Sometimes a course of events leads a person to an impulsive decision and that decision results in consequences that bring immense pleasure at the cost of their marital fidelity. Such was my wife’s case and it involved sexual intimacy with a friend who just happened to be related to her family by marriage. My wife’s association with this man began years ago when she was forty years old and he was in his mid twenties. They had been introduced by a mutual female friend that he was engaged to at the time. When they first met, my wife was immediately attracted to him because he was ruggedly handsome. He was also captivated by my wife’s youthful beauty and her cavalier attitude concerning sexual relationships in spite of the fact that she was married. She flirted with him shamelessly and gave him the impression that she could be had if the circumstances were right. His name was constantly in her daily conversations with me and I heard about Rick too many times not to have some suspicions about their relationship. My wife had cuckolded me just four years into our marriage and over a period of the next twelve years she had numerous affairs that she never admitted to until years later. I always suspected that my wife indulged her lust with Rick back when she was forty but I never had anything but circumstantial evidence that they had sexual intercourse.

Ten years passed quickly and the next time Rick appeared in our lives again was at the wedding of my wife’s youngest sister. Her sister’s second marriage was to Rick’s older brother and now he was a member of my wife’s family by marriage. My wife’s friendship with Rick was quickly renewed but by his time he had been married and divorced twice and had taken on the persona of a womanizer who loved to drink. My wife decided that her relationship with Rich should be cordial but their previous passionate friendship was now history along with the physical attraction that she once had for him. He was still ruggedly handsome but his drinking habit had made him somewhat unappealing to her. My wife still flirted with him at family functions but by then his attention had focused on one of her younger sisters and he finally scored some sexual pleasure with her. This particular sister liked to brag about who she had sex with and the rumor didn’t take long to reach my wife’s ears. From that point on, my wife grew more distant from Rick and only associated with him as a casual friend at family parties and social functions.

Another decade passed and there were countless parties that all took place at a central point where the entire family could gather and that just happened to be the home of my wife’s youngest sister. Summer, winter, spring, and fall saw party after party after party because my wife’s family enjoyed getting together for food and drink and camaraderie. Of course there was always plenty of alcohol and booze always seemed to diminish everyone’s inhibitions, especially any shyness they had about sexual conversation. A family party with the adults was an opportunity for all of my wife’s sisters to confess who they were cheating with and some of the names were very familiar. Rick’s name came up several times and it appeared that he had scored some pussy with a couple of my wife’s sisters and a couple of her nieces too. Apparently Rick was in high demand for his sexual prowess and from all accounts he was well endowed because the women were quite adamant about the physical size of his cock. My wife listened intently as her sisters bantered on and on about his huge cock but she was strangely silent when they asked her if she had ever given thought to having sex with him. Of course she denied any sexual attraction to him but appeared to dodge the questions they asked about her former close friendship with him. Apparently Rick had let it slip that he had some kind of sexual relationship with my wife and her sisters wanted her to confess that she had planted his sperm in her vagina. She never openly confessed it but they were convinced that his manly cock had been in her pussy years before he ever had sex with them.

Time has a habit of moving faster as we age and now it’s tomorrow with new adventures but the past always seems to mingle with the present. It might have been coincidence or merely fate but my wife’s daily activities would become intertwined with Rick again and this time history would repeat itself. It all happened when a tragedy in Rick’s life would cause him to drink or heavily and it came to a head when he was arrested for driving while intoxicated. He was released in the custody of his older brother which just happened to be married to my wife’s younger sister and he was living in their home. He was unemployed and unable to find work because he couldn’t drive. It was about this time when another family function was held and I decided not to attend because of other commitments but my wife was determined to attend. When she arrived at the party it was in full swing and of course Rick was there to greet her. My wife knew about his family tragedy and sat with him and consoled him with feminine sympathy. She was genuinely sympathetic to his circumstances and offered to help him any way she could. It was during their conversation that she re-identified with the old Rick she used to know and a spark of affection fanned into a flame of sexual interest.

The moment that my wife returned to our home, she mentioned that she had a long conversation with Rick and that kind of surprised me. She explained that she told him that either she or I would be happy to drive him where he needed to go because he had lost his driver’s license. I hadn’t seen her that interested in Rick for years and it seems that her concern for him was rekindled at the family party. It only took a few moments of one on one conversation and it happened as naturally as any other impulse she had. Her demeanor seemed re-energized with an interest that was based more on feminine desire than the actual need to help a friend. This desire to get involved was more than a passing interest in helping someone. In fact it had all appearances of being a setup that was an excuse to be alone with Rick without causing suspicion. Believe me; I couldn’t have been happier when I heard that she was talking to Rick again because I knew that her helping hand might rekindle her sexual interest in him too. I had been trying to interest her in sharing herself sexually for years and now she was actually exposing herself to the one man who still coveted her body for sex. I knew this for a fact because it had only been a year earlier when I heard him trying to seduce her at a family party. Now there was a good possibility that they would finally renew a sexual relationship after twenty years and his lusty semen would warm her belly with its presence.

About a week after my wife told me that she had volunteered to drive Rick to his appointments and job interviews the phone rang and it was him. The conversation was brief and my wife explained that Rick had asked her to take him to a job interview. She seemed quite happy with the prospect of helping him and I was elated to see that she had a new interest in life. She was gone for more than two hours and when she arrived home she was extremely happy and energetic. It was like she had been given a new lease on life and it was somewhat uncharacteristic for a woman her age. I was not about to question her new burst of enthusiasm but I knew in my heart that it was her renewed association with Rick that had piqued her interest. I remember that it was a Monday when he called the first time and he began calling my wife every other day for nearly two weeks before I finally questioned her about what was going on with his job search. She explained that he had been to several construction sites and applied for various tasks but was holding out for a more permanent position. It all seemed normal until I discovered that Rick’s calls were coming on the days when he was the only one at home. Her sister’s youngest son was still living at home and his work schedule just happened to be every other day. Rick’s calls coincided exactly with his nephew’s work schedule and that was the first of many suspicions I had concerning my wife’s renewed association with Rick. It seemed plausible that her sister’s home was the perfect place to have a sexual affair because of its privacy. No one in her family would suspect that any hanky panky was happening there because my wife often stopped by to check on the security of her sister’s home even before Rick started living there.

What made me even more suspicious about my wife’s most recent interest in Rick was the absence of a large Yoni egg that had a prominent place on her mirrored dresser. My wife kept a tray with three Yoni eggs on her dresser and they had been collecting dust for years but she kept them as reminders of her younger days when retaining a lover’s semen was a common practice. The eggs came in increasing sizes from small to large and women used them to condition their vaginal muscles during a series of exercises. My wife discovered that when she inserted the large egg in her vagina that it was perfect for retaining her lover’s semen for extended periods of time. Two of her lovers had very thick semen that clung to her vaginal flesh like glue, and after they inseminated her she inserted the egg and held their love juice inside her womb for hours. I could always tell when she had sex with these particular men because she often slept with the Yoni egg inserted in her vagina to hold their semen in her womb overnight. Human semen is consists mainly of a protein derivative and breaks down into a liquid after exposure to warm temperatures. So the warm inner environment of her womb liquefied the semen overnight so it could be easily expelled in the morning. But the presence of the egg in her vagina overnight was a constant reminder that strange sperm were swimming around in her womb trying to find the opening in her cervix for the natural journey into her uterus. She knew that her cervix would only allow sperm to enter during ovulation and a quick check on her feminine calendar would tell her if she was susceptible to fertilization. She knew when to avoid using “the egg” because it was also used by many women to ensure pregnancy and that is something she was trying to prevent when she was still a fertile woman. Now she was no longer fertile but the use of the “egg” still appealed to her feminine senses because it held the secret to a long lasting insemination which is what she really craved from her lovers.

My wife and I often talked at length about her sexual activity after she confessed her affairs during his early promiscuous years and she was quite candid with her comments. She was quick to admit that she obtained some intense psychological pleasure from the thought of accepting strange sperm in her womb because of its forbidden nature and the risk of becoming pregnant illicitly. But the impulse to have sexual relations with other men was driven mostly by the physical pleasure of feeling a strange cock in her vagina. The very thought that she could tempt a man to cheat on his wife or fiancé gave her a rush that was difficult to obtain in any other manner. That is why she focused her seductions on men who had full time partners. In Rick’s case he was something special and she felt compelled to raise him from the depths of despair by giving him sympathy sex after he experienced a family tragedy. After a few weeks her method appeared to achieve good results because I could see a positive change in his demeanor. Not only did he change for the better but my wife’s attitude had risen to a new level of interest in life that was very satisfying for us both. Of course, my wife was not ready to divulge her secret affair with Rick but I knew that he was planting his virile seed deep in her womb and she loved it.

A month went by and my wife had had made three trips a week to drive Rick to job interviews before he finally found a job. She told me that her trips would become daily to drive Rick to and from work but the construction site was close so she wouldn’t be too long. On Tuesdays and Thursdays she always left home early in the afternoon to shop or do other things away from home before picking him up from work and I believed her story. I discovered later that Rick was only working on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and he had Tuesdays and Thursdays off. It didn’t take me long to figure out that they were having a sexual liaison two days a week at her sister’s home and my wife was coming home two days a week with Rick’s living sperm in her vagina and she had the Yoni egg inserted deep to hold it inside.

Apparently there were other times when her sister’s home wasn’t available for sex and they found other places to enjoy Rick’s masculine penetration and his generous discharge of reproductive fluid. While I was cleaning out my wife’s car I found evidence in the back seat that looked strangely like pecker tracks and I was relatively certain that she was being fucked there. Sex in an automobile had been a convenient place for my wife to get laid quick when there wasn’t any privacy elsewhere and all she needed was a secluded parking spot to accept penetration. She also discovered that it didn’t require the removal of much clothing to have intercourse. I knew my wife’s behavior when it came to sex and she was definitely adamant about having Rick unload his balls in her vagina because it was a sure sign that he had enjoyed her sexually. She craved the sensation of hot cum flooding her vagina and I’m sure that Rick was more than happy to oblige her anywhere she chose to fuck him.

My suspicions about my wife starting her affair with Rick long before her most recent association with him became confirmed one afternoon when I found a photo buried in her panty drawer. She loved to collect photos of her sexual conquests and stash them where she thought I wouldn’t find them. Over the years she kept a running tally of lovers and I was pleasantly surprised to identify several of our married friends who had discharged their loins in my wife’s womb. I often wondered why these men always had a suspicious looks on their faces when I greeted them at a social function with my wife in tow and I suspect that they were wondering if I knew that they had slipped their cocks in her. According to my wife, most of her lovers had swapped stories of their involvement with her anyhow and they all raved about how good her pussy was.

In Rick’s case, I found a photo of him fucking my wife from the rear as she leaned forward on the open hatchback of our SUV. It was dated ten years earlier when my wife was sixty and it was the height of the summer party scene at her sister’s home with an abundance of liquor flowing. My wife’s sisters were all oversexed just like my wife and extra-marital sex was commonplace in her family then. So it was no surprise to see my wife’s sister in the background when the photo was taken and it was probably another sister who took the photo. I suspect that a challenge of truth or dare happened after a few drinks and my wife chose to take the challenge of fucking Rick in the cul-de-sac where her car was parked. Of course, she had to have witnesses that it happened and her sisters volunteered because Rick had already fucked them and they knew what was about to happen to my wife. The photo shows Rick with his cock buried to the balls in my wife’s pussy and all he did was drop his jeans and underwear low enough to expose his genitals to make sexual contact. My wife is still sporting the summer tan that she got sunbathing nude and Rick’s sperm cum must have felt really good in her pussy when he ejaculated in her that night. The quick piece of ass was a spur of the moment thing and I don’t think that my wife had given any former thought to retaining Rick’s cum in her pussy after he ejaculated. I suspect that most of it ran down the inside of her legs and dripped on the pavement below. It’s a damn shame that my wife’s sister didn’t have the foresight to take a photo of her pussy oozing Rick’s cum because it would have been like icing on the cake for me.

All in all, my present state of mind concerning a suspected affair between Rick and my wife is nothing short of complete satisfaction. Rick obviously is providing a very pleasure-filled affair for my wife and her renewed interest in life is quite rewarding for us both. She is getting all the sexual attention that she craves from a friend and in the process he gets to exercise his prostate regularly by ejaculating in her womb. The Yoni egg disappears and reappears regularly from my wife’s dresser and this is an indication of how often it is being used. I don’t even think that she is aware that I have noticed its miraculous disappearing act. I’m sure that she washes it thoroughly after using it so a close inspection wouldn’t show any evidence of Rick’s semen. However, I would bet a month’s retirement pay that the egg held a multitude of sperm cells deep in my wife’s womb when she slept soundly at night. I would also bet another month’s pay that the smile on her face in the morning is there for one main reason and it concerns her sexual involvement with Rick. Apparently, the prospect of getting her vagina filled with another huge dose of Rick’s masculine semen is enough to warm her thoughts on the days that she is scheduled to meet him at her sister’s home.

Quite honestly, I plan on offering my wife every opportunity to indulge her sexual lust for Rick as long as she wants. I won’t even question her lengthy absences from home in the anticipation that she will finally reach a point that she needs to relieve her conscience by admitting her affair. My only response will be, “Why don’t we sit down and talk about it”, and she will begin a long sordid tale of her sexual involvement with Rick that goes back years. My wife was always good at describing her sexual exploits if vivid detail and her latest story of feminine promiscuity will be worth the wait.

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