Last night, Nov 8, Brett took us out for a prime rib dinner. On the way we stopped at a shop that sold adult material. Brett bought my wife Agness a small vibrator. 

At Brett’s later, they began experimenting with the settings. Agness laid back as Brett hiked her skirt up revealing her purple panties. Brett then began rubbing the vibrator lightly over her panty covered mound. Each time the vibrator slid across the clit area, Agness legs would shiver. I was mesmerized and my cock grew hard as I watched my friend tease my wife. 

I asked permission to play with myself. I had to interupt them to do so. I could see Agness was upset a little from being brought out of her trance. She looked up at Brett with her glossy, peaceful eyes and said to me, “ask Brett”. “SIR, may I” was my reply. Brett looked down at me and said, “while you drop your pants, come sit beside your wife.” I could see Agness smile up at Brett as he said to her, “use this, during your SHOW.” He placed the small vibrator in her hand as he stood back and removed his pants.  I had taken my position next to Agness as instructed. Brett climbed up on the couch stradling me and shoved his cock toward my mouth. I took him as always and took comfort in having his warm manhood fill my mouth. I have come to love feeling this MAN inside me. All the beautiful things his cock does to my wife had me worshiping him and wishing we could serve him every day.

Agness reached over and grabbed Brett’s cock by the base with her left hand. I glanced over and could tell her right hand was using Brett’s gift between her legs. I could not see because Brett’s thigh was obstructing my view, but her right arm movement and moaning were sure signs. 

Brett was slowly pushing and even slower pulling back his cock from my thankful mouth. I looked up and could see Brett watching Agness as he steadily fucked my mouth. She was almost purring and had begun stroking his cock into my mouth. I could taste a little pre-cum from his masterful cock when he pulled it from my lips. I tryed to suck him back in, he was pulling back , and I was sucking like a Hoover to keep his beautiful warm cock in my mouth. We were playing tug-a-war with his cock. I noticed Angela helping him pull and suddenly realized I was being greedy, and instantly released his cock from my grasping lips. Brett stepped down after my release and moved down between my wife’s spread legs.

I sat back still stroking my big fat cock as Brett leaned down and kissed Agness clit. I watched my wife’s head tilt back and her mouth open slightly as she inhaled a deep breath. I love listening to Agness as my best friend Brett makes love to her. The benefit of watching only intensifies my pleasure. 

Brett was working his cock in Agness’ pussy just like he was in my mouth. Long slow strokes going in, and even slower as he pulled back just to where only his mushroom was at the entrance. Her pussy lips seemed to open like a flower to the sun as he rotated his hips before pushing his cock all the way in to her wet vagina. Agness took the vibrator and was now rotating it in little circles around her clit. Her head was back, eyes closed, mouth slightly opened and the sound of air entering and leaving. The difference being the exhaled breath in time with Brett’s real slow withdraw carried little sounds with it. Some were ummmmmm, some were ahhhhhhh and some seemed to carry the word YES modulating her exhaled breath.  Her chest was pushed up with her head back and her breast looked magnificent. Brett must have thought the same because just as I looked at them he brought both hands up from her hips and began massaging her large full breast. As Brett gently piched her nipples thru the blouse and bra, Agness arched her back pushing her globes harder against her man’s touch. 

My mind was in an ocean of pleassure with the visions that surrounded me. I was being flooded with visual overload so I closed my eyes and listened to these two beautiful people making love. I was so peaceful yet stimulated sexually to the degree that I began playing with one of my nipples besides stroking my cock. I was nearing orgasm ( not allowed by me at Brett’s place ) and needed to change thoughts. I opened my eyes, and immediately a new thought hit me. Brett had left the blinds wide open and the lights on. I could see into several neighbors houses just as they could see us. This pushed my excitement, knowing that he had them open while fucking my mouth.

Brett has been gradually leaving them more open this last month or more, when making love to Agness. He never fucked my mouth with them open. He had always closed them during my times of me sucking his manly cock. I wondered if he had forgot or he is now comfortable showing his dominance over another male. I have given Brett blowjobs before in public places with a small audience, but never where his identity would be known. As these thoughts were swirling in my mind I heard a loud moan from my wife. I looked at her and could see pain yet pleasure on her face. Brett had now begun thrusting deep and hard at a fast rythem into her vigin-tight like pussy. The vibrator was now laying beteen her and I, still vibrating. They were holding hands, their fingers were interlocked as they were lost in their connection. 

They were getting close to orgasm and I never wanted it to end. I took the vibrator hoping that my touching her would not disrupt the pleassure world she was experiencing. I laid the tip of the vibrator on the point of her blouse where her left nipple had made a tent. The tip kept sliding from one side to the other as I kept trying to rest it on the tip of her nipple. Every time I placed it back it would fall, and a little shock wave seemed to shudder thru her. Hey hips would thrust up to meet Brett’s hard thrust with the little shock that I caused. I began just moving the vibrator back and forth across her erect nipple in unison to Brett’s strokes. Each time her pussy thrust up to welcome Brett deeper into her, I felt a part of her bliss. Brett’s breathing increased as did my wife’s and I knew they were close.

My cock was engorged like a teenager and I loved it. I wanted more, so I stopped stimulating Agness nipples. I moved my hand down and began sliding the vibrator across their entwined sexual organs. I went from around and over my wife’s clit to down on my friend’s shaft and along his nut sack to under and behind his balls. They were in a rythem again so I backed off and just watched my lovely wife’s body and facial expressions as she experienced the ecstasy of a MANs cock sliding in and out of her. Just as they were both ready to explode, I slid the vibrator below his shaft where the underside of her opening is. It was as if I pushed the plunger for dynamite. They both exploded. Brett even pulled out and shot hot spurts all over my wife’s pussy lips and clit.

I was not rewarded immediately. Agness asked me for her panties. I found them and handed them to her. She told me she was wrapping their pie for later. Brett normally does not cum on her, so I was a little disappointed seeing her MAN’s cum all over her clit and sprinkled across her pubic hair like morning dew on the grass. Watching her cover it up with the knowledge that it will require longer licking to clean her kept me satisfied. 

The first MAN’s cum I ever tasted was from her boytoy decades ago. He had used my wife’s large plump breast to get off. When she arrived home that night, I asked if Mark had given her the, “Pearl Necklace” from her sucking his cock. It was now dried and covered her throat, chest and cleavage along with her breast. When she told me to lick it, is when she described this man stradling her and tittie fucking her. She said Mark looked marvellous looking down as his hands pushed her tits together around his cock. Her legs were rubbing against each other as she described being tittie fucked and licking the tip as it came to her mouth. I had not got half of Mark’s cum from my wife when Agness pushed my head between her legs. I licked, kissed, nibbled, sucked, rubbed my nose, and blew on clit the way she had trained me during our first year of marriage. Agness laid back after I pleasured her a few times and motioned for me to come and nuzzle my face on her chest so I could lick her clean as she held me to her bosom. 

Later in the evening, Brett stood up next to Agness and leaned into her with his crotch toward her face. Agness reached up and released Brett’s manhood and pulled it to her mouth. A few short vids are included in our latest video, “Cuckold Fall 2019 with Agness and Brett.” As they were lit up from video bright light it dawned on me that the windows behind me were wide open. The way they were lit up, anyone driving by, let alone neighbors, would definately see my wife swallow Brett’s cock and cum. When Brett’s legs stopped shaking he reached his hand to Agness. She took his hand and as he pulled her to her feet Brett stated we’re going into the bedroom to watch some lesbian porn. As they walked away I asked what I was to do. Brett said, “Come on in, you can sit in the chair (the one in the picture and story on our Adakcal profile).”  

Agness was laying on her side with Brett spooning my wife. One hand was massaging her breast and the other was between her thighs as they watched the all girl action. I enjoyed watching the women, what Man doesn’t, but watching my wife in another MAN’s arms was comforting. Agness was happy, and that is all that matters.

A few videos in, I excused myself for several minutes. When I returned, Brett was naked laying with his ass at the end of the bed. Agness was laying in a 69 position beside him with her dress and blouse intact. Her head was resting on my friend’s thigh just inches away from his cock that she was stroking. As I entered the room Agness gave me “THAT LOOK” that all wives have. The one that says, you know what your supposed to do; and I did. I went to them immediately dropping to my knees as she pointed my friend’s cock at my mouth. I could see her smiling face next to mine as I took Brett’s cock and began one of my CUCKOLD duties.

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