Jimbo Jones (his family calls him JJ) and his wife, Melissa, were living with JJ’s parents in Lakeland, Fl. Wasn’t the ideal situation for a couple in their late 20s but they were struggling to make ends meet. The fact that their parents really only had a trailer made it worse. JJ was homeschooled and didn’t have the best social skills so maintaining a job was difficult for him. A year of making subs at Subway and he wasn’t moving up at all. Their only hope was Melissa would transferred from Target to the Walmart in Jacksonville to take a position with customer service for more money than she was being a cashier.

They moved successfully but unfortunately couldn’t afford too nice of an area. This is really the first time they’ve been around Blacks this much but hoping to be different than their parents they didn’t pay much attention to it, nor did they have the social skills to not like someone anyway.

Their apartment complex was a little busy with black people standing on the balconies, in front of doors that weren’t theirs , fighting in the parking lots. Everyone was very pleasant to JJ and melissa though. Their neighbors were an older couple from Trinidad,Naomi and Nikoli, that were about 55. They were very sweet to melissa but usually a little stand-offish to JJ. Nikoli couldn’t stop himself from hugging melissa every time he greeted us.

After their first month of living there Naomi said to us when we were bringing our groceries inside that it was time we all hung out and had dinner at their place. Melissa excitedly agreed before Naomi dropped the news that they didn’t have money to purchase food though. Melissa volunteered the Walmart steaks they bought for the month though. “I want the biggest one” Nikoli stated. Melissa laughed and ok’ed it.
Nikoli was setting the table with some drinks of something called St Ives and wine for the girls. Naomi was smoking a lot of weed but not JJ and Melissa . He sat down at the head of the table and kicked a chair out next to him for melissa . JJ sat on the other side of her and Naomi at the other head.

The food was great and they were all relaxing when Naomi tried to get to know melissa on a personal level in the living room. They spoke of k**s which melissa hasn’t had yet and how Naomi had 6 with Nikoli alone one of which a year ago. this doesn’t include the other 4 she had. She even brought up how they only have anal sex now so she doesn’t get pregnant but still wear condoms for cleanliness. Melissa was beyond embarrassed but also enjoyed the girl talk. She opened up to Naomi and said she wasn’t on birth control but her and JJ also aren’t trying for k**s so she always hopes he remembers he wears a condom too. They continued to drink next to JJ and Nikoli who were barely holding a conversation. JJ is a light weight with alcohol so Nikoli jumped into the conversation with the girls.
“Hun you still have the pic on your phone of my big black dick?” Nikoli asked. Melissa has never looked so red with embarrassment but before she knew it Naomi was showing her the picture. “See? It really is huge. It’s gotta be a foot long hun and it’s uncircumcised” Naomi was saying. Nikoli stood up and grabbed himself through his pants to show melissa how big he was even soft. “Hey don’t be rude please. That’s my wife” JJ said. Naomi quickly got up to sit in JJ’s lap to calm him down . She thought JJ was going to cry for a second . She laughed inside .

“Hey do y’all wanna watch a movie?” Naomi asked the group grabbing JJ and taking him to her bedroom. Melissa followed to see that the only TV in the place was in their bedroom. Kinda small too. She had JJ sit on the chair and melissa who was buzzed sat on his lap. Naomi and Nikoli laid on the bed. Naomi started to play with her hubby a little underneath his pants and melissa definitely noticed. With not a lot of experience sexually she mimicked her new friends and tried to play with JJ a little. “No no no hun you’re doing it all wrong” Naomi told her . She got up and headed over to melissa and took off JJs pants at lightning speed to find a penis that was nowhere near as big as Nikoli. She smiled and took a hold of JJ’s soft penis and help it get hard for melissa. She instructed her to kiss it. Soon Melissa was holding it on her own giving it little Licks and kisses. Naomi stood up and took off melissa top for her exposing her very large boobs to the room. That was when Nikoli got involved and stripped naked . He stood next to melissa hard as a rock. Melissa noticed a thick white pearl forming at the tip of Nikoli’s pen… dick. Big black dick she thought . She stood up and let Naomi take of her pants to her ankles setting free the rest her very curvaceous womanly body. It was then that his black dick fired off a small round that he caught in his hand then rubbed it into his other hand. He looked melissa in the eye and with the same hand with cum on it he put in Melissa’s hair to push her head back down to her man . Naomi was already sucking JJ which shocked melissa . She had melissa trade spots with her since he was already kinda hard. Naomi went to her husband who was getting on the bed . Melissa noticed her helping Nikoli with a condom. It was a surreal sight watching her put this small condom on his dark black dick.

JJ was loving this. He was getting a blowjob which he never really got because he didn’t know how to tell melissa he wanted to try that more often. But here she was trying. He was thinking about all the things they never tried and how much he wanted to be the man who’s a boss. He began to watch Naomi and Nikoli. He noticed his condom too. Looked way too small he thought. Then Naomi did it. She sat down on Nikoli and pushed him into her butthole. “Babe look” he said to melissa . She looked over and her eyes went wide with curiosity. Naomi could only get about halfway down his black cock. She didn’t know how to feel. She’s never seen anything like this. She went back to blowing JJ. Within a few minutes she felt Naomi pull her face off of JJ “you’re not doing it right . Here let me try a bit. You go on the bed”. Melissa felt nervous cause she has never really done anything sexually before but missionary with JJ.

She walked towards the bed as Naomi was kneeling down to start blowing JJ. Holding down a condom with some brown particles from Naomi’s ass that melissa noticed he said “hop op we will take this as slow as you need.” Naomi said “girl you got it just relax you were built for that thing.” Melissa swung her big leg over Nikoli as he aimed his dirty condom for her vagina. “That’s it girl all the way down to his big black nuts” Naomi advised her. Melissa looked at her with a face that she had her approval and surprised herself by sliding all the way down. “Good job babe I’ve still never been able to do that with him! Wow!” Naomi said . She looked up at JJ and told him that his wife was perfect . He couldn’t focus on them yet though with his first blowjob in a really long time he was having a great time. 2 minutes into his first blowjob and he was listening very deep guttural moans from melissa and Nikoli over and over again saying “YES. OH FUCK WOMAN YES”. But he couldn’t look away from Naomi until he saw melissa hop up off Nikoli real quick . He heard Nikoli quietly tell melissa “this doesn’t feel right with you and this condom on. It’s dirty. Ima take it off.” He quick slid off the condom that no longer had any poop particles and JJ saw his big black cock head form precum . It formed on the slit and just dropped down his cock . JJ never did that. He was a little jealous of Nikoli’s cock. Nikoli pulled his skin on his cock down aiming it for melissa again displaying a lot of the yellow stuff around the top of the head. He was about to watch melissa drop back down in Nikoli when Naomi started to suck him off very quickly.

JJ was about to cum from watching Naomi slurp him down which wasn’t too difficult for her when she stopped and turned around almost 30 seconds into it again.

“Wow JJ do you hear them ?” She asked. JJ told Naomi “she’s never rode me like that. She’s only been on top a few times and it was boring“
“Well she’s riding the fuck outta my husband” she replied

Melissa and Nikoli took turns between him pumping up into her and her slamming down onto him. Naomi was in awe watching this woman with her man. “You two are perfect together” she thought out loud. JJ didn’t know whether to ask Naomi to keep going or to watch his wife and this old black man. He tried to get Naomi’s attention “excuse me Naomi” but she was crawling towards the foot of the bed to watch the couple. JJ quick stood up and tapped Naomi on the shoulder but was quiet to not disturb Melissa and Nikoli . He saw that Melissa’s massive white boobs were in Nikoli’s face that was soaked in his sweat. “Wait is that his sweat or the sweat that’s dropping off of my wife’s face onto his” Naomi didn’t feel the tapping on her shoulder and soon her and JJ were both at the foot of the bed watching his wife on top of her husband . “I’ve never fucked his black dick as good as your wife is right now JJ. It’s like she’s perfect for him.” Naomi looked at JJ and said “he’s like a pro at fucking your wife he’s never fucked me that good” and they looked back at the beautiful scene in front of them.

They had only been fucking for a total of 5 minutes or so when the rhythm of Nikoli’s thrusts up into Melissa started to change. He was only letting her come halfway up his cock before he smashed her down with his black hands that he was squeezing the life out of her large booty with. His thrusts were more exaggerated when he pushed up into her and totally off rhythm “you got this melissa keep going babe!” Was the encouragement from Naomi she needed to keep up her pace . “OH FUCK LETS GO GOT DAMN, MEL.” He was struggling to get the words out. In one last thrust he pushed his way to his balls so hard that JJ thought his balls were going to pop inside his wife too and they both screamed in pleasure. “OMG YOUR WIFE IS TAKING THE WHOLE NUT BUDDY
, FUCK. TAKE THESE BLACK BABIES, MEL.” His knuckles were almost white he was squeezing her down onto his black shaft so hard.

They settled into each other when Naomi grabbed JJ “Cmon little buddy lets get you a towel to wipe off my spit and grab your clothes. They’ll be out in a minute”. JJ was frozen “his balls are twitching Naomi” Naomi saw that And said “they’ve only done that with your wife JJ. So weird they’ve never done that with me”.

In about 5 minutes, Melissa exited the bedroom dressed and looking like wreck. In tow was Nikoli, an old black man who didn’t bother getting dressed. They started to say their good byes. they Thanked us for dinner and Nikoli grabbed melissa for a hug and recommended that we all do this again sometime soon. JJ gave them both a hug not realizing yet that he had to jerk off since he never finished. He thought he was funny by taking Melissa’s shirt and wiping his dick off on it. Only Melissa and Nikoli laughed.

The next day, JJ came home from work ready to greet his wife but she wasn’t home from work yet. He called Melissa ASAP cause he didn’t know she was working. Her phone went off in the bedroom. JJ was confused.

So he went next door to see if she was over there hanging out with Naomi. She answered the door with her dishwashing gloves on.
“Hi hun how are you” she asked .
“I’m good Naomi is my wife in there? Haha why aren’t you inviting me inside ya weirdo”. JJ said
“Sorry lol it’s a little cramped in here right now but yea her and Nikoli are in our bed right now.” She replied.
Feeling left out he said “oh”
“I can’t believe how perfect they are together and honestly it feels so good having her around . My butthole isn’t taking a beating from him anymore lol. Your wife is honestly the best!” She said.
JJ tried to peek through the door passed Naomi into their bedroom and only saw Nikoli on top of Melissa with his hands under her large butt pumping deeply and screaming that he’s cumming.
“She’ll be home in it few it sounds like” and closed the door.

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