My Lesbian Welcome To the Sex Community
Aspen’s fingers slid down inside the front of my panties as Penny’s hands crawled up the inside of my thighs. I’d ever been touched by another girl, much less two at the same time. But, I joined this sex community to explore and challenge my sexuality. And now here I was being felt up by two beautiful girls, while the rest of the group watched us eagerly, clearly aroused by the tentativeness of my first time experience. I was happy to share it, turned on by the exhibitionist nature of being watched by others, which was also a new thing for me.

Aspen looked up at me as her fingers explored the folds of my labia, stretching the elastic of my panties down so she could also see my body. It was hot to me that she wanted to see me. I gasped softly when her fingers slid across my clitoris, already slippery with lube that oozed from my throbbing vagina. The exposure was intoxicating. I loved seeing the desire of eight other people focused on my body as Aspen and Penny touched me, pulling my clothes off like they were unwrapping a gift. Penny lifted my shirt over my head and buried her hot mouth into the softness of my small breasts through my bra. Her tongue began to lick around the edges of it, forcing it upward until she could pull my nipple into her mouth and suck on it hard. The softness of her skin felt wonderful. She and Aspen both had their hands between my legs now, rubbing me and pulling at my butthole.

Aspen yanked my panties off quickly and attached herself by the mouth to my pussy in an assertive move. She lifted my hips off the futon as she did so, the bags I was holding when I walked into the living room of the large house we shared falling to either side on the floor. I’d forgotten I was still holding on to them when the girls pushed me playfully down onto the cushions. I knew this was the ritual for newcomers, to be a receiver of the group within the first few days after moving in. I just didn’t know when it was coming. My bra came off and the other girls quickly removed their clothes as Hennessy joined us, holding a purple egg-shaped vibrator that she was wetting in her mouth. It was so sensual to be the focus of three lovely ladies at the same time. I gushed with erotic energy.

Blonde, cute Penny kissed me first, a sensual, warm, soft kiss with her tongue dancing around the edges of my lips. Then her mouth moved onto my cheek and down my neck towards my nipples as nerdy-sexy Aspen’s warm mouth found mine next, kissing me wetly. They both played with my breasts as Hennessy fingered me, then switched the vibrator on and laid it lightly against my clit. I jumped and pulled breath in, producing giggles from the group. I was vaguely aware that others were removing clothes and touching each other or themselves as they watched us. It was so liberating! Aspen continued to kiss me, her glasses bumping my forehead lightly. Then, Hennessy’s mouth was on my vagina. I melted under the buttery warmth of her tongue as she ate me. I had no idea a girl felt like that! Her mouth made sucking sounds as she swirled back and forth over my clit. I was suddenly hyper aware of the skin to skin contact with all three girls and had the urge to take all of their bodies into my mouth to pleasure them the way I felt pleasured.

Hennessy pushed the vibrator inside me and sat back, fingering my clit with one hand while Aspen’s mouth continued to caress mine. I felt the growing surge of an orgasm building in my tummy, my hips rocking into Hennessy’s caresses. I wanted to cum so badly, to call out the ecstasy of it to the room and give back the sexual energy I felt flowing into me. And call out, I did. The climax came like a tsunami, wracking my body with surge after surge of pleasure almost too great to bear. I lost myself in the sea of it, my angels’ hands and mouths waving me forward through the deepest sexual gratification I’d ever felt as I kicked and flailed my way through it.

When I was spent, I realized I was contorted to one side, out of breath, perspiring and rushing with endorphins. I laughed out loud for lack of any other response to it. The girls laughed with me. Then Penny positioned her body above me, looking down as her pretty pink vagina, a pearl of lube dripping downward, descended towards my face. I opened my mouth and extended my tongue to take my first taste of another girl. Her musky sweet flavor filled my mouth as she began to ride slowly back and forth, the soft lilt of her moans of pleasure like music to my erotic soul. Aspen and Hennessy lay into my slippery puss with their tongues as we moved in rhythm together. Any doubt that joining this community was a mistake was long gone!

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