So it began.
A 3 month ordeal that my mother and my legal wife said would be fun.
It wasn’t fun – for me. It was torturous.
I was naked, my cock was fully erect. My balls were ready to explode.
My wife sat 3 feet away dressed head to toe.
“You can’t fuck me Larry. I am writing your wedding vows.”
“But we are already married. To each other.” I added, frustrated and annoyed.
“No Larry. Our’s is a sham marriage.”
Angry I turned around and looked at my mom.
She was sitting in her underwear, het large tits swinging lazily across her chest, her belly with delicious rolls of fat and her large ass making a huge imprint on our sofa. She had her glasses on. Her lips were crimson and she had too much foundation on.
“Don’t look at me you bastard. I’m working on our wedding dress. You aren’t supposed to even see me before the wedding, much less fuck my asshole.”
“But mom…..” I wailed, stroking my cock.
“…an….” she chided me.
“You can’t fuck me but if you want, you can suck my asshole.”
“But you haven’t been fucked by anybody.” I whined again.
Both the girls laughed.
“Your mom isn’t your sex slave Larry. She says she wants you to suck her anus, so you do it. Or I’ll do it.” Heather said.
I looked at her confused.
As if to make a point, she got up and sat next to my mom. Then she slipped her hand under my mom’s large, 55″ girth ass and gently shoved her shoulder.
Mom didn’t put up much of a resistance. She just rolled over, exposing her huge rectum to my wife.
Then as I watched, my wife ate my mother’s giant asshole as she masturbated herself.
Within seconds, not even minutes, both women were groaning and then I saw them cum, almost at the same time.
“Mmm…..” my wife slurped my mom’s anus.
“Aaah! Holy fuck! Your wife is becoming such a good ass-eater Larry!” mom groaned as she squirted.
“And you are getting much more sensitive in your ass.” Heather finally said.
I watched the girls kiss each other like crazy, sucking, almost biting each other.
Then they both looked at me and grinned.
“Well, we are done.” mom said. “What are you gonna do?” she said mocking me.
“Oh! Don’t mock your son Linda. Poor guy has a case of blue balls already. I’m afraid he’s gonna blow and ruin your dress.” she laughed.
My mom laughed with her and they started to make out again, grabbing at each other’s ass and tits.
I turned around and walked out, got into my car and drove away.
I knew I needed sex, from a woman who was as big of a hooker as my mom.
I went to Carol. At 55, Carol was my mom’s age, slightly smaller tits but a humongous ass that she peddled all over the town. She was easy going.
She liked me and didn’t mind fucking me even when I was broke.
“Oooh…my young man is here.” She cooed as she opened the door. Then she looked down.
“And looks like you have a lot of cum in those balls for mommy.”
I just looked at her.
“Come lover.” She grabbed my cock through my pants and pulled me in.
“It’ll be a 100.” She said taking off her top and freeing her midsized tits.
“Turn around and bend over.” I barked.
“Ooohh…” she cooed again.
“You wanna ride momma’s ass, huh!” she said.
“But I really need the money.”
“I ain’t got none.” I said unzipping.
“Then I can’t fuck you. I am a fucking hooker, not your wife.” she said gently.
“No money today.” I said again, my pants down my ankles.
“Well, you could say I’m your girlfriend. I can fuck you for free then.”
“I’m 22. You are 60!” I said laughing.
“I AM 55!” Carol yelled, tears in her eyes.
“Fuck off you bastard.”
I lunged at her and as she tried to push me away, I glued my lips to hers.
In a second she stopped fighting and kissed me.
“I’ll marry you.” I said as I mauled her tits.
Carol stopped. She looked at me sadly.
“Don’t say things you don’t mean. I’m fucking you for free anyway.”
“I mean it.” I said. “I’ll marry you right now.”
She looked into my eyes. Her wrinkled face half smiling half frowning.
“You serious?”
“Yeah. I’ll marry you Carol.”
“Linda. My real name is Linda Wittam”.
“My mother’s name”, I thought
“And I know someone who can marry us.”
Carol and I spent the night together, fucking each other. She brought out her strapons and fucked me silly and I fucked her ass and her cunt in return.
When we went to bed, we were exhausted, I was drained and still in love with my own mother.
We got the marriage license in a few days. Mom and Heather kept calling me but I ignored them. I was mad.
A few days later, a young priest showed up at Carol’s doorstep.
“Justin!” carol said excitedly when she saw the young man.
“Hi mom.” he said. “I hear you are getting married”
“Yes baby! I found a perfect man. This one,” she grabbed my cock and pulled me in front of her son.
“A teenager.” Justin said calmly. “Why am I not surprised?”
“He isn’t a teenager. He’s 22.” Carol said.
“Mom!” Justin said exasperated. “You are 55. Old enough to be his mother. I am older than him.”
Carol smiled.
“Are you gonna marry us or not?”
Justin sighed.
“You have the license?”
“Of course.” She said and produced the document we got from the city.
Justin looked up. Carol winked at him.
“Okay. I think we can do it”. he said.
Carol looked at me.
“We’ll be married in an hour honey. Do you wanna go and change?”
“Sure.” I said simply. My heart was still hurting. I needed my mother’s mouth around my cock but she had betrayed me with my wife.
In about 2 hours I was at the altar with Justin and a few of Carol’s friends.
She walked in. I looked at her and my mouth fell open.
I expected a hooker to dress sexily but what Carol chose to wear for our wedding was outrageous.
She was completely naked but had a full veil. A flower girl carried a double dildo harness and a nipple ring.
She walked to the altar with her head bowed.
“Dearly beloved.” Justin began.
“We are here to join Linda and Larry in holy matrimony. The bride and groom and have written their own vows.”
“I love you Larry. From the first time I laid my eyes on you, I knew you were the only man I ever wanted. I am a hooker. I fuck men for money.
But it means nothing to me until you suck the cum out of me with you mouth. Please marry me and make me your hooker and your wife.”
“Larry?” Justin said.
“I love you too. I have cum in you and sucked your cum filled ass and cunt and cum again. You are the only woman for me. I love you mom.”
I didn’t realize that I called this fucking hooker mom.
“If there’s anybody here who things these 2 shouldn’t be married, speak now.” Justin said.
We didn’t expect any objection.
“Larry, go on and put the dildos in your mother.” Justin said.
“She isn’t my mother.” I whispered.
“What?” Justin whispered back.
“She’s your mother. Not mine.” I said again.
“Oh sorry!” Justin said. “Go on and put dildos in my mom.”
I tied the harness and adjusted the 2 large dildos in Carol’s ass and cunt.
“Now put on her anal ring.” Justin said.
“I thought it was the nipple ring”, I murmured.
“Its an anal ring. It goes on her asshole.” the slutty flower girl chimed in.
Carol turned around and bent over, exposing her ass. I carefully threaded the ring around the rim of her rectum.
“Linda, do you take Larry to be your lawfully wedded husband?” Justin asked.
“I do”, she said.
“And Justin, do you take you mother to be your lawfully wedded wife?”
I looked at him annoyed.
“Yes I do take thee, Linda to be my wife.”
“By the power vested in me, I pronounce you son and wife. You may now kiss the bride.” Justin said gleefully.
My new wife lifted her veil and I saw my mom.
“Kiss me.” she whispered.
I didn’t hesitate. I kissed my naked mother at the altar and pushed my fingers up her asshole as the guests watched.
“Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me a great pleasure to introduce you to a 22 year old man who has just married his mother.” I heard Carol say.
I turned around to see Carol and Heather standing together.
“But how….” I was puzzled.
“Simple,” Carol said. “When you came over, I called your mom and she told me what happened.”
“Then I came up with the whole plan” Heather chimed in.
“I told you that my name is also Linda and that let me get a marriage license in your mother’s name.” Carol said.
“Why….” I asked puzzled.
“I love you Larry.” Carol said sincerely. “I’d have married you the first night I saw you. But when I realized that you love your mother, I stepped aside.”
“Just like I did” Heather said.
“No woman’d ever get between a mother and her son. That relationship is sacred. That’s the only love that’s pure.” Carol said.
“Thank you.” I finally said.
“I do love my mother.”
“And I love you my baby. I love how you suck my cum filled asshole, how you fist my ass and cum in my mouth.” Mom finally spoke.
“Oh mom!” I groaned, my cock rock hard.
“I got fucked by a few men. Do you wanna suck my cum filled ass, my son. My husband?” she said shyly.
“Oh yes mom!” I exclaimed.
I turned my mother around, parted her hips and glued my lips to her soaked anal rim while the guests applauded and masturbated.

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