Ok so of you read my previous stories you know about Darrel . Dave also knew about Darrel and wanted us to try swinging together . We booked an adults only resort in Jamaica because it’s was one of the cheaper ones . As we arrive they are giving everyone drinks at the airport and the guy handed it to me and says your going to have fun here ! .I thank him and continue to our transportation to the hotel . We see a sign and we stand with the rest of the crowd but we realized everyone was a bit older , nothing ridiculous but everyone was definitely over 30 . We make small talk whole we wait to board and this couple was rather surprised we chose this as our first destination in Jamaica . I asked why he said they come every year and don’t see many couples our age . I just thought he was being nice but when we arrived to the spot and we got out of the van it felt like all eyes were on me . I know I am what people consider thick and I usually get looks but this was different. They offer more drinks and told us joints are passed around by the pool if we’re into that . Which Dave is I will sometimes but as we get to our room they told us we got a free upgrade to fla suite , we asked why but the man said he is just following the paper . We get to a beautiful suite with a balcony and everything . Dave tips the man and we are excited about the upgrade . We decided to check out the pool . As we’re getting dressed there’s a knock and some man gives me a gift box . I ask what is it and he said it’s for me and just walked away . I opened the box and it’s a bikini that says unicorn on the front . I hold it up and it’s definitely too small for me . I put it aside and continue with MY bikini I brought and bring the box back to the front desk thinking it was a misunderstanding. He tells me to read the note , I was maybe in such a rush to get to the pool I didn’t see it . I take it out and he tells me it’s definitely for me and smiles as I walk to my room. The note read hell and welcome as your know this is a adults only swinging friendly voyuer friendly and everything else friendly place . Most of our guests are a certain age but every now and again we get a unicorn which is a girl under 25 that is absolutely beautiful and we want you to feel special so if you wear bikini it’s letting everyone know that you want to participate in the unicorn games . Thankyou and we hope it fits and some emojis . I laugh and show Dave and he says are you going to wear it . I tell him well we’re here for a few days maybe tomorrow . We go to the pool and they are doing a bubble bath thing we we’re so excited . We can see a bar in the pool so we put our towel and stuff on a chair and just jump in . The water was amazing it felt so good wasn’t too cold or warm , perfect . We make our way to the bar and as we are trying to get the bartenders attention a guy comes over with a tray full of shots who works there and he says “oh wow hello , you must of just arrived because I would of remembered you guys” but only looking at me . He says “take some shots with a true Jamaican ” I agree and Dave says grabbed two and the man said “now you !!” To me , so I grabbed one and we all took a shot and Dave takes the second and says that was great . The man says he’s name is Ricardo ” he asked if I would like anything to drink I say yes a vodka cranberry and he looks at Dave and Dave says a beer . The bubbles are now creeping over to The part of the bar where we are Dave starts to grab my butt and I let him looking at him and he’s looking around for some reason . Then he says to me “look theres a lot of older people here , they weren’t k**ding lol ” Ricardo comes back and gives us our drinks and now the bubbles are everywhere and we had to push a lot away to not get into our drinks . We talk for a little and eventually stand up because we were losing the war against the bubbles . Once standing Dave is across from me and Ricardo is in the middle I feel Ricardo grabbing my hips and reaching for my ass . It’s under the bubbles so Dave can’t see this and I thought of saying something but I thought this is why we came here right?!? I finish my drink fast because he Ricardo was already inside of my bikini and trying to reach from behind for my pussy but couldn’t thank God , so I I ask for another drink and and he makes a sad face and says ” ok but I was enjoying this conversation and laughed” . I can tell Dave is getting hammered so I told him” drink some water babe ” and he says something about how here’s on vacation and wants to drink . Ricardo comes back with a friend named johnny but call him J or jay idk lol anyway he was introduced as from the show I asked what show and he said the strip show at the club . He tells me I should go they do it every night . I say maybe and we all drink another round but Dave finished his beer so fast says “wow I’m thirsty , need to pee I’ll be back in a few . I say ok as he’s walking through the bubbles towards the restrooms I look him and then jay and Ricardo both tell me how perfect I would be for the show . I asked why is that ? They said because I am the most beautiful woman they have seen in a long time . They said ” young girls come for parties but they aren’t like me . They both almost simultaneously starting touching my legs . Right at this point I see Dave get out of the water , he doesn’t look back and I can tell by his walk he was very tipsy . They both are telling me how beautiful I am and wanted to know if I was married I said no they asked k**s I said no and Ricardo said damn so that pussy still tight as a virgin haha ” I laughed and said I am no virgin and he said let me see and put his hand from my thigh right on my pussy and started rubbing it . Jay with his other hand started playing with my tittie’s and he took it out I was so caught in the moment I didn’t realize he pulled the neck string so my tits we out under the bubbles . I went to cover up and he said come on babe no one can see anything . I smile and reach out for there dicks and they both to my surprise were already out . I could feel they were both big I couldn’t tell exactly but they both immediately moved closer . I’m looking out for Dave’s return And they both tell me stop looking he knows exactly what would happen leaving you here ! I say we made a deal he has to be here for everything I don’t want to get caught . As I am playing with a dick in each hand and jay has a tit in each hand Ricardo is rubbing my pussy and helping me jerk him off . Ricardo tells me to look him in the eyes and I do and he kissed me I backed up and he smiled and said your going to love it later . I laugh and said maybe but I don’t want Dave to come back to us and we’re kissing the bubbles can only hide so much . Jay stood right in front of me so I couldn’t see Dave coming as a game so I pushed his head under water and he starts sucking my nipples and it felt so good but he’s under water so I am saying he has to come up for air soon , after what felt like a long time he comes up and he’s so close his dick is hitting my tits and he starts to go side to side to get it in between but I can’t go under anymore. Ricardo has my pussy so wet and I’m thinking wow I just got here , I should chill . I look around and bubbles are hiding other people too but you can tell that there are fooling around too and most with black men . It was so amazing to see big strong young black men playing with these petite or thick older woman . Watching how excited the woman were I was anticipating a great next few days . As I am looking around I think I see Dave but it’s not him , I tell the guys I want to check on Dave and they say he is fine the bathroom is right there he can’t be lost . In my head I say a few more minutes and I will go . Another Waiter brings over shots but got close enough to actually see what was happening and says Ricardo you lucky man . He offered us shots and we stop everything to take them as I reach for it the waiter tells me ” will you and those be coming tonight?” And was looking down and my chest , I looked and realized my tits were still out and I laugh and say yes we will all be there . We take a second shot from the tray and he introduced himself but I don’t remember what his name was . I’m totally starting to feel the drinks because I look at Ricardo and moved my bikini to the side and he sticks his finger it fingers idk but I shot up and he laughed and said wow , how is my dick supposed to fit if I can’t get these in there and I laughed and said slowly . He tried to do it again but I moved it back and he made that sad face again and jay said what am I supposed to do with this jerking off his big dick I said idk there’s all these women to help you and he said I want you and all this blah blah lol . I put my top on and tell them I have to check on Dave and they assure me they would see me again and Dave can watch everything . They say I really am a once in a lifetime unicorn and I did feel special because getting out of the pool I felt everyone looking and I heard a lot of cat calls or whatever . I go to the bathroom and I am saying Dave Dave into the men’s room and I don’t hear anything . I say I’m coming in and a few guys were startled but then we’re normal dumb guys saying “can you help me with this ” anyway I check all the stalls and I don’t see him I go back out and as I do a lap around the pool because I was scared he jumped in and I missed him with the bubbles and stuff , anyway the first few feet guys and even girls were all saying something I’m just saying thank you ! And keep walking I don’t see him and I walk back to literally an applause . It was a little awkward but I felt like a movie star or something lol . I go back to the room and he’s sleeping ! I wake him up and he says he doesn’t feel well so I let him sleep and a few hours later I’m bored and it’s dinner so I wake him up and we get dinner but he says after he want to go to bed early tonight so tomorrow we can do some excursion . I tell him we should go to the dance hall club or whatever and he agreed so after dinner we shower and I put on a skirt and a tight top because I wanted to dance and didn’t want things falling out . I never wear panties but tonight I also didn’t wear a bra . As we arrive theres no line outside but a little one inside . After we go inside we notice this place is a lot more intense then we originally thought . Dance floor was packed music was loud it looked fun . It’s connected to the resort so most of the guest we’re from the resort but some we’re from outside because they were paying at the door as we got our wristband . We get drinks and I ask Dave to dance and he says he doesn’t feel well and I say well I want to dance so I start dancing next to him just to be funny and all of a sudden the music changed so I stopped then these guys came up and said they’re performers and wanted to use me in the act ? Dave looked at me like he’s ok if I am ok so I said yes ! They tell me to follow them to change Into a different outfit . They bring me to a room with other girls changing and they introduced themselves and I do the same and they asked is this my first show I say yes and they all say how much fun it is and I am going to have . Once changed they call us out and as we come out the crowd is going crazy especially when me and this woman who had amazing big tits came out and they ask us our names and where we are from ? Then tell us to sit down on a chair and we get blindfolded by the same guys who pulled me to the back and a few others . They tell us that we are going to play a game . The game is if we can tell our husbands dick from another man’s dick . We all laugh and say of course we will know . Then the host says ok ready guys stand in front of them . Lady’s reach out and tell me if any of these dicks is a match . I reach out and Dave has an average dick but this was big . It was still soft but maybe 6 inches or so and as I made contact it started to bigger . I grabbed it and I could feel the blood pulsing into it and I heard a low voice say ” yeah white girl play with that dick ” I smiled and must of subconsciously licked my lips because he said next ” mmm yea you like that big dick !! You know damn well it’s not your husband’s dick but you kept going ! You like big dicks don’t you” I smile again this time nervous because I’m not sure if anyone hears him but me and at this point his dick is about 10 inches and thick and feels great in my hands . The host says ok no matches let’s switch guys go left and the most left guy go to the end . I’m reaching out my hand and I feel a dick hit me in the face . I grab it and laugh and say wow trying to Knock me out like a cave man ! He laughed and said I should suck it to see if I taste like her husband . I say that’s against the rules and keep jerking him off . His dick was a little above average but thick . After a little they say switch and I stood back and learned my lesson the guy comes up and just grabbed my tits . It caught me off guard and I immediately was waiting for Dave to say something but didn’t . So I let him and he’s playing with me I am grabbing his dick and it was already hard and big as fuck . I remember saying wow and he laughed and said definitely not your husband right ? I said it’s like two of my husband maybe 3 . He laughed and I was trying to take my tits out but the bikini was small so I made it tight so nothing popped out and he said damn babygirl I want to play with those white [email protected]&##– to this day idk what he called them but I was hesitant and he said I’m the only one with my top on . So I said I don’t want to be prude . I said ok and he untied it and I took it off and I heard the crowd go crazy and I got excited thinking they are watching him play with my boobs and me touching his big dick . He was grabbing my head and guiding it to him but I would stop him and the crowd would go “awwwww” in disappointment . The host says switch again and I feel someone in front of me and I say hello and he says hi white girl how old are you . I say why ? And he says you might be the youngest girl I’m fucked . I laughed and said wow your a very cocky man . He said when you see the total package you will be mine ! I say can I remove the blindfold and he says no not until after . They say last switch so I am thinking ok this is Dave . The man comes up and I say baby! He says yes but it didn’t sound like Dave . I say I’m confused he says we’ll just open your mouth and i will explain . I take the blindfold off and it’s me and a few girls on stage and they are all sucking they dick that’s in front of them and I look to where I was with Dave and he’s not there but there’s another man jerking off looking at me. I’m confused and then the host says that he said he wasnt feeling good and for me to meet him when I’m done back at the room . This is where I felt bad because I know I should of left but I’m looking at these men in front of me and the crowd starts chanting” suck it suck it” I don’t know why I decided to not go back to the room but I told myself I’m just going to play for a little but I knew how I get especially when I drink and I was so horny from the pool with Ricardo and jay so I decided to stay for a bit . I remember I smiled and looked up and this beautiful muscular black mad with dreadlocks and grabbed his big dick and the crowd went crazy and I put it inside of my mouth and the cheers we’re like fuel to my already raging fire I tried my best to do what Darrel twas teaching me about open my throat but I keep choking and they loved it and I kept trying to prove I could do it . After a while I finally got most of it down but it was really big . The host says there’s no more switching but we can if we want to and I felt hands everywhere on me . I became the center of attention and I had 3 guys sucking me and caressing me . Once they started to finger me I sort of snapped back and got up and the crowd was upset I even got some boos but I didn’t like laying down I had no control over anything . I get on my knees and all the men come to me so I suck a different one and the head had so much precum that everytime I sucked more came out I thought he was Cumming lol he tasted so good . Anyone who knows me knows how I am lol . Anyway the crowd is loving that I didn’t leave and after a while my legs were tired so I get up and the guys lead me off stage to a couch in a room and one guy bends me over and started eating everything ..I mean everything . I was so horny that he got up and was trying to put his dick right inside and I asked him if he had a condom and he said at the bar . I demanded they use them and he said fine and one of the others got them as he teased my pussy with his unprotected dick . It was just sliding in and he would take it out I wanted to just say fuck it but the condoms arrive and he puts it on and slowly started stretching me out . As I adjusted it was pain but it quickly went away . Once it felt good again I sucked the other guys and they were saying it was crazy how good I look and all this stuff . They loved my ass . They all would grab it and shake it and go OMG look at it . Lol made me feel good . They would say “bumber too big for them white girl ” something like that lol .anyway after a few minutes literally he starts to cum inside of me and I was surprised but didn’t say anything . I just laughed and said I don’t even know your name and your just fucked me . He laughed and said Carl , and that he was going to shower . The other guy was putting his condom on and told me to get on top ok of him . I said I don’t cum like that’ll and he said fine then bend over and I did and his friend was watching and I had to tell him I want to suck his dick for him to come over because he was amazed at my butt or something lol .guy number 2 had a big dick as soon as it went in it hit my spot and a few minutes later I was cumming . A few minutes later guy number 3 comes right in my mouth and it was so much I was shocked . I tried to swallow it but it was too much too face . As it came out of my mouth it was still shooting . It was amazing . I will never forget that . He apologized for but warning me and I didn’t care I was in bliss from that orgasm . I get up to get dressed and noticed there was a window that faced out to the main room and everyone was watching me get fucked . I was a little embarrassed as I started to walk out and when I open the door I hear a roar of clapping and I’m getting a standing ovation lol over the load speaker I hear ” welcome to the world of swingin , you look like your going to be a natural” I smile and am rushing to back to my room and shower before Dave wakes up . On the way out every one is saying “nice job , great stuff . It felt good but weird seeing people’s reactions made me proud I was such a slut for once lol. So I get home and shower and Dave was still sleeping so has no idea what just happened . I crawl to bed pretend I got there right after him

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