My Brother and the Bullies-2My Brother and the Bullies-2 2

As Samir turned on the big TV and got out his controllers, Javed waited for the sound of the game to come on before speaking. “Are you sure you’re Samir’s elder sister…I swear you could pass for his younger sister…” “That’s sweet of you to say, Javed…but I know you’re just being polite…” I replied. “No I mean it…when you came out of that car… there was no way I would have said you were his elder sister…” Javed made no attempt to hide his intentions as his dark eyes roamed blatantly over my curvy hourglass shape, his eyes lingering a long time on my breasts. “None of the girls in our neighborhood look anywhere as hot as you…” Javed said, I realized after break up from my boyfriend it had been a long time- since anyone had complimented me and looked at me that way. Even though Javed was just a young man who was in the same grade as my brother, it was still nice to hear. It made me feel good, and this Javed, with his impressive height and wide shoulders, powerful arms and toned body, he definitely didn’t look like a schoolboy- no he looked all man to me. Both Basim and Nasim looked more like men too, both strong and well built, and there was something about Javed voice…something almost hypnotic in the way he spoke, something that had my mind wondering to things like the size of his cock. Just the tone of his rich low voice seemed to go right through to tickle at my slumbering libido, sending the blood rushing to my head and throughout my body until I would almost dizzy with the nasty thought I was having. I’d to shake myself once more to break myself out of the trancelike state I seemed on the verge of slipping into.

I fanned myself with my hand, feeling my face flushing under his gaze. “Um…well thank you again…every girl likes to be complimented…and I do appreciate it…” I replied. “A beautiful lady like you should be complimented everyday… take what you’re wearing…it looks fantastic on you…” Javed said as he gave me the one hundred watt smile as he gestured towards my golf outfit. “This old thing…” I replied as I waved my hand, sloughing off his comment, I couldn’t believe how school-girlish I was acting in this young man’s presence, but I couldn’t help it. “It’s just something I threw on to go out with my friend…” “Is she as beautiful as you?” Javed said, giving me a little wink as he let his gaze wander up and down over my curvy body, making no attempt to disguise where he was looking. I felt myself blushing again, but I admitted to myself that I liked the attention, even if it was from Samir’s classmate. I laughed out loud “Now…Javed stop that…you’re just being a flirt…Thank you anyway…and my friend…she is also beautiful as I am… ” I stepped over to the counter and opened one of the upper cupboards. “Now I better set the table…” I said. As I stretched to reach for some plates, Javed noticed the way my little golf skirt rode up the back of my full creamy thighs, the curve of my round bum seeming to call out to him. He closed the distance between the two of us quickly, reaching over me. “Here let me help you with that…” He reached past me, grabbing the plates in his big hand. Caught unawares, I was trapped between him and the counter; I felt his large body swallow me up as if shrouded beneath a masculine cloak, his male essence hitting my senses at the same time his body pressed against my rear end.

Javed rolled himself slightly against me as he reached into the cupboard, and I could have sworn I felt a thick pipe like protrusion slip into the crevasse of my backside, I felt myself gasp at the unexpected feeling but I didn’t pull away and my heart started to pound as he rolled his hips salaciously. The pipe like protrusion seemed to stiffen, and then he was gone. I turned, beads of sweat appearing on my brow as he stood in front of me, his hands holding five plates, he’d an innocent look on his face as he gave me a quick smile before putting the plates on the table. But I saw a flash in his eyes before he stepped away, as if he could read my mind. “Is there anything else you need help with?” Javed asked as he came back towards me, his hand sliding down across his hip, my eyes were drawn to the indelicate movement, and I found myself looking at his crotch. “Oh my God” I said to myself, looking at the bulge in his jeans, he was wearing somewhat loose fitting low slung jeans cinched tight at the hips with a wide leather belt. The worn denim now showed the outline of a huge cock, bigger that any I’d ever seen before. I found myself gulping as I looked at the sausage like protrusion, Javed absentmindedly scratched along the length of his dick as I watched, as if in a trance, unable to speak, unable to move. “Ms. Reema…” Javed’s words broke me out of my reverie and I looked up at him, seeing that knowing look in his eyes again.

“Uh…I’m sorry…” I gulped out “Wh…What was that?” “I was asking if there’s anything else you want me to reach down for you?” Javed replied. I thought about how it had felt when he’d pressed himself against me. “Uh yes…of course … I guess we could use some glasses…they’re over there…” I replied, stepped along the counter and opened another cupboard as I reached up, but looked over my shoulder at Javed at the same time. “No problem…” Javed said as he came up behind me and pressed his body against my backside as he reached up over me again, enveloping me with his broad muscular body. I reached down with both hands to the counter top to steady myself as I breathed deeply, my senses stirring under the earthy masculine fragrance of his young body. He rolled his hips against me as he stretched up, the log like slab of meat between his legs fitting nicely between my curvy bum cheeks. He rose up on his tip toes as he retrieved a couple of glasses and then set them down on the counter before reaching for more, his actions causing his stiffening prick to slide up and down over the back of my skirt. I could feel his swollen cock clearly through his jeans and the material of my skirt, and the way it was rising up between our connected bodies, I knew there was no way he was wearing underwear beneath his jeans. It was just too prominent, too hard. “Oh fuck…” I muttered under my breath, my mouth open as I gasped, my mind reeling at the thought of how big his cock must be.

I could tell that it wasn’t fully hard, but it seemed to be as big as my arm, Javed set down two more glasses and then stopped as he spoke to me; his body still pressed against mine. “Is that good? Do you want more” He pointed to the four glasses he’d placed on the counter and I understood the meaning of his provocative question, we both knew there were five of us that were going to be eating. “Yes one more please?” My response was almost a plea, my voice rising at the end as I looked over my shoulder at him, my eyes needy. He gave me a knowing smile as he moved closer against me “Sure I can give one more…er…I mean…I can get one more…” Javed bent his knees slightly before reaching up into the cupboard, dragging the entire length of his semi rigid dick from the bottom of my bums to the top, rolling his hips teasingly as he fit it right in between the beckoning orbs or my curvy backside. I was overcome by what he was doing, it had all come on so surprising and yet it was literally touching nerves deep inside me that had been dormant for a long time. Instinctively, I found myself pressing back against him, wanting to feel his stiffness against me. He slowly slid backwards, dragging his cock down, and then up once more, nice and slow.Aahhh…” I let out a tiny gasp as a mini orgasm overtook me, I felt myself quivering as the exquisite sensations coursed through my aroused body. My pussy was tingling like crazy as the young man rolled his hips against my lush bum, my juices seeping into my panties. Javed slowly set the final glass down with the others, holding himself pressed against me as I rode out my little climax. “I think that’s good for now, don’t you?” he asked, finally stepping back from me. “Uh… yes…Thank you…Javed.” I said as I turned and smooth down the back of my skirt, I reached up and brushed a strand of black hair that had dropped across my face, wiping the sweat from my brow at the same time. The doorbell rang, which saved me from having to face him after what had just happened. “Ah…saved by the bell…” Javed said as he gave me a knowing smile before stepping away, I watched him adjust the massive slab of his cock meat beneath his jeans as he stepped into the living room to join his friends. “Should I get it…” Samir shouted. “Uh…no…I’ll take care of it…” I hurriedly replied, knowing I’d to compose myself. I smoothed down my skirt again before striding towards the front of the house, stopping at the hall closet to retrieve the purse I’d stashed out of harm’s way. “Hi…Ms. Reema…” the delivery boy said when I opened the door; it was the usual boy who delivered to our neighborhood, a tall strapping young black guy named Amit. “Got some visitors?”

“Uh, what?” I replied, still flustered after what had happened between me and Javed in the kitchen, the delivery guy gestured to the bikes in the driveway. “You ordered more than your usual extra cheese Margarita…and then I noticed the bikes in the driveway…so I figured you had company…” Amit said. “Oh yes…of course Amit…it’s just some of Samir’s friends from school…” I looked down as I dug into my purse for some cash. I noticed my nipples were hard as pebbles, no doubt from the arousal I’d felt in the kitchen just moments before. When I looked up with the cash in my hand, I noticed Amit looking right at my chest, his eyes wide open. “Uh, here you go…that should cover it…” I handed him Rs. 1000 making sure I gave Amit a generous tip. “Are you all right…Ms. Reema? You look a little flushed…” Amit said as he took the cash and handed over the pizzas, his eyes flicking between my ample chest and my lovely face. “Yes…I…I’m fine…I was just doing some work in the kitchen…” I replied. “Well if you ever need help with anything around the house, I’d be more than willing to lend a hand…an attractive lady like you shouldn’t have to worry about doing strenuous work…” Amit replied, his eyes flicking down to my thrusting nipples once more. I wondered what was going on today, just like Javed had suggested earlier, Amit was now offering to help me with strenuous work around the house. For some reason, I found myself glancing down at his crotch; I noticed a little pulsing throb as I noticed him looking once more at my chest. I swallowed as I took in the impressive proportions of his noticeable package. From the suggestive tone in his statement about offering to help me, I wondered if he considered fucking to be strenuous work. From the looks of that bulge in his pants, he definitely looked ready for it.

I wondered if I was going cock crazy all of a sudden, I shook my head, snapping myself out of my dizzying thoughts. “Thanks Amit…that’s so sweet of you to offer…I’ll keep that in mind…now, I’d better get this inside to my guests…” I said. “Great…just remember…if you need help with something…just call me…” Amit said and stepped back, I took a quick look at the definite swelling in his crotch. Once again, I wondered how big his cock was. “Okay…I’ll remember that…will call you…Thanks again…” I said and closed the door and leaned against it, taking a few deep breaths to right myself. “Oh god, what’s come over me? First that thing with Javed and now Amit…” I thought to myself, shaking my head, I made my way back to the kitchen, pizza in hand. I called the guys to the table, making sure to avoid Javed’s eyes as much as I could, as we dug into the pizzas, Basim and Nasim engaged Samir in conversation about the video game they’d been playing, much to my relief. There was nothing confrontational in their tone, and Nasim gave Samir a playful tap on the shoulder at one point, I hoped my plan was starting to work out. “I’m sorry…we don’t have much for dessert… other than ice cream…” I said once the last slice of pizza had disappeared. “Ice cream will be fine…” Javed said, once again answering for all three boys. When I nodded and went to get up, he reached out and stopped me, his big mitt accidently brushing across my breasts as he reached across my body.
Just stay seated…Ms. Reema…you’ve done enough for us already…I’ll take care of this…” Javed said. “Oh well… Thank you Javed…the ice cream is in the freezer…” I pointed to the lower compartment on the big stainless steel fridge. “Great…No problem…do you have any comes…” Javed asked. “Uh…yes…there’s a box in the pantry…Samir can you get those…and grab the ice cream scoop too…” I said. “Sure, Didi…” Samir retrieved the cones and scoop while Javed carried two containers of ice cream to the table. “Okay…it looks like we’ve got butterscotch swirl or chocolate here…” Javed said as he picked up the scoop and looked over at me. “What’ll it be?” “Um…Chocolate please…” I replied. “That’s what I thought you’d say…good choice…” Javed effortlessly carved off a couple of scoops before handing the cone to me, he served Samir next before his two pals. He made another chocolate cone for himself, the chatter around the table quieted as we all attacked our dessert. “Mmmm…this is good…” Javed said, his broad tongue sweeping across the glistening ice cream. “How’s yours…Ms. Reema…” Javed asked. I noticed his eyes flick to my mouth as I licked the cone, the provocative look in his dark eyes sending another jolt down between my legs. “It’s good…thank you…” I said. “It’s a nice sensation…isn’t it?” Javed asked. “Uh what’s that?” I asked his words and tone disarming me again. “The sensation…feeling you lips on the rich smooth chocolate surface…as your tongue licks all over the part that’s in your mouth…then that delightful feeling as the melting part slides off the tip onto your tongue…that rich chocolate flavor making your taste buds tingle…” Javed paused as I flushed, my eyes gazing at my gleaming cone as I listened to his words.

“And there’s nothing like that silky smooth sensation as the cool chocolate cream slides right down your throat deep into your belly…after you get that first taste…you know there’s nothing that can stop you from wanting more…” Javed could see my mouth open as I drew in a shallow breath, my lips shiny from the surface of the cone. He stared boldly at my mouth, loving the fullness of my pouty lips, knowing exactly what he wanted to put between them. “That’s the way I feel about chocolate…do you feel that way too Mr. Reema?” Javed said. He finally averted his eyes as he went back to licking his own cone, letting me compose myself. “Um…yes…I guess…I do…” I replied, reluctantly going back to eating my cone, noticing all eyes were on me, including Samir’s. I knew I’d to do something to break the sensual tension in the room. “So, what movie should we watch tonight? Any suggestions?” I asked. Basim and Nasim were about to answer before Javed put up his hand, stopping them. “I’m sorry…Ms. Reema but we won’t be able to stat…we really appreciate the pizza and ice cream…but we’ve kind of got dates tonight…right guys…” Javed said. Basim and Nasim caught the stern look in Javed’s eyes and quickly agreed. “Oh yeah…we almost forgot…” Basim said as Nasim nodded. I found myself feeling surprisingly defeated, I realized I’d been hoping the guys would actually stay, and I knew it wasn’t just for Samir’s benefit, I was enjoying the attention as well.

It was mostly Javed, but the way Basim and Nasim had looked at me through dinner made me feel excited as well, I figured it was the fact that I just wasn’t used to getting this much attention, and I felt selfish and foolish when I thought about it. “Oh well…Uh…that’s too bad…maybe another time…” I surprised myself again after listening to the tone in my voice, which sounded hopeful and almost needy. “Sure another time will be fine…” Javed replied, giving me a knowing smile as he finished his cone and got up from the table. “And of course…we’ll see you tomorrow for that swim you invited us for…if that’s still all right?” “Oh yes…of course…it’s all right…” I answered quickly again with a hopeful tone in my voice; I didn’t know what was coming over me to act that way, almost like a teenage girl. “Great…we’ll see you tomorrow then…” Javed smiled and nodded as he stood up from the table, he reached into his back pocket and pulled out his phone. “Before we go…it’s probably a good idea if I put both of your phone numbers in my contact list…and have you two put mine in yours…” Javed said. “Oh yes…of course…” I said as both I and Samir gave the numbers of our individual cell phones to Javed, and then entered his name and number in ours. “Uh Samir…could you tidy up in here while I show the guys out..” I said. “Sure Didi…” Samir replied, I followed the three young guys towards the front of the house, the foyer out of view from the kitchen. Javed stopped just inside the front door and turned to his friends and said “Now guys…give Ms. Reema a hug and a kiss to thank her…” I was caught off guard and before I could say anything, Basim swept me up in his arms and pulled me close. My sizable breasts were being pressed against his chest; I felt his hands slide down my back to my hips as he turned his face down to mine.

Basim started out giving me a peck on the cheek but slid his lips sideways, finally alighting on my mouth, before I knew what was happening, his lips pressed firmly on mine; I was shaken by what was happening but felt myself unable to move or resist. I felt his hands cup my backside as he pulled me even closer against him, my tits mashed against his chest. “Okay…that’s good…” Javed said as he touched Basim on the shoulder, I gasped as Basim stepped back, giving me a devilish smile before turning and heading out the door that Javed had opened “Nasim…thanks Ms. Reema…” Javed said to Nasim, before I could compose myself, Nasim stepped in and replaced Basim. His long arms circling my curvy body and pulling me against him, I could feel that he was slimmer than both Javed and Basim but his body was hard and strong as he held me close. He made no attempt to kiss me on the cheek but went straight to my mouth, pressing his mouth against my warm pillowy lips; his hands also went directly to my backside pulling my midsection against his. He drew his tongue slowly along the crevice between my lips as his groin pressed against my front, I could feel a sizeable slab of flesh beneath his jeans as he pulled me close, rolling his hips against mine. “All right…all right…” Javed put his hand on Nasim’s arm and pulled him back, I was almost breathless as Nasim strode out the door, leaving me alone with Javed. Javed closed the door and turned to me, his big powerful body looming over me he said “Ms. Reema, I want to say thank you too …I think this is a good idea you have…with us getting to know Samir better…we’ve had our problems with him in the past…you know, some stuff makes us angry…we take it out on people we shouldn’t…but if we got to know both you and Samir better…I think that’s gonna be better for everyone…don’t you think we can watch out for Samir…we can kind of take care of what each other wants and needs…don’t you think so?” I was almost dizzy and was breathing raggedly, my chest heaving beneath my tight golf shirt, I noticed Javed’s eyes going to my chest and he made no attempt to divert his hungry gaze. I was finally able to stammer out a response “I…I think that…that would be good…” “Well good then…until tomorrow…thank you again…” Javed stepped close and wrapped his long powerful arms around me, I felt myself almost swoon as he drew me to him. I turned to face up, longingly as he brought his mouth down; I felt his breath against my cheek- hot and scintillating and then his full lips were meshing with mine. He pulled me close, my massive breasts pressed hotly against his broad powerful chest, his big hands were cupping my curvy bum, and he squeezed ever so gently, teasingly as he pulled my lower body to his. At the same time, he slid his tongue forward pressing against the line between my lips; I closed my eyes instinctively as I parted my lips, letting him in. Feeling my yield, he feathered his tongue deeper into my mouth, searching out my hot pink tongue with his own. “Ohhnn…” I moaned as he kissed me deep, his tongue pressed firmly against mine before the teasing tip explored the inside of my mouth, his big hands were holding me against him as I felt that prodigious log beneath his jeans again, only this time against my front. He rolled his hips as he kissed me, letting me feel the full length of his stiffening prick as he pressed it against my mound. I couldn’t believe how big it was as I instinctively pushed myself against him, I felt his hand slide around to the front of my body. Continuing to kiss me, he reached up and cupped my breast through my shirt, hefting and squeezing it as if testing its weight.

“Ahhhhnnn…” I moaned into his searching mouth as a huge jolt of arousal shot through me, I could feel my pussy itching and pulsing with need. I knew I was soaking my panties but I couldn’t help the way my body was responding. And then, he was gone. “Until tomorrow…” Javed stepped back, giving me a little wink before turning on his heel and striding out the door, closing it firmly behind him. I staggered sideways until I was leaning against the wall, my heart pounding like crazy in my chest. I felt dizzy, breathless and overwhelmed by what had just happened with the three guys, I thought I should be chastising myself for what had happened. I should have been the adult in the room and put a stop to their behavior, I felt guilty about what had happened, how I’d let them all kiss and grope me but that bit of guilt didn’t alter the fact that I was now trembling with excitement- excitement and desire. Taking a few deep breaths to steady myself, I pushed back a wispy lock of hair that had fallen over my face and returned to the kitchen. “Didi are you okay? You look all flushed and a little out of breath…” Samir asked as he looked up from placing the last of the plates in the dishwasher. “Oh…I just had a bit of a dizzy spell there for a second…nothing to worry about…I’m fine…” I said as I smoothed down my skirt, feeling my legs trembling beneath. “Now did you decide what movie you’d like to watch?” I asked and joined Samir in the family room, trying to calm my racing heart. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t get rid of the images in my head, or of reliving the surprisingly pleasurable feelings that had swept over me when the guys had kissed and groped me.


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