Hi, i am Matt an athletic and open-minded nudist. I am 25 years old and this is one of my stories:

It was in the last week at highschool when we had our funny themeweek. On Wednesday the theme was to dress like anti-social people. Me and some others where wearing sweatpants and a tshirt to match the theme. To dress like the theme was not mandatory so only 20 to 30 people were dressed like that in our school. Nonetheless we had a great time like most days in the last week of school. This was also the only day were it was cool to wear a sweatpant and a tshirt since it’s matched our theme. Back then I wouldn’t have thought that on this day I would have my most humiliating moment in school.

It happened In one of the breaks between classes. We got so funny and for some reasons I undressed my tshirt to match better our theme and the girls liked it. Nobody cared so I was just like that half naked for the next few classes. Sometimes some girls even took some pics. I felt really great this day.

On one break I was just standing where normally the teacher stands and was talking to the girl I really liked. We had a funny conversation and I was smiling at her. Some girls who were just walking by our open room saw me half naked in the classroom. Since they found it kind of funny they immediately stopped and rushed into our room telling me they loved today’s dressing theme and if I wouldn’t mind if they take some pictures of me. I didn’t mind so I was posing with them. The girl I really liked was taking the pictures. So there I was posing infront of the class half naked with two strangers. Since I was wearing sweatpants you could cleary see the size of my cock too. Only my pants prevented it to go skyrocket hard.

One of the boys in class thought that this was the perfect time for his funny idea which should result in a blast and a moment none will ever forget. So he got right behind me and the girls. Since he heard that we wanted to take at least three pic he got his timing just right after the first picture. Nobody suspected him so he used this chance to strip my sweatpants down just before the second picture was taken. He expected everyone to see me just in my pants which would be kind of humiliating enough. He even wanted this picture for everyone to remember the funny days in school.

But he was so excited executing his plans that he got an even better result. He got my pants too! So now I was standing completely naked right before everyone with two girls in my hands when the second picture was taken. Since I was kind of excited about the situation I had a little boner. Back then I was glad that my pants could prevent them to see it but after I was stripped completely there was nothing to prevent it and everything was revealt.

So there I was standing completely naked with a boner infront of everyone while everyones eyes where on me. The second and third picture was taken in this kind of situation while me and the girls where making funny faces.

Some of the girls got really big eyes and started laughing. Of course I reacted quickly getting my pants and sweatpants up. The boy who just did this was running away. Also when the girls who were posing with me realized what just happened one of them grabbed their phone saying thanks and both were running away too. Since they feared I would catch them and demand the pictures of myself fully exposed to be deleted. When I finally catched up with them it was already to late. They had send them to their friends already. They said sorry but it was to good to just let this slip. When I got back in class looking a little embarrassed I realized that at least half of the class got a glimpse on me and some girls were even talking about what cock-shapes they liked. Damn! Was this embarrassing!!!

It was one hell of a crazy and kind of funny situation which most of the people involved loved I guess and still remember today.

I’m all yours
Mattmy most humiliating moment in school

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