I always have liked teasing my brother in law. It has always been the silly innocent teasing but it changed quite a bit lately. It started, again innocently, when over the weekend I wanted to take a shower.

I was already undressed in the bathroom when I heard the door. My brother law tried to get in but of course I had it locked. “Please let me shower first, I need to catch the bus!” I heard from the other side of the door. I knew this was true, he already overslept, but I assumed he’d miss it anyways, but apparently there was a reason he didn’t mind today.

“I’m already naked”, I replied, “What do you offer if I let you go first?” It was silent for a few seconds when the offer came: “I’ll give you a massage when I get back, but don’t tell your sister.” That offer I would not reject. He worked at a massage parlor after all. “Alright, let me cover myself up and I’ll let you in!” I honestly wasn’t expecting an offer at all, I was just being the little annoying sister in law, but a massage is always something to look forward to. It would be the first time he would give me one so that was sweet.

I put on my bathrobe, grabbed the clothing pile and walked out the bathroom. “Thanks, I am looking forward to that massage later today”, I said when walking out.

My sister is 22 and she married early because she got pregnant. My brother in law is 23, so 5 years older than I am, and quite a bit taller. They lived at our parents please because they couldn’t afford their own home, and she was still in college. It always felt as if he didn’t really wanted to marry my sister, and they’ve not been too close for years. If he wouldn’t have been married to my sister, he’d be the typical guy I’d try to hook up with. So, looking at him when he’s not wearing much at all, like how he was standing in just his shorts outside of the bathroom, always turned me on.

I went back to my room, and with like 10 minutes to kill I was a bit bored. And of course, when I’m bored, slightly horny and pretty much already naked, I ended up on my bed with my hand between my legs. And with that, the 10 minutes passed quite fast and my brother in law was out the door before I got back to the bathroom.

A few hours later he arrived back home. “I’m ready to cash in the promise you made”, I said to him when he entered the living room. I still was under the impression he would not fulfill his promise but it appeared he really would and said I should get ready and come to his room. I was so glad my sister was out of town for a few days, because with her here I for sure wouldn’t have been getting this massage. But why didn’t he want to tell her? Nothing wrong with a massage, right?

I asked what I should wear and he said: “If you want me to massage your back, it better not be covered”. It made sense, but that meant I’d have to go without a bra. And going topless with him made me even hornier I already was. I was curious if he got horny too.

I decided to wear my bikini top. It was easy to take off while still not being exactly topless. I went to his room, lay down on the towel he’d prepared and I unstrapped the top. My brother in law had nice firm hands and it felt great on my back. Apparently, I really could use one of those massages and I felt my back loosen up already. I have no idea how long he’d been going when he said he was done with my back. It probably was at least 20 minutes but maybe more. With the success he’d gotten with my back I asked him if he could massage my legs too. Only problem, I was wearing shorts, and those had to come off.

I figured, what the hell. He’s my brother and I’m sure he’s seen plenty of girls in their panties. So, I got up and took off my shorts with only my panties on. It was only when my shorts hit the floor, I remembered my top was still laying on the bed. Yep, I was standing in front of my brother in law, topless and in my panties. I probably haven’t exposed myself like that since I had last sex with my ex.

I was a bit frozen to the ground, while at the same time I saw something grow inside my his pants. He wasn’t wearing the best outfit to hide a boner after all, just a loose short. I was ashamed, but at the same time I got even more horny. Especially after seeing the bulge in his pants. I apologized for my appearance and then quickly got back to the bed to get ready for part two of the massage.

Then his hands touched me. It felt different. I’m sure it was because he basically just saw a naked girl. There was a sort of tension between us now and it felt great. I kind of wished he was as exposed as I was. I couldn’t help myself become even hornier than I was earlier and I’m sure my only remaining piece of clothing was showing the effect of me being wet down there.

When he moved his hands up to massage my upper legs, I slightly moved my legs apart a bit further, allowing him access between my legs. I wondered if he had gotten hornier too. I couldn’t see his pants so had no idea if he still had a boner. When he got to the inside of my legs, I felt him hesitate and then slightly touch my panties. He then carried on as if nothing happened. He was probably testing the waters to see if I’d respond but I pretended I hadn’t noticed a thing. He repeated the process a couple times, every time becoming a bit more certain but still trying to sneak it in as an accidental touch.

I was over the edge. I wanted more! With just a simple touch so far, I want his finger to actually touch me. I wanted him to take my panties off and let his fingers touch my clit. I want his fingers move slowly inside me while he keeps rubbing my clit.

“Perhaps you can massage the front of my legs too?”, I asked innocently. He replied, “Yeah sure, do you…”. And then he stopped talking as I was already turning around. I suspect he wanted to ask me if I wanted to have my bikini top back to cover my a-cup boobs, but seeing as I already showed them to him, he trailed off while admiring them. He started massaging my legs, but he kept glancing towards my boobs. I was hornier than I’ve ever been in the presence of my brother in law, and I could now clearly see a bulge in his pants, so I was not the only one. I wondered if he ever had fantasized about me. He probably had; every guy does that right? Fantasizing about the sister-in-law?

I spread my legs a bit further to invite him to massage my inner legs. I probably revealed a wet spot too in my panties by the looks of it. He kept glancing back and forward between my boobs and my panties. It seems there was little left to the imagination and little less to hide. I made him observe me while touching me and I guess because of that his bulge in his pants wouldn’t die down for a while.

Meanwhile it had been 5 minutes since I turned around and it was time for a change. I wanted him, no, needed him to massage my boobs. Or rather, touch them, caress them and touch my nipples. I wanted a bit more intimacy. So… I flat-out asked him to massage my boobs. I guess touching my body for a bit like he had, had put him in some sort of mode where I could pretty much ask anything of him, and so he put his hands on my boobs and started squishing them. And that is when things progressed into territory I had hoped for some time. From just massaging them came touching, teasing and squeezing the nipples. I started moaning slightly, he noticed and it didn’t turn him off at all. I moved my hand down inside my panties and starting slightly rubbing my clit. Again, he noticed and didn’t turn him off at all. In fact, it only took a little while and he had one of my nipples in his mouth.

While technically there still was a point of no return, I think realistically by now we’d passed it. And this is also the point where I removed the hand from my pussy and I removed my panties completely. By now they were wet and annoying anyways. With the panties on the floor I moved my legs apart even further and started fingering myself like I was lying in bed by myself. Nothing to hide, and enjoying it as much as I could. For a bit I wished I had my vibrator with me, and then I realized there was no need. I had a very functioning and real boy right next to me.

I turned my attention to my brother in law and moved down his shorts. His boxer shorts that were under the shorts didn’t hide much to the imagination. He stepped out of his shorts while I was already pulling the band of his boxers down. His cock bounced out when I pulled it down enough and it was as big as I hoped. Not huge, but not small either. I guess a good description is a good package.

He took over and stepped out of his boxers. He then removed his shirt making him also completely naked. I guess this was the very last phase where any one of us could step out. But considering it only took me a couple seconds to grab his cock and put it in my mouth there wasn’t much time to consider this.

I enjoy taking a cock in my mouth, but I don’t enjoy it rough. I can’t get it deep either. Unlike in porn where apparently every girl can deep throat. I exposed the head of his cock and licked it, took it in my mouth, rotated my tongue around it and sucked on it. The taste of his precum was delicious and I wanted to continue endlessly. It didn’t look like he seemed to mind at all and he let me have him as I wanted. I have no idea how long I had been going before I wanted some attention myself too. By now I had full control over him and I ordered him to lay down on the bed. He did as I asked and I positioned myself on top of him. Not on his cock, not on his face but somewhere in between. I asked him how good he was in licking pussies. He didn’t answer, he just grinned. He then said, “why don’t you tell me how good I am”. I liked that answer and wanted to go lay on the bed myself, but he held me and pushed my pussy up to his mouth. I obliged and then I felt his tongue slide in between my lips and on my clit. He also slightly pushed it inside me. I guess the answer was, he was experienced and reaaal good at it. Oh, I never was licked that good before.

He also apparently really enjoyed it as he just kept going, edging me slightly. But I craved for more. I really wanted him inside me. If his licking is as good as this, how good would he feel inside me. I moved my pussy away from his face and I think he knew what was about to happen. I probably have never been as wet as this before so I was sure his cock was probably going to glide right in. When I moved down enough his cock was poking in my back. I lifted up and his cock was gliding down and grazing my pussy. I moved on top of it and slid my pussy over his cock, making him wet from my juice. I went up and down teasing him a little bit and he seemed to really enjoy this. Then I went up a little further and the cock managed to find his way exactly to the right spot. I knew, if I moved down just right it would slide right in. And so, I did. Slowly, retreating a little bit every bit down, but going deeper every time. It took a full minute maybe, before his cock was fully inside me. Oh my, this felt soooo gooood. All this time I have been almost horizontal, looking in his eyes and pushing my boobs right on his chest. I now positioned myself upright and started riding him like I’ve never ridden a cock before. I was in heaven! He grabbed my boobs and squeezed them, and squeezed my nipples. He then also came upright and started sucking them. It felt so good and I kept speeding up more and more, and before I knew it, we both came.

It was glorious, and the orgasm was the best I’ve ever had. I collapsed on him and kissed him on the mouth. It was probably the best sex I’ve had. Even though overall it had been quite short. His cock softened while we lay there for a bit. When it came out of my pussy, I felt the cum drip out. Probably something I should clean shortly.

I rolled off him and kissed him again. I told him I’d go take a shower and he wanted to join as well. We were both sweaty and reeking of sex. I guess both our juices got all over our bodies. I guess that shower from earlier wasn’t really needed after all. And now we got in together. How things can change in only a couple hours.

I got a dirty mind and am already plotting how our shower will proceed. Here’s to hoping my sister would be away more often, and especially not return when I’m in the shower with her husband.

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