Son Rick Was Born in the summer of 1973 after poor Sarah spent the last six weeks in hospital with high blood pressure which meant no sex after all so my right hand got lots of exercise. To add to her problems she had to have Rick by Caesarean section so we had to wait three months so her pussy could heal properly, but at least now she gave me some lovely gobbles to help relieve my sexual tensions. In order to celebrate my wife,s return to sex her late parents bought us a weekend coach tour to Oban in Scotland and volunteered to look after baby Rick to give Sarah a break. I still had half a dozen unused condoms as I Didn,t think she wanted any more k**s for a while, but was rather surprised when later that night when in our hotel room in Hawick she surprised me “It took so long to conceive Rick surely I won,t get pregnant for some while yet and I love to feel all your Baby Gravy shooting deep in my pussy! It feels Wonderful!” So gratefully we dispensed with Durex and I rode her bareback so to speak, my very heavy load of semen filling her to overflowing, so much it continued to dribble out throughout the night. She woke me just after 7am to prepare for breakfast and told me “I reckon your spunk is very effective just now as I feel just like I did when Rick was made!” I thought she was joking, but a few weeks later our Doctor confirmed that indeed she WAS pregnant again and within 363 days from Rick,s birth daughter Christina arrived. This time Sarah did not ban sex during her pregnancy, but again had to spend the last six weeks in hospital from high blood pressure. Living with her parents still put a big crimp in our sex life as my wife was still inhibited by their presence though we now had our family as such. It seemed we,d never save enough for a deposit forva house of our own, but in early 1975 our prayers were answered when my usual Saturday Yankee four horse multiple bet turned up trumps when all four won, the shortest price 9/2 and the best 33-1! The 10 pence each way bet cost me £2.40 which included the tax and returned enough to pay ourvten percent deposit on a modern house in Shoeburyness, Essex. As I also landed a well paid security job in Prittlewell a bus ride away I thought I,d finally fallen on my feet, but Didn,t realise my nationality would cost me my job. Sadly my Security Manager who hired me died seven months after I joined the firm and a new man took over, a former policeman from the Fraud Squad. For five months we got along fine or so I thought till it came time for him to confirm my probation to become a permanent security officer which included a sizeable pay rise. The day dawned and mid afternoon I was called into his office. “I,m sorry, Joe, but I will NOT confirm your position, but am dismissing you as of now!” I was shattered, but struggled to keep my composure. “May I please ask why?” I asked.”My father is an American airman that got my mother pregnant then buggered off back to Ohio where he already had a wife and c***d. I,ve hated Yankees ever since! It,s nothing personal, but you,re an American!” He explained. “How vacant you say it,s Nothing Personal?” I queried. “It,s Everything Personal! I,m no relation to,your father yet I pay for what he did to you! I have two young k**s to support and a big mortgage so how do I pay for them?” “You,ll get three months wages in lieu of notice and your holiday pay to help till you find something else!” The smarmy snake went on. I took my identity card off and locker key on to his desk loudly without saying a word. The bastard called in my supervisor and made him watch me as I cleared out my things from my locker. All the other security officers on duty wished me good luck, but I never saw the wanker manager again. The firm had a union, but as I hadn,t been a member long enough they,d do nothing for me! It took ages before I deduced I,d have to commute back to London to make enough to cover our bills and it gave me lots of time to curse the cunt who put me in such a precarious position. Of course shifts in London were usually twelve hours and with two hours to and from London meant most days I was away from home at least sixteen hours per day. Needless to say I was usually whacked out and my wife was tired from looking after two energetic youngsters. Somehow we did keep our sex life alive though I was often tempted to stray and am only human and Sarah seemed to be hotter and more passionate when I told her about my sexy experiences. But by 1980 I decided I just couldn,t continue paying such amounts for fares and moved back to Enfield, North London which meant still having to commute was much cheaper and less ground to cover. Hadn,t been back in London long when I was assigned to a sweets factory not far away. It was a big factory, involved long patrols with loads of points to clock, but Wasn,t difficult to work. During the week staff worked to.11pm so usually had someone to talk to. After a few weeks I got friendly with Caroline the cafeteria manager who,often worked late. Caroline was a broad cockney in her early dories, a brassy blonde with big tits she loved to show off and an extremely curvy bottom. She would be my next affair and did we ever have fun. TBC

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