To most people I’m a saint. I’ve had my share of hanging out with friends in bars, but the one night stand just never worked out for me. When I met my husband at 27 (pretty late) he was my first. My first kiss, my first time and I’ve never experienced anything with anyone else before or since. We’ve tried a few things, but nothing crazy. I’ve had fantasies of course, but they’re just that fantasies, and unlike my husband who seems incapable of going 24 hours without getting a hard on twice, they’re rare, and easily dismissed. Outside of the bedroom I never liked to show or tease. So over all, I think it’s safe to say I’m at least very restrained when it comes to sex. However, compared to my judge friend, I’m a complete pervert.
For her, having fun is a sin. Going out drinking with friends or coming home late at night, was always out of the question, even before her career officially and by law forbid her to partake in any hedonistic pleasures. Since I know her, she has never let loose once, never been drunk, never had a flirt and now that the ‘study and have fun’ part of life is over, it’s even less likely she will ever loosen up without some serious help. I can’t even tell if she has ever had a crush, everybody does, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she just throws any of these thoughts out the instant they hit her, in favour of extra study hours. She needs help, and that’s why I insisted she’d spend some vacation with me and my husband in Switzerland, now that we had our very own flat, she could sleep over in the couch. We’d visit the country side, mountains and bars. Away from her mandate to serve the king, away from the eyes of her peers, she might finally enjoy herself without the fear of being judged. I was already picturing us three having a drink at a cosy bar, she laughing and acting drunk for the first time. Maybe even flirting with some handsome guy. But I was quite far from imagining how that evening would actually turn out.

It started out with me sitting in the middle, mostly talking to my friend as usual, but when I came back from the toilets she’d taken my seat. It also started sober, which was far from our current state. She was laughing and enjoying herself like never before, I loved watching her loosen up for the first time and really have some fun.
There I was, with a drunken smile on my face and a third, maybe fourth (I can’t remember) beer in my hand, looking at my husband flirting with my best friend. She was lost in his eyes and constantly giggling like an idiot at everything he said. He had that shit eating grin on his face, satisfaction I’d say, that she was ready to burst out laughing at every one of his stupid jokes. Yet the most surprising part was my reaction. I didn’t really mind, I just sat there and enjoyed watching them. Maybe I was sedated with alcohol, maybe not, either way I was completely unable and unwilling to intervene. I was just sitting there, recalling how much I used to laugh at his stupid puns when I first heard them. I could see myself in her, falling for him, like I used to. I guess the only difference was that I was drunk with love and she was mostly drunk with beer but the end result, a continuous giggling, was pretty much the same. The way she smiled and stared at him, I knew she was at his mercy.

– So you’ve never kissed a guy? He asked.
– No… She answered giggling.
– A girl?
– No! She cried out laughing.
– A pet?
She was laughing so much she could hardly speak.
– Mel help me, your husband is so stupid! I’m gonna die!
– I’m sorry but you’ll have to deal with his stupidity tonight, I have to deal with it every day for years.
– Sorry, my humour gets worse with alcohol.
I thought to myself: ‘Humour’…. what a joke.
– Aaaah…. I have to stop laughing so much or I’m going to have a heart attack.
– Hey it’s not my fault if I’m so funny.
I noticed my glass was empty.
– Want one more? I asked.
– I’m not sure if your friend can handle one more… He answered.
– Of course I can you idiot! She said while slapping his shoulder.
– I’m not sure if my bank account can handle one more…
She started laughing again.
– It’s still early, but we have some drinks left at home. He added.

Once at home, still shaking from the cold, tightly wrapped in my coat I sat down on the couch. Then my friend just throws herself next to me, pushing up against me, holding my arm, telling me “I’m sooo cold” with her shaking voice. She’d never been so touchy, then again I’d never seen her drunk either. My husband was watching us from across the room, with that same grin and I could just tell what was going through his pervert mind. He got up to turn up the heater, which he usually never does. Then he left to fetch drinks, to my surprise, he came back with what seemed like vodka and poured three shots, before he had finished pouring the last one, my friend took hers and gobbled it at once and almost choked.
– What the hell is this!? She yelled, coughing.
– What? You’ve never had a shot of vodka? Nick asked
– Well… I’ve seen people have it, I never know it was so strong.
– Having a shot, check. Getting drunk, check. Honey? Anything else on her checklist?
– Kissing a guy. I couldn’t believe those words slipped out of my mouth. I was such an idiot. He just looked at me with a smiling face I would have loved to slap if I wasn’t too lazy to get up.
– Well… then let’s play a drunken teenager game. He said
– Yeeah! Cheered my drunken friend before asking. What is it?
– Truth or dare.
– What’s that?
– Its easy, we spin this bottle, the one it points at gets to tell a truth or do a dare. Then that person gets to spin the bottle and ask for a truth or a dare from the next one it points at. Etc. If you refuse to do the dare of tell the truth then you lose.
– It’s a very silly game. I added, knowing what the game was and what my husband’s intentions was… or so I though. And quickly drank my shot in an attempt to dismiss these thoughts.

The bottle spun. Much like the room. I wasn’t counting the shots any longer, we all had had a few by then. We were sitting on the thick rugged floor matt in a small circle. The temperature had gone up by now and everyone was lightly dressed. I hate to admit it now but I was actually having a lot of fun. It was a while since I had gotten this drunk and laughed so much my stomach ached, or was it the alcohol? probably both. And ordering my friend to take another shot, remove a piece of clothing or kick my husband’s balls was delightful.
– Truth or dare. She asked Nick with glee.
– Dare, but I think I can’t take any more shots or I’ll throw up…
– Alright then, strip.
– What piece?
– Everything! and make it hot, like a hot male stripper ok? She said clapping.
– Can I at least keep my panty?
– Your wear panties? She burst out laughing.
– Nooooo! My boxer shorts.
– He wears panties, is he gay? She whispered loudly in my ear.
– Yeah of course he is. I said.
– I can hear you…
– Shut up and start stripping. She yelled.
Standing up, he started slowly doing a silly dance, moving his hips, lifting his shirt off, and spinning it to throw it at my friend as she was cheering. All I could think of was: ‘ is this really happening? ‘ His failed attempt to pull off his belt in one stroke, was very cute. Then the jeans fell down revealing a not so hidden bulge in his briefs. I was so ashamed I had to burry my face in my hands, still part of me was enjoying this. Like the worst parts of American Pie, you don’t want to see it, but you just can’t look away. Luckily my friend didn’t seem to take notice.
– Enjoying the show? He said while spinning the bottle. Now it’s my turn. It pointed at my friend, he smiled.
– Truth or dare?
– Dare!
At that time I was pretty convinced he’d ask her to kiss him. After all I told him it was a box to check.
– I want you too…. Kiss Mel. He said with a sadistic smile and added. On the lips, make it hot.
Before I had time to process what he just said, she threw her arms around my neck and smacked me on the mouth. I was petrified.
– Ha, that was easy. My turn! She cheered.
The bottle pointed at him.
– Truth or dare?
– Truth.
– Aaaaaaw your husband is so boring Mel.
I answered on autopilot and just nodded. My mind was still frozen, did I just kiss a girl? It wasn’t unpleasant. Turns out I didn’t have that fail safe I imagined all straight women would have, somehow, I wasn’t discussed by it, almost the opposite.
– Okay then let’s hear a secret. Have you ever had a gay fantasy?
– Does ladyboys count?
– Mel !!! You hear that? Your husband likes kathoey, you were right he’s sooo gay!
– Yeah I know. I added still on autopilot.

As the bottle spun, the shock faded. I felt relief, followed by euphoria, like a weight lifted off my shoulders. From then on I couldn’t stop laughing, like my drunk friend. Then it was her turn to strip, then came mine. I remember pretending to protested, but since the other two were already in under ware, I didn’t really have a strong case, so I obliged. There I was, in my panties. She was too. My last pride had left me when she took off my bra and I took off hers. We were drunk, we were laughing and we didn’t really care, because in that moment it was just harmless, innocent fun. When my husband dared me to tickle her mostly naked body, I was no longer thinking, I just enjoyed her bright tortured smile and twitching body under my merciless fingers. Then came my turn to dare him. I’m no longer sure what I said, but it was something like this.
– Alice, it’s time for you to learn how to french kiss, Nick I dare you to teach her.
Note that I blame this 100% on alcohol.
– What’s that? She asked with a confused face.
She got her answer right away. Nick jumped up like a released spring and pushed her down on the mat. Like he had been waiting the entire evening for me to grant him permission. She looked scared with her head on the floor mat, not knowing what would come next. He looked her in the eyes and plunged his tongue into her half opened mouth. It was a long and intensive first kiss. Watching them got me so turned on, because I knew exactly how good she must have felt. When it finally ended, she noticed something hard poking her upper leg. She instinctively grabbed it and asked with a confused look.
– What’s this?
He pulled away a bit surprised and scared he’d crossed a line.
– Well… you know. He said, while trying unsuccessfully to hide it.
– It’s his dicky. I added.
– But it wasn’t there before! She cried out.
– It’s because it got hard, you idiot.
– Huh… But why did it do that?
– Oh my god Alice! How old are you? Nick go make it soft now, we need to do some sexual education right now. You really need to learn how a man works, how could you preside a sexual abuse case if you don’t even know the basics? She looked confused.
He came back with a towel around his waist, after what was probably an quick ice cold shower. Standing in front of her, I sat next to him and ripped the towel off.
– Here. This is a soft dicky. Well, almost soft, “sight…”. I added after taking a second look. That’s how the dicky of the man is most of the time. Well except for my horny husband, but he isn’t normal. Now if you kiss him, or touch the dicky it will get hard. Go ahead touch it.
She carefully touched it, like poking an alien object.
– Waaaaaa! It’s moving! She cried out.
– Yeah that’s normal. I said.
She grabbed it.
– Try rubbing it. Nick added smiling a bit too much.
– Like this? She made a clumsy jerking motion. Look Mel! It’s growing. She yelled, excited.
– Yes that’s how the dicky works. Note that this dicky is very easy to make hard, it even gets hard on its own sometimes.
– It’s amazing… She kept jerking it. Staring at it with wide eyes. Now it was fully erected and a drop of precum was forming at the tip.
– Eeeeeewww! She cried out, what the hell is this?
– That’s dicky juice, there will be a lot more of it coming out when the dicky has an orgasm.
– How do you make the dicky orgasm Mel?
– Well you could keep jerking it faster and harder for a few minutes, or by sucking it.
Nick grabbed her head bringing her closer.
– Here, come closer, try kiss it, don’t worry every woman does it.
– Really Mel? It looks a bit disgusting. She said, looking at me in despair.
I hesitated for a moment, should I save her? Naah… She was flirting with my husband in front of me all evening, it was time she paid for it.
– He’s right.
Nick smiled at me, and I smiled back at him. He looked down at her and said.
– See? Just try, it’s harmless.
He pulled her head closer, this was maybe a bit much for a first time. But what the hell, knowing my friend it might be her only time. And the whole scene was too exciting to interrupt anyway.
He pushed her face closer, she timidly kissed the tip.
– Good girl, now open your mouth. He said with much more authority, and a lower voice, he was no longer asking.
She obeyed and let it slowly slide in. First the tip, then almost half of it.
The whole scene was surreal. It was so wrong, yet so exciting. A guilty pleasure. I backed a few steps, keeping my eyes on the scene and sat down on the couch. I felt my black pantie, it was wet. Without my consent, my hand started rubbing the humid fabric. My hand had a mind of its own. It was rubbing my wet panties with more and more intensity as I was watching my husband, pushing his cock further and further into my friend’s mouth. Holding her head firmly while thrusting his hips until she gagged and pushed him away. She couldn’t take it any longer, she had wet eyes and was coughing. He let her go, and sat down next to her, kissed her and said.
– It’s alright, you did great for a first timer, just relax and breathe.
He started caressing her hair, her chest, kissing her neck, making her moan softly. He kept looking at me, while kissing her, it turned me on even more.
The hand found its way inside my panty. It was no longer my hand, there was no way to stop it. The pleasure was building up inside of me. I couldn’t turn my eyes away from them either. As his mouth slit down on her, licking her breast, then her belly, then her thighs, while teasing her wet nipples with his fingers. She kept letting out soft moans.
– Now it’s your turn to feel my tongue. He whispered. Before pressing his lips on her panties.
– Aaaaaaah. She grabbed his hair and contracted her legs with pleasure.
As I looked at his head stuck between her legs, I could feel him going down on me. I knew exactly what she felt and his eyes kept looking back at me, pulling me back into this dirty fantasy. I couldn’t wait for him to pull her panties down and stick his tongue in her pussy.
He pulled her panties down slowly and kissed her bush. Gently teasing her breasts with one hand and the bottom of her pussy with the other. She moaned loader, her breathing got faster. My hands followed his. One was grabbing my breast while the other was making its way inside of me. Looking at him licking her, I could feel his warm tongue pressing against my clit. My hand was moving faster and harder. I pictured his finger sliding inside of her, making her body convulsing with pleasures, her open mouth letting out uncontrollable moans. My breaths got heavier. She was getting closer to orgasm, when all of a sudden he stopped. He stared at me fingering myself in front of them and asked.
– Should I fuck her?
I could already imagine his cock inside of her. Just the though was bringing me closer to climax. There was no way I’d miss out on it.
– Yes, fuck her.
Alice was still laying on her back, trying to breathe slowly, when he came rushing back from the bedroom, with a condom on his fully erect dick. He started kissing her violently, everywhere, grabbing her hair. I could see she was enjoying her first time as much or even more than I did. The look on her face as he started licking her tit and fingering her wet pussy again, that look of unrestrained pleasure made me so wet. My hand hurried back into my panties to pleasure me. He slipped his fingers out of her and licked them off, then kissed her passionately and asked.
– You want it? Tell me you want it. With such a firm tone.
– I want it. She answered with heavy breathing.
He lifted her legs gently, kissing her tie and slowly pressing his cock against her pussy. He slid the tip in. She gasped, grabbing the floor mat in with agonizing pleasure. My fingers slid in too. He grabbed her arms holding them down above her head, kissed her more and started motioning his hips. My hands were going crazy. It felt so good. To hear her moan loudly, to watch her bend with pleasure from my husband’s mouth on her breast. His cock going in and out of her, faster and deeper. The room was filled with heavy breathing, getting faster and faster and faster and louder, it was surreal. I was in a state of trance, physically linked with the woman my husband was fucking on the floor in front of me. I could feel her pleasure and it was intense. We were both about to climax. Me desperately grabbing the couch with one hand, as the other fingered my pussy hard. He was giving her everything he had. His sweat dripping, his hips thrusting faster. My hand was vibrating. My body shaking. All our muscles cramped hard. It was so intense. I yelled, we all yelled with pleasure.

I knew how she felt, laying there on the floor, so overwhelmed, still breathing heavily… He left her there and came over to cuddle me on the couch. Hugging me, kissing me. Whispering I love you in my ear.
– I love you too baby. I answered and kissed him.
I looked at my friend still laying of the floor, slowly catching her breath. Poor girl, she could barely move. We were all tiered and in ecstasy. She looked up at us and started laughing, we looked at each other and laughed to. That night she did not sleep in the couch like planned. Instead we laid all three in the bed, falling instantly asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning she was the first one up. When I opened my eyes I saw her digging through the sex toy bag that my useless husband had left open on the floor after fetching the condom yesterday. She looked at me confused with a 25cm plastic dick in one hand, a red strap on in the other. She asked me.
– What the hell do you guys do with these…?
– Do you really want to know…? I asked

The end.

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