After 3 weeks I thought I wouldnt hear from the old slut again, but to my surprise just when I returned home from a pretty heavy night at my local bar my cellphone rang, and yes it was her. Hi I answered, what do you want, I thought you hated me; she cut me off before I could continue, “Well I have every reason to hate you, leaving me naked and vulnerable” Shutup I cut in, I dont need this shit from you, so before I hang up, what do you fucking want. There was a pause and she said “maybe we could catch up and things could be better”. I was actually shocked, this bitch must really want it bad, so I thought ok here we go again, but I had to be really blunt. Ok I said one last time, but listen carefully, If you want to see me, you are my total slave, and if I want you to walk your dumpy ass down main street or
clean my toilet with your tongue, then that is what you will do, GET IT I shouted into the phone. Silence then she said “your cruel” I replied end of conversation be here in an hour or never call me again, and I hung up.
I knew she would come and the only thing that interested me was how far I could push her.
The doorbell rang (only 25 minutes later) I opened the door and there she stood, really dolled up, her hair blonder, a mid length blue skirt and grey jacket, she looked like a senior banker. Come in, I shut the door and looked her up and down, she looked uncomfortable and said “how about a drink” sure I said, get on your knees, she obeyed immediately, I took out my cock and said ok piggy here is your drink, she looked shocked as I stuffed her mouth with my limp but pissing cock, I held her head as she really flailed and gagged and in seconds piss and snot shot from her nose, I let her go and said good to see you have lost none of your charms, now go and clean yourself up, you have a long night ahead.
I followed her to the bathroom and on the way picked up my camera, Turn around you old cunt, your going to be a star, she glared at me still red faced and covered in snot and piss, now strip, she didnt argue dropped her skirt and pants, I said hold on there thats a good look for you, your jacket and shirt just stop above your shaven cunt, turn around, her dimpled ass was not really covered at all, I had a great idea. Ok skank lets see if you are my slave. Lets go to the mall.
She started to pick up her skirt and panties but I said, no you can leave those there, she stared at me but dropped the clothes. I walked her to my car and as I drove off I said, you are going to walk through the mall with your od cunt and ass showing and I will video from a distance, she looked in horror, no I cant, she cried, you will I said or you can walk home from here. She looked beaten I pulled into the car park told her to get out, now I will call you on your phone and you will do as I say. I phoned her, she answered yes, I said keep the phone to your ear, now walk into the mall, she turned walking away from me towards the sliding glass doors it was late, and the mall was lit up bright inside, not a lot of people but busy enough, I thought that even though a bit chubby her ass and legs looked sexy from behind and her shaven plump cleft was so obvious from the front as her Jacket was too short to cover, as she walked in I could see her try and hide her cunt with her left hand, I barked into the phone move your hand slut, 2 or 3 people walked stright past her and did not seem to even notice, an elderly guys sitting eating a donut didnt miss though his mouth dropped open as he stared straight at her cunt, I said into the phone, ok stop, see that old guy seated to your right, walk over to him and stick your cunt right in his face, wow she did exactly as I asked but I could see her trembling from 30 yards away, the old guy was in shock and just sat staring right at her I am sure wet cunt.

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