It had been nearly a decade since the last time I’d stroked with any man, and the urge suddenly reappeared. I started reminiscing in my mind over the times my buddy from middle and high school shared hands with each other while watching some hot porn. Of course I became very aroused with the thought of this, and it stuck in my head for quite some time after. Finally I decided to cave on my urges and posted an ad on Craigslist for a jo buddy.

Within a week, a very appealing candidate emerged. He was short & slim but his figure was very deceiving given his capacious endowment. We decided to Skype first, and my mouth literally dropped when his live feed opened. His hand looked like that of an infant’s wrapped around his gargantuan member. Only five minutes into our video Skype I asked if he wanted to meet in person, which he eagerly agreed. Upon my arrival I was already starting to chub up as he answered the door, knowing what lurked underneath his pants.

We hopped on his bed, and I could already see the outline of his penis. It literally looked like he had a Pringles can in his pants. He opened his laptop and started playing porn. Within seconds we decided to remove our clothes, and as he slid his pants and briefs down, his penis sprang up and smacked his stomach with such force I thought it would knock the wind out of him. I didn’t mean to stop and stare, but the immense size of his cock was unbelievable, especially considering his short stature. He looked at me and smiled as he dropped his pants to the floor.

“I’m used to it”, he arrogantly remarked.

I bet he was.

Before I even began stroking I reached over and took his cock in my hand. I could barely even wrap my hand around it it was so thick. By this point I was throbbing. He didn’t resist at all as he let out a slight moan and laid his head back in his pillow with his eyes closed as he grabbed mine. We began lightly stroking each others cocks as we watched the porn. I will admit, I spent just about as much time with my eyes on his cock as I did the porn. It was so mesmerizing the way it pointing straight up to his chest, resting PAST his belly button when he’d release it. It must have been over 8.5″ long, and had the girth of a soda can.

I couldn’t tell which was getting me more excited, the feeling of his hand stroking my cock or mine on his. Not to mention looking at it too. All the build up had finally done me in, and I could feel the tingling sensations of my orgasm emerging as he continued to stroke my cock.

“I’m gonna cum!” I exclaimed sounding slightly short of breath

“Huh, me too,” he replied, pushing the back of his head further into his pillow.

I couldn’t believe what I felt next…his penis began to grow even in bigger. I could literally feel his penis start to convulse and expand as his orgasm started to approach. His cock must have reached just over 9″ at this point and I noticed plenty of room had opened even more for an additional hand. I wasted no time and I reached over with my other hand and grabbed the bottom of his shaft.

“Ugh!” he let out a loud moan as I did this.

I had lost all control at this point as the ecstasy of the sensations I was experiencing had completely taken control. Having both hands around his cock stroking it as he stroked mine was just too much for me to hold back any longer.

“Ugh, I’m almost there”, I barley let out.

“Huuh, me too”, he said as his eyes remained closed and head still back.

We picked up the pace, stroking each other more furiously until he arched his back as he threw one hand behind his head. Like a fire hose, a long rope of semen slightly started to emerge from his cock and then jetted out of him extending to nearly three feet in the air. It lasted for almost three seconds, and literally looked like he was peeing.

And with that, I let out a loud moan as a shot rocketed out of me nearly the same height and landed on my leg.

We continued to stroke each other as rope after rope came shooting all over us. Mine subsided as three or four more BIG ropes ejaculated from the totem between his legs, spewing all over his chest, shoulders and even pillow behind him. It looked as if someone had dumped a large cup of semen all over him. We both layed there for nearly a minute as we came down from our high. He finally broke the silence as he got up to grab a towel off the floor to wipe us up with. His penis was still rock hard and bouncing up and down with every step he took, and pointed straight up to the ceiling when he stood still. He asked me if I wanted to do it again sometime as he handed me the towel. Of course I agreed, and we exchanged numbers. For nearly two years we’d meet about once every other week and shared many great experiences until he moved away.

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