Me and my wife of 5 years , Taya, we’re headed to a Halloween party with some of the other couples from work. I’ve been with the company since I was 22. We are both 30 now and it’s still just as boring as it always has been. But the boss loves throwing parties in her apartment loft. The boss is a little older though and probably like 120 pounds. You’d see her and wonder if she should really be trying to hang out with the young people at work haha. Her name is Dominique. She’s a 55 year old black woman from deep in the city of cleaveland . Me and Taya stay out of there because of all the crime .

Well, any ways , we were on our way to the party. I was just in a suit and tie and was going to tell everyone I’m James Bond . Taya went as Velma. She ordered her costumed from Party City not realizing the size was wrong and way too small but it was too late to return it now. Taya is what you would call curvy or thick. A lot of people call her thick. I never know if that’s a compliment or not so I don’t say anything. Taya never knows what to say either so she just laughs nervously. She’s for sure a very shy person until she drinks then she’s normal. The big problem with this costume was so small that her red Velma skirt didn’t cover much of her booty or her red thong And her orange sweater was stretched tight over her big bust. I hoped no one noticed.

We got there and Dominique greeted us at the door wearing some type of cat costume giving me a big hug and then looking Taya up and down then gave her one. I thought it was nice since they’ve never met. She told Taya “I love your costume girl! I thought you were more conservative knowing your husband Billy from work” Taya didn’t know how to react so she gave her nervous laugh and thanked her. “It’s a good thing babe don’t worry haha” Then Dominique grabbed her hand and said she would introduce her to some of her friends while I went to see the guys . I said it was ok and the boss yelled “HEY JEREMY!” laughed and ran off with Taya towards a group of black men I didn’t know.

Once I was with the guys and the beers were flowing . I noticed there were a lot more guys than couples . Jim , one of the older white looking guys that I work with agreed. “Yea Bill, I think all these black guys are a lot of her single buddies from the city.” There was pretty much a group of us married guys from work, a group of our wives looking very bored and the single guys drinking and dancing with Taya and two single women. At one point I overheard my boss produced the idea of taking snapchats when her and Taya and the city friends were all hanging out. Which looked like it turned into Dominique taking pics of her black guy friends one at a time and Taya. Jim noticed and said “Wow Billy , Taya’s costume sure is a little small for her big body huh? Her Velma skirt is up over her waist dancing with that guy behind her”. I didn’t really say anything I thought I saw the two black single girls pointing at her and making fun of her but i was probably drunk already. One of the things I noticed was how much Henesey they drink. Ew . Smells terrible . Maybe it’s a black thing I don’t know but a few of the boss’ friends tried to get me to take some shots with them and I almost puked. I ran to the bathroom just in case I did.but I didn’t. I kinda snooped around too and peeked into Dominique’s bedroom which was filthy. I’d never lay down in Her bed. There were no sheets on it and the mattress was yellow. Clothes were all over the floor too. I got back to the guys and they were taking shots again, Maybe they’ve just had some extra time on the earth trying these drinks cause I couldn’t drink it and they all could since they were all in their 40s and 50s.

After a while I went to go find Taya but instead found the boss . Too many people were in her apartment and honestly it is exactly what you’d imagine a gross city apartment to be. 30 people felt like a hundred . Only 10 women 2 of which were single but they were rather ugly. The one was super fat black woman the other one was a skinny super tall black Woman with all these pimple scars on her face. Anyway, I found the boss and tried to ask her over the loud hip hop music where Taya was cause I couldn’t see her cause she’s only maybe 5’5”. She could kinda hear me and pointed to where everyone was dancing and I saw her with one of the single guys the boss knew. I asked her who the black guy who was dancing with my wife and she said it was her ex boyfriend Jeremy from the city. His hands were pulling her skirt up and rubbing the sides of her hips and grabbing at her body. I wasn’t very fond of that cause it’s a smidge embarrassing but we were all drinking a lot and pretty buzzed. I thought to myself he’s a big guy, definitely chubby. Gotta be 250 pounds with a belly. I was about to walk over there to see if Taya wanted to grab a drink when Dominique grabbed me and said please don’t . I asked her why and she said “cause for once Jeremy isn’t trying to get into my pants. The guy is hell bent on shoving his big black cock in anything that moves. I’m so happy your wife is here. She is literally doing the best job I’ve ever seen taking that burden off of me And distracting him from me. You should’ve seen how happy Jeremy was when I brought your wife to him. Don’t ruin this for me! Plus he’s too big for my little body and I really mean that . Your wife is built for a black man“. Whatever that meant. I asked her if she will be ok when the boss said she will be fine and told me to have some fun with the guys from work. As she said that to me, Jeremy was giving her and huge hug with his arms wrapped around her which was keeping her skirt above her waist displaying my wife’s full big white booty for all to see.

So I went to hang out with the boys when I heard one of the guys scream “SHOTS”. Dominique And Taya passed by me towards the other side of the table when I heard Jeremy come up next to me . His put his arm over me and goes “damn lil buddy you having fun? Your wife is quite a woman ain’t she” and walked away. I didn’t even get a chance to respond but I agreed with him for sure. I’m not one for shots but they were all poured ! The entire apartment dressed in all their cool costumes raised they glasses of Hennessy and threw them back. Haha I locked eyes on Taya across the room and she was making a face like that was a gross shot . Jeremy had his arm around her waist it looked like he said it would be fine. Then the lights went off and some club lights came on when the music got louder . Everyone was dancing .

I had been trying to find Taya for about 30 min when the boss who was super drunk started dancing with me . She must’ve been super drunk cause she doesn’t like me much at work. Now her old body was dancing on the floor like she was young . I went with it so she didn’t think I was boring at work anymore. I put my head by her ear and tried to say loudly if she had seen my wife and she laughed and said she didn’t know . She said “after we took those shots and I turned the lights off Jeremy and someone else he was dragging with him almost knocked me over trying to get to my bedroom but as long as I’m not the one he’s trying to knock up with that freakish sized thing tonight I could care less. He’s too big and he cums way too much! “. I didn’t know why she said that so I just kept dancing awkwardly. “It was probably your tall single friend he grabbed she was kinda near him” i said. “I’m pretty sure I saw her like right after the shots. No, this was definitely Taya. But I could be wrong I’ve had a bunch of Henny haha”” she laughed . I kind of felt bad for the black man. Being that large you would need a perfect woman built for you .

I was still having fun and dancing when I looked around and noticed that a few of the couples were starting to filter out . Even some of the single black men too. They must’ve wanted to go find some girls at a club or something .

I went to the bathroom to take a pee when I heard Jeremy in the Boss’ bedroom. He must’ve been with the single girl Dominique invited cause I haven’t seen her since the shots . Well the Hennessy kicked in and I had to poop too. While sitting there listening to Jeremy and his woman go at with very hard rhythmic pounding and a woman kinda sounded like Taya, almost identical, but her grunts were really deep grunts so I know it wasn’t her, thank god . The boss said he’s too big for her but he must’ve been the perfect fit for his woman he was with. I was certainly happy for him. He probably was huge too. I assume it was the Tall single black woman there cause the fat one was very ugly. Then I heard it, the bed broke when he screamed “OH FUCK OH FUCK GIRL DAMN YOURE GONNA BUST MY NUTS IM BLOW THE WHOLE LOAD UP IN YOU”. It sounded crazy in there when the bed broke cause it sounded like a bunch of wood from the bed just totally separated and was destroyed . I thought to myself “hell yea Jeremy give your woman all you got” they sounded perfect for each other. I quick flushed and got out of there . Not even gonna lie I couldn’t wait to make love to Taya like that. Listening to Jeremy and his woman got me hard as a rock. I’m always careful with her to make sure we don’t have any unplanned babies. We come from very pro life parents . I tried to be smart if I can remember too but Taya is a bit of a bimbo sometimes . Not in a bad way I just want to be truthful.

I went back to dancing near Dominique and found my buddy Jim who was looking bored out of his mind when the the boss got a text and quick turned the lights off and I heard one of the guys scream “SHOTS”. A dark light went on and I saw Taya! She had a shot glass in her hand with the rest of us ! I love that woman . Jeremy came over to me my boss and jim and said great party and the remaining party goers threw their glasses back. I gave him a handshake and whispered to him “you did great in there buddy ! I heard the finale and wow. I was definitely impressed my man. Your woman sounded like she took everything you gave her though “ he replied “yea she gave me hell too but That woman in there was a tank! She took my whole dick all the way to my nuts before I unloaded everything I had into her“ . Taya came back over to me totally sweating from the hot apartment and dancing. Taya bent down and pulled up her socks which must’ve fallen down but in doing so gave a lot of the single guys who had their phones out taking pics of us quite a show with her ultra short Velma skirt that was hiked up around her waist. I asked her if she was having a good time and she said it was great but she wanted to go. Jeremy put his arm around Taya and said to me in front of my boss, Jim, the tall single black girl popped up and some of the other guys “wow man, Taya is great. Glad you brought her out with you today. What a woman!”. Dominique smiled and I said “she’s the best, man” confused as to why he would say that in front of the single girl he was just with. So we said our goodbyes which took a few minutes cause a lot of the single black guys from Cleveland wanted to thank her for coming and it was nice to meet her. Some even took pics of them with her and posted them to their instagrams which took about a half hour. Jeremy came up to me and gave me some type of handshake. He thanked me for coming and bringing Taya. I said no problem. I laughed and said “you old dog you still got it in the bedroom!” While I looked at that tall single black girl. Taya came back right when I said that and asked if I was ready when Jeremy looked at her and said to me “little buddy I’m 53 and I feel like I just had the first real woman I’ve ever been with”. He gave Taya another really big hug and we left.

When I got Taya home , Dominique texted me and said we were a ton of fun. “Bring Taya around more your wife is a blast all my friends from the city thought she was real fun !” I said that’s why I married her ! When she says “I loved her costume damn boy she’s built like a black Woman “ I didn’t know what she meant so I promised her I would bring her around more and we said our goodnights . When I got to our bedroom she was already out cold face down on the bed. Lol poor girl . She didn’t even shower and oddly she had really red legs with these weird marks on them too probably from the dancing . She smelled like a party and like Dominique’s house but stronger like she was in her room.

Later in the work week my boss showed me some of the instagrams of the guys that were at the party . I guess I didn’t realize how sweaty she was from all the dancing . Her legs were glistening . But at least they said nice things like the one guy posted a pic of him hugging Taya which was kinda embarrassing cause she wasn’t facing the camera and his hands were all over the small of her back. Her booty was definitely hanging out the bottom of her Velma skirt but he captioned it “me and my buddy’s wife @dominique you need to get taya to come out more”. One of her black guy friends Posted a pic with her and captioned “Damn @dominique. Your girl really fucked my mans up tonight #Drained”. Jeremy even took one with his face right next to hers and a crazy sweaty drunk and super happy smile on her face. I couldn’t tell which room it was though cause it was dark but it was captioned “my ex can throw some fucking party yo. @dominique thanks for introducing me to yo friend, Taya is a tank. Sorry about the bed lol” No clue what that meant but the boss said tell Taya not to worry about it Jeremy gave her money for it. “Huh?” I said. I don’t get Why would taya have to give the Boss money for Jeremy breaking the bed? And she replied “what a blast of a party huh”! And I said yea it was awesome . She again told me “the guys all loved Taya! She better not be a stranger I need a female friend to hang out with when it’s me and the guys” . I gave Dominique her number and she said “can I actually give it to a few of my guy friends from the city too cause there’s a married buddy of mine who’s going through some shit with his wife right now. Jeremy said he forgot to get it from her too” I froze when she said “it’ll be fine, don’t worry about it. Ill make sure they get it”
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