My Sister Kay visits Santa!!!

My sister Kay found out the other day that I was going to be playing Santa Claus on the same evening that she was going to be travelling through town. I told her she should stop by and get a picture on Santa’s lap but she replied, “My idea of sitting on Santa’s lap might not work with a crowd around.” Yeah, that got my north pole as hard as polar ice!!

Anyhow, that evening it seemed like every mother and grandmother that came to get their precious little one’s picture with Santa also wanted to make Santa smile, because the tits were all out and every time they leaned forward, I was treated to spectacular views of cleavage and tits! More than one of them caught me looking and called me naughty! They could have called me whatever they wanted, I was still having a hell of a time looking at their tits!!!

The gig finally was coming to an end around 9:00 and the girls, I mean elves, all climbed on my lap and hung over my shoulders. Right as they were getting ready to take the last picture, the red-headed high school senior leaned near my ear and whispered that she hoped I had enjoyed my evening. “We were telling the Mom’s that Santa was naughty but smiled bigger for Moms that gave him a reason to smile!” Everyone burst out laughing and they each gave me a hug and headed for their cars. I turned from watching all of those sweet young bodies walk away, eager to get to my dressing room so I could stroke off the erection that the Santa coat barely hid.

That was when I saw Kay, standing near the escalator up to the second floor where the store that I was using as a changing room was located. I walked over toward her as she slowly clapped her hands. “Some guys will do anything to get girls to sit on his lap.” I looked around quickly and held my finger up to shush her. There was not a person near enough to hear, but still.

Kay is a few years younger than I am, and while only a credit card thickness over 5 foot in height, she has tits that turn men’s heads and have since she was 11! She hugged and rubbed her tits into me. I thought about rotating my hips forward and letting her know just how glad I was to see her, but then saw a small boy come out of a store holding his mother’s hand and thought better of it.

We stepped onto the escalator, she was a step ahead of me and I found myself staring at her form under her long winter coat and wishing I could just bury my face in her ass. I know, Santa is not supposed to be evil, but after watching so many naughty girls over the centuries, I have definitely become a Santa that you would not want coming into the apartment of your daughter late at night!!! I was really glad the fur lining of the Santa coat padded things lower on my torso because by the time we reached the next floor up, I was ready for action.

Kay stopped and looked at me as if she were able to read my thoughts. She really did not need to. She was my first and I was hers and during the 40+ years since we have been each other’s torment and pleasure so many times in so many places and ways…. She stepped closer to me and said, “Santa, I have been very naughty. And do you want to know something else? I want to be very naughty tonight!!! I want to be very bad, right now!!!”

I took her hand and led her down the near empty upper hall and up the access corridor to the access door to an empty store where I changed from mild mannered older guy into Santa and back. I ushered Kay in and stepped in myself and locked the door behind me.

When I turned around, Kay had walked over to dressing room entrance. The only light in the back room came from behind her and she had placed a tall stool in front of her. I could just make out her smile as her face was mostly in shadow but I could tell she had one of her lascivious smiles on her lips. “You are over-dressed there, Santa. Why don’t you take that red coat off and get comfortable?”

“You look a little warm there as well, little girl. I think you might want to take something off as well.” I laughed as I undid the big golden belt buckle.

“Oh, I’m quite comfortable, though I might want to take this coat off.” I stopped dead in my tracks as she opened her coat. She had on black leggings that were more of stockings with a built in garter belt. Her breasts were held up by a matching bra that had only under cups holding her G-cup breasts out there like a pair of Cornish hens! I looked closely, but there was not one other thread of cloth on her body. The coat slowly slid down her arms until she caught the shoulders of it in her hands. She turned slowly side to side, allowing the light and shadow to play over her silky white flesh and I could hardly breathe!!!

My heart was pounding like a damn jack-hammer and my dick was as hard as any steel chisel and ready to do some hammering of its own! I started to go to Kay but she let her coat fall to the floor and she tipped the steel stool back as if ready to pick it up to fend me off. “Now, now Santa. Last time I came by, you did not give me a chance to suck on your lollipop and you know how I love sucking a good hard cock! Sucking Santa’s North Pole … that idea really turns me on! So hop yourself up onto the stool here and let me unwrap my feast!”

I stared at her and felt my face splitting into a huge smile. No woman has ever given me as much pleasure orally as my sister has! Kay knows how to move her tongue, slide her lips and use just the right amount of pressure to get my rocks off. But more than that, she can swallow cock like none other I have ever known! And once she has you unloading that precious white gold down her throat, Kay does not spill a drop!!! So yeah, I unzipped the front of the jacket and undid the suspenders holding up my pants, all the while aware that perhaps the only thing in the room harder than my cock might be her nipples as they pointed at me!!!

She dropped her down filled pink full-length coat to the ground and folded it to pillow her knees and as I moved to stand between her and the stool I watched her sink down to her knees. That was a moment that will be forever etched in my mind. The tip of Kay’s tongue parted her lips and licked her lips. Her big brown eyes rolled up at me. Below her face, her full tits, with their long hard, puckered nipples were served up on the bed of black bra cups. Their outline stood out from the field of pink below. Her small hands came up and took hold of the elastic band of the Santa suit pants and my cock was straining at the velour for freedom! If I live another century I will never forget that.

“I love the way your cock just seems to fit in my hands!” She whispered quietly, almost reverently as she pulled it out and I watched her eyes go from my face, to my one-eyed monster and back up. I was barely daring to take a breath in anticipation of what she was going to do! Her hands pulled my pants down below my knees and then she pushed my butt back onto the cold steel of the stool. I shuddered as my nerve impulses fired with shock from the anticipated pleasure. She smiled at me in her somewhat sadistic way. “Oh Santa, I think I am going to be very naughty tonight!”

Before I could say a thing, she rose up on her knees and ran her tongue from the base of my tight scrotum, up the entire length of the underside of my shaft. If I could have had a retort, there was no way I could have said it because my entire mind exploded! Her face was lit with a devilish smile. “Oh, you are soooo easy!” she giggled. “I’m not going to try to make you cum, but if I do, you have to let me suck you hard again so you can fill my cunt! You have no idea how badly I need fucked right now!”

Yeah, … I would have promised her to shit gold turds at that moment if she had asked!

She pointed the shaft of my cock down at her talented mouth and a single drop of pre-cum fell from my pee hole slit. She caught most of it in her mouth and on those lips, but a single hair thin filament fell over her chin and glistened there. She ran her tongue all around the shiny helmet of my head, causing it to turn purple with lust and need. I was grabbing the sides of the stool with clenched fists and shaking. She pursed her lips together and then slowly parted them as she leaned forward, my cock disappearing bit by bit into her hungry mouth!

Kay kept pulling on my balls and even occasionally flicking my balls as she mouth fucked my pleasure rod in and out of her head! I tried to focus on other thoughts. I tried not be so aware that my bulb headed dick was banging into the back of her throat and filling the entirety of her throat and mouth! It was more than I could take and I know I lasted at least three minutes, but I doubt that it took me five minutes to begin pumping cum down into her greedy throat! Her fingernails raked the outside and underside of my thighs as she swallowed cock, cum and everything else I could push through my throbbing dick and into her mouth!

I almost fell off of the stool before I finally felt her release my cock and gasp for air. My eyes were either rolled back in my head or closed for some time because the next thing I was aware of was Kay standing before me; wrapping her fingers around the back of my head while she held my cock in the other. “That’s a good big brother! Now, come and drink on Momma’s tits!” She rubbed one of her hard nipples across my lips and I hungrily devoured her nipples, first one and then the other!!!

Kay has the best tits! At 50+, they are still firm and full and as you suck on her nipples and run your tongue around them it is not unusual to taste more than just her sweet flesh! And her nipples seem to change from moment to moment as my lips and tongue play over them!!! The other awesome part is hearing her moan and urge me on! “That’s it, god that feels so good!! You are making me so wet! Oh!!! Yes!!! Fuck yes!!! Just like that! Oh Oh!!!”

Years ago I could and often did make her cum just by sucking on her tits, but it had been a few years since I had. I decided it was time to do it again!!! She seemed to catch on to my game plan rather quickly and was fully on board with it! In fact, as I sucked on one nipple, she raised the other to her own lips and began sucking on it! That is one of the most erotic things I have ever been a part of and it always makes me hard every time we do it! I began working even more carefully on making her squirm and moan. She let go of my cock and pulled my face into her, wrapping her fingers in my long white hair.

She moved closer to me and put her legs on either side of my knee. Slowly Kay started grinding herself onto my leg. Her soft flesh was so hot and wet (I barely remember her ever having pubic hair! Kay started shaving before she was 16 and I don’t think she has ever stopped). Her fleshy external labia pressed out onto my thigh and she did not last more than a few minutes before she released her latch on her own nipple and smashed my face into her soft tits. Quietly she urged me on both with words and with her body. She was bucking on my thigh! Her humping became less regular and more of a slamming of her sex into me and then a slow recovery before repeating over and over. That was when I felt her hot thick juices pouring out and down my leg! She was shuddering and there was now no denying that her nipple was spraying a thin fountain of milk inside my ravenous mouth!

A minute later she was pulling my head from her flesh as she was panting and fighting to get her own heart under control. I spun her around and cradled her back against my chest as my arms wrapped around her and held her up. She just kept swearing and saying, “Damn, that was good; oh fuck that was what I needed!”

I gave her a moment to recover and then stood up, with my arms still wrapped around her. She tried to turn around and look at me, but I held her against me (a breast in each hand) and turned her so she was facing the stool. She let out a low moan as it began to dawn on her that we were not finished and she had some definite ideas of what was next!

I leaned Kay forward over the stool and stepped up behind her. I grabbed my cock and aimed it at the center of her labia folds, all glorious in their wet and glistening dew, and began pushing myself deep into her. I swear to god, not only was she as tight as a virgin, her box seemed to pull me in, deeper and deeper! Before I knew it I was balls deep into her and she was pushing her ass back into me as aggressively as I was pushing into her!

The thumb on my right hand slid over her perfectly puckered asshole and she moaned. I was letting her pussy and my dick get used to one another so I drooled a thick bubbly spit bath down into the cleft of her ass and began slowly massaging harder and more firmly against the center of her bung hole.

I pulled slowly back and I heard her whimpering. She knew I would have no mercy on her, just as I also knew she did not really want any! She wanted fucked, not screwed and not made love to. She wanted to be violated, taken and left wrung out and so alive that even a draft in the room would set off another wave of orgasms!

I hoped to give her exactly that!!!

We were soon slapping bodies hard and fast. I felt the orgasms cause her to clench and I would slow and let her recover a little before continuing to assault her hot slit. Twice I was close to exploding when she reached the point of needing to recover and both times, I reluctantly slowed to a stop. At some point though, the first knuckle of my thumb slid into her ass and I could tell the feeling of fullness in each hole had her more aroused than I had ever had her before. Finally, as we resumed that last time, I felt my balls tighten and twist and as my back arched and toes curled, I felt the now familiar gripping ripple of her vagina around me, massaging and straining to drain me! I pumped more and more of myself into her body as my own convulsions nearly knocked her off of her perch!

I then collapsed over her back and we each just enjoyed the reverberating echoes of pleasure passing back and forth from one to the other. Finally, she said, “Okay, get off of me. I need to pee.” I stood up and started to step backwards, but my feet got caught up in the pants of the Santa suit and the pile of her coat and I fell butt naked onto the cool floor and nearly upset the stool with Kay on it in the process! She turned and looked at me and tried not to laugh as I sat there on the floor with my cum coated cock slowly softening.

I pointed toward the bathroom and fought to regain my sanity. By the time she came out, I had cleaned myself up and was putting on my street clothes. I put a note on the Santa suit requesting it be dry cleaned in the morning. We then headed out the door and we drove her car to a liquor store and then back to my place where…. Well, let’s just say the holiday celebrations continued!!!


I wrote this for Kay. She had not read many of my stories over the last year and … well her reading them inspired me to write a story of, “What if she showed up at one of my overtime gigs?”

What do you think, Kay? Want to become Santa’s naughty nubile elf?

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