For 10 years now I’ve been living nextdoor to a older Scottish women miss Trainer. She isthe most sexy beautiful super hot mature women I ever saw. She lives together with her husband an older Dutch man, mr Mulder. I can remember the first day I’ve met them and they invited me in for a beer.
Miss Trainer was wearing (as always) an black tighties and a white shirt without bra. When I sat on their couch and she brought me my beer she bend over and showed me her awsome hot sexy saggy old Scottish tits and since that day I fantasize daily about how I would lick her whole body. She always wears tighties and every day I see her passing by I have to look at her great ass and my cock goes hard in just a second. For years we where good together and I am almost sure she was giving me signs but I was to shy to take a step. A big pitty because for a few years we are not talking with eachother because of a small fight we had. Damn she was soooo fucking sexy that day when she got angry. But as i said, it’s a pitty we are not talking.
But still I wank every day in my livingroom near there bedroom or under the shower and I am moaning very loudly miss Trainer’s name hoping they hear me and invite me in one day to become their sexslave!

Because I want to be her sexslave for years and will do everything she wants me to do. I do all to taste and feel that Scottish old pussy really everything!

Now my dream comes true!
I just cleaned my house in the morning and had the front door open while I was sitting on my couch smoking a sigaret. I saw miss Trainer passing by the door and as always I run to the door the watch her super sexy ass shake and when she was at the stairs I went inside again and on my couch I played with my hard cock because seeing her just takes a second to get hard, super hard.
After a few minutes she surprised me standing in my door asking bit angry: “Why are you always watching me? Are you on to something? Do we have more problems?
I was a bit shocked and said, “no, no miss Trainer”
Then what is it she asked. I asked her to come inside and talk and she did. She sat down on the couch and shockly reacted: Woooow what’s that? Pointing at my hard cock she could easy see in my joggingpants.
That’s why I always look at you, i said.
You do want to fuck me? I knew it, miss Trainer said. Then she grabbed my hard cock and started wanking it. So you want me, then come and take me. She took of her clothes and I starten kissing her and grabbed thos smoking hot saggy tits and played sucked and lick them. I felt how soaking wet her pussy was and started licking her untill she squirted in my mouth and I drank it partly and the other part I gave miss Trainer to drink.
Then she orderd me to lay on my back and she started fuckin me hard and squirted on my cock and face over and over again. While she fucked me she put her fingers in my ass and kept on fucking me hard. I licked her ass, deep my tongue in her ass before I fucked her awsome Scottish old ass.
We fucked for an hour then the doorbel went. It was her husband and she said come in you old basterd, I was right, John wanted me all this time. And he had to watch me fuck his wife hard and long until she told him to come she started sucking his old cock while I fucked her and I had to have his cock to. We kissed with tongue over his cock. I sucked him while she sucked his old balls and we sucked him until I asked her if he could fuck me while I was fucking her. Please sandwich me neighbours please?
And they did… Damn I wish this would hapen soon.
I just want miss Trainer so fucking much!

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