It was the fall of 1966, and I signed up to take my SAT test at a nearby university. I was all of seven teen years old, and had already been designated a National Merit Scholar for my “top 10” in Kansas PSAT test my sophomore year the previous year. Nikki Cl*yc*mp, a classmate asked me if she could catch a ride with me as she also wanted to take the test.

”Sure,” I said, “We’ll have to leave about 8am on Saturday to be in Emporia by 9 when the test starts. I’ll pick you up then.”

Now I have to explain about Nikki. She was a freckled redhead, the youngest of three girls and the last one living with her mother, the formidable Bertha. Her father had been a local banker who died when she was in grade school, so she had little experience with the male of the species. At about 5’6” and maybe 100 pounds, she was slim and cute despite her glasses, and stood almost a foot shorter than my 6’4” and about 70 pounds less than me. Nikki had been “going steady” with Tommy F*rbes, two or three years older who was in college about an hour away so she only got to see him one or two weekends a month. He was the apple of her mother Bertha’s eye, a clean-cut Joe College, Eagle Scout, son of a local attorney; though I was friends with Nikki and enjoyed flirting with her, passing notes to her in classes we had together, I figured she was taken and not interested in anyone but him.

i picked her up in my parents’ new Caprice, a luxury barge of a Chevy with a 327 and huge bench seats front and rear – no bucket seats (AKA “birth control seats”) but rather black knit nylon, cool and slick on the pantyhose she was wearing under her miniskirt and white blouse. I held the door for her as my mom had trained me and instead of slouching against the passenger door, she scooted into the middle of the seat, not touching me but not far away. We chatted on the way to Emporia, catching up on who was doing what with whom.

After the testing was over, it was mid afternoon and time to head for home. This time when she got into the Caprice, she slid over to the middle of the seat; there was room for another person between the passenger door and Nikki. I thought this was a bit weird, but what the hell….

On the way home, I decided to take the back roads from Emporia and go by our Federal reservoir, Redmond Lake. I could smell her perfume, Taboo – god it still gives me a boner! As we drove, she snuggled in next to me and our thighs were touching, her arm rubbing mine. Though I was no longer a virgin thanks to Linda Porter the previous year, I was not too sure of what was happening but enjoying the feeling of Nikki’s thigh against mine. Finally we got to the end of a dead end road with a nice view of the lake and I put the Chevy in park and turned off the ignition,

I turned to Nikki and the next thing I knew was her lips on mine. Her breath tasted of DoubleMint gum, fresh and spicy. I was surprised to say the least – I hadn’t planned on this, but apparently she had! We kissed for a long time, me savoring the feel and taste of her lips, Nikki pushing her tongue into my mouth and breathing hard as we made out. I was still trying to figure out what was happening when her hand slipped down my chest to rest upon my groin, which began an ache between them. At first I though it was an accident, but her hand stayed there and slowly rubbed my now hard dick.

“Jesus,” I thought. “Does she know what she’s doing to me?” Tentatively I let my own hand slip down from Nikki’s neck where I’d been caressing her down her throat and then to her chest. I’d already made it to first base with the kissing, why not go for a double?

I drew a breath and looked into Nikki’s eyes. “I thought you and Tom..” I began, and she put a finger to my lips.

“My mother Bertha adores him, but he’s a real stuck up pain in the tush,” she whispered in my ear as her tongue traced it, sending shivers down my body. “I sometimes wonder if he’s queer, because he won’t do this with me,” she purred, squeezing my swollen dick.

Her tiny tits were just mounds of flesh, but what mounds! I gently rubbed my palms over them, and she sighed and thrust them against me! I was expecting a slap of disapproval, but it seemed she was enjoying my groping as her hand stroked my now-hard penis. Emboldened by her encouragement, I began squeezing that lovely little tit, and began to unbutton her top button. Then the next….

To my amazement, Nikki reached up and undid the next two buttons herself! As she continued kissing me, she pushed her chest out to my greedy hands, and I felt the lace of her brassiere. As she did, my dick swelled up until it began to ache. I rubbed her orbs, and her response was to groan with delight as her girlish nipples rose to become pebbles under my touch.

My hand slipped inside her bra to touch her little breast. As I did, she exhaled more of that DoubleMint and she quivered in my arms. Her hand started clutching my erection as she panted and I felt her heart beating faster in the pulse of her neck.

I don’t know how many of you have aroused a ginger, but the experience is unforgettable! My hand gripped her little girl tits and I rhythmically squeezed them as her thigh began rising and falling next to mine. As her hand pawed at my boner, I felt her fingers gripping my hardon.

Suddenly Nikki stopped, reached her hands impossibility behind herself, unclasped her bra hooks and the brassiere fell away from her chest. I moved down to her orbs and began licking and suckling those girlish teats, and she moaned and pushed them into my lips. I nibbled them with my lips, only to have her gasp, “Harder! I love what you’re doing!”

Why not go for a triple? My left hand trailed down and her chest to her miniskirt, which by now had ridden up to her butt and I began to tickle her thighs. Even though this redhead was wearing pantyhose, I could feel the feverish heat generating from between her thighs! Her slick pantyhose kept me from feeling her pussy, but I could feel the wonderful feminine slit that was so different from my own groin…

Nikki’s hand stopped groping my stiffie and began fumbling at my belt. I finally realized her goal, so like her unfastening her bra,I unbuckled my belt and she, gratefully, reached into my shorts and grasped my manhood. By this time I was in agony, just wanting to blow my load but still loving the feeling of Nikki’s cunt!

As I rubbed Nikki’s twat, she started humping my hand. Her pantyhose, though not a barrier to my fingering her, were keeping me from exploring this teen ginger’s girly parts. So I slid my hand down inside her pantyhose and felt the heat. I had never felt such body heat before – remember my experiences were only with a good buddy’s slut girlfriend! I could feel her pubic hair, soft and silky and – yes, I peeked – just as red as the rest of her hair! I rubbed all over the wonderful lips of her vulva, and slipped one, then two fingers into her, slick with sticky juices. Nikki moaned and her hips began to rock in a quick rhythm,

Nikki’s hand slipped down my pants and gripped my swollen shaft. With a few tugs, I felt myself go over the edge and blast a load! With her hand still gripping my cock, I pumped a load of semen all over her dainty hand and felt embarrassed by how quickly I had cum.

“Oh Jesus that was unbelievable!” I groaned. Nikki, still twitching, just gasped. “Jeez I don’t believe how good that was!” I said..

”Well Tommy is so uptight he doesn’t want to make me happy,” Nikki confessed to me. I just need some attention every now and then…”

For the rest of our junior and senior years, Nikki and I kept each other entertained. Yes, I finally rounded third and made it to home plate, though that would prove more difficult than I ever dreamed thanks to Bertha…NikkiNikki 2

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