[Another for Robert…!]

Why do older gay (or bisexual) men crave younger men so much? I can’t answer for every older gay/bi man, but for me, the reason I crave a younger man so very much is partly that they are younger (of course!), but along with being younger, they have this incredible lustful energy, that infuses everything else!

As you get older, and whether your gay, bi, straight, or other wise, you start to find yourself becoming invisible to the rest of the world (and this seems to be particularly true if your of a more ‘gay orientation’)! In other words, once you reach your ‘shelf-life’, your no longer wanted by most younger gay/bi men; and I understand that, but it hurts when it starts to effect you personally.

I don’t mean to say that I haven’t enjoyed a number of gay/bi men around my age (and even a few that were older), because I have! But, when everything is said and done, at the end of the day, as the saying goes, I much prefer the company of younger men (like Robert, to whom I am dedicating this piece)!

There is something so much more enthusiastic, and intense, when I’ve had a younger man for a while! Their cocks stay hard! Their orgasms are far, far more intense! And, let’s face it, their cum is so fresh and sweet; and having it for myself is such a rush!

It’s interesting that the young men I’ve known all, without exception, had girlfriends; and yet, regardless of this fact, they’d always visit me for a blow job! I mean no disrespect—but the young women these young men dated, didn’t seem to know to, or care to know how to treat a young guys cock like I did!

The young women wanted their boyfriends cocks INSIDE their pussies; and that’s perfectly understandable; and yet, as much fun as these young men had fucking these young women, they like my blow jobs MORE! That was a tremendously flattering thing for me!

But I eventually lost these different young men to young women; to babies; to the demands of parenthood; to jobs; to…the pressures of the surrounding society. But I missed them. I missed them very much! I missed the feel of their young, hard cocks in my mouth; of my lips around the flaring ring of their glans; of the satiny smoothness of their buttocks; their thighs; their flat bellies—but most of all, I missed the emotional intensity of our encounters, and their load of warm, fresh, YOUNG cum, as it spurted into my eager, and waiting mouth; so that I could internalize that part of them after they had left! I began to think of my mouth as a kind of vagina, a womb, even, and I was taking in that part of them that would, under different circumstances, create a growing baby in a woman’s womb!

What would ultimately remain were memories of those times. The memories, like snapshots of a family, would be all that remained; and with them, a kind of bitter, but also sweetness, that lingers even now. So, though I did ‘loose’ each of these young men, in one sense, in another, their still with me; inside my head, and inside my heart. So, when I met Robert, I was given another chance to experience that intimacy with a younger man that I thought would never come my way again!

So, the upshot is—Never, ever take for granted the people who come into your life; because you may only know them briefly! While they are in your life, my advice is to enjoy them as much as you can, for as long as you have the opportunity! I will certainly remind myself of that with Robert!

You can actually teach an old dog new tricks! (Of course, it depends mainly on the old dog!!)

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