The sun shone from a blue sky. She lay near the pool, visible to everyone. She was naked, of course she was. She was gorgeous, her dark hair shone. My eyes ran down the length of her body, her back slightly arched, as she rested on her elbows, her breasts resting lightly on her ruby red nipples, her back long and slender. Her bottom, a perfect peach, the cleft between her cheeks slightly parted, a glimpse of her sex, sphincter, below it, her pussy, swollen, the outer labia parted, her inner lips visible, her long legs parted, just wide enough for her jewels to be seen. Her body shone, shone with the oil that was being rubbed into her skin. Her perfect skin, so soft, so perfect. I watched as a young guy rubbed the oil into her, his hands travelling across her body, her shoulders, then down towards her bum. He paused, applied more oil, before continuing, his hands parted her cheeks, and I saw his fingers trace her anus, a single finger disappeared into her, into her back passage. She didn’t flinch, in fact she seemed not to notice. On her head, she wore a pair of headphones. She was totally absorbed, as her anus was probed. What she listened to I didn’t know, well not for sure. The Bose noise cancelling headphones, expensive, and of course wireless. His hands moved lower, his fingers in her pussy, I knew she was wet, I knew her so well, still she didn’t move, just allowed the young guy to rub oil into her body. He moved downward, now concentrating on her long legs, so shapely, her thighs had just a hint of muscle, toned. The guy, like her was naked. He was muscled. Athletic. He was blonde, but without a hint of body hair. He kneed her body. She didn’t know him, I didn’t know him, had never seen him before, but I knew her, knew her so well. My beautiful, and ever loving wife. The woman I adored. The woman who shared my nightmare?………………

“And this is my husband, Vince. Vince may I introduce my boss, Laurence,” Orla said.
We shook hands, his handshake was firm, perhaps a little too firm.
“You are a very lucky man,” he said.
He didn’t need to tell me, I already knew. Orla was simply the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen. She was tall, 1.85m in her stockings, slim with long legs, and great tits. She was also clever, easily out earning me, though she never made me feel inferior. We had been married for five years, and in all that time I had never strayed, not that I wanted to. If she had a fault, yes the perfect woman had a fault. She suffered from the green eyed monster. A girl from my firm kissed me one Christmas as we danced, she’d had one or two, too many. It was meaningless to me. To Orla something else entirely, when we got home, she’d gone fucking mental.
“Thanks, I already know,” I replied, slipping my hand around her slim waist.
She looked radiant that night. Her little black dress hugged her every curve, her stockings encased her legs, and they were stockings, complete with suspender belt, I’d watched as she dressed, probably slowly for my benefit, her matching knickers veiled her neatly trimmed pussy.
“Orla,” Lawrence said, “let me introduce you to someone I think you should meet.”
He led her away, and I found the bar, ordered a glass of Irish, then slowly sipped it. This wasn’t the place to get pissed. This was her work, the company she worked for.
I saw her across the room, deep in conversation with a tall distinguished guy, his grey hair cut short, his suit obviously tailor made fitted him perfectly. They were deep in conversation, when a soft voice said, “be careful, he can be very persuasive!”
She was tall, almost as tall as Orla. Her blue eyes piercing. She was stunning.
“Lets go and rescue her, shall we.”
She slipped an arm through mine, and walked me across the room, chatting as we went, her mouth close to my ear. Her name was Jasmine. I was acutely aware of the warmth from her body, her scent invaded my senses.
“Damian!” She scolded him, “this is supposed to be a party, now let her enjoy herself, instead of talking shop!”
“Darling! You’re here, and yes you are right, as ever,” he replied.
“Well!” Jasmine said.
“Orla, a dance,” he said, although it wasn’t a question.
“At last!” Jasmine said, then guided me onto the dance floor.
She held me tight, breathed in my ear, whispered how lucky Orla was to have me. She wasn’t young, perhaps mid forties, fifty even, but she was very attractive, with an authority that I found hard to explain. I felt her fingers on the back of my neck, and felt my cock stirring. She smiled, and held me closer, enjoying my embarrassment.

“What the fuck did you think you were doing with that woman?” Orla exploded.
I knew it was useless to argue.
“Just dancing, darling,” I said meekly.
“She was all over you, it was disgusting!”
I let it wash over me, we’d been here before.
“I’m sorry darling, sorry, I didn’t think……….”
I gave in, as I always did.
“Well don’t think you are sleeping with me anytime soon!”
Tail between my legs, I retreated to the spare room, with its all too familiar bed………

I walked into the kitchen, he was drinking his morning coffee.
“Vince, you are never going to believe this,” I said.
I showed him the email on my phone.
“That guy from the party?” He asked.
“Yes, Damian, the man whose wife you practically fucked on the dance floor, anyway, he wants to meet me, to discuss the possibility of my working for him. What do you think,” I asked.
“Headhunted? What have you to lose,” he said.
He was right, what did I have to lose?

The apartment was gorgeous, overlooking the river, the Shard not far away, towered over us. He asked me questions, so many questions, my head buzzed, then he came to the point.
“I want you Orla,” he said. “You will join my organisation.”
He didn’t ask me, he just told me what I was going to do. Then he reached around me, and pulled me to him, tighter than when we’d danced. I looked into his eyes, then he kissed me. Before I knew what was happening, I was standing in just my underwear, his hand guiding mine to his crotch. He felt so big, big, and oh my God, hard. I unzipped him, it sprang out, like a cobra.
“Suck it Orla, suck it now!”
I squatted in front of him, my hand on his magnificent cock, so big.
I opened my mouth, and took him. My lips closed over the head, forming a seal. I licked, I sucked. I excited him. My nipples were hard, painfully so.
“Take them out Orla, you know you want to, take them out now.”
He knew, he knew everything. I cupped my breast, my fingers squeezing my nipple. Then my hand slipped down the front of my panties, finding my clit. My hard, erect clit.
I sucked his cock for what seemed an age. Vince never would have lasted this long, but he showed no sign of coming.
“Enough,” he said. “Now stand and remove the rest of your clothing.”
I did as he instructed.
“Mmm very good, now lay on the sofa, spread your legs for me.”
I laid on the sofa, the leather soft and warm. I opened my legs, as he had asked. No he hadn’t asked, he commanded.
“No Orla, spread them wide, like the slut you are!”
Slut, no one had called me a slut, ever, but I spread them wide for him.
He fucked me then, hard and fast. I came, then came again. Vince had never given me a multiple orgasm, but Damian did, then I came again, and knew I wanted more, much more………….

“We are going away, for the weekend,” Orla said.
I looked at her with surprise.
“Damian wants to met you, now that I’m joining his firm,” she said. “And he’s sending a car for us!”

The car drove smoothly out of the road where we lived. Out onto the motorway network, then I must have dozed. I opened my eyes. Shit I felt like crap. Orla looked drowsy. I had no idea how long we had been travelling, nor where we were other than we were in a bedroom. We freshened up in our en-suite a servant knocked on our door.

The room we were taken to was luxurious, leather sofa’s, low tables, soft lighting, a spotlight here, a spot light there. They were both there, Damian and Jasmine. They smiled, welcomed us to their home.
“Now time to see what we have,” Jasmine said.
“Yes indeed,” Damian said. “Vince, take your clothes off, do it now, quickly, fold your clothes, put them in a pile just there.”
As he said it, so he put his arm around my waist, pulling me close to him. I didn’t understand, must have misheard. In front of me Vince began taking his clothes off, just as he had been told. Then stood naked, as if unsure as to what to do now. Jasmine walked up to him, her hands on his chest on my husbands chest. I took a step forward, but he held me.
“No little slut, just watch,” he said, his voice soft, but commanding.
I did as he instructed, watching, hating what I was seeing, but unable to do anything. I seemed incapable of any action. Her hand wrapped around Vince’s semi hard cock, quickly bringing it to its full hardness. I watched as she cupped his balls, then with the other hand pulled down hard on his cock.
“Vince,” Damian said, “how would you like to watch your loving wife here being fucked by another man?”
He didn’t answer, he just looked confused.
“You would like to watch her, wouldn’t you, you’ve always wanted to watched her, haven’t you?” Damian asked.
“Yes,” Vince replied.
Damian took a remote control from his pocket. A screen lit up, a huge TV screen. There I was, sucking Damian’s cock, in his apartment, I looked quickly at Vince as he looked at the screen, his cock still held by Jasmine, as she slowly stroked it. It was so hard, so very hard. I tried to move.
“No little slut, you will stay exactly where you are, until I tell you to move, you understand?”
“Yes, I understand,” I heard myself say.
He was fucking me now, fucking me on the huge screen as my husband watched the footage.
“You like that don’t you Vince, you want to see her being fucked don’t you!” Damian said.
“Yes, oh God yes,” Vince said.
“You shall, but first, take your clothes off, put them with Vince’s,” Damian commanded me.
“Fuck off,” I wanted to say, but instead I unzipped my skirt, and complied with the instruction, all the time Jasmine stroked Vince’s oh so hard cock, the head engorged, and purple. Finally I was naked.
“Now slut, suck your husband’s cock, let him come in your mouth, then hold it there, do it now!”
My feet moved, as if I had no control over them, then I knelt, taking his cock into my mouth, his familiar cock, one I had fucked and sucked a thousand times, but never had it been like this, so hard, hard like steel. She kept hold of it, the fucking bitch holding my husbands cock, stroking it into my open mouth, as I worked my tongue and lips on his beautiful cock. My cock, only mine. Mine!
He came then, in a massive ejaculation, rope after rope, into my mouth, some dribbled down my chin. I didn’t swallow, I never did, never had, never would, but I held it in my mouth.
“Stand slut,” Damian instructed, “now kiss your husband, kiss him passionately, and Vince, kiss your wife, put your tongue in her mouth, but remember, don’t spill a drop, either of you.”
We kissed, kissed as perhaps we never had before. Then we parted, the come gone, shared between us. I felt ashamed, but also excited, aroused. I knew my cunt was wet, wet and aching for a cock.
“Vince,” Jasmine said, “you will not come in your wife’s mouth again, you will not fuck her again. That is not your role. Now what will you not do?”
“I will not fuck her, or come in her mouth again,” Vince intoned.
“I shall let you watch her being fucked, would you like to watch as she is fucked?”
“Yes,” he said.
“You may watch, you will not try to touch her, you will not touch yourself, understand?”
“Yes, I understand.”
“You will call me Master, and you will address Jasmine as Mistress, both of you!”
We understood.
I didn’t want him to fuck me, not here, not like this, but remembered how he had fucked me before, so completely. He had my husband stand beside one of the sofa’s, had me lay on it, had me spread my legs, revealing my shame. I was wet, my cunt gaped, my juices flowed. I was so aroused. He penetrated me, as Vince watched, as she watched, the fucking whore that had held my husbands cock, then I was all consumed by pleasure, as he began to fuck me, and I no longer cared.
“Look at your husband slut!” He told me. I didn’t want to, I wanted to pretend he wasn’t there, but my head turned. He watched, his eyes wide with excitement, as another man penetrated me, I could see his chest, tight his breathing hard. His eyes feasting on the spectacle before him. His cock, my husbands cock, told the tale, it was hard, rock solid, sticking out from his body at a slight angle. No one touched it, not him, not that whore. I groaned, and came again, as I gazed at that lovely cock, my cock, as another man’s cock fucked me better than I had ever been fucked before. He fucked me for what seemed hours, but what was probably barely one, I didn’t know, I was in total ecstasy, coming over and over, as Vince watched, watched as I began my journey, to where I didn’t know, the destination I didn’t care, right then I just wanted it, wanted more. My Master came, came deep inside me, his seed hot within me. He subsided, then slowly, so I felt every moment he withdrew. I felt empty, I felt used. I felt shame, shame at my enjoyment.
“Slave!” My Master said.
Vince became alert.
“Slave you will now clean her, ensure you do a thorough job!”
Vince hesitated, revulsion written all over his face. I raised myself onto my elbows.
“Slave do as I command, or you and the slut will be punished, severely!”
His breath was hot on my pussy, my sloppy used cunt. He began slowly, but became more enthusiastic , finally consuming my juices, exciting me, sucking my Masters come mixed with my own. I half lay, watching, as my husband debased himself. I felt his tongue probing me, even as my Masters come dribbled, out of me and into my husbands mouth.
“Oh fuck…………..yesssssssssss.”

I was exhausted. They took me to a room, my room. Mine alone. I was already naked, I just lay on the bed, and slept. I woke during the night, I could hear a voice, a soft voice, a trusting voice, it was explaining what I was, what I must do, how to serve my Master, serve my Mistress. Serve others that would come. What I must become. I felt warm inside, content. I relaxed, and slept on, as the voice explained it all to me.

They led her away, my lovely wife, the woman I loved. I watched her shapely bottom as it disappeared from my sight. They led me to a room, a bench and a blanket for a bed. The door slammed behind me, and the key grated in the lock. I slept, the taste of Master Damian’s come still on my tongue, my cock hard at the thought. During the night I dreamt, the Mistress, explained my new life to me, explained Orla’.

They came for me in the morning, took me to a shower room, the sort you find in a football club. I showered. I ate. Then to a room, chains hung from the ceiling. Strange tables, strange chairs. I did as I was instructed. I lay down. She wore a white coat, she was quick, and efficient. She spread the warm gunk on my body, then a paper strip, which, when it was torn away took my bodily hair with it. All of it. I felt strange, my skin cool as the air touched it. Then they buckled me into a leather harness, buckled tight, then padlocked. A metal ring fitted around the base of my still hard cock, which also encompassed my testicles. It was tight, very tight, adding to the already present agony. Something was forced into my arse. She buckled something then I heard the click of more padlocks. I wanted to come, wanted the erection to go. A leather collar around my throat, a ring at its centre. She held my cock, she smiled, a cold smile. Then the pain.
“Jesus fucking hell!” I exclaimed.
She made no explanation, but then gripped my right nipple, more pain, more pain again, this time my left nipple. She held what looked like a branding iron, the sort used on cattle, but it wasn’t hot, it was cold, straight from a container of liquid nitrogen. It seared my skin, first on my shoulder, then on the left cheek of my arse, again just above my cock, still hard. I sobbed, with pain, and shame. Then I was led to the room we had been in the previous night. She was there, and I felt my heart jump. She was there, so beautiful, I ached with lust for her. My wife.

I stood waiting, though not sure what I was waiting for. I felt calm, no longer stressed by the worries of work, no longer concerned what others might think of me. I saw him being led in, and I felt a surge of concern. He wore a harness, his cock was hard! He looked different, but I couldn’t see why. He was kept in the shadows, in sight, but out of sight. I knew he was inferior to me, he was a slave, I didn’t know why I knew, but I knew I was right. I knew too that I was a slut, and that thought gave me a sense of satisfaction. I didn’t need to strive to be one, I just was one. I was a sex-toy for the Masters, the Mistresses. I felt great satisfaction knowing this. My mind was clear, I remembered what I done the previous evening, remembering the look on the slaves face as he watched me being used. Remembered how hard his cock had been. My cock, it was mine, he was mine, wasn’t he?

Still I waited, I wore a small corset, tight around my waist, my breasts were exposed, my cunt uncovered, on my feet heels, so high I was almost on tip-toes. A collar around my neck. I heard the sound of footsteps. My heart beat increased. They entered the room, my Master, my Mistress. I lowered my gaze, looking at the floor. That I knew to do this I didn’t question.
“You were right,” my Master said, “she is submitting well, the d**gs we gave her are beginning to wear off, but the brainwashing seems to be working.”
“Mmmm, she has a good body, and always was pretty. Slut look up, put your hands behind your hips.”
I knew that voice instantly. My boss, Lawrence. He held my chin, looked into my eyes, as his free hand explored my body. There was movement off to one side, I moved my head to look.
“You will remain still slut!” He said, then slapped my face hard once.
I tasted blood, mine. A cut lip. My face burned from the blow. I felt tears welling up. Then I saw her, standing just behind him, my secretary. Eugene. She had a smirk on her face.
“Spread you legs a little more!” Lawrence ordered.
I hesitated, just momentarily. Another blow landed, higher up on my face.
“Better,” he said, as his stroked my wet cunt, then his hand was gone. I remained perfectly still, hardly daring to breath.
“Don’t just stand there you stupid slut, strip!” Lawrence ordered Eugene. I watched as she did as she was ordered, she did it quickly, and without question.
“Now watch you little slut, watch carefully,” Lawrence said. He turned, “slave!”
The slave hurried to the centre of the room, his cock obscene. I could see his cock was held in a ring, a ring that was digging into his flesh, his balls a deep red, his cock hard, the bulbous head purple, his wrists fixed to his sides by the harness and leather cuffs, which were also on his ankles. I saw too that all his bodily hair had been remove, his skin red from the waxing. His nipples were pierced, his cock had a ring through the urethra , a Prince Albert. I suddenly wondered what it would feel like inside me. He was ordered to lay on a low table. He complied instantly.
“Now little slut,” he said, “watch.”
Eugene straddled him, my husband. I watched as she reached under herself, and guided his cock into her cunt then impaled herself. Tears ran down my face, even as anger threatened to boil over. My Green Dragon!
“You will learn little slut that just as you will be used, as he will also, in so many ways, ways you cannot yet imagine. Now watch as she fucks him, fucks your husband, do you think he will make her come?”
“No! Please no!” I sobbed, my earlier calmness gone.
“We’ll see, shall we.”
She began then, fucking him, riding his cock, my cock no longer. I was surprised how much it hurt, surprised at how exciting it was. I became mesmerized. Then my calmness returned.
“Slave, you will come in the slut, ensure your are deep inside her when you do.” Lawrence ordered.
As I watched I felt fingers probe me, I stole a look, and was shocked to see it was my Mistress, Jasmine.
“You must learn little slut, that you are owned, everything you are and will become is ours, including him. He isn’t yours anymore, he is ours, to use and do with as we see fit. You understand, don’t you?” She whispered.
“Yes My Mistress,” I replied without hesitation.
“She isn’t on the pill, do you think he will impregnate her?” Mistress Jasmine asked.
I was silent, I didn’t know what to say, or even how to say it.
“I asked you a question slut!”
“Mistress, he has a big cock, if the slut Eugene is fertile, then perhaps he will.”
“Very good little slut, but you wish it was you, don’t you?”
“Yes Mistress,” I replied.
“Then maybe it will be, we may breed you, but not with a worthless slave, he can breed with Eugene, but not you little slut, not you.”
Any thoughts I might have were cut short, as Vince grunted, he was coming.
“Oh fuck, I’mmmm, cominggggggggggggggg!”
She continued to ride him even after he was spent.
“Milk him Eugene, get every drop to ensure your impregnation.”
“Yes Mistress,” Eugene replied.
Finally she dismounted, his cock was still hard, which was very strange to me, this was after all a man I knew well. His cock glistened from her wetness. I should have been jealous, but I was strangely relaxed, pleased that he was serving the wishes of my Master, and my Mistress.
“Slave,” my Mistress said, “clean your mess.”
Eugene lay with her slutty legs spread, a trickle of his come rolled down to her anus, where it pooled. I watched as he did as he was instructed, cleaning her intimate places with his tongue, licking her used pussy, cleaning her anus, sucking the come out of her. He finished, and stood respectfully beside her, as a slave should.
My Mistress inspected Eugene, pushing three fingers into her cunt. She looked at her fingers, wet from the whore.
“Little slut, clean my fingers,” my Mistress ordered.
My heart sank, but I stepped forward, to do as I was ordered. I sucked each one in turn, cleaning any trace of her from them.
“Well little slut, did you taste the slaves come?”
“Yes my Mistress.”
“Take him away, punish him severely!” ………….

The sun shone from a blue sky. She lay near the pool, visible to everyone. She was naked, of course she was. She was gorgeous, her dark hair shone. My eyes ran down the length of her body, her back slightly arched, as she rested on her elbows, her breasts resting lightly on her ruby red nipples, her back long and slender. Her bottom, a perfect peach, the cleft between her cheeks slightly parted, a glimpse of her sex, sphincter, below it, her pussy, swollen, the outer labia parted, her inner lips visible, her long legs parted, just wide enough for her jewels to be seen. Her body shone, shone with the oil that was being rubbed into her skin. Her perfect skin, so soft, so perfect. I watched as a young guy rubbed the oil into her, his hands travelling across her body, her shoulders, then down towards her bum. He paused, applied more oil, before continuing, his hands parted her cheeks, and I saw his fingers trace her anus, a single finger disappeared into her, into her back passage. She didn’t flinch, in fact she seemed not to notice. On her head, she wore a pair of headphones. She was totally absorbed, as her anus was probed. What she listened to I didn’t know, well not for sure. The Bose noise cancelling headphones, expensive, and of course wireless. His hands moved lower, his fingers in her pussy, I knew she was wet, I knew her so well, still she didn’t move, just allowed the young guy to rub oil into her body. He moved downward, now concentrating on her long legs, so shapely, her thighs had just a hint of muscle, toned. The guy, like her was naked. He was muscled. Athletic. He was blonde, but without a hint of body hair. He kneed her body. She didn’t know him, I didn’t know him, had never seen him before, but I knew her, knew her so well. My beautiful, and ever loving wife. The woman I adored.

There was laughter, people enjoying the fine weather, and this gorgeous house. And gorgeous it was, a country pile, set in large grounds. I didn’t know where we were, I now realised we had been d**gged during our journey here, wherever here was. At least she looked well, looked as if she was being well looked after. The sun glistened on her oiled and naked skin, her headphones clamped to her ears. A man in his forties walked up behind her. He pulled his shorts down, his cock semi hard, he knelt between her legs, placing his hands on her hips, she raised herself, keeping her elbows on the ground, her arse now high. He rubbed his cock, then pushed it into her, gripping her hips. She showed no reaction, as he fucked her, as people all around her continued to enjoy the sun, sipping their drinks, chatting to friends, to wives, or girlfriends. I was summoned, I moved quickly, I knew only too well what would happen if I showed hesitation or decent. I walked past her, past Orla, my wife, as another man fucked her from behind, she’d always liked that. I saw her face, saw her eyes, it was if nothing out of the ordinary was happening to her, and perhaps it wasn’t…………..

The whip lashed my back, I’d lost count of how many lashes I had endured, but I’d had enough, tears streamed down my face, I sobbed, and begged for it to end.
“Please, I’ll do anything,” I begged.
“Please master, I beg you, I’ll do anything, but no more, please.”
They unhooked me, and I knelt ashamed in front of the master. His name I didn’t know, but that he was a master I had no doubt.
“You will submit to me completely slave!” He said, his voice deep, and melodious, a voice I recognised, but knew we had had never met.
“Yes master, I give myself to your will.”
“Then suck my cock,” he said simply.
I felt sick, really sick, I felt bile rise in my throat. He saw my hesitation.
“Slave this will be the only hesitation I will ever allow, suck my cock, or I’ll have the skin off you back!”
I held it, closed my eyes, and did the unthinkable, as I knelt before him, his cock in my mouth. I did what I had to do, suddenly it didn’t seem so bad, it was better than the alterative.

He took a handful of my hair, yanked my head back.
“When the slut that was your wife sucked your cock, did she just suck?”
“No master,” I whined.
“Then do better, learn from her.”
I did what Orla had done to me, so many times, I licked, I sucked, his cock, his balls, I did everything to him that I had wanted from Orla.
“Mmmm, better.”
He put a hand on the back of my head, then his cock throbbed, and he came, and as he came he forced himself deep into my throat, I gagged, and as I gagged he ejaculated. Then I did what Orla never did. I swallowed, swallowed it all………..

I was dressed, dressed for whatever was to follow. My Mistresses party. Her friends were there. I was to learn that some were Masters, some other Mistresses. There were sluts like me, lesser sluts like Eugene. Then there was the servants, with there own pecking order. Lastly there were the slaves, inferior to everyone. Vince my husband was a slave. He had been forbidden to ever touch me again, he would never fuck me, although he had fucked Eugene only a few days ago. Eugene was one of the lesser sluts, she was to be bred, though I didn’t then understand why, or why Vince had been given the opportunity to impregnate her, or had it been a demonstration.

My arms were both pulled behind me in strange things that looked like huge gloves, but which came well above my elbows. They were black leather, and along their length were heavy duty clips. They were clipped to each other, my arms behind me, uncomfortable, yes. The effect was that my breasts were pushed out, exposed. They had always been one of my assets, large, but not huge, 36D, shapely, and without a hint of any droop. My nipples the ruby red cherries, which looked up. On my feet, black patent heels, like the ones I had worn before, so high I was on tip toes. My pubic hair had been removed, waxed into oblivion. I had never like it like that, and had always kept it neatly trimmed, so as to be covered by my swimsuit. Now my labia was exposed.

My Master led me down the stairs, a chain attached to a collar around my collar. It was difficult to walk, with the shoes, and with my arms pulled high up my back. I saw them, watching me, I was surprised by how many there were, all watching me, watching my naked body. He paused halfway down, and I stood a step behind him, as was my place, but he pulled my forward. He turned me, displaying me, his toy, his fuck-toy. I was amazingly relaxed, possibly because I failed to realise quite what my new life would entail, but I felt safe, I was with my protector. My Master.

He lead me around the room, stopping to chat here, and there. Mistress Jasmine was there as well, tall and aloof, she looked beautiful, if severe. She wore a leather cat-suit, so tight it appeared to have been sprayed on, clearly naked beneath, it zipped at the front, the zip low, exposing her cleavage, the zip continued under her crotch, finally ending halfway up her back, double ended, so it could be unzipped from either end. She walked like a cat, in her high stilettos‘, her make-up like an Egyptian Queen.

Having been paraded, Mistress Jasmine took my leash, and led me to a large chair, more a throne. Her throne.
“Unzip me slut,” she commanded.
I did as she ordered, drawing her zip downwards.
“All the way slut,” she said.
I pulled the zip down, then under her crotch, then she sat on her throne, legs wide. I could see her pussy, it was as smooth as mine, but unlike mine her clit hood was pierced with a gold ring. I knelt before her, like her pet.
“Use your tongue on me slut,” she commanded.
I had never been with a woman before, never had the slightest inclination to be with one, but I was hers to command, I knew I was. But it was hard. I swallowed, and moved forward. I could smell her, smell her scent, her aroma. Musky, heady.
“Make me come slut,” she ordered.
I looked up at her, “Yes my mistress.”
I kissed her, just above her slit. Kissed again, little kisses, then plucking up my courage, I lightly kissed her clit. Then flicked it with the tip of my tongue. Her legs widened. I ran my tongue down the length of her outer labia, tasting for the first time her juices. She moved her bum forward, putting her feet up onto footplates, and in doing so allowed me full access to her private parts. She was wet, and I drank her in, tasting her, relishing the taste. My tongue snaked inside her, and I groaned with pleasure, the pleasure I got my serving my Mistress. Mistress Jasmine. I would have used my hands, my fingers, but they were secured behind me, so I used what I had, my lips, my tongue, even my nose, so anxious was I to make her come.
My head was between her thighs, thighs that were alternately clamping and relaxing, I knew she was close, then she gripped the back of my head, pulling me tightly against her.
“Stick your tongue inside me little slut.”
I did as she instructed, and was treated to her coming, her juices flowed from her, I tasted her, drank her in, savouring her taste. Happy that I was pleasing my Mistress.
“Now little slut, find Mistress Susan , go!”

“I beg your pardon, but are you Mistress Susan?” I asked.
“No slut, but I have a job for you,” she said.
I asked each Mistress I found. Each required me to eat them out, or suck their nipples, one required me to suck her toes. I was a good, and compliant slut, and did as I was ordered, deriving pleasure that I was pleasing my Mistress’s fellow Mistresses. I’d used my mouth on six Mistresses, when a Master asked what I was doing.
“Master, I am seeking Mistress Susan,” I told him.
“Well first you can suck my cock, it aches slut, be quick!”
I sank to my knees, he held his cock for me, as I took it into my mouth, then worked it with my tongue. He was hard, but not as big as my Master, Master Damian. He held my head then pushed his cock deep into my throat as he came. I swallowed his load, something I would never have done for my husband, Vince.

As I got off my knees I saw him. Vince. No not Vince, slave. He was there, chained hand and foot, to a St Andrews Cross. I saw him looking at me, his eyes hungry with lust, his cock hard, his cock rings so tight. I wondered about his cock, it had never been so hard before, fuck, it seemed to be permanently hard. A permanently hard cock that I was forbidden to use, My cock.

Another Master took me, bent me over a couch, his cock penetrated me from behind. He fucked me, and as he fucked me, I saw another kneel before Vince – slave, she sucked his cock, and as she sucked it, I watched, as I was fucked. Used. I knew he could see me, and that excited me. The knowledge that all around me people could see me being fucked excited me. I came with that knowledge, just as the Master came inside me.
“Clean your mess from my cock slut,” he commanded.

I moved on, in my quest to find Mistress Susan, as the slave continued to have his cock sucked, though by a different woman. I found a room, inside a girl was being fucked by a machine, she was screaming, but no one took any notice. I stood, waiting.
“Yes slut?”
“Master, I seek Mistress Susan,” I said meekly.
“Not here, but…….
I sucked his cock, then he too fucked me, while the machine fucked the girl.

“Mistress Jasmine, I have searched, but cannot find Mistress Susan,” I informed her.
“You have served my other guests?”
“Yes Mistress, as they wished.” I replied meekly. I wanted to tell her my arms were agony, still clipped and held behind me, but I remained silent.


The office was on the second to top floor of the high rise building. London, the sun reflected off the river. We had driven there earlier that morning. I was dressed in a smart tailored suit, it was similar to one I had worn to work before I had been chosen, similar but this had been tailor made for me. Silk lingerie, the silk so fine, gossamer thin, and with it silk stockings, attached to my suspenders. Six inch heels, completed my outfit. I my Gucci handbag a few essentials. I sat and waited in a side room. Then I was called.

There were three of them, sitting behind a desk, like some job interview. To the side, a secretary, she was young, blonde, no more than eighteen. Pregnant. She smiled at me.
“Stand in front of the desk slut,” my Master instructed.
I stood.
“How long have you been training her?” One asked.
“Three months.” My Master replied.
“And she is now fully submissive?”
“Fully. She resisted a first, had a very jealous reaction when her husband fucked another slut in front of her, but she has been tamed.”
“What methods did you use?” The other man asked.
“d**gs, and brainwashing, carried out at night as she slept, and then as the d**gs were lessened, several periods during the day.”
I listened, listened to what they had done to me.
“The husband?”
“We have trained him as a slave, very athletic, we used him to breed with the slut Eugene, very successfully, she is pregnant with twins.”
They watched me, waiting for a reaction. I felt nothing. He was in my past.
“Where is he now?”
“Master Greg has him, using him as his own personal fuck-toy, while we decide if he is to be used again to breed, or if we geld him, perhaps we should decide that now.”
I stood listening as they discussed him.
“He has fulfilled the task of impregnating the slut, she can be further used, but do we need him, I think not,” one of them said.
“Very well, I’ll have him gelded, then we sell him, the Arabs like a eunuch, especially a good looking specimen like him.”
“Agreed, now her. Take your outer clothes off slut.” One of them ordered.
I removed my outer clothing, then stood again in front of them, in my gorgeous underwear.
“Her nipples are pierced,? Her clit?”
“Of course, and she has been marked.” My Master informed them.
“Show me your mark slut.”
I pulled the front of my panties down, revealing my tattoo. Then I turned, so they could see the smaller mark on my shoulder.
The tattoo just above my pussy was of a man with a bulls head, the man had huge cock. The mark of my shoulder, a brand the same, but smaller.
“Good, we’ll keep her, and perhaps next year we’ll breed her.” I listened as they discussed my future, that I was to have c***dren for them was a surprise. They talked on.
“Is she divorced from the slave?” One asked.
“Yes, it was arranged a month ago, all his assets transferred to her, the house and contents sold. No loose ends.”
Divorced? I didn’t know. My house sold, I didn’t know.
“She will do as she is commanded, without hesitation?”
“Without hesitation, slut, pleasure her,” my Master commanded.
The young blonde smiled just before I kissed her, cupping her heavy breast, I knelt, lifted her dress, lifted it high, above her swollen belly, kissing it, running my tongue down the dark mark that extended from her popped belly button, downwards. Her knickers were under her belly, I pulled them down, she lifted her bum, allowing me to remove them, then I buried my face between her thighs. She sighed with pleasure, her legs wide, her hands gripped the chair she sat in.

He took me to dinner, my Master. A little black dress, a Mary Quant clutch bag. A gold chain at my neck, gold earrings. He took my arm, as we walked into the riverside restaurant. He ordered, he didn’t ask me what I wanted.
“You understand what was said this afternoon? He asked.
“Yes Master.”
“What did you understand?”
“That I am divorced,” I replied.
“Yes, and that you are to be used for breeding, do you have any questions?”
“Master why would I have any questions, I am yours to do with as you wish.”
“Do you wish to watch as the slave is gelded?” He asked.
“How will it be done?” I asked.
“Rubber bands will be stretched around his testicles, they will stop the blood flow, that will cause….”
“Cause the testicles to die, they do it to male lambs…..Master, may I do it?” I asked.
“You? Why?”
“Because he fucked Eugene, made her pregnant. His cock was my cock. Mine.” I said.
“Yes little slut, you can do that.”
“Thank you Master, and Master, may I…….”
“May you what little slut?”
“May I fuck him, one last time, you will film it I know.”
“You forget yourself slut!” He admonished me.
“I beg your pardon Master, I humbly apologise. I am yours always, but……”

He was brought into the party room at the Masters. He had been waxed, fully. I’d seen him like this before. His muscles were toned. He stood before me, head bowed, showing deference to me, as befitted his station, and well he might, I was naked, my body shone from the oiling it had received that afternoon, an afternoon when he had watched me beside the pool. I knew he was there as a boy massaged me, he’d gone further, fingering my pussy, opening my anus with his fingers. I’d listened to music, then the Master had spoken to me. I didn’t remember being fucked by the pool, but knew I had, because I had come on my thighs when I got back to my room, and my sphincter was open. I wondered how many had fucked me as he watched, wondered if his cock had been hard, knew it had. He enjoyed watching me being fucked, being used. That I didn’t mind, I was owned by my Master, that I understood. I was his, and hers, their slut, their fuck-toy. But him, the slave, he had fucked Eugene, made the slut pregnant in front of me. He had been mine, mine alone. My cock, my husband, my man. I wanted to scratch her fucking eyes out, but she was my Masters, perhaps one day. Now Vince was to be sold, sold as a gelded cock sucker, his anus another mans.

I d****d my arms around his neck, and kissed him. He pulled back, pushing me away.
“Lady I am not permitted to ……with you.”
“Tonight you are, now Vince, make love to me, fuck my brains out, please.”
I gripped his cock, feeling it grow in my hand. I kissed him, my tongue in his mouth. Then I smiled, and looked at him, wondering why I’d married him. He was nothing compared to my Master. His nipples like mine were pierced, his cock ring, his Prince Albert, was thick, and I wondered how it would feel inside me. I sucked his cock, and as I sucked I rubbed my clit, then slipped a finger inside myself. I stood, offering my fingers to him.
“Taste me Vince, taste my juices.”
He licked my wet fingers, then his eyes widened.
“No come, just my juices, use your tongue on me.”
I spread my legs wide, as he probed me with his tongue. He was good, very good, practice had made him perfect. I was soon on the edge, my orgasm not far away. His tongue found my anus, and her rimmed me,
“fuck Vince you never did that to me before!” I gasped.
“Relax you arse, and I’ll give you a treat,” he said.
I did as he asked, opened my anus to him, then I felt it, his tongue in my back passage, then I came, flooding into his mouth.
He lay on his back, his cock hard, standing rigidly up. I remembered his cock, so big. I lowered myself onto him, taking his cock deep inside me. Then I fucked him, slowly at first, then quicker, as my body took over from my mind. I was a slut, and I was a good fuck, knowing how to fuck, how to pleasure a man, or woman.
“Good your big,” I murmured.
“I’ve missed you,” he said.
I didn’t reply.
“Orla, will we ever escape this nightmare?” He asked.
“Nightmare? What nightmare?” I replied, as I continued to fuck him.
“You mean you don’t want to go back to how we were?”
“I belong to my Master, as do you, we obey.” I said.
“Now fuck me, I want you to come deep inside me, like you did that slut Eugene, you enjoyed that, fucking her as I watched.”
“But I had no choice, just like you’ve been fucked, you had no choice.”
“Of course I had a choice, but I chose to serve my Master, now come inside me, like you did Eugene, when you made that slut pregnant!”
“Pregnant?…….of shit, I’m cummming.”
He came deep inside me, I felt him, then felt him as his cock softened inside me.
I heard the door open, my Master, and Eugene. Two slaves with them. They held him. Held him as I took the tools, the band stretchers, opening the rubber bands, I was surprised how difficult it was to open them. I slipped the bands over his testicles, two, although one would have been enough, they stopped the blood flow to his empty balls. Agony etched on his face. His arms were restrained in arm sleeves, then chained together behind his back. They were about to take him away.
“Wait,” I said. “Let him watch as this pregnant slut cleans his disgusting mess.”
My Master smiled. Then nodded.
“I want her naked,” I said.
She stripped, her belly beginning to swell, her nipples dark. Her mouth closed over my oozing cunt, lapping the liquids that came from me. She was quick, doing her job efficiently.
“Goodbye Vince, your balls will shrink and die, remember who did it to you, when you are no longer a man.”……………………..

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