You might enjoy my true story of the first time I ever did anything as an exhibitionist. It is one of those things I like to remember as I fall asleep and hope I experience it again in my dreams.

It was with Zora, the morning after our first night together. It was a forbidden situation; I was her supervisor. Never mind how we got there but after many hours of sex during the night we were relaxing on the bed next to the window, in the morning sunshine. Zora had the sheet pulled up to cover her breasts as we chatted, while I was sitting nude on the side of the bed. She said “Well, you’re not shy about showing yourself” and she said it with a smile.

This was many years ago, before easy pornography on the internet so she had probably seen very few naked men. Certainly it had been dark while we made love so I decided to give her a good look at my body. I climbed up and straddled her thin body with my knees next to her chest.

I was soft but not for long. Her eyes widened and she stared with her lips apart. My cock was a little sticky still from the juices of her vagina – and my semen – but I lightly caressed myself until I felt blood boiling into my cock and it started to grow.

I placed my hands on my hips and allowed her to watch my cock harden. It felt so free, so naughty, so taboo. It was thrilling. She touched me a little, softly, and I was instantly hard as a rock. I showed her how the skin slides up and down when stroking and I showed her how the kin holding my balls tightens as I get closer to orgasm. She told me she loved the feel of my cock in her hand. Imagine what she was seeing for the first time – a man with a big hardon in the sunshine, masturbating right in front of her face. She licked her lips and I could feel her eyes looking at me. I should have been embarrassed to show her how I liked to make my cock feel good but I thought we had already broken every rule in the book so why stop? Imagine it was you, what would you have thought and done?

My cock was feeling better and better. I smeared the drop of precum all over my fingertip and painted her lips with it, and she sucked my finger into my mouth so hard that I couldn’t stand it any more and I ejaculated in her face. She watched my cock throb and spurt with her eyes wide and her mouth even wider. It was the most intense, the sexiest, the most thrilling moment of my life to that time.

I stayed where I was, letting my cock stay in front of her, with more cum dripping between her breasts. She took some of my cum from her cheek with a finger and tasted it. I wiped some more of my cum on her lips and I kissed her, trying to give her the sweetest and most intimate kiss I could. I asked Zora to give me a show in return, let me watch her touch herself, and all she said was “I’ll think about it” and it never happened.

Ever since then the image of Zora’s lovely, hungry face below me has been a favorite fantasy of mine when I masturbate. Sometime I wish I could masturbate for her again, and sometimes I imagine it is another favorite lover lying below me watching. It is my favorite fantasy – to be watched.

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