To my surprise this made is cock tense up and spray it’s load right in front of my eyes! Pulling my lips from his balls I quickly put them around his cumming cock to catch the rest of his load that hadn’t already gotten in my hairs and on my back. I swallowed and lick the deflating organ clean before he pulled it back and left with his friend. I sat on the toilet seat and tried to clean some of the incredible mess that had been made. Cum all over my face, cum in my hair, cum on my blouse and on my bare belly, not to mention my skirt which was wet with my release on both the front and back from when I fell in it. My pussy was still pretty wet so I thought it best to remove my skirt to prevent it from getting worse. I mean no one could see my naked lower half in here right? So what’s the harm?

I began playing with my sopping pussy to pass the time until my favorite penis showed up. Massaging my lips, running my clit fingering my hole I managed to work up another orgasm but I remembered spraying all over the floor so I angled down so that this time I just squirted directly in the toilet bowl. The waves of pleasure rushed over me as I peed my climax in the water below, dripping grool along with it.

I must have moaned too loudly or made too much noise with my climax because as I was coming down from my bliss I heard a deep voice come the stall next to me “sounds like you’re getting ready for me.”

If my mind hadn’t been clouded by my orgasm I might have recognized that voice again but I was also relieved at the sight of that familiar first dick being presented before me.

I practically attacked it as I immediately began kissing it and rubbing my hands all of it. Finally I closed my mouth on it and brought it straight to the back of my throat. Even though it was already working it’s way down my throat my lips still weren’t all the way to his base. I worked my way back and forth working the cock further and further down my throat. Swallowing it deeper than I had felt any of the previous dicks I finally sealed my lips against his base. I just massaged it there, marveling in my achievement. I toached my throat where his dick was lodged and ran my fingers down to find the tip and was surprised to find it almost touching my collarbone! I could feel him shiver in my throat as he felt my fingers through my neck.

I was running out of air so I pulled off of him panting for air. My pussy was like a river runnning down my naked thighs so began to finger myself as I took his length back into my throat. He groaned as I swallowed him to the base again, this time playing with his balls with my free hand as I fingered my sopping wetness. I could tell he was close as he began to roughly fuck my throat as I left my head against the hole so that he could rut into my neck. I moaned loudly as I began to squirt again, being unable to aim down the toilet, it soaked the stall and bathroom floor as I shook with orgasm. He felt my throat tighten causing him to groan and release down my throat. I could feel him pulsing in my throat shooting his hot load almost directly into my stomach which triggered another orgasm right on top of the Other with my fingers slamming into my cunt and my wetness shooting everywhere. After four or five spurts of cum I couldn’t hold myself up anymore and collapsed off the toilet seat onto the stall floor, quivering and still ejecting my fluid. My right hand obsessively rubbing my clit through the orgasms, my right grabbed his still shooting cock to rub it through his. The remaining 4 or five shots of his cum streamed through the air landing on the stall walls, my clothed upper half, and my naked twitching lower half.

The way I had fallen meant that not only was I now lying in a large pile of my own cum mixed with the previous cocks’ cum, but my pussy was also aimed directly at the space at the bottom of the stall seperation. This meant that my ejaculate had soaked not only the wall, but the stranger’s shoes, socks and the pants around his ankles as well. I was surrounded by multiple strangers semen as well as my own pussy juice that was runnning down practically every surface of the stall. And now I had marked my favorite Stranger with my essence. As I lay there glowing and soaked, the Strangers deflating cock was still dripping cum and it happened to drip down right on my naked pussy lips. I reached up and squeezed the last of his semen out onto my pussy lips as I rubbed the cum all over my pussy, mixing our ejaculates together while coming down from my orgasms. Having a hand on his cock and a hand sealing our fluids to my pussy I knew that I need to fuck this man soon.

He pulled his now sensitive penis from my grasp but I was reluctant to let go and slid on every inch until he removed it. This meant he had slid his tip right through my grip earning a “fuck!” Exclamation from him as he recoiled into his stall. I sat up, or rather slid, on the floor of the stall to check the time on my phone. I was late! Like really late to meet daddy! I heard the sexy stranger bolt out of his stall but was already scrambling to get my skirt on and try not to look like such a slut!

I made it out of the stall still looking fairly sweaty, my hair was a mess I managed to rub the semen into or out of my hair so that it looked somewhat better but some hairs were stiff and it was now messy because of the effort. My phone rang, it was daddy! I answered short of breath “daddy I’m so sor-“ but before I could finish he cut me off “baby I’m so sorry I’m late!” Oh thank god he’s late too! “It’s alright daddy I’ll meet you when I’m fixed up!” Daddy replied “fixed up from what baby girl?” Oh shit I misspoke! “Uh I fell in a puddle!” I wasn’t completely lying…

Meeting up with daddy he immediately gave me a hug. “Sorry for being late baby!” He was going to smell my sweat and maybe even the strangers cum! “Why are you so sweaty and out of breath?” Daddy asked releasing me from his embrace.

“Uuuhh I saw you were late so I went for a jog!” I said blushing furiously.

Daddy looked at me with a doubtful eye, we both knew I hated running so I decided to change the subject.

“Uuuummmm…Oh Daddy so why were you late?”

Daddy looked away instantly blushing and shifting is feet, he must have felt bad for not picking me up. I felt guilty for lying to my daddy.

“Oh uh traffic was terrible!” “Come on sweetie we need to go home!” He added quickly

I nodded quickly in understanding and noticed that when he hugged me his pants and shoes must have gotten wet! Oh my god I got my cum juice on daddy! What if he found out I wasn’t wearing panties! Maybe daddy didn’t notice how wet I got him?! As we got in the car I decided to play innocent

“So daddy what happened to your pants?”

“Oh uh that must’ve been the puddle I stepped in earlier. I need to change when we get back, my socks and shoes are soaked!”

I heaved a sigh of relief. Phew!

When I got home I immediately ran to take a shower. Had I taken it too far today? I mean daddy could have found me out when he hugged me! Both the semen and my own cum were all over me after all! But I couldn’t stop thinking about all the cocks I had played with, especially the stranger’s cock and the orgasms I had loved. I couldn’t possibly stop, I’ll just have to be more careful afterwards.

Then I began to think about the strangers cock and had good it would feel to have it lodged in my pussy instead of my throat. I should use a condom right? Aren’t I going to be ovulating soon? I can’t just put a condom on him, he will surely have a condom. Then again wouldn’t it feel even better to have him inside me raw? The thought of the risk made me wet, REALLY wet. I could just tell him to pull out right? Of course he never pulled out of my throat…

The next day I woke up sopping wet from a dream and had to change my sheets. All throughout school my mind kept wandering to that cock awaiting me and I would get very hot and wet. I wore panties today just to keep from making a mess, but they just got soaked in first period so I took them off. I had to excuse myself from class because the seat would start getting wet and sticky from my grool! I finally went to the ladies room. I needed to orgasm so I would stop getting the seats Messy! Spreading my legs on the toilet, I worked my pussy lips and rubbed my clit. As I heated up I snuck a hand under my blouse to massage my breast, squeezing my boob and pinching my nipple. I felt the heat and pleasure rise within me until I doubled forward in a nice orgasm. Squeezing my breast and furiously running my clit as I shot my release into the toilet bowl.

I came back to class only to find I had missed most of the class. Collecting my things I went to second period. It only took 10 minutes before I starting getting flushed again. I reached down to check to see if I was sticky and was shocked to see that my arousal was starting to drip off the seat! Good thing I was in the back or else someone might have seen me, or he’ll even smelled me. I just need to last through school! But it was only second period and we hadn’t even had lunch yet! I fidgeted and couldn’t focus the entire period and when the bell rang for lunch I ran immediately to the bathroom to relief myself. This time I went to the private bathroom that had a lockable door and no stalls. My skirt flew off and I ripped open my blouse. I leaned back on the toilet seats so that my legs were by my sides and slammed a finger in my already sticky wet pussy. It took longer this time so I massaged breast again and added a second finger. Ooo that hit the spot! Just thinking about having a cock sliding down my throat and then rutting into my cervix I began to pant lustfully: Digging into my vagina I finally threw my head back letting out a lusty moan as I shot my release, not into the toilet bowl but out onto the floor. My body was shaking and quivering with the much needed orgasm.

I heard a knock on the door followed by a concerned “are you alright in there?” Which scared me out of my bliss so I slipped off the toilet bowl landing on my puddle of slick which caused me to slip and slide even more! Finally regaining my composure I answered “I’m alright…j-just feeling a little sick!”

I came out of the bathroom face to face with a concerned teacher. “Do you need to go home?”

“I think so” I replied. At least I could avoid getting found out at school.

“Well have your father come pick you up.”

Daddy seemed concerned on the ride home but also very distracted. It was terrible of me to take him away from work like this.

Once the time I would normally be in band rehearsal came around I dressed in a short skirt, tube top, easy slip off shoes, and put some more of the red lipstick I’ve been wearing all day. It made me feel very attractive and sexually aroused at the thought about what I was about to do.

I looked around the house to ask daddy for a ride to the park but he was no where to be found. I’ll just ride my bike then.

The bike seat feels good on my bare pussy as I prepare to leave. The cold leather is quickly heating up now that I’m peddling and it’s grinding right into my pussy lips. Oh god the vibrations from the gravel are going right up the seat into me! Now the seat is getting sticky! I’m almost halfway to the park I can hold out. But I start grinding into the seat as I pedal causing me even more pleasure as I think I’m Red in the face now. Looking down I see the seat is sopping wet and is dripping down the bike. I’m almost there! I arrive at the public bathroom just as I simultaneously reach orgasm. Stopping the bike pushes me forward right into the seat pushing me over the edge! Shaking I’m barely able to hold myself up as the pleasure spreads from my pussy throughout my body. I let out a satisfied moan followed by a soft cooing sound as I finish grinding my way through the orgasm. Regaining my composure I’m ready. It’s time.

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