This is my third story and a continuation of the previous two, so you may want to read the others first to catch up.

It had been a few days since i had sucked Sirs cock in his car and i hadn’t heard anything from him, i had started to think he was no longer interested in me as i knew he always got plenty of offers from both men and women.

During the days after sucking Sirs fat cock, me and my girlfriend had barely seen each other as we both had a lot of work to do for uni, because of this there had been no sexual contact, except for a little innocent peck on the lips.

I was just about to climb into bed with my girlfriend when I got a text from Sir saying ‘Rachel I hope you’re ready to get fucked like the girl you are, i will be coming round once your parents have left for work, don’t disappoint me RACHEL XX’

I instantly got horny seeing his text, i walked out the bedroom into the bathroom so i could reply without my girlfriend knowing. I replied saying ‘Yes i am ready to be fucked like the girl I am Sir, but ive got classes tomorrow’. I quickly got a reply saying ‘You won’t be going to them. get ready for me coming round, i expect you to be wearing a pair of your girlfriends sexiest knickers for me arriving and nothing more, understand Rachel? I replied saying yes Sir, before leaving the bathroom and going to bed.

I woke up the next morning really excited, my girlfriend had already left and went to the library and my parents were gone to work, my girlfriend often left clothes at mine and luckly she had left a pair of panties the week b4 which i kept, i tried it on, it made my ass look great, if anything even better than my girlfriends with my skinny frame. I then went searching for some lube, remembering how fat Sirs cock is. I text Sir telling him i was now all alone and ready for him, he quickly replied saying he was on his way and to leave the door open for him, i told him i would be waiting in bed for him.

10 minutes later i heard the front door open, and footsteps coming up the stairs, i heard Sir say i hope your ready Rachel, i shouted back saying I am Sir.

He walked in the room to find me bent over my bed, wearing a bright pink thong, my ass looking straight at him, i said i hope you like what you see Sir.

Within seconds i felt him slap my ass hard, he then said Rachel from now on only refer to me as Daddy, i quickly said YES Daddy. Daddy started groping my ass, telling me how girly it looked and how much he was looking forward to fucking it, i heard daddy spit, a few seconds later i felt him move my girlfriends thong to the side I moaned as i felt him put a finger in my virgin ass, Daddy asked if i liked feeling his finger in my ass, i moaned again whilst saying YES Daddy.

I then felt Daddy remove his finger from my asshole, i heard him starting to remove his clothes, he told me to sit on the bed next to him, as i turned round i could see his fat cock was nearly fully erect already, seeing it again made me think im not sure his 8 inches will fit in my tight virgin ass.

Daddy stood up right in front of my, his cock inches from my face, without being asked i started groping his big balls and licking up and down his fat cock, i heard him say good girl Rachel, hearing this made me want to please daddy even more, so i took his cock in my mouth and started sucking it, i felt him put his hands on my head making me take it deeper, wasn’t long til he was virtually fucking my girly mouth, as he was he kept calling me his little girl, saying he cant wait for my girlfriend to see how much i love sucking daddies cock, it was all a bit of a blur as i was enjoying what daddy was doing to me.

Daddy then pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to get on all fours on the bed, he reached for the lube at the side of the bed, he put it on his fingers and shoved 2 fingers in my ass, getting me ready for his cock, i couldn’t help but moan as it felt so good, he then asked if i was ready as it was time to take daddies cock up my girly Virgin ass, i said yes im ready Daddy, and always will be, with that i felt his cock at the entrance to my asshole, he forced it in luckily it was well lubed so slid in quite well, he slowly kept forcing himself deeper and deeper into my ass, what seemed like ages but was probably only a matter of minutes he told me he was nearly fully deep inside my tight girly ass, he told me to get used to the feeling as shortly he was going to fuck me like the slutty girl i am, i said yes daddy. It had hurt at first when he was forcing himself into my ass, but gradually i got used to the feeling, my ass felt so full with his cock deep in my ass and him not moving, letting me get used to it.

Once he had me used to the feeling of his fat cock deep in side my girly ass he pulled out slowly, and pushed himself back in, he did this repeatedly, i moaned every time he slid back in but sighed every time he pulled out, he slowly started to fuck my me, he started to get into a rhythm, i then felt him grab a hold of my hips really forcefully, this helped him fuck me even deeper, my small cock was now rock hard and bouncing around but he wouldnt let me touch it, he told to grab a tight hold of the headboard as Daddy wanted me to feel the way all of his sluts do whilst getting fucked by his fat cock, as i grabbed the headboard i could feel him picking the pace up, there was no more pain just enjoyment, i was enjoying my daddy fucking my ass, i was even pushing back on his cock, Daddy noticed this and said thats a good girl we both knew you would love being fucked like a girl, he said your ass belongs to me now Rachel, you understand, I moaned and said YES Daddy, my ass belongs to you please dont stop fucking me Daddy.

Daddy said im about to cum, with that he pulled his cock out my ass, grabbed his mobile, pointed it at my face and said beg me for my cum Rachel, show me how much you love Daddy and his fat cock.

I grabbed Daddies cock and started stroking it making sure i was looking at his mobile, Daddy i love your fat cock, please give your slutty lil girl your hot load, Daddy looked at me and said tell the camera who owns your girly ass, i looked straight at the camera and said Daddy owns my ass, he then shot a huge load all over my face, i took his cock in my mouth and tried to taste as much as i could, once id cleaned it all i looked back at the camera and said thank you Daddy, he then stopped the video he had been taking.

Daddy looked at me and said you did a good job Rachel, me and you will have a lot of fun together, especially now that i own your ass, i rubbed his finger across my face, cleaning up some of his cum, he then made me lick his fingers clean, as i did he said good girl.

We had more fun before he left, this also wasnt the end of my submission to my knew daddy, to be continued, please comment if you enjoyed and want to know more

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