was all lathered up, I hopped on the table and poured more oil on my hard cock. I massaged her shoulders while leaning in, she seemed to enjoy it thoroughly. After her neck and shoulders were loose, I hopped off and told her to flip over.
I poured oil over her tits and I stood near the front of the table, so my dick was near her face. Once I started to massage her breasts, she began to suck my balls. I prolonged the breast massage so that she could suck my dick and balls more. After five minutes I moved to the bottom of the table so I could get her legs. I lathered up her feet and then worked up the thighs to her vagina. Once I got to her vagina, I massaged the outside and then inside.
“Sweetie hop up here. I wanna lick your butthole and balls.” I hopped up on the table and she began to lick my butthole while I applied more oil to her legs. After a few minutes of her licking my taint and butthole I wanted to get all oiled up.
“Can you give me an oil massage now. Or at least cover me in oil.” I said hopping off the table. She agreed and so she warmed up more oil and came back up while I laid ass up on the table. She poured the warm oil on my back and spread it around. She then went to my butt and again started eating it. Her warm mouth felt so good. After a few minutes she massaged my muscular legs.
“Flip over quick, my oil is drying.” I flipped over and she doused me with oil. And rubbed my chest and belly.
When she got to the legs I said, “Sit on my face while you get my dick and legs.” She put her vagina right onto my face and I licked her butthole and pussy while she blew me and massaged my thighs with oil.
“You want to try Anal?” She asked.
“Yes.” She hopped off and I knelt on the massage table while she put her butt in the air. I poured oil onto her butt and stuck my finger in her hole. Then I inserted my dick and she sighed. I started slow and began to massage her butt.
She commanded me to go harder and to smack her butt. I started smacking her butt and humped her hard and fast until I felt exhausted. I must have finally been tired from the sex marathon, so I poured more oil on her back and butt to rub it in. I pulled out and licked her butthole and vagina, I inserted my dick back in when I caught my breath. I noticed that when I fucked her hard in the ass, she started to rub her clit, so I helped out with that. After two minutes she orgasmed so hard I thought I gave her a heart attack. Once she was done squirming, she gave me a blowjob. “It’s been forever since I tasted my own ass.” she grabbed the strap-on.
“You are gonna cum in my pussy and are gonna suck it out okay?” She said while stroking my cock fast.
“Okay, I feel like that might be a while.” I said as she put the strap-on on.
“Good your stamina is now getting better because of all of your experience.” I went on my hands and knees and she fucked my butthole for a few minutes to give her pussy a rest. “Flip.” I flipped and she jerked me and fucked my ass. She covered herself and me with the last of the oil and pulled out and thrust the dildo in my mouth. She took it off and then laid down. “Now fucking cum inside me.”
I inserted my dick into her vagina and knew I had a bit more time until I had to cum. We did missionary for a bit and then she hopped on top of me, and I had her big tits waving in my face. This was a great position she really knew how to ride a dick. I was ready to cum, “Mommy, I’m gonna cum.” Just then I felt three big loads unload into my mother’s pussy. I relaxed and she put her pussy to my mouth and gave me back all of my cum. It was forcefully ejected and then subsided to drips. I leaned up and spit it back into her mouth.
“It’s getting late.” She said while tasting the outside cum from her vagina. “We should get some sleep and do this another time with Daddy.” She smiled and gave me a kiss. “Goodnight baby, I can clean this up.”
“Goodnight, thank you for showing me the ropes.” I smiled and went downstairs to bed.

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