My Brother and the Bullies-1My Brother and the Bullies-1 2

Samir my brother was eighteen and his senior year of high school was just getting underway, he was small in stature; he always had been an easy target. He’d always been teased ever since he started school, whether it was about his small stature or his meek personality. Knowing that he had to face that type of behavior from others, it made me love him even more. After finishing his 10th examination Samir came to Bengaluru to stay and study. As my father own a group of industries he had purchased a 3 BHK villa attached with a swimming pool for us. I was always worried about Samir, it had been a pretty good summer for him, but once school had started a few days ago, he’d gone back to being morose and quiet, just like he’d been before the previous school year had ended. He’d turned eighteen over the summer, as I’d hoped he would have a great final year before moving onto college. He’d been bullied by Javed and his buddies Basim and Nasim, guys in from a nearby poor neighborhood. He’d been bullied by them off, but he was hoping- that by the time this senior year rolled around that those jerks would have grown out of it. Either that or he hoped they’d be thrown in jail over the summer for some crime they committed, which was sure wouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone. But no such luck.

Samir’s senior year was underway and once again those guys were on his case. They’d been waiting for him near the variety store he had to walk past on his way home from tuition. They rarely hurt him, but they cruelly berated him, taunted him and threatened him day in and day out. Today, as Basim and Nasim had held him, the group leader, Javed, had stood in front of him. The young black man’s six foot two inch frame had loomed over Samir’s tiny body menacingly, his long finger pointed right at Samir’s face. “That English paper that we have due next week, I want at least 75 marks on that” he’d said. “So you better get to work and do a good job over the weekend. You know you don’t want to disappoint me. You got it?” “Yes…I got it…” Samir replied, knowing the answer Javed expected. “And don’t forget our math homework either…” Basim added as Nasim squeezed Samir’s arms tightly before shoving him towards home. Samir put his head down and walked away, tears at the corners of his eyes. How was he going to make this stop? His three tormentors were always careful never to do any of their bullying on the school grounds, other than giving him threatening looks that he understood implicitly. The teachers were never witness to anything- so there was no help coming from them. With his head bowed and his arm aching he walked home, defeated. I heard the door open and headed towards the front of the house. “Samir is that you?” I called out, rounding the corner into the front hallway; I stopped dead in my tracks. My brother Samir was holding his left arm, the area around the bicep below the sleeve of his T-shirt looked red and sore. His eyes were swimming with tears as he turned to me. “Are you alright?” I hurried over to him, taking his arm in my hands. The skin looked roughed up and almost glowed red. I’d him move it and flex it, which he could do okay; there was no break or muscle tear of any kind. It was just sore, I was sure he’d have a bruise coming there. “What…what happened?” I asked.

Samir sniffed and had to cough before he spoke “It was…it was those guy again…Javed and the other two…” He’d told me bits and pieced about the three boys who seemed to be the ones bullying him, and I knew he was trying to be strong. “Those boys that have been bullying you” I asked, having heard Samir speak about them before. “Yeah…they were waiting for me by the store on the way home? Samir replied, I knew Samir wouldn’t have done anything to provoke this type of behavior. “Why? What did they want? What did they do?” I asked. “The two other guys, Basim and Nasim, they held me while Javed threatened me…” Samir replied. “Threatened you? How? Did that Javed do this to your arm?” I asked. Samir shook his head and replied “No, he never hit me. He never laid a finger on me, but the other two, Basim and Nasim, they held me while Javed stood in front of me. They were both squeezing my arms pretty hard.” “Why did they do this? What did they want? I asked him again. “We’ve got an English paper due next week; Javed wants me to write it for him. He said if he doesn’t get at least 75 it’ll be bad news for me. And Basim and Nasim want me to do their math homework for them too…” Samir paused, sniffing again as he tried to compose himself. “I….I don’t know what to do.” I felt myself melting as I looked at my trembling brother, I knew I’d to help somehow and I wanted to talk to these boys, to see what their problem with Samir was all about. At the same time I didn’t want Samir to feel like a little boy who went crying to home.

“Samir, these boys, you said they’re from nearby neighborhood, right? Do you know anything about them?” I asked. Samir shrugged “Yeah they are…I’ve just heard bits and pieces…apparently Javed’s father just got out of prison a couple of months ago. Basim’s parents fight all the time…Nasim’s mom is raising five k**s on her own…and one of them in jail too…” “Oh my…that sounds terrible…” I paused as I looked around at our home, the opulence of it making me feel guilty after what Samir had just told me. I turned on my heel and reached for my purse, my mind made up. “Come on…we’re going to go and have a talk with those boys.” “Didi… No!” Samir said. “It’ll be all right. I just want to talk to them. I promise I won’t embarrass you.” I said, taking Samir’s hand and pulling him towards the door that led into the garage. “But, that won’t help. They won’t listen to you…look these are not nice guys…” Samir replied. “Just trust me…” I stopped and turned to Samir, I saw the worry in his eyes as I softened my voice. “Samir you want this to stop, don’t you?” “Of course I do.” Samir replied. “All right then, you don’t need to say anything, but just follow my lead in what I say” I said as we climbed into my car. Uncertain, Samir grudgingly nodded his head as I backed out of the driveway. Within minutes the variety store came into view, as he spotted the three boys standing near one corner, laughing and talking. “That’s them…” Samir said, pointing. “Which one is which?” I said as I pulled over the curb. “The big black guy in the middle is Javed. Guy in blue T-shirt is Basim, and Nasim’s the one with black T-shirt.” could immediately see why Samir would be intimidated by any of the three, compared to his slight frame; all three were much bigger and stronger- looking. They looked more like men than high school boys, especially Javed, the young black man. He was well over six feet tall, and I couldn’t help but notice his broad shoulders and muscular pecs that shone through the tight white T-shirt he was wearing. His torso was V-shaped- like a swimmers- before his hips fed into what looked to me like powerful kegs, almost tree-trunk-like. The other two boys, with each of them being around six feet tall, Basim, had a similar build to Javed, but on a smaller scale. Nasim was slimmer, but had a scruffy growth of beard that made him look older. All three of them looked pretty tough; I paused as I looked at each of them in turn, and then spoke to Samir. “These, these boys…they’re in high school? They’re in your class?” Samir nodded “I know…they look older, don’t they? But they aren’t. I think Javed is 19, but the other two are 18, the same as me.” I nodded my head as I continued to watch the three boys talking. They were not quite what I’d expected, but I plucked up my courage and decided to go through with what I’d in mind. I slipped the car back into Drive. “Okay, here we go.” I muttered under my breath as I drove into the store’s parking lot and got out of the car. I nodded to Samir, who got out of the passenger side and came around the car to join me. Samir saw the three boys stop talking and look over as I approached them. The look on their faces reminded me of a parched survivor lost on the desert who just spots an oasis. They were almost drooling as they looked at me, not that I could blame them, I am incredibly hot, and the way my huge tits and curvy bums were displayed in my colorful golf outfit didn’t leave much to the imagination. The boys stood straighter as I approached, and Javed reached down and adjusted his package. Whether that was intentionally or just the result of seeing a gorgeous lady approaching them, I had no idea.

I forget to mention I had turned 22 a few months back, I stood 5’4” tall and packed a lot of curved on the correct places on my 65Kgs frame. That day I was wearing a sleeveless pink golf shirt and white golf skirt, the light pastel colors showing off my tan, I’d even painted my fingernails a soft pink to match. My delicate feet were clad with a pair of strappy white sandals, the pretty flat sandals worked perfectly with my outfit. My hair was parted slightly to one side, and framed my pretty face appealingly. My brown eyes sparkled with life, and I’d chosen to go with pink eye shadow which looked pretty and feminine. The pink lip gloss I was wearing accentuated my wide full mouth; my pillowy heart shaped lips one of my best features. The shirt fitting was tight around my 36D sized tits and the white golf skirt stretch tightly across my curvy bums; it looked like two round beach balls nestled side by side. The hem of my skirt, taking in the tanned skin of my full, creamy thighs; my thighs and calves full and meaty while my knees and ankles emphasized the sexy tone of my legs; just like my waist. Working hard in gym helped me to keep my abs flat and my waist trim. I’d a shapely hourglass figure that most women would die for.

I could see the three boys flick their gaze quickly to Samir, and then back to me, sussing out who I was; they seemed perplexed by my presence, but I could feel them eyeing me intently, wondering what was going on. Samir being there seemed temporarily forgotten and their attention was on me, just as I’d hoped. Taking advantage of their temporary confusion, I walked right up to Javed and said “You’re Javed, right?” “That’s right.” He cocked his head slightly, and I could see he’d regained his composure after being caught off guard. “And who might you be?” “I’m Samir’s elder sister, Reema.” I replied. Javed paused before responding, his gaze travelling slowly up and down over my curvy body “Are you sure, you don’t look old enough to be his elder sister…I thought you’re his younger sister.” Basim and Nasim exchanged smiles after Javed spoke. “Oh yes I’m his elder sister” I continued, ignoring the grins on the guys faces “And that’s why I’m here, there seems to be some kind of misunderstanding between you guys and my brother.” “And what would that be?” Again Javed answered, it was obvious to me that Javed did the talking for all of them. I gestured over my shoulder to Samir standing behind me, Samir could see my big tits wobble beneath my tight shirt as I moved- something that the three bullies definitely noticed. Three sets of hungry eyes were riveted to my chest.

“Samir was telling me you guys have asked him for some help with your school work, and I can understand that but seriously- wouldn’t you feel better if you were able to do that school work yourselves?” I said. “Well he’s a top notch student…he’s even on the Academic Awards list…isn’t that right Samir?” Javed said. In answer to Javed’s question, Samir gave a shrug “I guess.” “See Ms. Reema” Javed replied holding his hand out towards Samir “We can never reach that level academically that your Samir is capable of.” He paused and gestured to his two friends “Guys like us; we just don’t have the opportunities that your son has had over the years. That’s why we sometimes go to him for help.” I knew what I was hearing was partially a load of crap, but I also knew with the backgrounds these boys came from, Javed was right about not having had the advantages that an upbringing like Samir’s would have given them. “I’m sorry to hear that….and that’s kind of what I was thinking and why we’ve come here today…I wonder if there’s a better way to help you…a way that would make everybody happy…” I said. Samir watched Javed and the other two look me up and down, from his vantage point to the side; he could see my nipples thrusting out against the front of my shirt.

Samir had seen what kind of shadows those big nubs were capable of casting on my shirt, he knew from straight on; his bullies were getting an eyeful. Javed finally drew his eyes away from my tits and stood tall; he cocked his head back as he crossed his big arms over his powerful chest, a devilish twinkle in his eye. “Come to think of it…there might be a way…that is…of course if you agree…Ms. Reema…” He paused, waiting to see what I would say. I felt a little thrill go through me as Javed spoke; at least they were talking and seemed to be making progress. And now, he had some kind of suggestion, maybe things would work out for Samir after all. “What… what are you thinking of?” I asked. “Maybe Samir can tutor us.” Javed said, Samir’s eyes opened wide and his jaw dropped; that was the last thing he’d expected. Before either I or Samir could say anything, Javed continued “Yes, I think that could work out nicely…you guys don’t live far from our here, right?” He paused as he pointed down the street in the direction of our house. “Uh, that’s right” I said, my head swimming as I thought of what Javed’s suggestion would entail. “Yes…I think it just might work out fine…Samir could tutor us at your house. We could do it after school…or on weekends…what you think guys?” Javed said, Basim and Nasim were quick to nod in agreement, big smiles on their faces.

Javed turned back to me and looked me in the eye, that devilish twinkle and sly grin sending a shiver right down my spine, there was something compelling about this young black man, and I found myself turning red and feeling flustered under his gaze. I shook my head to break myself out of it, I turned to Samir and asked “Well… Samir what do you think?” “Uh…I…I don’t know…” Samir replied. I thought this might be a way out for my little brother from his bullying, there was no way these boys would torment and bully him right under my nose in our own house would they? “I think Javed has a good idea there, Samir? Maybe we should give it a chance. See how it goes.” I said. “That’s exactly what I was thinking” Javed interjected before Samir could even respond. “We could give it a try- let’s say for a week- and if it doesn’t work out…we can just stop there…no harm…no foul…” Javed held his hands up and shrugged his shoulders, giving me a look of innocence I was surprised to see. “I’m sorry, but we can’t really afford to pay him for his time…but if he was willing, that would really help us…all three of us want to graduate and hopefully go to college…if any of our parents can sc**** together enough money…” Javed said. “Oh no…you don’t have to worry about paying him at all…it would just be…it would just be nice if you could all get along…” I said as the three boys nodded. “What do you think, Samir? Shall we try it for a week? Would you be willing to help tutor these boys?” I asked Samir.Samir knew he couldn’t win this one, he knew Javed could be charismatic when he wanted to be. He’d seen him work it at school not only with girls, but with teachers too. And this time, he’d turned on the charm with his sister, and it had worked. He didn’t really trust the three of them, but at least if he gave it a try, he figured he’d have a week where they weren’t using him as a punching bag. He figured they’d get bored with the tutoring and stop coming, but maybe they’d end up leaving him alone, which was what he was praying for in the end. “I… Uh…I guess we could give it a try…” Samir replied. “Well, that’s great.” I said as I turned back to the three boys, another idea coming into my head. “And to celebrate…how would you guys like to join us today for some pizza?” I asked. Samir was shocked by my invitation, and he stood there unable to even speak. “That sounds perfect…doesn’t it guys?” Javed replied, now grinning from ear to ear. “That would be fantastic…I love pizza.” Basim said, Nasim chimed in his approval was well. “Do you have to call your parents and make sure it’s okay?” I asked. The three boys all looked at each other, sharing a quiet smile. “Uh yeah…we’ll do that” Javed said, pulling a cell phone out of his back pocket. “But I’m sure it’ll be fine…being Friday night and all…our parents won’t mind…” “Well that’s great…like you said…it’s not far…I think we can all fit in my car…” I said. “That’s okay…Mr. Reema…our bike is right over there…” Javed gestured to bikes parked a few spots down from my car. “We’ll follow you…”

“Okay…” I said as I strode towards my car and got in; I started the car and then poked my head out the window as the three young men started towards their bike. “Don’t forget to call your parents…” I said, they gave each other another shared look before Javed spoke as he held up his phone. “Absolutely…we’ll do that right now…” “Didi…I don’t know about this?” Samir said once I backed out of the parking spot and Javed had the bike underway. “It’ll be fine…Samir” I replied as I reached over and patted him on the leg. “You just worry too much…I bet these guys will be on their best behavior…you’ll see…” I said, Samir just shook his head and looked out the window, wondering what he, and his sister were in for. It only took a few minutes before I hit the button for the garage door and pulled right in, Javed and the other two guys pulled the bike into the driveway behind us, I noticed the envious look on their faces as they looked at the big house. “Nice house…” Javed said as they followed me and Samir to the front door. “Thank you Javed…” I opened the door and the entourage followed me inside. I decided to be safe and stashed my purse in the front hall closet before walking further into the house. “Well this is it…” I gestured to the open concept of the main floor, the large great room, kitchen and dining area combined into one elegant space, with a portion of the family room soaring two storeys high. A large bank of glass on the back wall looked out over a large pool that was surrounded by a board fence, which was barely visible behind mature landscaping that looked comfortably inviting, while at the same time providing a high degree or privacy. The house in this well-to-do area was spaced well apart, and not one neighbor’s house was visible beyond the lush landscaping and tall fencing. The three boys looked around, Basim and Nasim with their mouths gaping open as they looked at the tastefully decorated home and magnificent backyard.

Javed turned and faced me “Yes this is a very nice house you have here…” He paused for a second, his eyes blatantly drifting down to my heavy set of tits, wondrously displayed in my tight-fitting golf shirt. “There are so many thighs here that the three of us would never see at home…” I flushed under his gaze, but at the same time I felt a tingling shiver go down my spine. “Um…where your parents?” Javed asked. “They are in Kolkata…it’s just me and Samir…” I replied. “Oh that’s too bad…you two here on your own in this big house…with no one to help you with everything you need…” Javed said his eyes boring into my curvy body. “They keep on visiting us time to time…and there is Samir…he does what he can…” I replied. Javed looked at Samir, and then back to me “But we all have our strengths and weaknesses…we all know that Samir’s main strength is his brain…that’s why we’re here for his tutoring help…I’m sure Samir can do a number of things to help out…but when it comes to more strenuous physical things…well I think you have to admit… Samir is kind of a small guy…for those things that Samir is just not big enough to handle…that’s why I mean when I say with no one to help you with everything you need…” I felt myself flushing both under the guy’s ogling stares. “Ummm well like I said…we do just fine…” I replied. “Oh…I’m sure you do…” Javed said shrugging his shoulders as he gave me a charming smile, his teeth blazing white as he lightened the discussion.

“I’m just saying that if you find you have a job that is too much for Samir…me and the guys would be more than happy to lend a hand…” Javed paused as he let his gaze wonder longingly over my smoking hot body, his eyes lingering on the prominent shelf of my tits. “We’re quite willing to give you all we can- whether you realize it or not.” I was flushing beet red, but felt a nasty shiver run down my spine as I’d been listening to Javed’s suggestive words. I felt the dampness between my legs get worse and a little trickle of emulsion speed out of my pussy. I was glad I was wearing panties, Javed had a controlled hypnotic tone to his voice and I felt listening to him was like watching a swinging watch. I felt mesmerized as he spoke, every word going right through to the pit of my soul, as if he could read my mind. Realizing Javed’s provocative words had almost lulled me into a trance, I shook my head to snap myself out of it; I knew I’d to change the subject to break things up a bit. “Would you guys like a cold drink?” I strode over the fridge, three sets of eyes following my every movement. “Got any beer?” Basim asked, Nasim nodded next to his friend. Basim’s question caught me off guard, they were too young to legally drink but they did come from a questionable neighborhood. I realized I shouldn’t have been surprised. “Um…I’m sorry…I don’t drink…Samir is too young…we have some soda if you like…” I replied.

“Just a Coke or a Pepsi will do…whatever you have will be fine…right guys?” Javed replied, giving the other two a stern look. They caught his drift and nodded thankfully as I passed Cokes all around. When I handed one to Javed, he patted me on the back in thanks, his big black hand sliding down my back and off the curve of my bum. I looked at him, but he was already taking a swig of his drink, as if the movement of his hand had been purely accidental, wondering if I was just imagining things, I pulled out my cell phone and searched through the contact list. “We usually order pizza from Domino’s…it that okay with you guys?” I asked. “Yes…” Javed said as the other two nodded in agreement. “Is there any special kind that you’d like? Samir and I usually get an extra cheese Margarita.” I said. “What about spicy schezwan pizza? Don’t you like eating meat, Reema?” Javed said. I found myself somewhat flummoxed by Javed’s suggestive question, but did my best to avert my eyes as I responded “Uh yes…spicy schezwan pizza will be fine…” I placed the order for two extra larges: one Margarita, one spicy schezwan Pizza. As I’d been making the call, the three guys had wandered over to the bank of windows facing out over the backyard, taking the view of our richly-landscaped yard and pool. “Wow…that’s a gorgeous pool…Ms. Reema…” Javed said once I’d finished my call. He pointed to the hot tub sitting to one side of the pool.

“That hot tub looks fantastic too…and all those trees and bushed make it totally private…you’d never seen anything like this in our hood…” Javed said. “Thank you Javed…” I paused as I thought about what he’d just said, and what I was hoping to accomplish by having the guys come over, and that maybe they could get to know Samir better. “Would you guys like to come for a swim sometime?” I asked, the three guys shared a look before Javed replied “That would be wonderful…that’s so kind of you…” He looked at his two buddies and said “How about tomorrow? Does that work for you guys?” “Works for me…” Basim said. “I’ve got nothing on the go…” Nasim piped in. “And it’s perfect for me too…so tomorrow then.” Javed turned back to face me. Things were happening a little faster than I expected, but if this was going to be part of my plan, she figured the sooner the guys got to know Samir, the better. “Okay…great…tomorrow it is…” I said. “That’s fantastic…” Javed stepped back across the room and stopped at the big dining room table “And maybe if Samir doesn’t mind…we could start in with those tutoring sessions this weekend as well…” “Samir?” I turned and looked at my younger brother, uncertainty written all over his face. Samir gulped as he looked from me to the three toughs and back again “Uh…I…I guess it would be okay…” “I think this is going to work out just fine…” Javed ran his fingertips over the surface of the dining table. “I guess we’d have those tutoring sessions right here…there’s lots of room on this table…” He paused as he looked at my tanned legs before his eyes rose to mine “Yeah lots of room on here to spread out…if you know what I mean…”

Javed had that licentious tone in his voice and I felt myself tingling through every nerve as I saw him look me up and down, he finally diverted his eyes back to the table. “It’s a beautiful table…what is it…walnut?” “Uh yes…black walnut.” I said. “Very nice…I love the color…it feels so nice under your fingertip…do you like feel the rich black color under your fingertip…Mr. Reema…” Javed asked. I felt a lump in my throat as the young man traced his fingertips suggestively back and forth along the top of the heavy wood table, his fingers travelling about a foot in each direction over the lustrous black surface. “Yes the color and the feel of it was the main reason I picked it out…” I replied. “You have excellent taste… Ms. Reema…the color is so rich and luxurious…the surface is so hard and yet so smooth…I can see why you’d like to touch it…” Javed replied. Everything he was saying seemed to throw me for a loop, but I couldn’t deny the sexual undertones of his words, and I could feel my heart racing as I wondered what he was thinking in his head. The pumping blood racing through my veins seemed to be settling between my legs, and I knew my sizable clit was engorged, like it always was when I was aroused. I clamped my legs closer together, trying to keep the seeping juices from soaking into my panties, I knew I’d to do something, or I might end up having a little orgasm right there, just listening to Javed’s suggestive words as he spoke in that hypnotic lulling tone of his. “Samir why don’t you show them your xbox…you can play a bit before the pizza comes…” I said. “Uh…okay…” Samir replied as he gestured towards the family room. Basim and Nasim followed him over while Javed lagged behind in the kitchen, his eyes feasting on me.


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