On leave prior to moving on to what was supposed to be France I was bored till I accidentally met a class mare from school. I never thought I had a chance with her, but she,d just split with long time boyfriend so caught her at the right time. We more or less sucked and fucked as often as we could, but our relationship was purely for Dec and once I was in Europe after a few letters she dumped me. Flown into Chateaurouz, Franks in September, 1965 I was told the base wac closing thanks to Charles Degaulle So ended up at a remote base called Bitburg near Trier and not far from Luxembourg with local farm women too ugly for words so when I had time off I headed for Trier to let my hair down..Having German ancestry I had little problems with the language which helped get frauleins and males,as well but by 1967 my sex Life was still hit and miss.As I couldn,t decide whether to leave the Air Force or not as I,d extended my enlistment by eighteen months to qualify for a three year term which should have finished in September, but chose to sign for four more years to get a 1100$ bonus meaning I,d serve till June, 1971. To celebrate I booked a ten day leave in England and bought an Akai tape recorder. Managed to get a flight from my base to Bentwaters/Woodbridge in August with the base gridiron football team who played the base team that night. Got a lift to Ipswich train station and made my way to London where I booked into a west end hotel,leased by the US military where I met my future wife Sarah who worked as informationist/receptionist. She changed my luck as I,d had all my American currency stolen then won more than had been stolen on a hotel fruit machine. It took me a while but I eventually managed to talk her into going out with me and was a bit mystified when she chose to take me to a news cinema. Soon found out why and how she loved foreplay. No way though would she let me fuck her yet she was an expert atbsucking cocks, she,d used it to keep her boyfriends happy and vowed to remain a virgin till she wore a ring. I took a ten day leave in February and another in July, 1968 as I was scheduled to return in August to a base in the USA. The July leave was spent mostly with Sarah and her late parents in Broadstairs, Kent where I popped the question. Sarah was so excited she immediately stripped out of her clothes, gathered up a ragged old bath towel and placed it under her ample buttocks. “I had a feeling you might propose so I,ve been on “the pill” a few months. I told you I,d let the man who,placed a ring on my finger my virginity so take your prize, but you,ll have to press hard to penetrate my hymen. It,ll hurt, but it,ll heal and we,ll get better with practise.” She instructed me. It Wasn,t like I,d fantasised as she was the tightest cunt I,ve ever fucked and we were both raw though my youth helped me to cum a heavy load though she Didn,t know it till it was rolling down her inner thighs. She was right though as she wanted to fuck the next evening and this time she had healed and the fuck though still tight was enjoyable. Sadly she then had her period, but she kept me happy with her talented mouth and she Always swallowed as she liked the fresh taste of semen. We then Didn,t see each other for f******n months, till three days before our wedding. I wish I could say I was true to her, but 5,000 miles from her temptation was too much. She said she stayed true to me, but I,ve no way of knowing. Thanks to the advice of Sarah,s best mate our wedding night was romantic instead of forgetful. I could only manage three days for the honeymoon in Somerset, but we fucked as often as we could and it was good we did as she had a six week wait till she got her visa to join me at Grand Forks, North Dakota. Before six months passed Sarah was dogged by poor health and homesickness so flew back to England for treatment on the nhs. I then found out I should have been given my choice of base as a bonus for re-enlisting eighteen months before, but as I still had over a year tomderve managed to transfer to McChord, Washington where duty was a big improvement. We soon got involved in threesome and group sex which I had only fantasised about at first and i soon discovered that like me with best buddy Burt Sarah had experimented with her best friend with lesbian sex So was no stranger to eating pussy like I Didn,t mind sucking a cock or two and we both liked the fresh taste os semen though I won,t take a cock in my backside! Finally I left the Air Force in 1971. By then even younger brother Austin had sampled Sarah,s charms. But we were now hampered by the fact we lived with Sarah,s parents in North London. Sarah would get up tight and nearly bust a gut trying not to make noise when she climaxed, but I argued that surely they knew we were trying to have a baby and all was normal, but she had to compromise if she wanted to get “Knocked Up!” Despite fucking as often as possible and me pumping gallons of cum in her pussy Sarah Didn,t get pregnant and it was only when we took time off did she finally conceive plus the fact we,d likely been trying too hard. So then she tried to ban full sex, but eventually relented when she realised that was unnecessary and selfish and just an old wive,s tale. Fucking as long as it wan,t uncomfortable was perfectly okay and Didn,t affect the baby at all. TBC

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