My Brother and the Bullies-3My Brother and the Bullies-3 2


But more than anything else, I thought about those cocks that had pressed against me, and how incredibly big they were, especially the massive log in Javed’s pants. My pussy felt tingly and itchy as I thought about it, thought about the young hardness of all three cocks pressing into me, and the delicious feelings of their mouths on mine as they’d kissed me. Although I knew I should feel guilty about what I was thinking, I couldn’t wait for their visit to go swimming tomorrow. “Samir I just can’t get into watching anything tonight…I think I’ll just go to my room and read…” I said barely five minutes after Samir had played the movie. Samir realized the visit from the three bullies was playing on my mind just as much as his “No…that’s okay…I’m not into it either…I think I’ll just go on my computer for a while…” Samir replied. “Alright good…It’ll be an early night for both of us…” I said as I got up from the couch, Samir turned the lights out and followed me upstairs. The double doors to the master bedroom were closed as he made his way to his own room further down the hall, he liked that his room was the furthest from mine. It allowed him the privacy he like when he whacked off, the space between the rooms deadening any sounds that he didn’t want me to hear. He booted up his computer and was just about to open the bottom drawer of his desk to retrieve something when his phoned pinged. He looked down at the screen, surprised to see that it was a WhatsApp text from Javed: Hey what size bra does your sister wear?

Samir looked at the screen, shocked by Javed’s question. He quickly typed out his response: I have no idea. He stared at his screen after he sent it, noticing that Javed was typing a response. After a considerable amount of time a lengthy message appeared: Don’t give me no bullshit about you don’t know, I saw the look in your eyes when you were scoping out her tits at dinner. I know you’re a fucking little perv; and if I had a sister like yours, I’d be whacking off about her every day. So cut to the chase and just give me the bra size. Samir stared at the message as he started to flush, realizing Javed had seen right through him, as he sat there wondering what to do, another message popped up: You don’t want to make me mad…do you? Samir sighed as he re-read the new message. He still remembered the sore arm he’d, his fingers went to his phone: 36D. He hit the send button and waited, Javed’s response didn’t take long: Seem that wasn’t so hard. You just keep helping me out like that…we’ll be good friends. See you tomorrow. Samir had seen the way Javed and the other two had been eyeing me, like jackals ready to sweep in for the kill. He couldn’t blame them, and obviously Javed had seen him looking at me the same way, he knew I was fucking hot. He didn’t like the idea of those guys coming around like I’d suggested but if they left him alone he figured he might as well give that tutoring shit a try. Nothing else he’d done had worked maybe if they came over, sat through a few tutoring lessons while they took the opportunity to ogle me, well, that wouldn’t be so bad, would it? They’d end up going home and jerking off thinking about me, just like he did. If my presence was able to provide them with a little eye candy, Samir knew that could only be good for him. Why did Javed want to know her bra size? Just so he could think about that when he whacked off… Samir thought to himself.

Thinking about my bra size Samir started to get excited, he went to his closet and riffled around in an old bag he’d stashed there. He pulled out one of my bra and the matching panties he’d stolen from the laundry hamper two day before, he was already picturing running his tongue up the inside of those silky panties, drawing out as much of my sweet nectar as he could. I usually did laundry on Sundays so he just had to sneak it back into the basket before then. The bra set was a royal blue one, with delicate lace trim around the bra cups, the built in wire reinforcing showed the full shape of the substantial bra. He looked inside the big curving cups, seeing the whitish crusty stains from the four loads he’d already shot into it over the past two days while he’d been licking and sucking at the crotch of my panties. This was Samir’s main fantasy, the one that drove him crazy- eating out his sister’s perfect pussy for hours. This is what Samir dreamed of more than anything else, servicing me orally, bringing me to orgasm after orgasm. He loved everything about me, from my black hair and pretty face to my massive 36D tits, from my slim waist and sensually flared hips, to my curvy bums and fully creamy thighs, all the way down to my knees, toned calves, and slender ankles. Even my little feet were sexy, but he knew it was that mysterious pussy hidden beneath my clothes that he’d spend all his time worshipping. He went back to his computer and opened a picture folder he kept hidden deep in his files. It showed numerous thumbnails of me in white bikini, I’d worn it last weekend and he’d taken the pictures from his bedroom window, using a zoom lens. The white bikini emphasized my huge tits spectacularly and the tiny V-shaped bottom hugged my curvy bum teasingly. He set four of the pictures side by side on his computer, satisfied with his whacking material for this session he started whacking.

When I came to my room, I stripped off my clothes, feeling my huge tits breathe a sigh of relief as they spilled forth from my overflowing bra, the heavy spheres settling down and out over the full breadth of my chest, my nipples were hard and I knew it was from the kisses and groping the guys had given me on the way out. I pulled off my panties and held them before me, soaked- absolutely soaked, my rich womanly scent drifted into my sense, inflaming my aroused libido even more. I pulled out my dildo, my hands running over the six inch length, knowing from what I’d felt pressed against me that Javed was much bigger. I throw myself on the bed and plunged the cock-shaped slab of rubber deep into my slippery trench. I slid the six inches of rubber slab back and forth in my steaming twat, I came quickly; the muscles on the insides on my thighs were quivering like plucked guitar strings as wave after wave of ecstasy flowed through me. I propped up against the headboard on a stack of pillows, I reached down with my free hand and slid it over my shaved mound, my fingertips reaching the protruding nodule of my clit and my nipples were just as sensitive if not more. Soon I was on the verge of the second orgasm. When I was teenager I found out that I was able to climax just as easily by having my tits sucked on as having my pussy stimulated. It was that sensitivity that had allowed me to have what I referred to as a mini climax when Javed had been rubbing himself against my backside in the kitchen. My mind had been sent spinning by his illicit behavior and I’d become excited, my aroused brain had taken hold of my trigger-like libido and set it off as I’d felt the protrusion of his big cock pressing against my bum. The mini climax had swept over me, sending those delicious tingling sensations shooting through my body. The second one followed on the heels of the first as I touched my swollen clit; I gushed all over my hand and knew I’d to wash the sheets. With my fingers idly toying with my slippery pussy lips I lay there wondering what Javed had thought when I’d climaxed when he’d been pressed against me. He must have known, my body was trembling and quivering beneath him as the little bolts of lightning pulsed through every sensitive nerve ending. He’d acted like it was nothing, but he had to have know…hadn’t he? As the euphoria of my second consecutive orgasm subsided, I realized how silly I was being. These were just boys the same age of my brother 18; they were just being friendly when they thanked me by kissing me and holding me close but at least they’d been nice to Samir, which is what my idea had been all about, if it took me being nice to them too far to stop bullying my little brother, I could easily do that. I’d do whatever it took to make sure my little brother felt safe and happy. With my mind settled down, I took a shower; I loved my big en-suite bathroom, with the huge glass-walled shower with multiple shower heads. I stood under the shower, letting the hot stinging pellets rain down on me. I grabbed the big bar of soap and lathered my hands before washing my breasts, my foamy hands sliding all over the massive guns. My nipples came alive under my fingertips, I made myself stop, knowing that with my level of sensitivity I’d have myself overheated in no time. Reluctantly I released them, sighing as my hands mover over the rest of my body, when I was finished, I towel-dried my long hair and tossed my head from side to side the damp locks failing about my shoulders as I combed my fingers through it.

I went to one of my dresser drawers where I kept my lingerie, wondering what to wear to bed tonight. I selected an emerald-green chemise, the hem and bra cups trimmed in delicate white lace, it was very feminine and I loved the feel of the cool green satin against my skin. I checked myself in the full length mirror adjusting my girls in the smooth satin cups. The triangular shaped pieces of satin that covered each breast were stretched tightly over the heavy mounds, emphasizing my protruding nipples. I puffed up some of the pillows I’d stacked against the headboard and thought “This is for Samir. It’s going to work our okay with those guys for him…they just need some care and understanding. They seem to be nicer than I expected. Deep down I’m sure they’re quite nice. I’m sure they’re good guys. They just need a little understanding, considering what they have to go through every day. I can do that and it’ll help both them and Samir” After making my mind, I grabbed the latest bestseller I was reading and settled into bed, hoping the book would take my mind off the things I’d been thinking. It worked and within a few minutes I was totally engrossed in what I was reading all that changed around 10:45 when my cell phone I’d placed on my bedside table pinged, indicating a text. “Who can that be at this time of night?” I thought to myself as I reached for my phone, I was surprised to see the name Javed on my screen, I opened the message: Ms. Reema…I’m sorry to disturb you so late…but it’s important…can we talk to you for a minute…we’re right outside in your driveway. “What the heck?” I thought and got out of bed and hurried over peeking out between the blinds.

I saw the shadowed shape of Javed’s bike in the driveway, the moonlight glinting off the dark paint; I looked again at the message. He had said it was important; perhaps one of them was hurt, maybe they’d been in some kind of accident and one of them got injured and they were turning to me for help. I thought my fingers flew over the keypad on my phone: Okay…I’ll be down in a minute. I hit the send button and then reached for my heavy white terry cloth robe I’d thrown over the easy chair in the corner of the room. I cinched it tight making sure my sexy nightie was well covered, for some reason, I felt compelled to check myself in the mirror. I reached up and fluffed up my black hair until it looked nice, framing my pretty face handsomely. I went down the stairs as quietly as I could not wanting to disturb Samir, I turned the light on inside the front entryway and slowly opened the door. As soon as the silver of light illuminated the porch, I saw the shape of three dark silhouettes move towards the house. I recognized the outline of Javed’s broad muscular torso leading the way, the other two guy right behind him. “Javed, what is it? Is someone hurt?” I asked, standing in the doorway to block their way, I could see the faces of all three now and none of them looked the worse for wear. “Not really …No” Javed replied his eyes looking past me inside the house. “But it’s important…we need your advice on something… I promise we’ll only take a few minutes of your time…it’s important…” He gestured over my shoulder to the interior of the house. I saw the look of concern on all of their faces and I felt sorry for them. “Okay…but you have to be quiet…I think Samir’s asleep…” I said in a hushed whisper, opening the door wider and stepping to the side.

Javed gave the others a quick glance and I thought I saw the flicker of something in his dark eyes. “Okay…we’ll be quiet. Maybe if we could just sit at the kitchen table and talk…we’ll be out here in no time…” Javed said. I led the way and the three guys followed, I turned the light on over the table and sat down at the end, Javed taking a seat to my left while Nasim sat immediately to my right with Basim in the seat next to him. The table sat six, with the chair next to Javed and the one at the opposite me vacant. I noticed they all looked at my chest as they sat down, causing me to glace that way myself. My robe had gaped open a bit revealing the uppers swells of my tits, I tried to make it look casual as I pulled the robe closed. “So what’s wrong? What do you need to talk to me about?” I asked my voice was even and hushed as I looked at each of them in turn before settling on Javed, who I knew would do the talking for all of them “Well…you know how we told we’d to leave because we’d dates tonight?” Javed paused as I nodded “It didn’t go well…that’s what we wanted to talk to you about…” I looked quickly at the other, who nodded solemnly in affirmation of what Javed had said “What do you mean it didn’t go well…and why would you want to talk to me about it?” I asked. “You’re not like any of the girls we know…Ms. Reema…you’re a sophisticated, beautiful lady who although we haven’t known you very long we respect…” Javed paused, noticing that I was somewhat surprised by his words, my face letting him know I appreciated what he was saying even if it had caught me unawares. “The girls in our neighborhood are nothing like you…we just can’t figure out why they act the way they do…we wanted to talk to you…to see if you would have any idea…why they act like that…do you think you could help us?”“What…what did they do?” I asked Javed. “Well…this is something we couldn’t talk to the girls in our neighborhood… but we felt maybe we could talk to you…” Javed paused again before I nodded for him to continue “The girls…the girls we were with…they…uh….they kind of left us high and dry…you know…they kind of led us on and then…well, they didn’t follow through with anything…” Javed could see the light go on in my eyes as I understood what he was talking about. “Why …why do girls act that way? Do you also act that way…Ms. Reema…” “Well, I don’t know what to say… Javed…I don’t know these girls…I don’t know how they feel about you guys…I do know that a lot of girls can act that way…maybe they’re a bit curious…nervous and shy at the same time…I know it mustn’t seem very nice…but you have to realize that they’re just young and unsure of themselves…” I replied. Javed nodded taking in my explanation “Yeah… you might be right…but girls like you…they don’t act like that? They wouldn’t do something like that?” Javed said, I realized I may have gotten myself a bit of pickle with what I’d just said. “Well…that’s not exactly what I’m saying…I think you have to look at each person individually…it’s really hard to say what’s going on in those girls mind…” I replied. “But it’s so frustrating for us…when this kind of thing happens…it makes us angry…right guys?” Javed looked over at his two buddies who had noticeable scowls on their faces.

“Fucking right…” Nasim said, shaking his head angrily. “See how ticked off he is…when stuff like this happens…it’s not good…and when we get angry…we kind of lash out…we end up taking out our anger on other people…” Javed said and sat back slightly in his chair and turned his eyes towards the stairs letting me know he was talking about ‘people’ like Samir. “And I don’t think any of us wants to see what might happen if we become even angrier…right?” I met Javed’s eyes, seeing both the frustration and the anger lurking inside and yes I could see the caring in them at the same time “No…Uh…we don’t want to see that happen…I can see how upset all of you are…but it’ll be okay…” I replied. “How’s it going to be okay…Ms. Reema that girl Nasim was out with…she was a total tease…and now Nasim’s in a bad way…” Javed gestured across the table to his friend and continued “Show her…Nasim…” I could only watch, totally aghast as Nasim stood up beside me and quickly undid his pants, unbuttoned and unzipped; he reached into his underwear and pulled out his cock, pointing it right at me. It was rock hard and big, bigger that my boyfriend’s and bigger than any I could remember seeing. The broad mushroom head looked engorged with blood and angry.


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