I live in a town with a lot of vacation homes that are now short term rentals. Last week, 4 guys rented the house next door to me for a snowboard trip because we were supposed to get some snow. The storm turned into a blizzard and all of the roads were closed. I was shoveling my driveway while they were out playing around. I stopped and chatted with them for awhile. I told them if they needed anything to come over. Being snowed in unprepared could be tough.

About an hour later, I was just getting out of the shower when I heard a knock on the door. I pulled on a robe and answered it. They said their power was out and the house was getting cold. Since I was using my fireplace, I had not noticed. I invited them to come in and make themselves at home. I handed out beers and we started chatting. They mentioned that the fire was helping but since their clothes were all wet, they were still cold. I suggested they take their clothes off and hang them up to dry. The fire was roaring and it was already kind of hot in the house. They all stripped down to their underwear and hung their wet clothes up. Watching these 4 young guys with damp underwear was turning me on. I was still in my robe so had to be careful.

We chatted for awhile and kept drinking. Eventually, the conversation turned to sex. They said they had planned to watch some porn and have a circle jerk. I told them that sounded fun and I would like to join them. I admitted that I was bisexual and they were curious.

I told them when I was in my 20s, I had a friend who was gay. He convinced me that letting a gay guy suck your cock did not mean you were gay, just that you were a horny guy. After a few more beers, I agreed and that started me on the path. After a few months of him sucking my cock, he convinced me to fuck him in the ass. A mouth is a mouth and an ass is an ass, regardless of whether it is on a man or a woman. The guys asked if I still hooked up with him. I told them we have moved away from each other years ago.

I then told them that as I got older, I started finding other guys to hook up with. And after a few years, I started sucking cock and a few years later, I started enjoying getting fucked. By this time, I could tell that each of them had a hard cock bulging to get out. I decided to pull my robe off and be completely naked in front of them. I suggested they do the same. They all started pulling off their underwear, revealing 4 hard cocks. I told them that I did not want to be a perv, but I would really like to suck them off if they were ok with it. One of the guys said that a mouth is a mouth. I smiled and went over to him.

He was sitting on my couch, so I got between his legs and took his hard cock in my mouth. He was oozing precum, so I licked it clean and then began sucking up and down his shaft. He leaned back and moaned. He told his friends that I was a good cocksucker. After just a few minutes of sucking on his cock, he grunted and exploded in my mouth. I swallowed and sucked and swallowed until he was completely drained. I pulled my head up and noticed the other guys were stroking their cocks. I crawled over to the next guy. He removed his hand and gave me access.

I licked up and down his shaft before taking him in my mouth. He had worked precum all over his cock so it tasted delicious. I played with his balls and sucked up and down his hard cock. He grabbed my head and began fucking my face. After just a few minutes, he was grunting as he exploded in my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, but some leaked out. I quickly went to licking his balls and being sure to get every drop of cum. The guys laughed and said that I was a cum hungry cock whore. I told them they were right and that I would drain every one of them until they had nothing left.

I went to the next guy and began sucking him. He spread his legs wide and gave me plenty of access. I licked up and down his shaft and then licked and kissed his balls. He slid down further on the chair until his ass was hanging off the end. I licked his balls and then licked the underside. He raised his legs up. I knew what he wanted but decided to tease him a little. I licked the underside of his balls and then back up to his cock. I licked up and down his cock and then back down to his balls. As I got close to his asshole, he let out a moan. I licked back up to his balls and did the round again. This time when I got near his hole, he let out another moan but then told me to rim his ass. I went back down to his ass and rubbed my tongue across him. He let out a moan and told me to keep going. I began tongue fucking his ass as he moaned his pleasure. After a few minutes of eating his ass, he pushed me away and said he wanted to take a break.

I crawled over to the last guy. He was hard and ready. I took him in my mouth and began sucking. I was hungry for cum now. Eating ass makes me incredibly horny. As I worked up and down his shaft, I felt someone behind me. The other guys asked him what he was doing and he said, an ass is an ass, and I want to fuck his ass. He spit on my ass and began working his finger in me. I moaned. I took the cock out of my mouth and told him how good that felt and that I wanted to feel his big hard cock in my ass. He pulled his finger out and began working his cock in me.

He slowly worked his cock in my ass. Once he was balls deep in me, he slowly pulled back and then back in. He started picking up the pace, fucking my ass. I tried to give the best blow job possible but was struggling to pay attention. I must have been doing it right because the guy I was sucking grabbed my face and began grunting as he unloaded his cum down my throat. After he was completely empty, he pushed me off of him. I put my face down on the ground and left my ass poking straight up.

The guy fucking me was really getting into it. He held my hips tight as he pounded my ass. After a few minutes, he let out a grunt and asked where I wanted his cum. “In my ass,” I yelled, “I need to feel you shoot your cum deep in my ass!” He was happy to shoot in me. I felt his cock swell and it felt like he was pissing in me. His hot cum was filling me. I could feel some leak past his cock and run down my leg. After he was done cumming, he held his cock in me for another minute or so. I love that feeling.

He eventually pulled out. I stayed in the same position, face down ass up. I wanted his cum to stay in me. Then, I felt another cock being shoved in my ass. I didn’t even look up, I just smiled and moaned as the new person began fucking me. He said that his girlfriend would not let him fuck her ass and he was excited to get to fuck me. It was the first guy I had sucked off. Since he had just cum about an hour earlier, he last a long time. Over the next few hours, they each fucked me again. Eventually, they were all done and we fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up to a hard cock working its way into my ass. As I opened my eyes, another cock was pushed into my mouth. Turned into a great weekend.

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