Well when I got home from work the other day my niece was there making me dinner. When I came into the house she came up gave me a kiss on the cheek and said go sit down and I’ll bring the dinner to you. She brought the dinner out to me along with a beer. After I ate she took me dish and went to clean up the kitchen. I got up and peeked in on her. She was washing and I came up behind her and slid my hands up the front of her shirt and started to play with her nipples. I kissed her neck and said it’s time for me to fuck you. She said she wants to ride me like her mom rode me. I walked her out to the living room and told her to take her clothes off. I watched as she stripped. First she took off her shirt then her bra. I was quite excited as she released her d size firm tits. Thought to myself that how I wanted to bust a nut on them. She then took off her pants. She had no underwear on and she was clean shaven. She was standing naked in front of me when I started to take off my pants. Her eyes went wide open when she saw my hard on. She only ever had one boyfriend and apparently his cock wasn’t as big as mine. I sat down on the couch. I told her to get down on her knees. I asked her if she think she was as good as her mom at giving head. She said she will try but she never saw a cock my size.
As she went down on my dick she was gagging. I could tell that she was having trouble with the size so I put my hand on her head and started to guide her. She said she was sorry and she said she didn’t want to disappoint me. I said it was ok and I will teach her how to please a man. I asked if she was ready to ride me and her eyes light up. She said she could wait to have my cock in her. She climbed up on me and reached down to position my cock into her tight pussy. I looked into her eyes as she fucked me. I never had a pussy so tight. As she was humping me she said how I was filling her up. I started to suck on her firm tits as she had her first orgasm of the night. After her second orgasm on the couch we went into the bedroom where I laid her down on the bed. I spread her legs open and went down on her. She couldn’t control herself. Her legs tightened around my head and scream after scream. When I was done I got up and pinned her legs back and buried my 9 inches in her tight pussy. It was incredible watching her O face. As I was about to cum I got off of her and pulled her up and busted my first nut on her face and tits.
After I finish getting off on her she got up and went into the bathroom to clean up. After she took a shower she came back into the bedroom and said uncle Chris can I spend the night. I said of course you can just call your mom and let he know. She called her and they were talking for a while when my niece handed me the phone. My sister asked me not to do anal on her daughter. I laughed and told her niece what her mom said and my niece got mad and took the phone. She told her mom not to say that and hung up on her. She looked at me and said uncle Chris if you want anal you can, I just want to please you. She laid down next to me and said you probably have to hold me down because I never done anal and you have a huge dick I told her that we don’t need to do anal since her pussy was so tight. We laid there in bed watching tv when she started to play with my dick. She asked me if I could teach her how to give good head. I smiled and told her to wrap her lips around my dick I I will do the rest. I guided her head as she was going up and down my shaft. I was about to blow my second but when I told her to get doggy . She rolled over and got in position. I got behind and started to fuck her when her phone rang again. I saw that it was her mom again so I answered it and gave it to my niece after I put it on speaker. My niece was trying to talk while I was fucking her. She was moaning and whimpering. At one point she said mom uncle Chris is so big mom oh god mom he fucking me mom . She got off while my sister was listening. I could hear my sister saying yes baby get off on him, fuck your uncle Fuck him for me. I knew my sister was masturbating while I was pounding her daughter’s pussy. I pulled out and drop my nut on my nieces back. She hung up on her mom rolled over and kissed me and said thank you uncle Chris I never been fucked like that. She told me that her body was tingling.

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