By the time August, 1964 rolled round I was stationed on a group of islands called the Ryukyus of which Okinawa was the main island. In those heady days there was two American bases Kadena and Naha, myself based at Naha. Kadena was more famous for supplying the bombers and refuelled that daily bomber North Vietnam. One morning a few days after the Tonkin Gulf incident where two North Vietnaemese boats fired on some American warships and were immediately blasted to bits, but the US military had exactly what they wanted- to escaltr the war in Southeast Asia and a few mornings later at 1am we were wakened and told to pack our duffel bags with clothing and gear and be at the arms room in twenty minutes. Once there we were issued with weapons, NCOs with both M16 rifles and .38 calibre Colt revolvers while airmen got just a rifle and ammunition. We were then driven to the base mess hall for breakfast then driven to the flight line where we were injected by medics and paid in military payment certificates so knew exactly where we were going though we weren,t officially informed till on board a C-130 Hercules transport plane enroute to Tan Son Nhut Air Base just outside Saigon, South Vietnam for an indefinite(tdy) period to,provide extra security for the jets they transferred from the base we came from. What a difference as we stepped off that plane-like jumping from a fire into the flame. Okinawa was hot with 85 degree temperatures and high humidity, but now it seemed Hotter, our fatigue uniforms covered in perspiration in mere seconds. Surely we,d be issued with lighter weight work uniforms soon. Next thing we checked our weapons in to the arms room and were assigned “hooches” temporary wood and canvas barracks to live in with wooden floors, waterproofing and mosquito netting. The floors discouraged snakes of which a few were non poisonous, but Not nasty spiders and those damned mosquitos always seemed to defy the netting. We soon got used to shaking out our boots when getting out of bed, my worst fears realised one morning when a granddaddy scorpion fell out to be crushed before it could use its stingers. We were so tired we all went to bed and slept till lunch time and as it was a Friday told to relax till Monday and visit Saigon if we wanted to, but be very alert for terrorist activity. Yes the VC were very active in blowing up innocent civilians instead of their usual G. I. targets. Saturday evening four of us reckoned we,d be safer as a group and walked the short distance past the large market area to the usual “gyp joint rip off area” which surrounds every military base providing over priced booze and loose women, but these women were different than the Japanese ojosans Id almost gotten used to, the majority were more petite than the Japanese, but even more beautiful with higher cheek bones even their traditional dress made even the more mature females look very sexy. Though the beer Wasn,t too dear there was still the coloured water “cocktails” to buy for the bar hostesses which were quite expensive yet when we asked whatbthe going rate for sex was we were told: For just a Blow Job 10 American cigarettes. Same for an hour,s sex. 5 Cigarettes for a quickie and a full pack of twenty for all night nothing barred! Apparently that was the standard rate most pros stuck to, but sometimes it varied. Eventually I got one night stands for free after I got to know the woman. That first visit to Saigon we were all frightened to stay too long and opted for a special blow job from a woman who called herself “Saigon Sally”. We had to join a queue outside a comfortable tent where a long line of men waited patiently to pay with their cigarettes for their special gobble. We paid a mean looking man who turned out to be her husband and were led into the tent where a beautiful young Vietnamese female sat at a table with a padded arm chair next to her, her client sat in the chair with his slacks round his ankles and underpants while the beauty performed oral sex on his cock. The man in front of me groaned and held her long black tresses as she worked on him using her long delicate fingers to stimulate him even more. With a loud gasp he obviously exploded and suddenly came the noise of loud slurping as she swallowed his heavy cum quite happily then squeezed him and licked the dwindling cock clean. He thanked her and she turned and smiled at me. She wore a beautiful silk dressing gown so I asked if she,d show me her titties while she sucked me off. So she lowered her gown to display the small though perfectly formed little tits with their gum drop nipples as she professionally worked me towards a very intense climax. Despite it being an enjoyable blow job well worth ten ciggies we all resolved to buy some pussy our next visit. While heading back to base we crossed an area where food was served in the day time to see about six large what we thought were stray cats eating waste food. “Nice Pussycat!” I called to the nearest a****l, but the a****l that snarled at mevshowing it,s wicked teeth was the biggest RAT I,d ever seen. TBC

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