Lisa and Abby decided to hit the town and I had an errand to run so walked in with them to get a bus. It was the wrong time of day as the bus stop was full of sweaty students but I managed to get on albeit pushed half way up the stairs which was a bit embarrassing as I was wedged between the girl above me pressing her arse in my face and me doing the same to the girl below, I was also conscious of the people at the bottom of the stairs had a good worms eye view up my shorts. We were all pretty close and I could feel my cock stiffening in my shorts and when a couple of girls came down squeezing past me there was definite contact which made my cock stiffen even more, I now had a visible bulge and glancing up I see there were a few students leaning against the rail looking down.

With the bus jolting the girl below was getting dangerously close and as my position altered my cock accidently brushed her face, I now had a full-blown erection. The bus then jolted again and she nearly lost her footing and reached out and grabbed the inside of my thigh, this pulled me closer and my bulge was now pressed against her face. Her hand went right up my thigh and slipped inside my shorts and cupped my balls while grabbing the base of my stiff cock, she pulled my cock out of the leg of my shorts which was met with a cheer from the students above and started to lick around the swollen purple head, her girl above me looked around and started to watch her friend sucking me off.
With her head bobbing and the motion of the bus it wasn’t long before I was cumming a hot load deep down her throat which was met with a big cheer from the onlookers.

I decided to get off the bus quickly and banged my knee on the way out and blood was dripping down my leg, a few people got off at that stop and this student who I now know as Elli noticed the blood on my leg, she approached me, “OMG sir, are you ok?” she asked and to be honest I was fine, “Look” she continued, “I live just here, come in and let me clean that up for you” she said and who was I to refuse such a kind offer and we walked up the driveway to her front door, nice house I thought to myself as we went inside, she showed me into the lounge and sat me down and her brother Billy walked in and Elli told him what had happened with my knee, I wasn’t sure if she witnessed the incident on the bus but no mention was made.

Nurse Elli returned with some cotton wool and TCP and some cream which I thought was a bit over the top but when she squatted down to administer the treatment she had her legs wide open for balance and I had the most fantastic view of her little white cotton panties, Mmm.
Billy moved himself to the side by my shoulder and I could see a bulge appearing in his shorts, her looked down and saw the same thing in mine and we both smiled at each other, we both now had the same view up his sisters skirt who was starting to clean the excess blood from my leg, I widened my legs to give her better access to my knee and then realized that my balls were on show.

Elli was very attentive and took her time and her hand was very soft as she rubbed my thigh, she told me she had to get the blood circulating but her fingers were getting dangerously close which was making my cock fully erect and she couldn’t fail to notice, I glanced at Billy who was keenly watching developments and I saw he had a stiff bulge too.
Elli had stopped the bleeding and her hand was now inside my shorts and she had hold of my stiff shaft, I glanced at Billy and he pulled his shorts down exposing his beautiful stiff cock, she started to rub it while Elli pulled my shorts off and then knelt between my outstretched legs taking my cock into her warm mouth.

Billy straddled the chair and pushed his cock into my mouth, Mmm it did taste good and I pulled the skin back to lick around the head, he started to thrust slowly fucking my face as his sister worshipped my cock and balls, I grabbed Billy’s arse cheeks as he banged away and I felt his cock hitting the back of my throat while Elli was bobbing up and down and they seemed to be on the same rhythm, she squeezed my balls and just as my cock started to pulsate I felt Billy shoot his hot creamy cum down my throat, it was good and went down easily as my own cum spurted into his sisters mouth, she took it all and I could feel her sucking on the head to get every last drop, I did the same to her bother.

Elli pulled away stood up while Billy climbed off me pulling my shirt off and giggling, Billy and I were both now naked as we looked at sweet Elli, she slowly undid the buttons on her shirt revealing her thin white bra, she had this teasing seductive look on her face as she reached around and unhooked her bra, me and Billy looked as her perky little titties came into view, both sporting stiff nipples which were just dying to be sucked on.
She smiled as she reached around her waist and very soon her skirt hit the floor and she stood there in just her little white cotton panties, their was a definite reaction as I looked at Billy’s stiffening cock, I wonder how many times they had seen each other naked, chalk another one up as she slowly removed her panties exposing her trimmed little bush. Mmm.

She slowly walked up to me and turned around, her cute little arse was delightful and she bent down to touch her toes, OMH her shaded little starfish came into view as we both looked. Mmm, I lent forward and gently ran my tongue up and down her crack before going lower between her legs licking her wet labia lips, I flicked around as she gasped and ran my tongue back up to her little dark hole, Billy started to rub as he looked on in envy.
Ellie cried out as my tongue pushed inside her expanding hole, the taste was awesome as I flicked around her arsehole.
I diverted down and sucked on her swollen lips and could feel her juices in my mouth, her breathing was heavy and I pulled her down onto my laps with my cock sliding straight into her wet pussy, immediately I felt her cunt muscles tighten as she let out a loud groan.

She started to gyrate slowly as Billy continued to wank while he watched me fucking his sister and Elli pulled him in front of her and grabbing the shaft of his cock started to lick around the swollen head.
She started to bounce with her slow gyrations and her cunt was tight as she started to suck her brothers cock, he stroked her hair as she gagged on his manhood as I started to thrust deeper into her wet hole.
She gave out muffled moans as I felt her juices running down my balls but she kept her mouth firmly around Billy’s cock and I could tell by his facial expressions that he wasn’t far away.
I thrust up deep and Elli yelped and her mouth filled with her brothers cum just as I hit the spot, she swallowed quickly as I felt my cock pulsating and my hot cum spurt deep up into her belly.

Elli let out a big sigh as we all got our breathing back Elli was licking the last bit of cum out of Billy and my cock started to soften inside her, “OH FUCK” Billy shouted as he saw his mum’s car pull into the drive, we all rushed about finding articles of clothing which was quite comical and I banged my knee again which opened up the wound which would turn out to be a life saver.

Ellie dressed first and got the first aid kit while I sat back in the chair turning my head and seeing the mother walk up the path, Wow!, she looked hot, Mid 30’s at a guess with a curvy figure and a nice pair of 36c’s hidden under her tee shirt, her shorts we snug fitting and I could see a nice cameltoe as she walked towards the house, it looked like she had just got back from the gym.
She walked in and was surprised to see me sitting there, we smiled at each other and Billy told his mum what had happened and that Elli was a good Samaritan and brought me in to look at my leg.

We all acted like it was innocent and gave no clues as to what had happened earlier, their mum, Sam looked concerned as there was blood on my knee. She approached and crouched down to get a closer look and with her legs widened her shorts got tighter and her lady slit was clearly visible in her puffy crotch, a true MILF.
As she looked at the cut on my knee her glance went up my thigh and she got a peek as my balls through the leg of my shorts, she glanced up at Ellie who had a puzzled look on her face and then back to my knee and then directly up my shorts, instinctively her legs seemed to widen and then her gaze back to my knee.

“Well done Elli” she said, “You did the right thing” and Elli smiled down on her, “Thanks mummy” she said feeling proud as she dabbed the cut with TCP, “We just need to wait until it dries” Sam said softly and neither of them made an attempt to get up which was fine by me as not only did I have a view of Elli’s cum stained panties I also had a good cameltoe view of her mum, the downside to it though is that the were both looking up the legs of my shorts and I was very conscious of my balls showing and the reaction under my shorts as my cock started to harden.

We briefly chatted while the TCP dried and Sam asked where I lived, “Oh my!” she said, “You can’t walk home, I will give you a ride” she continued in a sweet voice, Elli and Billy had work to do and Sam helped me on to my feet, I put on a bit of a limp and Sam half helped me out to the car, I thought I would play on it a bit. As we drove the short distance home I had a good view between her open legs and the tightness of her thin shorts, I am sure she saw me looking but didn’t say anything, we chatted on the drive back and she told me how she is a single mum, works part time and keeps fit at the local gym, I could certainly see that.

We parked round the back and I hobbled up to the patio, Sam helped and had a sweet sweaty smell, it was a turn on, but we reached the patio and I gave Sam the key as I sat in the chair watching her bend and fumble with the lock, her shorts had ridden up her crack and she did have a nice rounded bulbous arse, very sweet. She finally got the door open and helped me inside and told me to sit in the chair.
She crouched down in front of me pushed my legs wide to have a look at my knee when she immediately averted her gaze directly up my shorts, I could feel her eyes burning my balls and she held her gaze for a few seconds before looking up at me and smiling.

I smiled back with a look that said ‘help yourself lady’ and she took the signal and ran her hands up the inside of my thighs and inside my shorts and meeting by my balls, one hand cupped my balls while the other wrapped around my semi stiff cock, she gently squeezed as she looked up at me, our eyes met as her hand slowly wanked me to an erection, believe me it didn’t take long.
She licked her lips as she felt the hardness of my cock and her hands shifted to the waistband and I lifted up as she pulled my shorts off, she reached up and pulled my shirt over my head before kissing around my chest nibbling at my nipples as my cock pressed against her breasts.

She came down further licking my belly and I felt her warm tongue flick around the swollen tip, she gently inserted the head and her cheeks concaved as she sucked on the swollen helmet, her hands going down the sides of the chair grabbing the cheeks of my arse pulling me up closer forcing my cock deeper into her eager mouth. Her fingers were probing into the crack searching out my male starfish as I felt my cock hit the back of her throat, she gagged and slurped but I could feel the tightness, Mmm

She knew she had me close and she pulled away and stood up looking at my saliva covered cock, she slowly peeled off her tee shirt and her 36c mounds came into view trapped beneath the thin bra which was about to be unhooked, soon her firm rounded titties we free with her nipples standing proud. She looked me in the eye as I slowly rubbed my wet cock and slowly pulled down her shorts, OMG she had the tiniest little thong I have ever seen, it was virtually just string with a very small triangle of white cloth covering her slit, her bushy pubes in full view and my cock hardened. I reached out and put my arms on her fleshy cheeks and pulled her close taking a big sniff of her sweaty panties, OMFG I was nearly knocked out with the head rush and buried my face in her hairy muff while exploring and squeezing her arse cheeks.

I pushed her over to the sofa and she laid back and I widened her legs as I knelt in between, the warmth and the aroma was like a magnet as my head moved closer, Mmm the sweaty aroma drew me in and I soon had my tongue licking around the soft cotton fabric and my nose buried in pubes.
I could feel the wetness of her lips through the thin fabric as she dug her nails into my shoulders as my tongue hit her swollen button, I nuzzled her panties aside and sucked on that bad boy, it seemed to grow in my mouth like a small cock as he yelled out shaking to orgasm, her juices flooding my chin as I tried to lick, Mmm she tasted so sweet as I went back to her swollen clit flicking it with my tongue and gently sucking, she was in a frenzy and so wet as I pulled up with my cock in my hand.

I held the head against her wet labia lips and she wrapped her legs around my waist pulling me in tight forcing my cock to slide right inside her wet tunnel, I felt her instantly contract her cunt muscles making her feel so tight as I started to pound with lust, her grip on my shoulders got harder as my thrusts went deeper and her moans cried out.
She gyrated with my thrusts and we got quite a rhythm going and our cries and moan were lost in the squelching sounds, I upped the pace and she somehow tightened her grip and it was like she was sucking me in, I let out a big groan as I felt my hot and creamy ejaculate shoot deep inside of her. She cried out as she felt is and pulled me close for a wonderful tongue searching passionate kiss.

My cock softened and I pulled out and saw my cum dribbling out of her, without hesitation I got down and she shuddered as she felt my tongue licking up all the mixed juices, Mmm so tasty. I looked up and smiled at Sam, “How’s your knee?” she asked with a cheeky grin, “Sore” I replied.

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