Monday morning my colleagues and I detached from Naha, Okinawa were loaded in a bus and driven round the flight line at Tan Son Nhut Air Base near Saigon South Vietnam to get an idea what the duty was like and whatbthe Base looked like. It seemed every available space was in use with aircraft most of us hadn,t seen before even some brought out of moth balls from the Second World War as they were more suited to jungle warfare. Of course they had a wing if the latest F4 Phantom Jets who could carry a massive load of weapons to use against the VC(Vietcong) and NVA(North Vietnamese Army). In those days bombing Hanoi in North Vietnam was more hit and miss, but this would soon change. Obviously day duties were quiet as the guards seemed relaxed, even two posted on air evacuation aircraft were bopping to pop music on AFRTS(Armed Forces Radio and TV Service) who played all the latest hits straight from the US charts. Amazing to think you could be enjoying pop music one minute and dead the next, but once Night fell it was a different story. Local people put on their uniforms of black pyjamas(that,s what they looked like) and took up their weapons and tried to penetrate the base defended. As we were working twelve hour shifts with only an occasional day off we managed to stay vigilant and repel most attacks, but the enemy were rapidly improving their accuracy with mortars and even though not so many were being killed the damage to aircraft was significant. Night time was rarely dark as the aircraft they called “Puff the Magic Dragon” was an air craft loaded with amazingly powerful lighting equipment that could turn Night to day easily. And the sound of mortars exploding and machine guns firing would carry for miles and though firevfights could be happening many miles away it Didn,t sound like it. I was placed on night shift so it seemed something was usually happening during my shift but at least days were normally quieter so we got better sleep than the poor devils on day shifts. As we Didn,t get much time off when we did wecwent a bit mad with chasing pussy. We could drink what we liked in our hooches and many smoked marijuana. Though I never personally smoked it I only needed to be in the hooch with hooch mates smoking to breathe it and get high. Even our NCOs turned a blind eye as long as it was just marijuana or cannabis though one airman got thrown out for sniffing cocaine. I met Tho Yen Phuong on my next day off. She worked selling high class clothing bought on the black market(one could get most any thing on the black market if the price was right).and did well enough to help support her elderly parents. I bought a silk smoking jacket designing the back myself while her mother stitched it on by hand and it seemed to draw us close as I spent a fair amount of time with her. I got her a lot of business with my shift colleagues so she invited me to spend a night with her while her elderly parents turned a blind eye and deaf ear to us. I was amazed how turned on I was as Tho joined me in bed as she was almost as light as a c***d despite being twenty four and I could pick her up easily. Her small titties with their puffy nipples were rather sensitive and after fondling and sucking them for a while she was soaking wet between the legs. She loved sucking me almost as much as fucking and got mad when I went to put a rubber on. “I don,t mind have baby!” she sniffed in her broken English. “You shoot lots in Tho,s cunt, Fill me up!” She ordered. She was very trusting as I could have had any number of sexually transmitted diseases. Strangely enough there could be a c***d in what is now Ho Chi Minh City with my features. I spent as much time fucking with Tho as I could as. I rarely went to the bars now with my colleagues. It was nearing the end of November when my colleagues and I were asked to assemble in the temporary mess hall and told that we,d be loaded back on a C-130 aircraft and flown back to Okinawa as our replacements from a base in the USA had arrived and were ready to take over duties from us. Sadly none of us had time to tell our girl friends were had to fly back and later that afternoon after we regretfully had to return our lightweight fatigues and canvas boots(they were very comfortable) we landed back on Okinawa and I served the rest of my time there till I moved on to a base in West Germany, a thirty day leave to take before moving on, the last leave spent in eastern South Dakota prior to my family moving to eastern Washington in 1966. It took a while to get my sex life back to normal again and I,ll tell you about it in the next instalment. TBC

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