I have been divorced twice, my first marriage lasted less than two years, the second marriage lasted for just under ten years. In both cases it was made clear to me that my marriages had failed because I was unable to please them sexually. Because my first marriage ended so soon I will concentrate on my second marriage as it was my second wife who made me decide I felt better dressing up and acting like a girl.

Now obviously my wife to be was aware of my less than average cock size but for some reason it hadn’t been a problem leading up to getting married. Perhaps I should have realized the signs that she wanted to be in control as
about a month before we were going to get married I was informed that I would be doing my fair share of the housework and that if it wasn’t done correctly I would do it again until it was done correctly. Also I was informed that my wife would be in charge of the finances and also in charge of what was bought for the house.

From the start of our married life together like most couples we tried out various positions while having sex, but after a while it was decided that she wanted to be on top as it allowed her to control the pace and get the most penetration possible. But after a year or so it soon became clear that being on top wasn’t satisfying enough for her so after I had cum she began to insist that I kiss and fondle her breasts while she used her fingers on herself.

Gradually this method of having sex became less and less to the point where by around the five year mark we were only having sex once or twice a month. In an effort to put the spark back in our marriage my wife decided to buy herself an eight inch vibrator, while this was no doubt done with the best of intentions it made it obvious to me that she needed more than I could give her.

So we went back to having sex only this time things were very different in that my wife wanted me to lick her pussy and then kiss and fondle her breasts while she used her vibrator on herself. Only after she had cum was I allowed to have sex with her which most times was done in the missionary position. By year eight my wife had totally lost interest in us having sex together instead she preferred going to bed early and as if to make matters worse most nights she would leave her vibrator on her bedside table making it clear that she had used it on herself.

It was after a massive argument in the final year of our marriage that I was told that I would be sleeping in the spare bedroom and that she wanted a divorce. Within a week or so of me sleeping in the spare bedroom my wife began going out with her friends a lot more regular than normal, sometimes up to five nights per week leaving me to do virtually all of the housework. While she never said that she had another man it was obvious that she had because all of a sudden she was buying herself new clothes and lingerie.

I still remember the night that after doing the washing I decided to try on a pair of her thong panties, it was an amazing feeling knowing that I was wearing panties that had been bought to turn on another man. This then became my nightly routine where my wife would go out and I would do the housework wearing her panties. Then one night I decided to take things to a whole different level by not just wearing her panties, but also using her vibrator and cumming like a girl. Obviously I was careful to wipe her vibrator clean and wash her panties again.

From that moment on every night she went out I would put a pair of her panties on and use her vibrator on my cock, it felt really good knowing that the panties she was wearing for her new man had also been worn by me. The one regret I do have is that she didn’t bring her new man home and fuck him in front of me because I would have gladly licked his cum out of her pussy while he fuck my bum with her vibrator. Sadly this never happened but what did happen was that once we had divorced and I got my own flat I began dressing up like a girl and shaving my body plus wearing make up and perfume as often as possible.

So that’s how I ended up in panties lots of love and kisses from Sissies Sister Leanne ♥x♥x

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