So, when I go to pick up my step-son from work I often walk around the Walmart parking lot for exercise while I wait. So, Sunday night I was doing that and got back to my car about 10 minutes before he was due to get off. Before I could get in my car the lady sitting in the vehicle next to mine, rolled down her window and said, “Can I ask you a question?” Of course I said yes. She says, “were you just walking for exercise?’ I chuckled and said, yes. To which she replied, “Oh, that is really commendable, I wish I had the discipline to do that.”. Now, as I was looking her over I could see she was a big, juicy, woman, probably 45, big titties, big belly and no doubt a big ass although I couldn’t really see it while she was sitting in her vehicle. I said, “well, I love to eat, so if I wanna keep eating, I gotta keep walking.” She got a little twinkle in her eye and said, “Oh my, I sure do love a man who loves to eat.” I laughed and played back to her, “yeah, well, I am an extremely talented eater too, especially on the no calorie food I enjoy the most.” She blushed a little and said, “well, that must make your wife very happy.” I explained to her that, although my wife enjoyed my eating, she sure didn’t take advantage of it very often. My new friend licked her lips and said, “mmm, well sweetie, you could eat me anytime you wanted.” I knew my step son was due out any minute so I quickly wrote down my “play” email on a slip of paper and handed it to her. I said, “If you’re serious, drop me a line…maybe even a pic of what you want me to eat…and we can see about arranging that. But, I have to tell you, I love eating…um that no calorie food you have for me inside those pants…but I hate soap, perfume and stuff like that…I want my food to smell and taste like food.” She licked her lips again and said, “check you’re email when you get home, I’m sure you’ll have something from me by then.” I saw my step son heading our way and said, “I hope you’re serious, cuz you are making my mouth water. And you can email me as much as you want, that email is totally private.” As I got in my car I heard her quietly say, “don’t eat your wifey tonight, I want you to stay hungry baby.” I felt a little precum ooze from my cock as I started my car.
At home, the wife was playing around on facebook as usual and even though I was just across the living room from her I logged on to my private email as soon as I got home. There was an email from my new friend, Wendy. It wasn’t long, which was good since I couldn’t really get too involved with it with the wife right there. Here is what she said. “My name is Wendy, you met me in the Walmart parking lot. I’m married, but he doesn’t do much with me since I gained weight. Now that I’m not in a parking lot I’ll be graphic with you, cuz honestly I love being the nasty bitch that I am. So, exactly how dirty do you want to be my pussy eating friend? I can be as dirty as you want and probably dirtier. I’ll send you pics later tonight and probably another email or two as well…you have my pussy all wet and I’m horny as shit. I don’t know where you live, but I’m right here in town myself. Tomorrow, hubby leaves for work at 8 and he will be out of town for the rest of the week. I’ll expect to see at least an email or two if not a pic by the time I check my email as soon as he leaves. You’re food hasn’t been washed for two days, I just haven’t felt like showering. And remember…Do not even give your wifey a sniff, I want that tongue of yours all to myself. Wet Wendy.”
I risked a quick response, trying to keep my face impassive as I typed quickly while the wife was in the bathroom. “Wet Wendy. I think you read me like a book…2 days dirty pussy sounds amazing, would be even better if you got hubby to fuck you before he leaves for work, I’d love a nice fresh cream pie. You also seem to have picked up on the idea that I adore being told what to do and dominated a little. And I hope you will allow me to eat your ass as well, I love that too. I’ll send you some stuff in the morning and I’ll be ready to eat by 8:30 if you are…I also live in town…send me your address.”
I could hardly sleep that night as I thought about Wendy. As soon as the wife got up to take a shower at 6 the next morning, I tied up my balls like I enjoy doing, put on a pair of tight, pretty pink panties and took a few pics, then got back under the covers until wifey left for work. My fingers were shaking as I logged on to my email. Wendy had sent me some stuff, but before I read them I sent her an email with my pics, explaining that I had been taught that a good slave boy should always have his balls tied up and be wearing panties when he communicated with his mistress. Oh my, her pics were awesome, totally nude shots of her big, sexy body with plenty of fat rolls, massive ass, big titties, hard nipples and a soaking wet, hairy pussy and tasty looking asshole. Here was her email to me…”I could tell you were a little slave boy type, even though you are a big guy, thankfully I’m a bossy, bitchy goddess or adores being worshipped and controlling little slave boys like you. My pussy and ass are both nice and dirty, I won’t even be wiping tonight when I us the potty, you can use your tongue on me in the morning. Also, just so you are prepared, I’m going to make hubby fuck me tonight and again in the morning before he leaves, my pussy will be nice and full of cum for you…or maybe I’ll have him fuck my ass too. Here is what you are to do…as soon as you read this I want you to go and shave your cock and balls, as smooth as you can make them. You can figure out how to explain that to your wifey later. Take a rope or cord or something and tie up your balls nice and tight to remind you that they now belong to me, knowing you like I think I do, you’ll know what I mean. Then, I know you have panties somewhere in your undie drawer, put them on. Dress however you like and be at my house by 8:15, as long as hubbies truck is not in the driveway, you are to walk to the back door, it will be open. Come in, strip off your clothes there in the garage, except leave your panties on. There will be a pill and a glass of water on the kitchen counter, take it, although your tongue is what I really want, I also want your, no doubt little cock, nice and hard for my pleasure also. Walk down the hallway, I’ll be on the bed ready to be eaten, show me what you’ve got.” Crap, I had to hurry in order to get myself shaved and get to her house, which as it turns out was only like 3 blocks away, close enough to walk. Thankfully I didn’t cut myself while I was shaving and did a decent job of making myself smooth and clean. I tied my balls back up, slid on my panties and grabbed a t-shirt and pair of running shorts. I got to her house at 8:14 and there was no truck so I walked in the back door, stripped off my shoes, socks, shorts and shirt. I gulped the pill and started down the hallway when Wendy called out, “hurry up slave boy, you already have a punishment coming because you’ve made me wait too long.”.
Oh my god, she looked delicious with a pillow under her ass to push her hips in the air, big titties hanging to her sides and her big soft belly flattened out as she lay on her back. Following her orders I stood next to her as she pulled off my panties and then slapped my balls very hard, making me groan. “you know you like it, tell mistress how much you like it slave boy”, I love it mistress. “tell me to slap your balls harder”, slap my balls harder please mistress. “thank me for slapping them harder”. Thank you mistress for slapping my balls harder. Then she pulled me close and sucked my semi hard cock in to her mouth, “ouch”, I cried out as she bite hard on the head of my cock. She giggled as she let it fall from her mouth, then she held it in her hand and sucked on the tender spot just beneath the head of my cock, on the bottomside, she sucked and bit and pinched it between her teeth. “Tell mistress how good that feels” she cooed. It feels wonderful mistress. “Oh look I’ve left a nice hicky for your wifey to find” she laughed. “now get down there and clean my ass up first, then I’m gonna sit on your face so you get all hubbies cum from my wet cunt.” MMM, her ass smelled amazing, pungent and bitter and I slide my tongue up and down her crack, trying not to gag as I licked up little bits and pieces which clung to her flesh, then I pushed my tongue all around her asshole and pushed inside of her as she moaned. A little cum had dribbled down to her ass and I lapped it out. She rolled me on to my back and settled her big, cum filled cunt on to my face. Oh my goodness I worked hard to swallow all the cum as it oozed out of her. I sucked hard on her clit and she cam quickly and hard. By the time she dismounted I was panting for breathe and she had cum 5 or 6 times. My cock was also hard as a rock. I don’t know what was in that pill but my cock felt like it would pop it was so hard, with veins bulging and head purple. She again sucked me in to her mouth, then she grazed her teeth across the tender flesh between the head and the shaft of my cock, back and forth, over and over as she squeezed my tied up balls hard. In just a couple of minutes ridge around my cock head was beet red and very sore to the touch. She examined her work, “ah, perfect for fucking my asshole” she proclaimed, “you’ll feel each stroke in and out”. She was right, as I pushed my swollen cock inside of her tight asshole I winced in pain. She ordered me to fuck her hard and fast and I did. I moaned in pain with each stroke as she moaned in pleasure. Oh shit, oh shit, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I cried out and felt my cock swelling even more if possible as I felt my balls try to contract. Hot cum spurted deep inside of her asshole…I expected to wilt and relax. “keep fucking, keep fucking,” she cried. My cum lubed up her asshole very nicely and now it didn’t hurt quite as badly, I slammed in to her hard, feeling my tied up balls slapping her wet pussy. It only took me about 2 minutes to cum the first time but probably ten minutes to cum the second time. “OK,” she giggled, “you can take a break from fucking my ass, but now I want you to eat my pussy while you kneel next to me.” I knelt next to her, leaning over her belly. Oh shit, what the hell….she started stroking my cock with her hand, slamming it down against my balls with each stroke. Then she had me pause eating her pussy so I could like the cum, ass juice, and whatever else off of her hand. I ate her pussy for another half hour, through multiple cums and a couple of squirts, all the while she was stroking my ridiculously sore cock, until finally I felt my balls tighten again and I came for the third time, one little dribble of cum. “Ok”, she said, “go home, I’ll email you when I want more….and leave those balls of mine tied up until your wifey gets home, no fucking her, even though your cock will probably get hard again tonight when you think about me as you go to bed.

Later that day I checked my email and was surprised to find a message from Wendy. “Slave boy, I very much enjoyed this morning, and you were right, you are a good eater. I know you are sore and I’m sure you aren’t horny any more after cumming three times…I’m guess that’s like a month worth of cums for you, haha. But, when hubby is out of town I need to get taken care…be at my house tomorrow morning as soon as your wifey leaves for work, the door will be open. You know the routine, balls tied, panties on, drop your clothes at the door and come service your mistress. I will probably be up most of the night, so just come, eat me good, both holes, nice and clean, at least 5 orgasms…then I want you to stroke yourself until you get hard, don’t worry, the pill will still be working. Fuck me good, in the pussy this time, make your own cream pie. then you go to work and stop back and lunch time so you can eat your cream pie lunch, I’ll still be in bed. I’ll let you know tomorrow when you can play with your wifey again.
That night the wife hinted around about being horny and needing a little attention. When I told her I was just too tired and worn out I felt my cock start to get hard, because it turned me on to deny her just because mistress told me to. I guess tomorrow is a new story.

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