This is the story of how my eighteen-year-old girlfriend turns a complete fuckslut for my very old big dicked boss.
My name is Seth.i’m an average 20-year-old guy.I met my girlfriend Lisa a couple a years ago at school. We met in the marching band of all places.I thought it was strange that a hot girl like her was in the marching band. She has long blond straight hair. She’s small. only 1,60meters “tall” got a flat stomach, tight bubbly butt and loves yoga, so she’s flexible too.
This story takes place when I got a job in a big company as a janitor.
I remember the day when Lisa came for a visit to my workplace for lunch. She had the rest of the day off at school. She was wearing a very tight low waist jeans and a t-shirt that showed off her flat stomach. and some flats on her feet.we had a nice lunch together and I was very proud that I had landed such a hot girl! I remember people were giving us some stairs. especially Lisa in those jeans. My cock twitched a little when I looked at that ass.hoping that someday I would be so lucky to fuck it. You see. Lisa didn’t allow me anywhere near it while we had sex. She didn’t think it was something people should do. It was a****listic she said. So I kept on dreaming, and not pushing very much for it. I was scared she would leave if I did.
When she walked me back from lunch, we met my boss. The owner of the company.Mr.Hanson.He’s an old man. He was 69 years old. He was a bit fat and crude to people. We stopped and I introduced Lisa to Mr.Hanson.He knew who I was because I was at his office several times a day and cleaned and did odd jobs for him.
The look on his face when I introduced Lisa as my girlfriend was almost priceless. He got big eyes and his jaw almost hit the ground. He couldn’t believe how a guy like me had landed a girl like her. I think it was what he was thinking with that facial expression.
He just started to flirt a little and didn’t give a damn that I was there next to her. I excused us and said we had to get going so I didn’t get back to work too late. When we left I turned and looked at Mr.Hanson.He’s yes was as glued to that perfect bubbly but in those tight jeans. I felt proud!
I asked Lisa what she thought of my boss, and she said she didn’t like him much.he ogled to much and she thought he was creepy as hell!
Later that day, I was summoned to Mr.Hansons office to take out the trash. He just stared at me when I got felt awkward as hell. Then he asked me if how long we had been together. I answered around 2 years and just moved in together. He asked if she had a job or what she did. I told him she was in the last semester at school.he asked some more strange questions and dismissed me.
Lisa and I didn’t talk more about my creepy old boss and my boss didn’t ask any more about her so I forgot the whole thing.
A couple of weeks later the company was having a party. this time they invited everybody. And their better half was invited as well. They didn’t usually do that for some reason. Maybe the hotshots didn’t like party with the cleaners or the people low on the hierarchy in the company. I don’t know.
When my work was over, I rushed home and told Lisa about that party was for this was Wednesday. I was so happy that I, no we got invited. Lisa got a little happy because she wanted to go to a party and dress up for once(she did dress up in the bedroom from time to time), but we couldn’t afford many parties because she was at school and I didn’t make a lot of money.
The invite told to dress nice. Lisa said now she could finally use the dress she bought this summer. (for a wedding that didn’t happen.) I smiled because I thought she looked hot in it. It was very red tight on the top and butt was long. Almost down to the floor. The dress had a high split on both sides. The splits were to mid tighs. When she modeled for me she had on black stocking and I almost came in my pants.
Saturday couldn’t come fast enough. Friday Mr.Hanson called me into his office and asked if I was coming to the party. I smiled and said off course I would attend. Then he asked me if Lisa also would attend. When I said she would, he fought back a smile and said very good. seeing forward to see the two of you again.
Finally, Saturday was here. Lisa pampered her self for a long time. took a loong bath with some oil that smelled good.was good for her skin she told me once. she shaved her legs and trimmed her blond pussyhair. She refused to shave it bold. Believe you me I’ve asked a ton of times. Shes quite bushy down there. only shave panty lines. I took a sneak peek in the bathroom while she pampered her self. I could see she shaved it more this time. panty line was a little smaller than usual. nice, I thought. I went into the bedroom and saw that she had a new set of panties. nice sheer black panties and a nice matching bra.No stockings tough but pantyhose. Lisa came into the bedroom while I was looking at the underwear she had laid on the bed. She was wearing a towel. She smiled at me gazing at her and the underwear. She shooed me out of the bedroom so she could dress, and told me if I was a gentleman tonight, she might give me a show when we came home. My cock twitched again.
Lisa yelled to me that I should order a taxi and she would be down in 10 min, so I called, opened a beer and sat down and waited for the taxi and Lisa. Finally, she arrived in the living room. Holy Moly did she look good. my jaw dropped, and I couldn’t utter a word. Just starring. Lisa smiled and told me to get a hold of myself and to close my mouth. Finally, I found some words and said: “can’t we skip the party and just go up and fuck?” Lisa looked at me and told me I knew she didn’t like the word fuck or any nasty words. She’s a little prude that pretty marching band, girl.
Finally, the taxi arrived, and we went to the party. When we came to that hotel the party was held at, the party was on full swing. and it was only 19 o’clock.
The place was nice. A lot of people, a live band, a big dance floor, open bar, and some finger food and tables. Most of the tables were occupied but we was lucky to find a table a little in the back.I told Lisa to sit and i would go and get some food and some drinks.We ate drank,danced and had an awesome time.I loved all the looks Lisa from the guys there.I told her about them but she just giggled a little and said i must be drunk she didn’t look that god she said.Girls and their self-esteem i thought.
After a couple of hours dancing,drinking and fun we sat down for a rest.Suddenly we heard a voice say “hello nice to see you two.having a nice time?” It was of course Mr.Hanson.he sat down next to Lisa (who sat on the opposite end at the small round table of me for some reason.)He didn’t even ask if that was ok.i thought it was a little rude,but hey he’s the boss and owner. He talked most to Lisa and just looked at me sometimes with some meaningless conversation.Otherwise he acted like i was not there.I could see Lisa was a little stressed about the whole situation.i knew she didn’t like the old man very much from the first and only meeting.And now he sat here ogling and talked away.
Then my.Hanson asked Lisa for a dance.She polity turned him down telling she was tired and needed some more time off the floor,and some food and drinks.Mr.Hanson just looked at me with a stern look that told me to tell my girlfriend to dance or else.I said “Lisa one dance can’t hard,i will go get some food and some drinks to you return” she looked at me a little angry and i pleaded with my eyes so she finally said “yes one dance.but only one”Mr Hanson smiled, got up and took Lisa to the floor and danced away. One song ended and a new started.No Lisa and no Mr.Hanson I waited and waited.our table was a little back as I told, and the floor was crowded so I couldn’t see them. I got a little mad when 30 mins had passed and no Lisa. When I was about to go and look for them, they came back. Mr. Hanson smiled and thanked for the dance. Lisa thanked ass well. I could see she behaved a little strange and I asked her what happened. Nothing she said, he’s just a very good dancer.
This is what happened on the floor.i got to know that a many years after it happened.
After the first dance, Lisa wanted to go back to our table, but Mr.Hanson said one more and finally talked her into one more. and after that more songs. After a while, Lisa enjoyed dancing with the old man. He was a good dancer and she had fun.on one fast song, he spun her around and ground his pelvis into her butt.Mr. Hanson was also short. Only about 10 cm higher than Lisa. Lisa froze in shock so
he pulled her tighter. She couldn’t believe what she was feeling. It had to be the biggest dick in the world she thought. And on this short fat old man? No, it couldn’t be true. He had to had stuffed he’s pants with something. after some dancing,or should we call it grinding,Lisa started to feel the effect on that big dick. She started to get horny. very horny! They separated for just a split of a second. just enough so that Mr. Hanson could adjust his dick so he could poke her ass with it. When he again pulled her tight, Lisa couldn’t help but let out a moan. Her nipples on her b-cup breast got so hard that it poked trough her bra and dress.yes she has big nipples for a b-cup size.Mr.Hanson focuser reregistered this and grinned and pulled her even tighter. He asked Lisa if she liked what she felt on her butt.she just grunted for an answer. Horny as never before. She only wiggled her butt on the mammoth cock for an answer. Then she felt one hand leave her midsection and travel slowly down at her tigh. Fiddling with the split of her dress. Lisa could think straight now. She was too horny for that. The thoughts of her boyfriend, me, was long gone in a little drunken and big-time horny blizz. Then she felt the other hand travel upwards cupping a breast.Lisa moaned a little again and Mr.Hanson smiled and tweaked a nipple trough her dress. Lisa then moaned out loud, said fuck, and almost came there on the spot.only with one tweak at her nipple and one hand on her tight.yes and the mammoth cock pressing at her ass.Mr.Hanson left her tights and cupped both Lisa’s breasts and tweaked both nipples. Lisa almost fainted on the spot. How the fuck could she get so horny by this old, short pudgy man she thought. Before she could answer her self, Mr. Hanson spun her around and pulled her very tight on he’s mammoth cock. Lisa just grunted again. Then she felt his hands travel down and cupping her tight little ass and squeezed hard and pulled her into his cock. Again Lisa just groaned. Then she felt his hands going under the split in her dress and cupped and squeezed her pantyhose covered ass.she could feel his little finger barely stroking in her buttcrack and touched her now very wet pussy very briefly. Suddenly Mr.Hanson pushed Lisa away a little and looked her straight in the eyes and said that Lisa looked very good, had a tight fit body but he liked his girls dressed a little more slutty. he asked if she was hairy and she nodded. Then Mr.Hanson said he also liked his girls completely shaved and smooth. Then he told her that it was probably time to get her back to her boyfriend who was waiting.Me. Lisa looked at him puzzled and stammered ok. Now she was very puzzled. did he turn her down? That would be the first time someone ever turn me down she thought
When Lisa and Mr.Hanson got back, he stayed a little and talked with us.he had an evil smirk on his face that I, of course, didn’t understand. Lisa was a little flustered and didn’t say much. We danced and had some more to drink.never got drunk, only tipsy.
When it finally was time to head home, we called a taxi. I whispered to Lisa about that show she talked about earlier when we got home. She just looked at me, smiled and blinked with her eye. I got a hard-on immediately and nudged Lisa and told her to look down. She grinned and got in front of me and grinded her ass on my dick.i asked what happened with her and she just said I had behaved like a perfect gentleman and that got her horny. If I only knew…..When We got home we went straight to bed. She jumped on the bed and said fuck me like never before. I looked at her and wondered where those words came from.she said don’t bother. just rip my pantyhose slide my panties to the side and fuck me. So I did! She had soaked through her panties and her pantyhose.i never seen her so wet and horny before. She told me I got her like that. But I should have known better after the only one dance who turned into over 30 mins of dancing. we fucked 3 times that night. yes fucked and 3 times. She always wanted to make love but tonight she wanted fucking. And she wanted to get fucked doggy to.that was not often she let me do. I was over the moon happy and tried to go near her butt and hoped I could take her there now she wanted fucking. When I started to touch her butt going near the rosebud, she slapped my hand away, looked over her shoulder and say no way! fuck my pussy and fuck it anal for god sake. I also tried to get her to suck my dick, but that was out of the question. that too was so filthy she couldn’t no giving or receiving oral.
When i first tried to enter her pussy bareback(something she never allows) she almost screamed “condom” put on a fucking condom.
After the third fuck,we fell asleep in each other arms and smiling.
Sunday the next day we were very touchy and fondling each other.i asked her again what got her so turned on last night and she said it was me and that she had a very good time at the party.we had sex on the couch after dinner and some heavy petting on the couch during a movie. another lovemaking before fucking but sex.
Next week at work was uneventful.just work.Mr,Hanson just had a big grin on his face when I came to take out the trash or do some other stuff for him.nothing to mention.
After some weeks the company had secured an extremely good account worth so much money I never thought it was possible.
So my boss, Mr. Hanson arranged another party for the whole company. This time it was held at our company building. The company had a whole big building.Mr.Hanson called me into his office and gave me the invite personally with a smirk and said”hope to see you and LISA here next Saturday. Dresscode is nice. He emphasized the word nice and told me to tell Lisa that. Of course, I said I would do that and that I was looking forward to it. When I got home and told Lisa about the party she got happy and said I think I like your company and boss.i gave her a strange look, and she said for hosting parties so often. I told Lisa that Mr.Hanson had told me we had to dress NICE. When I looked on her, she looked a little zoomed out and thoughtful. Then she said” ok.then I have to buy some new clothes. I don’t have anything NICE. And I can wear the red one again so soon after last time”.And you Seth, you need to buy a new suit she said.i told her that my suit was nice enough and we couldn’t afford to buy so much clothes. Fine, she said but I’m buying.periode! What could I say?
The week went on and nothing happened. Lisa refused to have sex, said she didn’t feel well and was tired. I know she had a lot to do at school.
Friday, the day before the party,Mr.Hanson summoned me for some bs things to do. He asked if I had told Lisa to dress nice. When I said yes and she was out buying some clothes just know he smirked. I didn’t like that smirk.he then got me a little surprised. He said he would send a car to get us. I just looked at him speechless and he just laughed and ushered me away. At the doorstep, I turned and stammered a thank you so much, sir. He just smiled.
When I got home Lisa was still out shopping. I called and asked when she would be home.she said she was finished shopping just wanted a manicure and pedicure first. Stupid me worrying about the money she spent, asked if that was necessary.then she got a little mad and said she deserved a little pampering. I said my apology before we hang up.
When she got home I asked if she wanted to model what she bought. She just looked at me, smiled and said no I had to wait for tomorrow. I got a little mad but she would have none of it.we watched a movie and I tried to get some attention and sex.we hadn’t had sex in over a week. She just pushed me away and said maybe tomorrow if you behave well like last time. I smiled and thought back on the fucking we had then.
Saturday we woke up early, stayed in bed and chatted.didnt do much that day. I told Lisa about my boss sending a car and she smiled and said that it was very kind of him. I told her she had to be ready at 18.00 sharp.that was when the car would pick us up. At 15.00 she said she would start to get ready for the evening. So early? I asked yes she wanted a long oily bath to get her skin smooth.OK, I said but I need to shower before we go. She said I could get 10 min of the shower now if I wanted. but only 10 min.she needed the time.I rushed and showered and got done by 10 min.
She asked me to light some candles and start running her bath so I did. When she got to the bathroom she carried with her some bags, looked at me and smiled.i tried to peek into the bags, but she laughed, pushed me away and said I had to wait. Then she locked herself in the bathroom.i could hear her playing music, singing and enjoying herself.
Time went by and I dressed had some beers and watching tv. At 18.00 sharp the doorbell rang. I opened and there was the chauffeur and asked if we were ready. I told hi one sec.just need to fetch the Lady of the house. I went to the stairs and called for Lisa and said it was time to go. I couldn’t wait to see what she was wearing. Coming she yelled back. I stood in the bottom of the stairs, heart pounding in anticipation.AND there she was. In a long coat…What the fuck I thought. all I could see was the bottoms of her legs.i saw some black nylons and guessed pantyhose. On her feet was the highest heels I ever seen her in at least 6″.My cock twitched with the sights of her heels.i said wow that was some high heels. Why don’t we skip the party and head straight up and fuck I asked. she looks at me and said with a stern voice.language.remeber? And then she smiled and said remember the last party? Behave at this too and you might get as lucky as last time she winked. The driver looked at her some second too long for my taste and smiled. He opened the door for us and said there was a Champaign bottle in the cooler for us. How nice and cool my girlfriend said, thank you. The driver winked and closed the door.
We arrived at the party, the doorman (yes my boss had a doorman) that there was reserved a booth for us. I asked Lisa if she would hang her coat at the wardrobe. She looked around and saw there were already a lot of people there so she Said no it’s fine. I bring it to our booth. Another staff showed us the way to the booth. It was a little to the side and in the back. and it was a_little dark could see the bar and a little of the dancefloor. The staff showed us a cooler with more champaign. Lisa smiled and said she liked my companies parties. She said I had to remind her to thank my boss later if he came across. The booth was not very big it was a small sofa which could fit 2 persons a round table with a long tablecloth on it and 2 chairs on the opposite side.I scotched in the booth and looked at Lisa.she smiled and starting to remove her coat. Then the bomb hit and my jaw dropped to the floor. I will try to describe the outfit as best as I can. The dress was short just above mid tight and tight.very tight. she stood with her back to me so I saw that it was no back in the was open to just above her butt.So no bra under that not sure if I could see some panty lines either. she wouldn’t go without I thought. Then she turned and smiled wide. the dress was also bare on the went down just under her breasts.i could see her nipples pushing through the was open to just under her navel and shoved all her flat stomach. She asked me what I thought. I couldn’t speak for a moment. Finally, I said that’s kind of slutty outfit. not like a company party dress. She got a little mad and said whatever. I like it and now your not so much of a gentleman so the bedroom fun is slipping away. just so you know. She sat down and we had some champagne. After a while the bottle was empty so I asked her if she wanted to dance. Naaaah not yet she said scanning the room. Lisa asked if I could go and get more drinks.
When I got back we drank chatted and got tipsy. I asked her to dance again but she refused again.i didn’t understand why because she loved to dance. We drank and chatted some more. About 10 mins later my boss came to our table with some more drinks. He sat down and chatted for a while before he asked Lisa to dance. Lisa smiled, looked at the short, pudgy old man and said she would love to. Suddenly 2 guys arrived at our table. my boss introduced them as 2 executives from the company he just made that big deal with. He asked me if I could please entertain them while he danced a little with Lisa. He whispered I would get a good bonus if I did. I smiled thinking about the money and said ok. He smirked smiled and led Lisa to the floor. Then I lost track of them. The guys from the other company were funny and friendly so I forgot about time and Lisa on the floor. About an hour after they left the 2 guys thanked me for the company and got up and left, then Lisa and my boss returned looked flustered and sweaty. I smiled and asked if it was fun out there. They both smiled and said yes, very fun.
This is like last time.I found out later what happens out on the floor and later at our booth.
As my boss led Lisa out on the floor everybody looked at her and the skimpy dress. My boss smiled a big grin and took hold of her and started to dance. Lisa waited and waited for approve of her dress. For some reason she wanted to please this old pudgy man.she was not sure but thought it was because she wanted to feel that monster again poking her ass.and she if she remembered right about the size.
Suddenly Mr.Hanson spun her around and pulled her tight.and there she felt it again his big dick. she got a little disappointed because she remembered it bigger. He pulled her closer holding her waist and they grinded a caring for the crowded floor.Then Mr.Hanson start feeling her midriff and said he liked her flat stomach. Lisa smiled as it was some approvement of her dress. He kept stroking her midriff and steered her into a darker spot on the floor a little away from the crowd. Still grinding each other Lisa felt the old pudgy man’s cock stir a little. She groaned a little and he pulled her tighter. They kept dancing like that for a little while. he feeling her stomach and grinding each other. Then Mr.Hanson wanted to test how far he could get with Lisa. He pulled her even tighter and shot his pelvis towards Lisa’s butt. she groaned and gyrated with him. Then one hand started to travel downwards.slowly.He dipped to fingers inside her dress just above her pussy.his fingers were just a couple of cm inside her dress. Lisa just kept pushing her ass against the crotch of the old man and raised her hands above her head and took hold of the old man’s neck. Mr, Hanson then smiled and knew this would be fun. He let the other hand travel slowly upward toward her breasts.he cupped one and Lisa let out a loud moan. He could feel the nipple starting to harden even more. Lisa’s nipples had been like bullets after 2 minutes on the floor. He pinched one nipple and twisted it. He could feel Lisa tightened her grip around his neck and moan again.he then let his other hand travel up to the other breast and starting to pinch her nipple.soon he was kneading and twisting her nipples hard. Lisa holds on for all of her life around his neck in a total horny blizz. She kept grinding against his cock. Feeling it getting harder and bigger by any second. She remembered right about his dick she thought. Suddenly she felt both his hand travel a little down on her body.he stopped right under her breast just where the dress stopped. He paused a little the started upwards again. and now he got under the dress on her bare breast. he squeezed, pinched and twisted Lisa’s nipples. They didn’t dance anymore.they just grinded and dry-humped had to look close to see was grinding and constant moaning from Lisa. Suddenly she froze. She had a mini orgasm right on the dancefloor. When she got down from the orgasm she thought it had to be with the sensational way he kneaded an pinched her nipples at the same time she could feel a mammoth cock poking her ass and it was on a crowded dance floor with her boyfriends boss.
They hadn’t spoken a word on the floor. Suddenly Mr.Hanson whispered in her ear “you like what you feel poking your ass?” Lisa just nodded. and he asked if she liked her breast get fondled right there on the dance floor? Again Lisa just noded. He then said he liked her try for the slutty outfit but he liked it even sluttier. Lisa said she wanted to, but was afraid of what her boyfriend would say. she apologized for not being slutty enough.Mr.Hanson just grinned kneaded her tits harder and said ” i want to see your tits now. Lisa didn’t say a word or did something.she just kept her hand behind his head.Mr.Hanson took this as an OK and slid his hands upward and freeing Lisa’s perfect b-cup tits with the extremely hard long nipples.Lisa could feel his cock twitch as it was the old man’s turn to moan.Lisa smiled at his groans and gyrated her back harder to his rock hard mammoth cock.He kept kneading her tits and whispered in her ear.”i can smell your pussy leaking i right you’re leaking a lot of pussy juices?” Lisa nodded and whispered i never been this soaked before. He had now “danced their way to a corner with some more light.the light turned to the dancefloor o no one could see what went on because of the light and because he had their backs to the floor.He twisted her nipple very hard and asked if she had more slutty clothes at home.Lisa shook her head no and said she went out to buy this dress just for him.Mr.Hanson smiled and asked if she would buy more,or trust him to buy her some of his likings.Lisa nodded and said please. He now loosened her grip around his neck and said i want to suck on those nipples. He put his head under her arm and started sucking and biting her nipple.right there out where they could get spotted. Lisa took the opportunity to let one arm fall and get behind her. seeking the mammoth behind her.Just as she found it,Mr:Hanson bite hard on her nipple.the sensation of feeling that mammoth and the nipple assault made her cum again.She felt she flooded.Now she had to orgasms and he hadn’t even touched her pussy. He let one breast go,moved a little backward and starting to put his hand in his suit pocket.He took out to metal things.Lisa couldn’t quite see what it was.He said those perfect tits and nipples,need some clamps on.I’m going to clamp your tits now Lisa.She just nodded. Lisa moaned and kept stroking his dick through his pants. He said I’m gonna leave those clamps on for a while and play with your tits.I want those nipples hard as fuck when we return to your boyfriend.Lisa just moaned and nodded.She didn’t care anymore that’s how horny she was. Mr.Hanson turned her around and pushed her against the wall.tits on full display with the clamps on.He kept playing,kneading,pinching and pulling on her breasts and nipples.Lisa just moaned and continued to leak from her pussy.Mr.Hanson noticed she was wet down almost to her knees wit pussy big string on pussyjuice on each leg. He smirked and said your leaking so much you have one big pussy juice string down each better tell your boyfriend you had a little accident in the bathroom. Lisa just noded.her eyes felt with lust. He took out his phone and said he wanted some pics.he told Lisa to present him with her tits.She smiled and lifted the top of her dress and cupped her tits presenting them for the old pudgy man with the camera.he took about 10 picks and smiled.He took off the clamps,twisted the nipple’s once more and pulled the top of her dress over her tits again.He smiled at the look.Her nipples stood straight out.extremely hard and long.He told her to look down on them.She did and smiled shyly at her nipples.then he sent a text msg from his phone and told her he just wanted to feel her tits a little more before they went back.
Back at the table with me,one of the guys got a text.He opened his phone,smiled and said time to go. They met my boss and Lisa on the way out.They stopped and talked for a while.Lisa hid a little behind my boss.As said before here,they smiled and said it was fun,but exhausting dance.i could see that because Lisa was flustered.she stood behind my boss. My boss asked me if i could go get some drinks for them.Of course, i said.i was happy because i had a good company in the two other guys.I slide out of the booth and went to the bar. My girlfriend still behind my boss.
When i got back,they both had squeezed in the was a tight fit.the boot was small and my boss a little fat.I could still see Lisa was flustered and i could see a little bit of her nipples through the dress. It was so dark that i couldn’t see how big and how hard they were. I, later on, I learned that once i turned my back to them,they slid in the booth.My boss quickly put a hand on her thigh and laughed at how she had leaked pussy juice.Lisa just smiled.He the said show me your tits,Lisa was quick to raise the top of her dress and showing them to him.he took out his phone and started to film her and how crowded the place was.He asked her if she was horny and she told him yes and pinched her nipple.he took some video of him sucking on her nipples too.He took out one clamp and put it on Lisa’s nipple she moaned straight into his camera phone.He then told her that one day he wanted her nipples pierced.Lisa said she didn’t think that was a good ide.Mr.Hanson just said ok.well see about that someday.
When i got back with the drinks,they sat as normal in the booth.just flustered.I noticed my boss had his hand down.not at the table.i didn’t think more about it.what i didn’t know was that he was stroking Lisa’s leg.Lisa shuffled a little on the couch and breathing a little heavy.i asked her if she was hot.she said yes she was.i then asked if she wanted to go out for some air.Lisa just shook her head and turned the conversation to something else.It was hard for me to join the conversation because of the music so i filled in here and there.I could see my boss’s hand move a little under the table.just thought the old man stroked out some light cramps in his legs after the dancing.Lisa shuffled a little more. They kept talking and suddenly Mr.Hanson pulled out his phone.He showed Lisa something and the spoke quietly.I could see Lisa nod her head.A little more shuffling from Lisa and i ask if she was ok.She said she was.just a little sore in her legs from the dancing.I saw my boss smiled a little. They kept talking quiet and he still moved his hand a little.he was no close to her pussy with his fingers.I saw my boss glanced down a little.Then asking Lisa a question.I saw her nod her head.she too looked down.What my boss had asked Lisa was if she had stockings on. When she nodded he pushes her dress up a little so he could see the tops of her stockings.Lisa felt her leak some more juice as she glanced down and saw an old man’s hand on the top of her stockings.He said to her “you smell so much i have to light a cigar so your boyfriend doesn’t smell you.Strange he hasn’t done it yet.Can you smell yourself?” Lisa nodded and moaned as he squeezed her tight.By now i had taken up my phone and checked my emails and read some news.the music was so loud that i didn’t hear them talk. My boss asked Lisa if she had on panties because he hadn’t seen any panty lines,and of all things he had forgotten to feel her ass.Lisa noded.He then said show me. Lisa shifted a little and spread her legs a little.And there it was The tiniest black little panties in the world.completly see trough.Now i a heard my boss grunt out loud.I looked up and asked if he was OK.”Yes thank you he said.just got something in my throat” he said.I asked Lisa if she wanted to dance some with me.She shakes her head bigtime no and said she was to hot.but i could go if i wanted.My boss grinned and lit up a cigar.i got back on my phone. My boss had his fingers dangerously near my girlfriends pussy.i could see he stroked a little more intense now. Stupid me i chuckled and thought poor old man.if i only knew…
Lisa started squirming a little more trying to get the fingers on her pussy. My boss smiled,stroked,teased Lisa and puffed on his cigar. They talked some more.Lisa said something to my boss and he smiled.Lisa sat up a little and shuffling.She now had her dress up around her waist.Her thighs glistening with pussy juice over her stocking tops.My boss looked at his watch and said there would soon be some speeches about the great deal they had secured.he asked told me to go and get more drinks and a bottle of Champaign.
When i got back both of them sat upright.Lisa still flustered.Her hand was below the was my bosses.
Lisa was now stroking my boss slowly trough the pants.she was dizzy by lust and the size of that was long.halfway down his was thick she didn’t now because of the pants.but at least twice my girth.and it was a steel pipe. She moaned and scratched her nails alongside this mammoth.That made my boss moan.he quickly disguised it as a cough and just held up the cigar and smiled. My boss leaned into Lisa and asked her for my reaction when i had seen her dress and panties.she smiled and said i had been a little mad, and that i had never seen her in panties like that before.only for you she said smiling squeezing my bosses dick.She said she had spare panties in her coat jacket that she would change to before we got home.The microscopic panties was not for him she said winking and nodding my way.My boss got bold and squeezed Lisa tit hard and fast.she moaned and made me lookup.cramps she said smiling. They kept talking and Lisa kept stroking.i thought i saw Lisa mouthing dancing but my boss shook his head.strange i thought.she didn’t want to dance with me.
He again took out his phone and said to Lisa he wanted a photo of that micro panties an wet pussy.Lisa smiled and spread her legs and gave him a good view.the camera phone had a blitz and it blinked 3 times.he took 3 quick photos. I looked up puzzled.i think Lisa looked worried.It’s only a text he blinks 3 times when i got a text.Lisa looked relaxed he said i just got this now.i read the text and it was from our driver said that his wife had got sick so he had to stay home.Then my boss said that i, unfortunately, couldn’t drink anymore because i had to drive the car.Lisa smiled for the quick saving from my boss.
My boss kept talking to Lisa.he gave her a little egg.what is this she said.go in the bathroom and put it in your pussy he told her.the get back here and give your boyfriend a dance.She did as he told.i was happy when Lisa asked me to dance.sometimes she had some strange moves,but i thought of the leg cramps she said she soon as the song was over she wanted to go back to our sore she said.she hurried back and squeezing in beside my boss.After 10 seconds my boss’s hand disappear again.2 minutes after that and some shuffling again.again Lisa’s dress was around her waist,my boss feeling her legs.He asked what she thought about the egg.I like it she said,so dirty when you started it when we danced.i think i got even wetter Lisa smiled and spread her legs a little more so my boss could see.
Suddenly the music turned off and someone took the mic and started talking.
My boss looked at me and motion me to turn around and keep focusing on the speech.I turned a little but my boss told me all the way. i did.
10 seconds after i turned,my boss set the egg at full speed.i could hear Lisa gasp out loud.i turned but she just smiled.i saw her arm moving so i thought it was that cramp again.
She was now so horny she would do anything. It had been hours of teasing. My boss just said show me your tits and she did.He fondled and squeezed.he again took out the clamps and said to Lisa to present her tits to him she did.He then told her she could not cum before he sad so.she just noded.He kept assaulting Lisa’s breast just right behind my back.He took more photos and movies of her playing with her tits.Then he said.i remember some pussyhair from last time.He looked at Lisa straight in the eyes.For the first time, he touched her pussy. trough her soaked panties. or what you can call those small things.He put his finger inside her pussy and stroked her smooth extremely wet was the smoothest and wettest pussy he had felt.He smiles too Lisa and she smiled back and spread her leg further apart.shoving her tits with clamps and her panties.He took more photos of Lisa keeping her on the verge of an orgasm.Then he turned off the egg and told her to push it out.When the egg was out he gave it to her and told her to put it in her mouth cleaning it.he got it on camera.He now put a finger inside her.He couldn’t believe how tight she was.her boyfriend,me,must have small dick he chuckled…
Lisa just nodding.Then he told her to show him her pussy.she moved the panties aside and shoving.just right behind my back more photos of her spreading her pussy, tits with clamps a vibrator egg in her mouth.
Suddenly he covered her breast and put Lisa a little straighter.just as i turned around.I do not know how he managed it.maybe i was shifting too much in my cair.i don’t know.So now she sat there with an egg in her mouth,clamps on her titties and her panties to the side showing pussy.
My boss then sent a text msg to someone.he told me too keep focusing on the speech and turn around.he then told her to give him the egg and time for dancing.the person who held the speech said we all needed a little dance break.25 mins he said.As i was to turn and ask Lisa to dance,my boss and Lisa hasted out on the floor and disappear in the crow.fuck i said getting a little down.
As soon as they hit the floor,the danced quickly to that last spot where they where last.when they got there.he spun Lisa around up with her dress, tits with clamps he put one finger in her pussy.soon he fed her one more.He remembered her about not cuming before he told her.her pussy leaked like never before.he said it was a good thing he got more cigars to hide her smell.she just moaned.she kept thrusting her ass into that rock hard mammoth of a cock.He now trusted three fingers inside Lisa.the wet slapping sound was very was Lisas moaning.we have to hurry my boss said we only had 25 mins on us.He took out his fingers and said to Lisa to suck them clean she did.then he showed them right back in her.He then spun her around and starting to squeeze her ass.Lisa moaned and didn’t know if she should trust her ass back in his hands or forward towards his cock.Suddenly she froze.Mr.Hanson started to circle a finger around her rosebud.No not there she said.i don like it and its dirty.he didn’t listen and said she should try because he knew she would like it.she said not even my boyfriend get near my ass.he was persistent and Lisa gave up.One of his hand traveled down to her drenched pussy and stroke her clit.then he said spread you’re as for me.she just looked at him and spread her ass.he removed one soaked finger from her clit.the started gently push on her rosebud with the soaked finger.Lisa moaned a little in discomfort but didn’t stop him.and soon he had his finger in her ass.he then took his other hand and played with her pussy.
soon he was fingerfucking both of Lisa’s holes. He asked if she liked she shakes her head no,but kept her ass apart for him.He got to fingers in her ass and soon he had a good pace.Lisa moaned and starting to like it.just took time to get used to.
Then Mr.Hanson pulled out a small buttplug with a diamond on the was about the same size as 2 fingers.he showed it to Lisa and smiled.told her to open her mouth and make it course she did.she was now in full slut mode..when she sucked the buttplug he said he had to stretch her pussy a little so he could get his cock inside her.Lisa moaned loud as one,then two then three and the fourth finger entered her pussy.he fucked her hard and the Dj announced the last song before more speeches he told Lisa to turn around bend over and spread her cheeks.he then inserted the little plug.
then they went back and slid quickly in the small booth.i thought Lisa walked a little strange but was told that was the cramp again and a little tired.i didn’t notice the nipple clamps through her dark to see.
as soon as the speech continued,i was told to turn around again.My boss asked Lisa about the plug and she admitted she started to like me he said.Lisa started to lie a little back and spread her legs.nono on all four he said.Lisa quickly spun around,hiked her dress and move the little panty boss took more pics and som movies.he told her to play with the plug and open her pussy and finger fuck herself self.she did
…He then told her to turn around and get closer so he could play with her tits and playing with her clit.He took one leg and put it over his leg.straight across his cock.Lisa was now sat wide open wit her legs.he told her to cover her titties.when that was done he smirked to Lisa and yelled for me.He asked me what i thought about the speech while Lisa was sat spread eagle and finger fucking herself. i told him it was a little boring and then he said turn around again.he fiddled a little more with Lisa’s pussy.Then he asked if she wanted to see his cock.ohhh yes please Lisa moaned and straighten her self know where to find it he said.Lisa quickly undid his pants and stuck her hand down his boxers.she gasped loudly when she felt it.Mr.Hanson laughed.She struggled to get it out of his pants.when it was out she almost fainted.her fingers couldn’t go all the way around,she put another hand on top of the other and discovered she only covered half with her two hands .the cock oozed precum.she took one hand and smeared it over the big fat cock head.then she did something she never had done before.she licked her hand clean from was her first taste of cock and she loved least the taste of this cock.she now realized that she was hooked on this old pudgy man and his mammoth.She shuffled a little and got on almost all four.she leaned in and kissed him on the lips.then she fried on tit, removed the clamp and offered it to him to suck on while stroked his massive member,she leaned in and whisper to him to get out his camera phone and film her.she was going to suck his dick and it was the first dick she ever sucked she told him.mean while i sat bored and listen to the speech…
My boss looked around and saw there was a long queue at the bar and only one working in the bar.he told her to tell her boyfriend,me,to go and get more drinks.she sat up to straighten out,but still stroking and asked if i could go and get more drinks.My boss got all on camera.
when i was gone,he asked her what she did and she answered.” i sent him away so i can suck my first cock.she said that smiling straight in the camera.and then she bent down,kissed the head and licking the shaft.then the sucking started.she wasn’t very good so my boss had to guide her.she learned quickly and got pretty ok sucking.
suddenly he told her to stop.she looked like a question mark scared she did something wrong.My boss smiled and told her to lose the heels and get up on the table.When she was on the table,he told her to show him her tits and spread her legs.i still don’t know how nobody stared at them didn’t anyone see them? or was they just too scared about their jobs to stair and say anything?our boot was dark and on the side so maybe nobody saw them?
he then told her to get her dress around her waist and lose the panties.when that was done he took her feet and said give me a foot job and play with you pussy ad tits. After a couple of minutes, he asked her about the plug.its nice she said me he commanded.Lisa scootched a little forward on the table and laid resting on her elbows and spread her legs as far as she boss played with the plug a little.then he showed 4 fingers in her pussy as he removed the plug.need to stretch, remember? he said.Lisa noded.He stood up and bent over her.slapping his cock against her clit.Lisa moaned and he told her to be patient.he then slapped her clit some more and pushed the buttplug in Lisa’s mouth she didn’t hesitate.he continued to slap her wet pussy and filming it and her buttplug sucking.after a while, he took it out of her mouth and pushed back in her ass.
he quickly told her to pull down her dress over her tits and sit up i was on my way back with drinks.she still stroked him as i gave them some drinks.once i turned and listened to the speeches again,my boss pushed Lisa on her back.tellin her to get the dress around her waist and play with her self.he helped play a little by tugging the clamps.he den took her legs and put them around his dick continuing the footjob for a while.
he bent over and said “stretch that pussy.its time” Lisa quickly pushed four fingers inside and stretched what she could.My boss grabbed her arm and raised her and told her to get between his legs facing away.he wanted to see that plug as she lowered herself down on his cock.he told her to grind her wet pussy along his dick to get it lubed up.she did and played a little with the plug.Finally, the decent on that mammoth started.she started to whimper a little so her boss told her to cover up tits in case i turned around.he also stuffed her soiled panties in her mouth.after 5 tries,she finally had the whole mammoth inside her.he pulled her back, twisted a nipple and said cum when you want.and she came straight away.just with his cock inside her.
when she got used to his size,she started to ride slowly. she never got any real speed because it was too was a slow ride.
she leaned back and said i will stretch more so you can fuck me properly boss smiled and said he looked forward to it.any time she said.they fucked a little more and she came 3 more times before my boss told her to get off and suck him dry.He wanted her first time with him that she swallowed his load.she started sucking and quickly rewarded by a very big load she gulped everything down.when he was done she licked him clean and said thank you for the load.they sat up and breathed out Lisa was exhausted but very pleased and happy.
after about 15 mins,my boss told me to go and get a bottle of champaign and the car and meet us outside.
Lisa started to put her panties back on but my boss stopped her and said no panties.he tweaked her nipples through her dress and told her to leave the coat off.he would block my view from her so i didn’t see that she had nipple with clamps on.
once in the car he told to drive around while they finished the bottle of champagne i got them .then he closed the soundproof window between them and the driver.
He then told Lisa to get out of her clothes except for stocking and heels.he took off his pants and motioned Lisa over and to suck him and lick his balls.get them good and wet he said.After a while, he told her to lie down and spread her legs.My boss wanted to fuck more so he needed to stretch a little more.He pushed four fingers inside and finger fucked her to an orgasm.he pulled at her walls to stretch her.finally, he got between her legs and fed her his whole cock in one longe stroke.Lisa came on the spot.He started to fuck her faster and faster,she was now opened enough for the old man to fuck her.i thought i felt some movements in the car.but didn’t think more about it After a while of fucking,he said I’m gonna cum where do you want it.Lisa locked her legs behind the old man and said.fuck the shit out of me and cum in me.This is now your pussy to do as you please with. My boss smirked and asked about her ass.Lisa had forgotten about the plug and said we will see.your to big. then he flooded her with a massive load.They laid tangled in each other arms and legs for 5 minutes and enjoyed the afterglow of the fuck.Lisas best fuck ever.(maybe not for long)Finally mr.Hanson climbed off Lisa and offered her his cock to clean which she happily did. Then he opened up the windows and wented out the smell of sex and lit a cigar.
When Lisa started to get dressed,he told her to wait and sit straight behind the driver and play with her cum filled pussy and by now the sore nipples because of the clamps.He then rolled down the soundproof glass and told me to drive to mine and Lisa’s place.he filmed this too and Lisa smiled big for the camera while playing with her pussy.
When we arrived at our place he asked me for the keys to our home.he said to drive the car to our offices and take a cab back.he had to much to drink to drive he said.then he said he would be here with Lisa until i got back and take my cab home.he would look after here while i was gone.not safe for a young good looking girl to be home alone.Lisa just smiled.He told Lisa to not get dressed only put the coat on.He asked me to just sit in the driver seat and pop the trunk.they got out and my boss got a suitcase out and closed the trunk and wayward me was 45 min drive each way. plus the waiting for the cab i was not happy now.

When they walk to our small rented house,Lisa could feel my bosses cum run down her legs mixed with her juices.She stopped and said to my boss to wait a minute and get out his cameraphone.when he was ready,she opened her coat reviling her naked body with her dress around her waist.she smiled and stuck two fingers up her pussy and scooped out some cum and licked her fingers clean and looked straight into the camera and said” thank you for the deposit.hope there will be many more” my boss just smiled and squeezed his dick through his pants. My boss kept filming going.he filmed Lisa unlock the door,and in the door opening, she stripped off her coat.she bent forward spread her ass and showed him the Diamant on her buttplug.Then she went into the kitchen and got a glass from the cabinet.She turned around,looked straight,in the camera and said ” i still fell dirty and fell your deposit run out of I’m gonna show how a dirty slut you made me tonight!”Then she squatted down,put the glass under her pussy,spread her pussy lips and pushed out the rest of the cum in the glass.She used her fingers to scoop out the rest.Then she took the glass smiled at the camera and said “cheers.bottoms up” and then drank the rest of the cum.By now my boss had gotten hard again.Lisa smiled and said what a cock and stamina you have old boss said he had something to show her in the suitcase so he didn’t know if they had time for a quick fuck. Lisa said,tonight you made me a slut.and a slut needs to get fucked.she laid on the kitchen table spread her legs and said hurry up if we are gonna make old boss was on her in a second and balls deep in two strokes.Lisa was well lubed now and more stretched so he could pound her pretty good.but not as hard as they both wanted.
Lisa came twice on his cock.when he was ready to cum he asked where.lisa gave him the glass and said here.she laid back stroking her clit and watched the old man empty his balls for the last time that night.she then took the glass and gulped it down.
My boss looked at the watch and said oh we have to hurry to show you what i got.he got the suitcase and opened it.It was a large collection of dildoes and plugs.from small to pretty big.He told Lisa he wanted her to have them and keep stretching so she could get the pounding he wanted to give her next time.
Lisa smiled and thanked him.He also said to stuff som plugs in her ass so she could take him there too.Lisa said she would do that.he told her then that he wanted her ass plugged all the time.he said that only he had access to her butt and Lisa totally agreed.
He also gave her a credit card so she could buy very slutty clothes,lingerie,bikinis and shoes.Lisa again smiled but said she didn’t know where to store them.She wouldn’t risk me finding them.My boss told her not to worry.he would come up with a solution for that.Lisa smiled and got down on the floor and sucked my boss’s cock clean.You cant leave here a mess she said winking.while Lisa was on the floor cleaning my bosses dick,they exchanged contact info so they could schedule the next boss also said he would give her a phone that was only meant for dirty pics,and keep in case i would snoop around on her phone.
then Lisa said she needed to shower before i got home so she rushed to the bathroom and showered.MY boss went to the chair and sat down and waited.When Lisa was done showering,she run downstairs squeezing my boss dick and said until next i need to go to exhausted and well fucked for the first time in my life.Then she turned around and walked up the stair spreading her as and showed my boss the plug.
10 minutes later i came home.i met him outside and he thanked me for a lovely evening.i just mumble thanks to you to.
When i got to the bed,Lisa was sound asleep.i tried to wake her for some fun but she only turned away and grunted something about being exhausted. Little did i know that it would be a long time until i got to fuck her again.she had truly become my old pudgy bosses slut

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