My first pair of pantyhoseI was in the sixth grade and had always wanted to try a pair of pantyhose on. My mom never ever wore pantyhose or knee hi’s. I had been wearing her nylon panties and lingerie for at least 6 years prior. I yearned to try on womens hosiery for so long. Playing with myself looking at department store catalogs hosiery section. My grandmother had collected them for years. So i would borrow a few when I went over to her house. Evevryday after school my friends and I would play video games at the local convenient store. Next to the video games was the Legg’s display When it wasnt my turn I would stare at all those eggs wanting to know what treasures lied inside.

Finally one day after starting seventh grade, I had enough of looking at those pantyhose filled was too much. I was looking at the pantyhose section of a penneys catalog. My pecker was super hard. My cousin was over so I couldnt sneak a pair of my moms nylon panties. I decided to go down the convenient store. I was so nervous. Looking at all these eggs I waited for no one to be in line. It felt like forever. Finally there was no one in the store. I quickly grabbed a pair of sheer energy stw suntan pantyhose. as I approached the counter a business woman walked in and got right behind me. I was really nervous having a woman seeing me buying pantyhose. The clerk was an old asian man. He then says loudly, Are these for you??. I was mortified. I said they are for my mom. I heard the woman giggle behind me. I quickly took my pantyhose and left. As I got down the street i calmed down and the reality of having a pair of pantyhose in my possession. I got an erection just looking in the bag and seeing that egg. As I approached home I sen my mom was home. I had no way of hiding the egg. I knew she would want to talk when i got in so going straight to my bedroom was not going to happen. I decided i had to throw the egg away. As soon as I grabbed the pantyhose out of the egg, my pecker started throbbing. The feel of pantyhose in my hand was so exciting. I couldnt imagine what they must feel like when put on. I stuffed the pantyhose down my pants and walked in.

My mom wanted to talk of course. We chatted for about 5 minutes. All I could think about was those leggs sheer energy pantyhose. I told my mom I wasnt feeling well and went to my room. I waited a grueling 5 minutes before pulling the pantyhose out my pants. I locked my door and got naked. My pecker sticking straight out throbbing as I hold up my new pair of hosiery. I started to slip on the pantyhose and Immediately noticed the sheer toe. was always fond of pantyhose with reinforced toe as I had seen women wearing in the catalogs. I was a little disappointed. But as I continued to slip on the pantyhose the excitement took over. As I had them all the way on I couldnt believe how great the pantyhose felt. The way they looked on my body. I walked around my room. I was as hard as ive ever been. I then pulled down the waistband and started to play with myself while looking at my pantyhose covered body. I lasted about 10 seconds before I had an orgasm. I then layed under the covers watching tv rubbing my legs together and running my hands over my pantyhose. 5 minutes later I was playing with myself again. This time I lasted about 5 minutes. I had 6 more orgasms that night. The whole time I had wished I had pantyhose with reinforced toe. I decided that I would stay home sick tomorrow and go to the store when my mom went to work.

Next day she leaves. I put on my pantyhose and walked around the house. After about 20 minutes. I then put on my clothes still with the pantyhose on under my pants. I went down to the store and took my time and found a pair of sheer energy pantyhose suntan and it said reinforced toe. I was really excited. It was the same old man. He then asked me again if these were for me. I told him they were for my mom. He didnt seem convinced. Over the next 6 months of me buying pantyhose from there, he would ask me every time if they were for me. Believe me there were plenty of times.

This time I was able to keep my first of many egg’s. I admired the egg before pulling out my second pair of pantyhose. I started to slip on my new hosiery and noticed the reinforced toe. Im stiff as can be at this point. as I pulled them all the way up my pecker thobbing and aching in my control top sheer energy pantyhose. Seeing the reinforced toe had me really excited. I walked around the house. The feeling of the nylon swishing was unbearable. I reached in my pantyhose and started to play with myself. I lasted about 10 seconds before having an intense orgasm. That day I played all day long going back and forth between my pantyhose. That was the first of many pantyhose and lingerie adventures whether purchasing or swiping from friends moms dresser drawers and hampers.

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